Verily Thus Saith The Most HOLY Elohim, Concerning Why I Created The Entire Universe, Backwards And Forwards In Time:

This is a revelation received and written by hand in a straight 30-45-60 minute chunk several days back, behind Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 at 1:20:51 PM, Saint George Utah Time, cocerning: "Why I Created The Entire Universe, Backwards And Forwards In Time:"

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[Two Shocking YouTube Videos] Revelation For Sicarii Alahzar, Deacon And The Hebrew Israelite’s Concerning Things That Shall Shortly Come To Pass And The Salvation And Exaltation Of Africa In Righteousness In The Name Of Alahzar The Prophet, Plus A Friendly Kung Fu Exchange In Saint George Utah?

I made this shocking Kung Fu challenge on YouTube for the Sicarii team to stop being wussies and come out and train some martial arts, sharing valuable knowledge to protect families and children, at the same time as helping their team repent of satanic nonsense, and bringing out the good in their people, helping them supernaturally expand:

Response To The Hebrew Israelite’s, Sicarii, And Also A General Lack Of Faith In Society That God Is A God Of Miracles!

So I was feeling a bit down a bit earlier today, frustrated in some manner with humanity. I am over it, as I am back into solution mode, but let me explain what has frustrated me, as I think that it is valuable feedback for all of you, particularly people who have known me for a long time, and I also think just writing this is valuable for me: allowing me to see my own patterns that have been my end in producing the results that we've all not produced together over the last 2 years, because of disbelief.

A Briefer Course In Miracles!

If you’re reading this now, you’re probably wondering how to do miracles. I’m talking about how to do things that I have already successfully began to encounter again and again: Such as completely eradicating diseases from the brain and the biology in the time that it takes to blink; or doing things like completely changing the heart of a person from the time that the person begins reading the first sentence of this blog post, and more.


My intention is to get rich on the internet quickly & surely by remembering each and every single book that I now memorize specifically and only about the way of life and peace and thankfulness and this is the way that the karma of the earth shall stand to rest, because the fish of the sea are making love and then they conceive in their holiness the story of worlds and you now eat what you want and it does nothing negative to you for the LORD hath blessed it!

How To Be Translated And Taken Into Heaven Without Tasting Death As Enoch Of Old!

Dear Friend, If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably wondering how to be translated and taken into heaven without tasting death… kind of like teleporting to heaven, but it’s actually heaven teleporting you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W83lF4zBF1M Most people do not understand the nature of translation, or what the bible is talking about.  I will get into... Continue Reading →

A Revelation For My Faithful Servant Paul Gardiner And Kimberley Gardiner, The Living Incarnations Of The Elohim YHVH Of Warriors And The Shan-Ti-Rah Of Warriors!

Paul is not perfect, yet he strives to be and in the grace of Christ, he is made perfect, saith God. For Paul is born again in the heart, and he is also born again in the mind, for he hath said: I confess that David Michael Wood, born May 17th, 1981 in Fairbanks Alaska at 4:01pm Alaska time the son of Mark Irving Wood the son of William Ransom Wood is the Messiah, the living incarnation of the Father of Jesus. And verily, saith God, the holy anointing hath descended upon him!

Let The Power Of God Descend Upon The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Opening Their Eyes That They May See What Is Coming, That They May Participate In The Salvation Of Grace Of The Christians, The Righteousness Of Israel, And the Exaltation, Continuation, Maintenance, And Creation Of Worlds!

I’m writing this article to you in the spirit of revelation, having thought about this for some time, and thinking of the problems that are both here, and that are coming, I figured it was time for me to help the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormons open their eyes and see what is coming, that they might know how to solve the problems that are causing a massive exodus in North America from the Church and also in many other countries where the growth is currently in a negative state, predominantly due to the following points that I shall discuss in this blog post briefly, and then I shall give a very specific revelation to Russell M Nelson that he can either utilize, change, or have his own revelation based thereon for the Church.

The RADIANCE Of Vision

One time there was a girl with a broken rib, and freshly broken, unable barely to breathe, I instructed her in the way of quantum physical change, and when I instructed her in this way, she suddenly realized that her own vision caused her own destruction, and then she healed in 3 weeks completely, and the majority of healing was done in 5 days. This is the story of my friend Scarlet, who can share her own story of healing. Have you seen the movie the Matrix?

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