My Vision Is… “…To Do The Will Of The Father On Earth, Even As It Is Done In Heaven…” 

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“…And What Happens Is… THIS:  

…BASICALLY, what you want to DO is “Get Rich Like A Superhero, Whether You Work Or Not…” AND:

THE WAY we are GOING TO DO THAT TOGETHER is #KingDavid2020, 

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So what’s the vision of this website,

“…To Do The Will Of The Father On Earth, Even As It Is Done In Heaven…” 

It’s really simple.  The vision of this website is to bring the Kingdom of God, which is the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth, and fill the earth with the righteousness of of Elohim, our Father Who Art In Heaven.


Why Do We Use The Name… “The Teachings Of King David?”

It’s simple.

In the Old and New Testaments Of Jesus Christ, as well as other Sacred Writings that I shall call “The Secret Book You Can Request In The Comments”…, another Secret Scripture henceforth called “The Sacred Covenants” and Covenants, and yet another I call “The Pearl Of Wisdom,” which are the Approved Writings of what I know to be The True Church of Jesus Christ, restored in the Last Days, there is a Prophecy of the coming of a righteous character named… “King David.”

This is NOT talking about King David in the Old Testament, and King David is NOT Jesus, as most people believe due to a misunderstanding of the scriptures, wrestling them to their own destruction.

The Following Excerpt Is Taken From A Secret Page Online, And Hidden So You Must Find It For Yourself:

“King David (c. 1000 B.C.) remains today one of the most renowned Old Testament figures. His personality, spiritual sensitivity, creative abilities, military victories, and leadership carried him to the pinnacle of popularity. He had the potential to become an ideal king, but his kingship deteriorated after his adultery with Bathsheba and his involvement in Uriah’s death. However, prophecy states that a model ruler in the last days will be “raised up” from David’s lineage.”

“The Prophet [Secret Prophet Edited Out] taught that “the throne and kingdom of David is to be taken from him and given to another by the name of David in the last days, raised up out of his lineage” (…reference removed). [An Elder], in his dedicatory prayer on the Mount of Olives, October 24, 1841, prophesied that the Jews would return to Jerusalem and that in time a leader called David, “even a descendant from the loins of ancient David, [would] be their king” (…reference removed).”

“This predicted figure corresponds to a promised messianic servant. Hosea, speaking shortly before the loss of northern Israel, foretold that Israelite’s would return in the latter days “and seek the LORD their God, and David their king” (…reference removed). Jeremiah prophesied of Israel and Judah’s future righteousness, and of “David their king, whom I [the LORD] will raise up unto them” (…reference removed). And in Ezekiel it is written, “And I will set up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even my servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their shepherd. And I the LORD will be their God, and my servant David a prince among them” (…reference removed).”

  • The Reason I Am Purposefully Removing References Is So You Find Them For Yourself, Which Is INFINITELY More Powerful Than If I Tell You Where They Are.  Because As Paul The Apostle Said… “In The Mouth Of Two Or Three Witnesses Shall Every Word Be Established (…reference removed).  You Can Ask God To Help You Find Each Reference In The Sacred Writings.

“Speaking to The Secret Prophet Of The Latter Days, the angel Moroni 2 cited Old Testament passages telling of significant figures who would be involved with Christ’s millennial reign (…reference removed). As prophesied in Isaiah, it appears that two persons are spoken of, a “rod” and a “root” (…reference removed) -one a leader “on whom there is laid much power,” the other a person with special priesthood keys (…reference removed). These leaders are believed by some to be two forerunners, spoken of in rabbinic literature, one from Joseph and one from Judah (…reference removed).”

This Last Paragraph Demonstrates Some Who Do Not Believe The Prophecy Of The Secret Prophet Of The Restoration In The Last Days:

“Although noble attributes and spiritual powers characterize both of these messianic servants, Jesus Christ exemplifies these qualities perfectly (…reference removed). Jesus is the exemplar prophet, priest, and king. He identified himself as the prophet “like unto Moses” (…3 references removed) and was a high priest after the order of Melchizedek (…reference removed). Jesus is King of Kings (…reference removed), greater than all other leaders of all time. Some see in Jesus Christ the complete fulfillment of the prophecy of a future David. Others feel that, while the titles and functions of the future Davidic king could apply to Jesus, there will also be another righteous king by the name of David in the last days, a leader from the loins of David (and thus of Judah). (…secret author reference removed)”

What do I mean by “Some Do Not Believe The Secret Prophet Of The Restoration?”


The Secret Prophet said that King David is a prophetic character in the last days.  If That Prophet is a Prophet of God, and I know by the power of the Holy Spirit that he is… then King David is not Jesus, but a righteous King that arises in the last days.  Period.

So Who Is This King David Character, And When Will He Come?

I, the writer, know by the power of the Holy Spirit that I am King David.

Now, before you flip a lid quoting scripture at me from the standard works that I cannot receive this revelation because I am not the Prophet, nor an Apostle (Or Am I? And You Do Not Know Which Apostle Or Prophet I Am?  You Decide)… hear me out and discuss with me in the comments, and I know by the power of the Holy Spirit that if you ask the Father in the name of Jesus with real faith, having sincere intent, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost…

“…and by the power of the Holy Ghost you may know the truth of all things.” (…reference removed)

So How Can I Receive This Revelation?

Let me tell you the story of how I was born again on a certain date in the fall of a certain year, and none of the wicked shall understand, but behold, the wise shall understand…

…if you want more information about the Secret Teachings I believe, you can say “Give Me The Book” in the comments.  Be sure to use the email to register to comment that you use on Facebook and REGULARLY CHECK, and you will be personally contacted for an address to be given a secret book that completely changed my life forever…

…so at a certain date in the fall of a certain year that will not be mentioned, because behold, the dates must be hidden from the kingdom of the evil one… I left to a certain place in the World that will not be mentioned to be a missionary and before my Mission, I was in a place called the Missionary Training Center, or the M.T.C.  (Not to be confused with “The Empty Sea” when said out loud…)

Before I continue, I have to confess some things. See, when you’re a Missionary in this Sacred Church… you have to go through this long interview process confessing your sins, receive a calling from the 12 Apostles and First Presidency of The Secret Church, and be set apart by the laying on of hands by those who are in authority, after being found worthy to receive your calling.

Only problem is, I wasn’t honest in my interviews.

What I mean by this, is I was asked direct questions by my Bishop, and I didn’t tell him the truth because at the time, I didn’t really believe in The Church.

Why In The Heck Would You Go On A Two Year Mission Without Believing In The Church?

Simple.  Because I saw the transformation in my brothers and sister who had went before me, and they came back with something I wanted, yet didn’t understand.  So I had to go for myself.

So I departed, unworthy, a sinner in the most elevated sense of the word, not being honest with myself about my sin, without being born again, full of darkness that I couldn’t see.

When I went to the Missionary Training Center, the power of the Holy Spirit descended upon me, and I began to be convicted of all of the sins I had ever committed in my life.

For 3 days and a certain amount of nights I could not sleep, and day and night I was tormented with every kind of sin that you can imagine having.  Think about as you read this inside your heart, and ponder on the question:

“Am I worthy to stand in the Presence of God?”

If the answer is “NO WAY” then that means you’re like the rest of us.

See, I had never stopped to consider whether or not the things that I was hearing all my life in Church were real or not.  I sort of took them for granted.

I never paid attention in Church on Sundays.

I ignored advice.

I sinned.


And now, it was coming back to haunt me with a sort of Holy, revealing fire of conviction… and I was sweating day and night, crying and praying, and wondering:

“Is this REAL?  Will God cast me out at the last day for my sins that I haven’t confessed?”

For 3 days and a certain amount of nights, I was tortured with the haunting memories of my sins, and after the last time, I had taken my companion from a certain country in Europe to the Celestial Room in a Certain Temple to walk him through the Endowment Ceremony…

…and There I Was In The Celestial Room, In The Holiest Room I Could Access… A SINNER In Great Pain And Sorrow…

…basically there is a criticism that I should not talk about this, because I was in the Celestial Room.  Jesus has given me permission to speak about it, now forget where I was, only that I was in “The Holy of Holies” somewhere, perhaps in Preston, England.

I have permission to talk about it because Jesus touched my head, and gave me the Key of David, and what I shut, no man can open, and what I open, no man can shut.

Now, in the name of Jesus, I give it to you and them.  And what they shut, no man can open, and what they open, no man can shut.

Same, perhaps with you?

YOu have to FIND IT!

Seek, and ye shall find.

As you’re reading this, the Holy Spirit will descend upon you if you ask the Father in the name of Jesus, and perhaps you may even find yourself convicted of your own sins, and realizing… no man is worthy to stand in the presence of God without the saving grace of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh, was crucified and died for our sins, and was raised again to life as a CELESTIAL BEING the 3rd day, on the 1st day of the week a certain amount of years ago in the meridian of time.

So in the Celestial Room, a completely silent room with nobody else on this Holy Day in the fall of a certain year on a certain date that I will not reveal, I was sweating, tortured, and in pain with Godly sorrow, and there was one moment when the pain was so great, that I thought…

“…surely I will die if the LORD does not save me.  I can’t take this anymore. If I don’t know if this is true and am not forgiven, I must go home.  I cannot do this like this. It isn’t right. I should not be in this Holy Room with my companion, who is worthy, prepared, and righteous.”

The sorrow of the Holy Spirit descended upon me, and there was a time where I seemed to be doomed to sudden destruction, and in one moment, I felt as if I would die of grief, pain, and sorrow.

Just in this moment of great unrest, unworthiness, and sorrow, a seed of faith was planted inside my heart, and I pleaded the Father, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and asked:

“Father… please have mercy on me.  Jesus, please save me. I need you.  Please forgive me… Please… I need you.”

Just in this moment when I seemed to be doomed to sudden destruction, I heard the sound like a mighty tree being broken by the hand of God (nothing was in the room and my companion did not hear it) and after this moment, my eyes rolled straight up with closed eyes as I heard the sound of a rushing mighty wind, as if a tornado was in the room…

…and behold, I saw a supernatural doorway open directly above my head, and a light shone through, brighter than the sun at noon day.  I saw the robe of a Celestial Being, and a being descended in a pillar of fire, slowly, as I sat in fear and wonder of the Almighty God…

…when the being had fully descended, standing directly behind me, a hand rested upon my head, feeling the pressure actually push down upon my head… and I felt a Holy, Spiritual Fire gradually descended through my body, working it’s way from the top of my head down through the soles of my feet in what seemed to be a certain time of eternity.

As the fire moved through my body, soul, spirit, consciousness, and being I felt total and complete release, forgiveness, and liberation of all of my sins.

After the fire burned through my feet, a new fire was manifest from the Heavens, and from the Earth and gathered in the center of my being at a certain place, and then seemed to me to explode in every direction.

And I, King David, was born again on this certain, yet hidden day.

None of the wicked shall understand as they read these words, but the wise shall understand.

When a certain Celestial Being touched my head, I was given the Key of David, the Keys of the Gathering of the 144,000, and many other Keys I cannot reveal at this time.

Do not be deceived:

I cannot start a church.  I can preach.  If you ever hear me falling away from The Church you will know that the Grace of God has left me, and Satan has entered into my heart.  I cannot tell the Bishop what to do, nor the Stake President. Nor can I run the church, or give orders to the Prophet, or the 12 Apostles.  I do not hold those keys.

Just the same, they do not hold my keys.  I have the Authority to receive revelation for my entire Dominion, which is the Kingdom of God, and encompasses all of Humanity.

DO NOT believe a word I say unless the Father reveals to you by the Power of the Holy Spirit that I am King David.

Knowing The Book of Mormon is true is MUCH more important than knowing that I am King David.

Knowing that I am King David means the Book of Mormon is true, and the current Prophet is the Prophet of the Living, Restored Church of God on the Earth.

Test everything I say.

Ask questions in the comments.

I was told by the power of the Holy Spirit to begin sharing this knowledge, as it must get out.  Because BEHOLD, the Kingdom of God is coming soon. And no man knows the date, and not even the Son, but the Father ONLY.

Be ye not deceived by the cunning craftiness of men.  The day is at hand.

Pray, and ask the Father in the name of Jesus if what I am saying is true as you study this blog daily.  I promise you that you will be blessed in the name of Jesus if you follow my instructions, challenges, and assignments.

Your intellect will expand.

Your relationships will improve.

I believe your businesses will prosper if you listen.

…and I know you’re wondering:

“Yet when shall that day come?”

Be not deceived.  God is not mocked.  That day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and the man of sin be revealed… the Son of Perdition.

You shall see signs in the heavens above.  Fire in the earth beneath. Blood, and Fire, and Vapour of Smoke.

There is much yet to tell you, but I shall end with this for now:

Have you been wondering if you are worthy to stand in the presence of God?

Perhaps as you were reading this, you began to be convicted by my Testimony of your own sin.  Search inside yourself, and imagine yourself standing in the presence of a Holy, Celestial Being… The Father of ALL of Creation.

How do you feel?

Should you be there?

Do you feel like he would receive you as you are?

Or are you unworthy to stand?

Have you sinned today?

Did you sin yesterday?

Are you perfect?

Or like me, imperfect and doing your best?

Still unworthy like you were yesterday?

Allow the conviction of the Holy Spirit to grow, and exponentially compound in your heart, mind, and soul.

Now, close your eyes, and say this out loud with all of the faith you can gather:

“Father, I’m so sorry.  I am unworthy to stand in your presence.  I need your love. I need your grace. Please, please forgive me.  I worship you. Jesus, please save me. Please, forgive me of my sins.  Please send the Holy Spirit into my heart, and make me born again. I believe that Jesus Christ shed his blood and died for my sins, was resurrected on the 3rd day, and dwells eternally in the heavens.  I promise I will do my best to follow your commandments that you’ve given through him and also inspired through the hands of his Holy Prophets, Apostles, Missionaries, and Teachers. Please show me the way and teach me the truth of all things.  In the Holy, Mighty, Wonderful, BEAUTIFUL NAME OF JESUS… Amen!  Amen! And Amen!!!”

If you want a free copy of the Spiritual Book that has changed my life more than any other in existence, simply say “Give Me The Book” in the comments, commenting with the same email you check every single day.

Feel free to opt into our email list to get regular updates, and ask any questions you desire in the comments.  I cannot promise I will have time to answer all of them, but I will do my best.

With The Love Of The Universe,

King David

Prayerful Servant Of Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Who Prays To Stay Humble, Willing, Open, And Full Of The Love Of The Universe.

P.S.  Mine identity shall remain hidden, yet in plain view.  Blessed are those that find me and know who I am by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Behold, the wise shall understand, but none of the wicked shall understand.

If you know who I am by the power of the Holy Spirit, by asking the Father in the Holy, Mighty Name Of Jesus… With Real Faith, he will manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost.

And the Power of the Holy Ghost shall reveal the truth of all knowledge and things that ye shall do…

…yet if you lose your faith, my name shall be hidden again in a certain way by the Power of the Living God of the Universe, which I shall describe in yet a future blog post.

And By The Power Of The Holy Ghost Ye Shall Know The Truth Of All Things.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments, and say “Give Me The Book’ if you’ll promise to read it 30 minutes a day, and fill out the Daily Checklist.

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