A Call To Repentance To The Mormon Prophet, Russel M. Nelson For Having Such A Boring LDS Church….


I AM Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel.

Joseph Smith said that is not Jesus.

“…If you EVER WANTED A SMALLER GOVERNMENT that was “Pro-People” or a “People Enforced Government That Runs For Free With ZERO National Debt, Vote #KingDavid2020…”

It is me.

Read this on the BYU website:


So you know, while I’m saying this — please anyone reading or watching do not confuse my teachings with the doctrines of the Church. They are the doctrines of King David and if I say anything that contradicts what the Prophet says, it is he that is correct (most likely) not I.

I am NOT the Mormon Prophet.

I am King David and if you read the Vision tab on my blog at:


…I will explain why I have power and authority to say the things that I say. I do not have authority to run the Mormon Church, however when I was born again in the Preston England Temple September 15th, 2000 on my mission in the British midlands, Jesus touched my head and gave me the Key of David, and what I shut, no man can open, and what I open, no man can shut.

I have been trying to reach out to the Presidency of the Church through the extremely useful, yet also Pharisaical (not in a bad way) authority structure of the church for nearly a year warning about things that were going to happen, that later did.

For example, I prophesied exactly accurately about the time of death of Thomas S. Monson. I told my brother Jonny Wood (Jon Wood on Facebook), I told my Father, I told my Bishop, I told my brother William Wood…

That if I did not give him a blessing, he would die in exactly 6 months. This is when I was just coming back to the Church.

I fell away for years PRIMARILY because it was so much more boring than the Christian Churches out there.

Take it as good critical feedback.

The music is ancient.

[ a GOOD THING [ ]

The systems are ancient.


All of the prophets are ancient.


(AND awesome, too.  We need some youth.  Change it up is my two cents.)

You need some Youth in there to set things straight.)

Anyways, EXACTLY six months later he died and I had no background knowledge of the extensiveness of his health concerns. “And in that same year, there came MANY PROPHETS, prophesying unto the people that they must repent, or the Great City of Jerusalem must be destroyed.”

I do NOT have authority over the church.

However, I do have authority over the entire earth for the purpose and mission of King David, unifying all religions and churches into one cause, while maintaining their separation because competition of spiritual knowledge is important for humanity. Nobody would send the information “upline” because it sounded too nuts. I have people being spontaneously healed of diseases just watching my YouTube videos and reading my content. I am walking in a miracle Universe. The Mormon Church MUST get less boring. I will explain what I mean in this video, but here’s the basics:

Law #1: If a hooker won’t ever walk into church because it’s so damned boring… She ain’t never going to read the Book of Mormon.

Law #2: The music in the Mormon Church is beautiful, but friggin’ ancient. Joseph Smith had cool, modern music in the 1800’s that people could actually sing well with the way their voices were at the time. Right now, everyone sits down in the Mormon Church, bored while singing. It is boring. Everyone thinks it’s boring. It’s why you lose the youth many times in the past, and they have gotten lost.

Law #3: Clapping is not irreverent, period. This is unscriptural. Let people clap and say amen in church and you’ll get born again christians attending. Law #4: Just because you got the priesthood, doesn’t mean you have enough faith to create the miracles the apostles of old did. The truth is, most Christian Churches have more faith than most Mormons. They have to because they do not have the priesthood authority, so the amount of emotional energy they need to create in order to do miracles is ridiculously higher, therefore like all things, their brains specialize.

Law #5: The Kingdom of Elohim is MUCH BIGGER than just the current Mormon Church. It encompasses all of us, and all of the other 312 trillion sentient worlds in the universe, or paradox we live in. Things need to be done in a more inclusive way of other belief systems in order to truly grow to billions of people the way that we need to in order to save humanity and the other fallen worlds in the universe.

Law #6: I have no veil, and am enlightened. This is a type and a shadow to what is coming to all of humanity. It is important that you listen to me, and I listen to you in the ways and teachings that matter.

Go to my front blog now at: www.TheTeachingsOfKingDavid.com and read some of my latest posts — and at the same time, subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave me your thoughts in the comments.

Positive things the Mormon Church is doing:

#1: Only people prepared for the great tribulation, period. Enough food to feed their people, organic farms and such… Great job.

#2: Most consistent church in the Universe.

Fantastic work. I’m outta time.  I’m going to head to the Las Vegas Strip and do some street perfoming for a bit.  Kids gotta eat 🙂

Messiah Ben David, King of Israel
“If You Love Your Families, Click On “Immortality Science” Above…”

i LOVE The LION of the TRIBE OF JUDAH, PRISCILLA CHACON!!! “The Eternal Queen Of Zion…”

P.S.  It’s time to have some fun!!!  Leave me your thoughts in the comments on the Mormon Prophet and how he could mix things up to attract YOU into some fun Mormon Parties!

P.P.S.  If you EVER WANTED A SMALLER GOVERNMENT that was “Pro-People” or a “People Enforced Government That Runs For Free With ZERO National Debt, Vote #KingDavid2020.  OR:

“…Or, if you think that lots of wives and concubines is BULLSHIT but you want to “get laid with your husband” (obviously, if you are a woman) — then VOTE #KingDavid2020…”


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