A Call To Action For The Dalai Lama… “We Could Have Had Tibet Restored By Now Had You Listened…”



Special message as you’re watching this video.

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This message is short and sweet, and specifically for the Dalai Lama of the Tibetan People.  I contacted your office multiple times through your website and have gotten no response.  I have technology that will enable us to enlighten all of the Tibetan People within 30 days — for nearly free.

This is not a sales offer.  I was enlightened through a technological breakthrough you can read about by clicking on “Immortality Science” above.

Essentially, with a large enough group of people that are enlightened, we can simply reimagine the History of Tibet, making it so it was never lost.

I have already done this on fairly massive scales with simply my own imagination.

I would like to do a value exchange with you, where you come and train me personally for 1 month here in Las Vegas, and in exchange I will help free the entire Tibetan People.  I will also train you in the things that I know.

I have lived TRILLIONS of times and remember languages from other Universes, and have many enlightened students after only 1 year of enlightenment since May 20th, 2017.

I AM Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel.

Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel
This is a photo of me and Vick Strizheus training a small group of around 300 students In Miami In 2013, The Year My Son Gabriel Was Concieved.

David Wood
“I AM Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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