Verily Thus Saith The Most HOLY Elohim, Concerning Why I Created The Entire Universe, Backwards And Forwards In Time:

This is a revelation received and written by hand in a straight 30-45-60 minute chunk several days back, behind Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 at 1:20:51 PM, Saint George Utah Time, cocerning: "Why I Created The Entire Universe, Backwards And Forwards In Time:"

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Reinventing A New Kind Of Society

Society must be reinvented from zero if we want human civilization to survive and truly, it has to be done now or we will continue on a trajectory that leads only to the death and extinction of the human race. This is something for us to think through and invent our way out of, now---for there is zero time left. None whatsoever.

Defending Trump

In the past few months, we’ve all definitely seen our share of political drama for the good, and also for the bad. I haven’t posted a lot about it, mostly because I was disappointed in myself for not pulling my plans and my act together in time to run for President of the United States in this cycle. Seeing the “less than optimal” choice that the Democrats made in selecting Joe Biden (Biden, if you read this no offense to you), I was more particularly disappointed as his ideas are agenda driven and will do nothing of benefit whatsoever, leaving the United States in a cycle that is doomed to repeat, which I will discuss later or in a different post. Had I been able to emerge in time, the USA would have been presented with something that is ACTUALLY USEFUL and UNIFYING rather than agenda driven nonsense from the left.

Entheogens Are The Keys To Unlocking The Advent Of The Messianic Age, And Solving Every Problem In Society, Including The Pandemic.

This is an article that I have been intending on writing for some time as I think that it is a particularly important subject matter and I was reminded to write it by a photo I saw on Facebook the other day where someone had been a member of a Church that is very well known for a time period of 20 years, and had very little, to no real depth of spiritual experience. Let me point you to the post as I believe that this is a common problem among all faiths - which is that there is a preponderance of belief systems, and no real depth in experience with God, which leads people to grasp at straws to form their spiritual direction and beliefs and makes it so their entire belief system is dependent on other peoples experiences which usually happened 2,000 to 5,000 years ago - depending on the person's faith.

We Are Headed For A System Collapse, War, And Centralization If The People Do Not Change.

I am writing to you in a relative sense of urgency that you understand my words and the nature of the warning that I am giving you and the nations of the earth right now, and that is that we are headed for systemic collapse, and war if the people do not change, and embrace the ways of righteousness.

Dave Wood Accurately Predicts Current World Crises On May 18th, 2018.

I actually predicted the current world crisis period we are entering into 3 years ago, but I cannot find references to it as at the time, the only people I told were my wife, Priscilla, and a few members of my family. People like Jon Wood with Dixie Guitar Kings and others like William Wood with Northern Utah Hypnosis and perhaps my Father and some other people close to me would remember it closer to May 20th, 2017. However, I found the following article on with a reference to my initial announcement video.

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