The Dark Karma Of Humanity And The Coming World Famine, Nuclear War, And Extinction And HOW We’re Going To Change It…

MY FIRST Public Announcement:  “…I, David Michael Wood, AM Messiah Ben David (Not Ben Joseph, and Not Jesus), King of Israel.  I Have Discovered The Tree of Life, And I AM Immortal, as we can all be, as I made a scientific discovery on May 20th, 2017. In The Coming Months, I will have FAR more enemies than friends, but blessed are my friends, and cursed are my enemies… In This Document, I Will Reveal…”

…You can read this in Google Docs by Clicking Here:

…first, let me take an obnoxious selfie (will post it later) and do a widdle discwaimer:


“David THANK YOU For Helping Me FIND MYSELF AGAIN… This is the FIRST TIME I Can Truly See The Truth… And See Things As They Are… I Am Lilith, The Eternal Goddess Of Righteous Darkness… When You Gave Me The Tree Of Life, My Personality Disorders Spontaneously Healed Themselves In 7 Hours, My Broken Ribs Supernaturally Regenerated And Were 90% Healed In 48 Hours… AND… I Remember Who I Am…” – Alice North Sky

Disclaimer:  This entire content is copyrighted by I AM Transformation International, SLR, which is a Costa Rican corporation controlled by a Beautiful Supermodel Tica Woman (Love you my baby), who will sue without mercy if this information is copied in whole or in part without linking back to the following websites, many of which are all coming soon… And ALSO, I am making these claims as a Spiritual Leader and as the Spiritual King of Israel, NOT for business, and therefore the Government Cannot Touch The Claims I Make, Nor Do They Have Anything To Say.  Here’s The Link:

*** Special Note:  I am NOT perfect right now, and it would be ridiculous (and will be) to assume that I AM perfect, and completely free of mistakes… although I seek and hope one day to be.  I DO NOT EXPECT anyone reading this to believe me, which is EXACTLY what a False Prophet would do… “They come to you in sheep’s clothing, and inwardly they are ravening wolves…” – Jesus (The Messiah Ben Joseph and Also The King Of Kings) Said That.  Test me. Ask me questions. Challenge me. Show me where I am contradicting myself or other enlightened prophets. I will confound all of you with wisdom from heaven, as we restore the TRUE MATRIARCHAL SOCIETY that was LOST in the Garden of Eden.

More sites to link to, all coming soon:

First of all, I want to make a public declaration.  What I am about to announce has absolutely nothing to do with any companies I was, am, or will be involved in, other than the companies that I will start, which will all be non-taxable 501c entities and other entities in other countries, designed with the pure intention of feeding children, building homes for the homeless, creating a new non-government free educational system for children, and much, much more with my main VISION being to:

“…We (Together) The People Of The Earth Are Going To ENLIGHTEN HUMANITY Within 24 Months Of May 20th, 2018 By Restoring The Lost Knowledge AND Science Of The Tree Of Life… Saving Humanity From The Many Curses That Have Fallen Upon It For DISRESPECTING The Rainforests, DISRESPECTING The Oceans, MURDERING in the past The Children And NOT Feeding Them and KEEPING THEM ALIVE AND WELL LIKE WE’RE SUPPOSED TO… And Fighting Against Each Other In Pathetic, Evil, Backstabbing Wars, Smack Talk Amongst FALSE PROPHET #antiFRIENDS, And Much, Much, More… BUT…”

…in order to do that, we have to work together RIGHT NOW… because here is what is going to happen if we do not take immediate action and unify (…keep reading, for all hope is not lust, but found…)

* Did I do that on purpose?  or not? Did you even see it?  Let me know if you can catch it below in the comments now by taking immediate action.

Anyhoo, here’s what’s going to happen if we don’t start working together right now, today:

    • We’ve been disrespecting the Laws of the Harvest from the Torah (resting the land every 7 years, doing a sabbatical year…) …so the soil is cursed which is leading to mass demineralization of both the soil, animals, plants, and all of humanity, resulting in the need for greater and greater pesticides and genetic modification to produce less and less nutrition and protein with more and more mold and sugar, a situation that will eventually (…if not checked) lead to a World Famine of land-based foods.
    • We’ve been disrespecting the seas by over-harvesting the seas, oceans, and destroying the coral reef, something like (look it up and post references in the comments) a result of a 1% reduction in native ocean life of all kinds (fish, shell, plant, bacteria, everything but really, bad bacteria which are not bad, yet are the balance of the force, and the karma of humanity) …a situation that will result in a famine in ocean based food, and also air, as the algae is one of the main sources of air for all of humanity.
  • Humanity doesn’t care at all mostly, or they do, but are trapped by the societal matrix put in place by evil as shit Central Bankers, which basically results in a massive-scale “Love of Money” …because humanity is TRAPPED working as slaves in debt to a money system invented out of loan sharks, from thin air from the debt based imaginations of Satan, and because they are enslaved they are as a drowning man, unable to see, think, or do anything other than gasp for air, which is in this case, money.

Side Note:  I’m listening right now to “The Song of Enlightenment…” on YouTube here… I will post another blog about this particular song later and the story behind it.  It is the most powerful song in the Universe:

So what are all of these problems going to culminate in?

Well, really simple:

    1. A famine of all forms of food, air, water, and shelter.
    2. That will result in a fight for resources locally, inter-state, nationally, and internationally.
    3. That fight for resources will eventually result in nation fighting against nation for food, resources, and oil.
  1. That war will eventually result in a nuclear war that will wipe out all life of every kind in every part of reality, backwards and forwards in time, causing a chain reaction of mass-scale extinction that will wipe out all life in the Universe, and all Paradox Realities, causing life to never have existed in the first place, because we create it in the future from the Universe Engine, backwards in time from the Future by working with the Elohim (the Gods) from 1 trillion years spaced out in the future (the time period of an eternity) looking backwards in time to now through the Paradox Mind… or the Living City of New Jerusalem, the Paradox Engine in Heaven (more on that later.  Again, this is copyrighted information.

So basically, we are done unless we UNIFY NOW, and take action immediately to save ALL OF HUMANITY TODAY.


This photo was taken from and I do not own the copyright.

Ok… So how are we going to do that?

This is the exciting part… We’re going to do that by building HEAVEN ON EARTH and RESTORING THE GARDEN OF EDEN TO THE EARTH… Just Like It SHOULD Be!!!

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My Facebook is currently down, so I’ll post that later.  They blocked it because I was sharing knowledge that hurt David Sharpe’s vagina (Ashley Needles).

LOL.  I guess THEY (David Sharpe and his new wife Ashley Needles) don’t want YOU to know the TRUTH about how I gained my immortality May 20th, 2017 and am instantly healing people around me of diseases, just like the Ancient Apostles did… Instead they want to control you.  Don’t they?

Let’s lock arms, and FIGHT THE FORCES OF EVIL!!!

Leave me your thoughts in the comments, then make a video on YouTube talking about what you’ve learned linking back to this blog article, then write a blog article linking back with commentary talking about what you’ve learned on your own website to help spread the word!

Messiah Ben David, King of Israel
“I Will Take The Galaxy With My Hand In The Coming Year, And Hurl It Across The Universe…”


P.S.  Leave me your thoughts in the comments, then make a video on YouTube talking about Phat you’ve learned linking back to this blog article, then write a blog article linking back with commentary talking about what you’ve learned on your own website to help spread the word!

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