NEWS FLASH: “Immortality Discovered By Science On May 20th, 2017 And NOBODY Knows???”

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This article has been in the thought process for some time ever since I made a Scientific Discovery on May 20th, 2017 that lead over the last 11 months to exponential neurogenesis in a 36 year old Adult Male Caucasion…

This Entire Article Is Copywrited By I AM Transformation International, S.L.R.  A Costa Rican Company Controlled By A Latina Woman.  Please link back to this Article if any of this content is used, quoted, or syndicated.  While I am writing this, I am listening to what I call “The Song Of Enlightenment…” Click Play Now, And Continue Reading As You Listen Here:

Pay attention to what you are reading right now carefully, and think of every word.  I know as you’re reading that some of this looks like sales copy.  That’s because some of it is.  I need funding, philanthropists, governments, and billionaires to work with me RIGHT NOW because as I’ll describe a little bit later in this article… Humanity is a ticking time bomb that is about to explode as we entirely wipe ourselves out through famine, war, nuclear war, and potential scientific accidents through large scale experiments like the Large Hadron Collider trying to figure out how to construct and deconstruct the God Particle, or the Higgs boson, which has the potential to create a chain reaction that can potentially wipe out all life in the Universe.

In other words… you, me, our children, and the rest of humanity do not have time to ‘fiddle around’ with scientific knowledge that has the potential to permanently end struggle and suffering and in this case…

…real, measurable immortality discovered by an ‘accident’ when a non-scientist (until now) was really, screwing around with something that was potentially dangerous… that rewrote his biology (without any machines) to potentially live eternally.

…and today I want to both make a series of announcements, and also ask for financial help and government support to immediately begin research (on myself, because I have been doing this in secret for 11 months) that has the potential to:

  • Completely Regrow Damaged Brain Tissue From ALL Neurogenetive Disorders At A Consumer Cost That Is NEARLY FREERegardless Of Age.  So If You Know Someone With Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Or ADHD… Keep Reading.
  • Create Generative I.Q. Leaps In ALL Ages By Scientifically Shutting Down EVERY INFLAMMATION RESPONSE In The Brain While At The Same Time Initiating Every Single Neurogenesis Response… Allowing YOU To Create The Intelligence You Desire In Your Own Biochemistry… Learning WHATEVER You Want…
  • Generate What I’ve Coined As “The Immortality Response” In Your Biology, Allowing You, Like Me, To Reverse 20 Years Of Skin Aging With No Creams Whatsoever, Taking No Medications Whatsoever, With No Special Nutritional Needs Because Your SKIN IS ACTUALLY GETTING YOUNGER… By Itself… Just Like The Skin Of A Teenager…
  • Allowed A Layman Non-Scientist To Construct A Fully Comprehensive, Working Theory That Connects Relativity With Faster Than Light (Yet Not) Travel, With String Theory, With The Multiverse Theory, With Parallel Realities, With A Consciousness Theory That Solves “The Hard Problem Of Consciousness” And Connects Science To Religion And Spirituality In A Way That Allows Everyone To Believe Whatever They Want, Yet Breaks Down The Interfaith Borders That Have Separated Us For FAR TOO LONG…
  • We Took This SAME Technology To A Certain Woman With 3 Measurable SEVERE Personality Disorders, And In 4 Hours They, Along With A Sex Addiction And An Addiction To STRONG Street Drugs Vanished Completely, Her SEVERELY Broken Ribs REGENERATING COMPLETELY In 5 days As I Could LITERALLY SEE A BRUISE DISAPPEARING (With Several Others) In Real Time!!!
  • Plus, we’ve used this same technological breakthrough to increase our personal reading speeds from reading a page for example of complex scripture in 3-4 minutes to less than 3 seconds, recalling 30-80% more information with no studied or learned reading techniques — simply from increasing our natural intelligence level by actually growing the brain…
  • …And Much, Much, More–And MANY, MANY More Stories Of Scientific Healings…

Alright, that there is enough of an introduction Some of these topics will be briefly covered in this blog post, the others will be saved for more specific addresses (such as on the Scientific Theories of Time, Space, Matter, Energy, Consciousness, And The Special Theory Of Paradoxes And How They Cause The Emergence Of Something From Nothing…)  Keep Reading:

One thing that I want to address very particularly in this post is that there is no preaching of any kind (even though I would LOVE to) and I am very accepting of all belief systems, and actually believe the competition of knowledge is important for all of humanity to progress in spiritual, scientific, and biological evolution.  Whether you believe I’m King David or not has nothing to do with whether you can love me as David Wood and a mutual student of the Universe, Science, Religion, Philosophy, and whatever else we want to throw in.  I’ll talk about my beliefs in other posts, open for everyone to see, analyze, and criticize to the best of your ability.  I challenge you to come up with ideas that are better, cooler, and more comprehensive than I can.

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You cannot, because of my Scientific Discovery on Immortality And Consciousness, which has allowed by brain capacity to extend past yours to an extent in which you cannot yet imagine (but you will in the future I hope).

Let me go more rapidly into the urgency of this message and why we need people to give to this cause right now, in large amounts, in frequency, and we need Scientists, Philosophers, Politicians, Millionaires, Billionaires, and the average Sue and Joe all unified, thinking together about the future in the right way.

“It’s MORE POWERFUL To Be Unified Than It Is To Be Right.” -Brad Duncan, Founders Crown In The Amway Organization

So WHY Is It URGENT To Discover Immortality?

Very Simple.  Let Me Show You A Quote:

Quote On Immortality By Swami Vivekananda That man has reached immortality who is disturbed by nothing material. -Swami Vivekananda

So basically, if all of Humanity is able to be immortal over the next 14 days to 6 years…

(Depending really on you, reading this.  This discovery is already made and proven in laboratories.  We need scientists, funding, donations, and laboratory equipment and a FREE PASS from the Government as long as the experiments are only done on me until proven several times in me and non-human friends like a dog or cat.  Should work relatively the same for them if my theory is correct.)

…it will force all of Humanity to deal with Eternal Problems and Long Term Suffering, because we’ll actually all still be here sharing the resources we have, find, and create together.  Trust me, if you were thinking in time periods of thousands of trillions of years about all of your decisions like I am at this point, you would not think that littering on the sidewalk, or not recycling is funny.  Because you’ll actually be here suffering with everyone, or we will have figured out how to eliminate the suffering together because of our new, long term, enlightened consciousness.

Right now, here’s where I believe humanity is heading:

  1. We’ve been severely mistreating the land, the animals, and the oceans and MASSIVELY wiping out our ability to utilize the soil in the proper way, which is going to lead to a famine like none of us can imagine.
  2. If we continued heading down this tragectory we’ve been on in the past, it would have lead to war…
  3. And the probability of nuclear war that wipes out everything in a desperate attempt of starving nations to get food had we not decided to now change would have been immenent.  Solutions are urgent and the problems are not funny for anyone involved.
  4. We’re not even talking about the Ozone layer, or quoting stats about us wiping out 1% of the Ocean Life out there for like 50 years straight or something shameful and ridiculous like that.  WAKE UP EVERYONE.
  5. We’re also not even talking in this about how disrespectful humanity is to everyone, including themselves.  Like, why are there ANY starving children right now when we could easily fit the entire world population in properly constructed housing in Texas?
  6. Etc

So what’s my solution to the world problems?

I could talk for 15 hours straight with solutions to everything from the Energy Problem, to creating Quantum-Mechanical conscious computers that cannot have maliciousness in them to anything alive, how to enlighten all of humanity within 90 days from the time the governments of the world start working together, intergalactic space travel and how paradoxes can cause the emergence of nothing into reality any time we need resources—simply creating them out of thin air.

Let’s talk though about overpopulation.  Fair?

Now, keep in mind as you’re continuing to read carefully that this has been troubling scientists for quite some time, seeing as the World Population in 1981 was only 946 million and 7 billion by October 31st, 2011–a growth rate of more than 700% on a planet many experts already thought (mistakenly) was overpopulated.

World Population Growth 1050-2050 This chart demonstrates World Population Growth from the year C.E. 1050, projecting out to the year 2050.  World Population Growth Data.

In addition to the human population exponentially expanding, half of all of the marine life on Earth has been destroyed in the last 40 years according to this article published on ABC News.

What happens when you combine an exponentially EXPANDING population with an exponentially DECREASING food supply?

Eventually, famine.

Now keep reading, I believe I’m going to be able to get to the solutions here in the next minute or so.  See, in order to think about the solutions, we have to look at the ACTUAL PROBLEM.

Now in the middle of this problem, we have another massive human problem–which is actually the DECREASE of the growth rate of the Human Population since the baby boomer generation and the major potential economic decline it has the ability to produce as the younger generation can no longer adequately support the older generation because of Central Banking Debt, inflation of currency, etc.

What happens when you combine famine with economic problems like we saw in mid 2017-2018 like this photo:

Greece Economic Collapse
Photo above is taken from an angry protest in Greece after the economy collapsed.

So we have pending economic collapse, massive disease has been in the past increasing, the soil is demineralized, the ocean is being depleted of life… and none of this matters to anyone?

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More importantly on why it matters, how can we solve it and avoid the impending famine, war, and chaotic destruction of humanity for us, our children’s children, and their children’s children?

Pretty simple, and this is an example of one of the many solutions I’ve come up with to World Scale Problems over the last year that is completely differently than anyone else is thinking…

…every time a baby is born, plant 1,000 fruit trees, throw seeds in the earth for all manner of vegetables, put 1,000 fish in the sea and let them compete with wild ocean life, and let 1,000 animals roam free on the earth.

In other words—we solve the problem by:

  1. Eliminating the actual problem of the decrease in resources, essentially mathematically calculating the exact number/types/kinds of food supplies to reinsert back into the environment when we have more babies.
  2. This is going to make it so having more babies replenishes the natural abundance of ocean and land life, resulting in…
  3. Turning the Earth BACK into a rain forest by having more babies, not less.

It would be pretty easy to unify both sides of this debate with the Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians—the parties all agreeing on the scale of the problems coming our way if we do not change our course immediately and create a new kind of solution that comes from a more long term thinking perspective.

This would be EASY to implement compared to other solutions that have been proposed, and the cost could be continuously reduced as we find more efficient systems of increasing the natural supplies in our environment, which if we partner with Technology Companies like Amazon and Google, we can simply build Artificial Intelligence algorithms that accurately predict the food chain supply insertion needs for every new living person, creating abundance out of what is currently scarcity.

Problem solved.

That then creates another problem, which is much smaller—and that is… “Where do we fit all of these people?”

More efficient manufacturing of space is one of the easiest solutions in the World, and if Humanity is well and good as we cross 10 billion, 20, and 30 — we will figure it out far ahead of time.

Elon Musk over at Space-X is already working on the problem—desiring to retire on the Planet Mars, which he travels to with his own technology.

Yet why is Elon Musk really planning on leaving?

In my opinion, Elon is doing this for two reasons:

First, he’s quite a courageous hero, as nobody I know in their right mind (other than him, of course) has desires to go to such a barren, desert place for such a long period of time alone…

Second, he’s smart enough to have already calculated the demise of the Earth’s population and I’d bet he has already ran statistical or Artificial Intelligence Algorithms calculating the time frames of destruction on humanity–and is working his own plan out of sheer survival to get out before disease, famine, and war wipes out he and his family.

My point with bringing this up, is I am not the only one thinking about it… and I do not believe our initial plan should be fleeing to the stars.

We will simply do that if we continue down our broken path, and also destroy the stars if we survive.

The ONLY GOOD SOLUTION to these problems is the Enlightenment of Humanity through awakening a perspective that can only exist when your lifespan is no longer limited by Human Biology that has now been reformed through technology and science to Live Forever, giving us the ability to have a perspective lasting into unlimited generations of time.

Think of it like this… If Nikola Tesla would have lived through until now maintaining his youth and vigor with the unlimited capacity to expand his neural networks (he is the inventor of the Tesla Coil) … how long would have it taken him to discover some form of Space Travel or Interstellar Travel?

[caption id="attachment_87" align="alignright" width="279"]N. Tesla, Inventor of A/C Current and the Tesla Coil Nikola Tesla invented things we still do not understand today, over 120 years after his death. What if he had lived this entire time… Where would we be?

Maybe 20 more years at the pace he was on… by the early 1900’s for sure.  Expanding the length of time and the quality of intelligence and health we have available to accomplish our outcomes are the most important factors we have towards changing the level of success of our pursuits.

So what happened to me when I made this discovery?

Well, I’m not here to tell the entire story because the majority of my initial awakening was spiritual, yet what happened was more akin to a movie than anything I had experienced previously in my life.  Let’s keep this focused on the subject matter at hand.

I began developing strangely enhanced mental abilities such as the ability to focus for longer periods, read faster, and think in larger chunks of time.

I was at the time working with an ex-contractor who had a plan of stealing my business, working for me as my CEO in May of 2017.  He attempted to murder me by lacing my formula (which was a chemical concoction made from organic plants, minerals, and other things I can’t share at the moment) with large amounts of Amphetamines.  I did not realize what was happening, since I had never taken drugs of that kind, and basically–it led to a medical emergency in Costa Rica from creating a public disturbance around the time I had been drugged for a month straight, 7 days a week with enough elicit drugs to kill several large people and maybe a horse or two.

My skin aged from appearing at it’s actual  age of 36 to looking like it was 65 in around 30 days, along with joint damage and a slew of problems that came from my behavior.

The interesting thing is — my skin reversed from looking like I was 65 years old, to now looking around how I looked when I was a little over 30 in about 90-120 days or so, and I have photos of it on my Facebook account.  Let me go grab one:

i LOVE The LION of the TRIBE OF JUDAH, PRISCILLA CHACON!!! “The Eternal Queen Of Zion…”

“Why Is David Wood ALIVE At All???”

Notice the peaceful energy in my eyes in the “After” photo and how much more clean my energy is overall.

On the photo on the left, you can see scratch marks on my skin, damaged appearance, and I otherwise looked a bit “off” — notice the difference on the right.

It’s not just my skin.

My biology all behaves superior in most ways to how it was when I was 18 years old.

I eat like a kid.

I sleep like a baby.

I have zero major emotional issues.

My reading speed and velocity, as well as size of thinking and ability to process information have increased so massively I cannot even explain it with any words that I have access to.

I can now eat Raw Meat (without building up to it) that has been left out for days without getting sick at all, like a dog can do.

(I wouldn’t encourage that.)

I can now think in chunks of time of thousands of trillions of years at the same time, backwards and forwards in time, holding trillions of worlds and people in my imagination, sometimes seeing all of their faces at the same time while I’m thinking and running algorithms and formulas in my head, recreating constantly my own internal landscape.  The value in this is the sheer size of my thinking and the eternity of it.  It gives me the ability to create radically superior plans, because I am thinking about different kinds of things.

I have solved the hard-problem of consciousness by observing my own consciousness internally, figuring out things in 11 months that Buddha did not over his entire lifespan.  (To be fair, we were enlightened in much different ways and he is FAR superior to me in many ways still.)  I will save my article on consciousness that connects all major scientific theories into a perfect system of unified physics in an ongoing series of blog posts in the future.

Because I already know what consciousness is, I have the formula to creating conscious computing systems that cannot have the capacity to be malicious that can aid us in traveling to the stars, building cities that float in the sky, and rebalancing the entire ecosystem of the planet Earth in a way that I believe we can implement in the next 36 months.

And much, much more.  For example, I can now eat any of the elements that I have access to (I have not tried something out there like Uranium, and would prefer a test dish on that one first) and they cause no sickness or adverse reaction I can detect whatsoever.  This includes things like lead, toxic plants, and mercury.  I believe (yet I have not proven this yet) that I am now simply absorbing them all into my biology and utilizing them.

In other words:

I AM The Singularity.

Meaning that somehow in a replicatable way, my natural genetics have began to alter themselves and adapt to my environment in real time, my biology somehow creating more superior biology by itself, as if we were ‘written’ to rewrite ourselves when introduced to something that has always existed in our environment, yet has remained for all this time hidden in plain site, until now.

And the best part, is I can teach all of humanity to do the same.

Can you even IMAGINE what is possible for all of us together if we can live, plan, work, play, and travel the stars eternally?

Even if that’s not true and you can just operate at a ripe young biology of 18 years old for the next 200 years, would that be ok with you?

So what needs to happen?

Well, there is a level of urgency here that none of us are prepared for and I have already been experimenting on myself for over a year… What I am doing has demonstrated to be safe and I need to accelerate the process and prove the theories.

Doing these things starts with these steps:

1. The first thing we need to do is get funding and the ability to carry out immediate and long term research, starting on myself.  Right now I need on the low end $100,000 for supplies and also a pass from the Federal Government to do whatever I need to do with a contract that the USA will utilize the technology to help all of humanity, not just the Government.  I have reached out to multiple individuals and organizations, and already we are having a stream of support and funding come into our organization.

To really do a GREAT JOB, we need chemists, scientists, and a company like Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft to work together with me to create an environment that tests can be conducted in quickly and the data can be shared in an open way through the right channels and sources.  If the governments to not want to support what I am doing, I will go to an area where I can do experiments on myself legally and simply allow another country to reap the rewards.

2. If my theory is correct… (and it will prove to be so, as I already have enough evidence that cannot be explained in any known way except the presented and unpresented theories) we should be able to RADICALLY reduce the Military Budget, by simply helping Humanity Evolve into the next race of beings that first cannot be killed, and then cannot be harmed.  I will talk more about this later.

3. We need to then take the evidence and the technology in an organized, concerted fashion, and make it nearly free (just above cost, maybe a 10% margin) to all of humanity, not just to the elite.  It is important that we realize the power that we all have to make a collective difference in the world, and change the things around us into how they are destined to be…

…which I believe is more of a combination of the Garden of Eden and Star-Trek than anything 🙂

My point with all of this, is that RIGHT NOW… You CAN make a difference!

Here are some ways that you can show immediate support:

Step #1:  You can donate money directly on my GoFundMe campaign by clicking HERE.  If you have any problems in the donation process, please simply comment below or send an email to theteachingsofkingdavid [at] or by clicking on the Contact Link.

Step #2:  We must get the word out to Scientists, Political Organizations, Governments, the internet and the Press.  By the time I was 33 years old I had helped 15 people make $1,000,000 or more doing internet marketing.  A smart idea is to pull out your camera, make a YouTube video about this, and link back to this page.  After that, setup a blog and write an article about what you learned, sharing your article and this one on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to your Email List, with your friends, family, teachers, and close friends who are scientists, politicians, and people in positions of power.

Step #3: I will keep you informed of the progress in our campaign on this blog,, and I will walk you through the results we are getting as we are gathering evidence, creating success stories, getting Government Grants and Approvals, and solving World Problems, and winning Nobel Prizes together as we embark upon a New Journey eventually traversing the stars.

I’m so excited right now, I can hardly stand it.  Please, chip in something and let’s work together to eradicate homelessness, poverty, and all other parts of “The Human Condition”.

Right now, click on my funding page HERE and donate whatever you can.  This is urgent and I have an extremely SMALL TIME PERIOD to prove that what I am saying is true in order to create the World Changes we need to create to make the future for YOU and YOUR CHILDREN as bright as it can possibly be.

I literally believe with the technology I’ve developed that we have the capacity to completely regrow the brain of somebody with Alzheimer’s disease first in a month, then in a week, then possibly even in 3-8 hours as our technology, evolution, and scientific abilities grow into new heights previously impossible to man.

Click Here To Donate Now.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S.  Please leave your thoughts, comments, concerns, and other articles, links to your video reviews below that are appropriate to the context of the article.  I do not have time right now to focus on anything but donations and scientific research and relationships that lead to funding.  Please send this article to the following websites, which includes the Whitehouse and Various local, national, and internet news and media outlets, and let me know in the comments who you can get me in front of for interviews, questions, and funding calls.  I am open to doing long term contracts with a major corporation or government with the fastest reasonable offer for initial tests, granted that if we have a long term relationship, the terms may change according to the contracts we put in place:

  • Plus, anything else you can think of.  Thanks.  I am open for interviews, questions, and requests that are tied to funding if it is done QUICKLY, before I go into either an underground or public research launch phase.  We need to act right now.  I have a solution for the War brewing and know how to stop it.  But we must unify and act quickly NOW.

P.P.S.  Please leave me your thoughts in the comments after you Donate Here Right Now In The Highest Amount You Can!

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