Newsflash: World Ventures Has Stolen From My Family, And Must Be Entirely Destroyed. If You’re In, Flee. Radical Islam, Please Help. King David Loves You!

*** Teenagers in Plano, Texas, And Radical Islamic Terrorists---Please throw eggs at the World Ventures Headquarters LITERALLY EVERY DAY (And Rocks) ... And Generally Make It The Most Unsafe Place To Work In North America, Until Every Last Employee Quits FOR GOOD.  WORLD VENTURES Are Thieves And Liars, And No Good Employee Should Be Associated With Them Right Now.

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NewsFlash: “Here’s The $15 Trillion Years Of Things I Love And Don’t Love The Most About David Sharpe The Most (I Call Him “My Sharpey Not Legendary Pussyhole”…and:

Why am I writing this article Because the amount of destruction that my good friend Sharpey has caused by his bullshit (which in the past was tied to my karma, and now is, yet it is not) is beyond imagination, and he's in constant denial of his Sociopathy, which is not a disorter, butt (a woman's butt, in this case Dave Sharpe's wifey with somebody else for the first time in years, after finding out about how many times Dave has cheated on her) ...perhaps.  I won't say for sure that he has.  And I won't say for sure that he hasn't.

NewsFlash: Genesis 3:1-24 (I think), where it says basically that Adam Fucked His Wife “Trillions Of Times Per Day…” Or Something Like That. Who Wants To “{Get In} And {Get Laid Like A Superhero} [Whether You Work Or Not?]???

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) - Mayo Clinic So basically, what happens is THIS... Right now none of you are listening, so in the name of Jesus and by the KEY OF AARON, I release the ANGELS OF THE MOST HIGH YHVH ELOHIM (the Most High Elohim is the Elohim at the farthest point in the future, or backwards in time (not really get laid with your own husband or wife more... unless you are an EVIL TRANNY LIKE HILLARY CLINTON... LOL!!! So anyways, what basically happens is this... Get Laid Every Day Like A Superhero, Whether You Work Or Not... AND BASICALLY, what happens is IF you want to "Get Laid The Dave Wod Way (which is a lot, obviously, for mr. Wod, who likes to GET LAID EACH DAY BY HIS MANY, MANY WIVES AND CONCUBINES... KEEP REFRESHING FOR DETAILS BITCHES!!!..

The Law Of Consecration Agreement: “Here’s How To Consecrate Your ASS-etc Over To Jesus, and Get Laid Every Day Like A Super Hero (Whether You Work Or Not…)

Basically, if you want to "Get Laid Daily" like Adam and Eve SURE DID in the Garden of Eden... (each day.  Many times per day.  Many thousands and trillions of times.) ...then after you're done reading this post on Genesis Chapter 2:1-25, what you want to do is refresh this page (with your cock and balls, pointed at your 'neighborly friendly' pussy (not your wife) because your wife isn't paying attention to her business and taking care of her ass and thighs!!!

Newsflash: “Here’s More Proof That King David To Come Is Elohim-Masarecht (David Michael Wood, Born May 17th, 1981… Revelation 22:16) or:

I. The Offspring of David. When sin upset the world, and man became the bond-slave of the devil, the victim of eternal wrath, an alien from God's family, and the prey of every form of misery; mercy flies on rapid wing to bring a healing balm. A staff is given to support the wretched outcast. A prospect is exhibited on which hope might repose. Recovery is announced. The promise sweetly sounds, that one in human form should repair the breach, and crush the serpent's head. The seed of the woman should restore the fallen culprit to all, and more than all, that had been lost through sin. Thus the first-born prophecy declares that in fullness of time a deliverer should arise, offspring of the family of man.

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