Newsflash: World Ventures Has Stolen From My Family, And Must Be Entirely Destroyed. If You’re In, Flee. Radical Islam, Please Help. King David Loves You!

*** Teenagers in Plano, Texas, And Radical Islamic Terrorists---Please throw eggs at the World Ventures Headquarters LITERALLY EVERY DAY (And Rocks) ... And Generally Make It The Most Unsafe Place To Work In North America, Until Every Last Employee Quits FOR GOOD.  WORLD VENTURES Are Thieves And Liars, And No Good Employee Should Be Associated With Them Right Now.

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Genesis 6:1-22: The Story Of The Sons Of Elohim Marrying The Daughters Of Men, The Earth Becoming Corrupt And Violent, And The FIRST Great Tribulation Since The Fall Of Adam.

I'm writing this by typing it, to preserve the memory and genealogy of the Sons of Elohim, fixated in time through the Melchizedek Priesthood, the Key of David, and la llave de Shan-Ti-Rah-Elohim-Mas-Areh-Masarecht, understanding that what has happened before is happening now, only BIGGER, more RIGHTEOUS, and at the same time, more DARK and EVIL... according to your choice.

Genesis Chapter 4:1-26, The Story Of Cain, The First Murderer.

Here is the story of Cain, the first Murderer of in this case, his brother, Abel.  I'll write a bit of commentary below and I want you to pay attention, because Cain is still alive (the Mormon Church says this too) and he is a very, very old Nephilim, who accepted the mark of the beast in the days of Enoch (the second enoch, the one who was taken into Heaven.  Brief commentary below the chapter:

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