Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel For President 2020. (David Michael Wood, Founder Of Empower Network) Here Are The Initial Details Of My 2020 Campaign With “The Torah Party…”

…With Which I Hope To Unite ALL Parties Who Decide To Join Me Now.

  • Disclaimer:  Hey folks, I’m writing this LIVE right now from a certain hidden Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Keep refreshing the page to see the Campaign Rollout details as I’m writing it, LIVE!  Click Here To Join The Discussion On My Facebook Page Over At Facebook.com/workwithdave.

First of all, I want to say a few things before I begin to clear the air.

I LOVE Mr. President Donald J. Trump.  I believe he is an even better President than Benjamin Franklin, and the BEST PRESIDENT America has ever had.  He will be a wonderful Vice-President after I defeat him easily in 2020, and we work together to:

“Make America Righteous Again…”

From this moment on, when you see President Donald J. Trump, you will also think of President King David, easily defeating him in 2020 as we work together to restore America to Righteousness.  Look at this photo now to seal the Hypnotic Paradox into existence in the Unconscious Mind of Humanity:

President Donald J. Trump "Make America Great Again..."
This is a photo of President Donald J. Trump, who I believe is the GREATEST PRESIDENT we have ever had, even superior to Benjamin Franklin.

So if President Donald J. Trump is such a GREAT President… Why do YOU want to run for President, King David?  (Yes, you are now starting to believe in me as you follow my blog and read it daily…)

“No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.”That Fantastic One Term President, Donald J. Trump

I’ll be right back, I’m going to go write a “More Obnoxious than Donald J. Trump” tweet over at Twitter.com/workwithdave.

Alright, I’m done.

Here’s the simple answer to the question above:

Donald J. Trump is such a badass President, I believe he can finish his work (with my help) in 4 years, and Make America Great Again.  When his work is finished, it is time to Make America Righteous Again.



America, like all nations of the Earth, is teetering on collapse in so many ways, none of us (maybe other than me) have the ability to imagine it.

We are teetering on financial collapse.

We are teetering on a collapse of food resources which you can read about in my article on “Immortality Science” by clicking here (opens in a new window).

The Nations of the Earth are drowned in wickedness and unrighteousness, thinking that it is by any stretch of the imagination ok to do the crazy things Humanity in the past has been doing.

Here Are Some Examples Of MAJOR Problems:

  1. America has not had a Baby Boomer Generation since since the age of my Father.  The lack of new blood in the economy is creating a mathematical situation that if it continues will result in a complete and utter collapse of resources over the next few years.  As the increasing Medical Needs of the elderly INCREASE and the income of the Younger Generations is DECREASING as the people are getting ROBBED by the Central Banking System of Fiat Currency and #FAKEWEALTH, we are headed for a situation that has potential to end in Nuclear War as the resources of humanity decline for lack of wisdom.
  2. Why in the hell are there ANY starving children in the world at all?  I have watched my entire life as one party after the other spends more money in one direction or another, constantly making excuses for not working together to PERMANENTLY SOLVE the child starvation problem.  It is MASSIVE and irresponsible, and a GREAT CURSE is on Humanity because of the constant, never ending cop-out and passing of responsibility from one party to another to Feed the Children of the world.  When I win the Presidential Election in 2020 as the FIRST PRESIDENT in an independent party, I will not rest until EVERY LAST CHILD IN THE WORLD IS FED, PERMANENTLY.  If we give resources to a country in Africa and they do not feed the children and take them for themselves, we will declare war and wipe out their government systems, bringing them to a permanent end and helping the world understand that our irresponsibility has directly been causing the death of 3.1 million children per year.  It is completely LUDICROUS that we have not solved this by now.  We must work together if we want the children to live.
  3. Read my article on Immortality Science for a description of the problems that will be caused by the coming famine and series of wars that have the potential to destroy Humanity and potentially wipe out all life in the Universe from Human Stupidity.
  4. We’re not even touching the other problems like racism, bigotry, the unbalanced corporate america, the USA and their stupid war on drugs, the Central Banking System, the IRS and their ridiculous unconstitutional overreach on the people, State and National Legislature that makes it impossible to start, run, and grow a successful business, the ridiculous “Anti-Drug” war and it’s toll on intelligence, life, and success that makes america look like a joke to our enemies, the Islamic/Jewish conflict and the imaginary enemies Christians have made out of some of the most righteous people in the world, or even Radical Islam or the spread of diseases like HIV.
  5. America has serious extinction level issues, and it is URGENT that we all take action right now, together.

By the way, I’ve already decided that as I’m running for President, I will have a King David superhero costume.

A crown.

A gold Tefillin.



And a Jewish Flag for a cape.

King David Cape - taken from the March of the Living at the site of former German Nazi death camp Auschwitz
I will wear the Flag of Israel for a cape as a part of my King David superhero costume I will wear in the 2020 presidential elections.

When I win the Elections, I will give my victory speech in a Guy Fawks Mask, barefoot in Washington Square… With no Teleprompter just like I did in San Diego, 2013!

David Wood Guy Fawks Mask San Diego California
This is a photo of me giving a victory speech in San Diego, California in 2013 while I was preparing for my Presidential Campaign with the success of Empower Network, LLC and all of my other many successes, victories, and glory.

So I’ll continue in detail a bit later, right now I want to work on my Torah Scroll.  My points below will suffice for this moment and later I will come and elaborate in individual blog posts.

Basically the following points will sum up my beliefs and mission as the 2020 President of the United States:

FIRST, Anything more or less than the Constitution of the United States of America and the Torah as the Law of the Land is too much.  Anything less is too little.  In 4 years, I will reduce the laws of the land down to the Torah through influence, popular vote, and the people’s movement.

SECOND, Income Taxes will be illegal on a Federal Government level.  The Government does not own your income, and therefore they have no rights to tax it.  The IRS is an Abomination of Darkness in my opinion.  In 4 years, I will completely eliminate income taxes and replace it with a 35% incise taxes on all purchases (required) that will be organized as outlined below with 10% to Feed My Starving Children (FIRST) 10% to Restore And Rebuild Jerusalem (SECOND) and 10% to pay off national debt, and another 5% to build Energy Weapons in Zion to destroy the Nephilim, or the “Interdimensional-Aliens” as Donald J. Trump has been talking about (read my blog.  I have been talking about it very specifically for longer) .  Your income will belong to you, not the Government.  Big Government is an abomination.  If that is not enough to pay for the Government we will fire people and cancel programs, moving them to the hands of interfaith churches and spiritual movements, who are ALL SUPERIOR at handling money than the Government is.

THIRD, It is none of the Governments business what drugs you do, or don’t do with the exceptions of human-made drugs like Amphetamines that damage consciousness and destroy the brain.  I will gather many hippies in the Whitehouse office, and we will smoke weed together and video tape it, making fun of Donald Trump and his dumb Anti-Drug stance with the founders of South Park and my brother, Aki Wood and my First Apostle, Paul Gardiner.  It is my personal belief that people should be able to do whatever they want and WHEREVER drugs are legalized, crime goes down and prosperous business increases.  All natural drugs will be legal and none of the Government’s business within 4 years.

FOURTH, will finish later.  Going to work on my Torah Scroll.

Ok, I’m back.  FOURTH:

It is a complete and utter abomination to me, to God (Elohim-Masarecht $1 Trillion Years In The Future Looking Backwards In Time To Now Through The Paradox Mind…), to Jesus, to Buddha, to EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET THAT THERE ARE ANY STARVING CHILDREN AT ALL.  Why?  Because it is so easy to feed kids.  Food for kids should be FREE.  PERIOD.  LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN.  FREE.  THEY ARE FUCKING KIDS!!! GROW UP EVERYONE AND SEND SOME DAMNED MONEY TO FEED KIDS over at Feed My Starving Children.  They feed a kid for like 27 cents.  What do you do with that money?  I promise, you are not as wise with it as that.  Period.  Money given to feed children comes back at you at a ratio of 99 to 1 from the Celestial Kingdom.  It is WAY BEYOND THE GOLDEN RATIO OF 39 TO 1.  (if needed, and also options of increasing that ratio if you ask.  They are kids.  Send them your damned money and your “money” will miraculously be “undamned” today.   (if you want “Celestial Undamned Money” say “Give Me The Information” in the comments!!!)

AGAIN… FOURTH:  In 4 years, we will feed every starving child in America, the World, and the Universe.  I’ll explain how we’re going to do that a bit later after I write some more juicy ass nude girls details.

FIFTH:  Jerusalem must be restored.   Watch this quick video explaining in lots of detail WHY Jerusalem (our current most important ally):

So basically, in 1 year, Jerusalem will be restored. The same thing on years 2,3,4.  You have no idea the kind of Celestial Living Technology that Jerusalem had when King David was in power, or King Moses.  In 4 years, we will have EVEN BETTER CELESTIAL TECHNOLOGY ALL OVER THE UNIVERSE!!!

SIXTH:  Let American men have as many wives as they want.  America’s OBNOXIOUS stance on the Doctrine of Multiple Wives and Concubines (as revealed in Doctrine and Covenants Section 132 printed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is a completely ridiculous overreach of power.  Look, let the women have to be interviewed (18 years old) by their spiritual teacher, and one rabbi.  Checks and balances to make sure they are logical, reasonable, not on dangerous drugs (unless they want to be in a safe environment, in the which is it NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT’S FUCKING BUSINESS!!!??D:KJ (YES, I did that on purpose to create a “pattern interrupt” to get you to pay more attention to every single word on this page, as you’re reading them today…

…I’m done for now.  I’m going to go write about the Torah.  Read my online Torah Scroll here (not a real Torah Scroll, butt also real)

IMG_4736 (2)

King David
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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