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Blog Daily.  Tell Others.  GIVE MONEY!

929 Views And 484 Visitors In 1 Month With 1.92 Views Per Visitor?
This is my blog statistics for the last month, really I’ve been blogging daily for the last week, following my EXACT old formula I used to pre-launch Empower Network. Controversy and biblical commentary have so far been my most popular posts, as well as my news flash about the Re-Launch of Empower Network with the original comp plan, all transactions done in bitcoin. (To start).

For more information about how to Get Rich Blogging With Empower Network, watch the following video and leave me your thoughts in the comments:

Basically, you want to do a few things:

a) PROVIDE VALUE BLOGGING DAILY.  Value can be defined as something that saves someone time, energy, and money simply by reading it, watching it, and listening to it!  Blog.  Podcast.  Youtube.  Backlink.  Rinse, and Repeat.

b)  GIVE MONEY.  Give away 10% of your income to Feed My Starving Children and whatever other charity you wish to support, including and/or your own local church.  Giving rebukes the devourer, and there is no better way to tell your unconscious mine that there is more than enough for you than by giving away 10% of what you have.  You’re basically doing an ACTION BASED affirmation that says “I’m far richer than everyone around.  So rich, I give away 10% of my money before I spend it!!

c)  START A PODCAST NOW IF YOU HAVE A BLOG.  A lot of people want to make money from their blogs, and they don’t know how.  It’s really simple.  Write.  Read it and record it with a good desktop mic bought from Dixie Guitar Kings in St George Utah (my brother’s guitar shop) and then simply take that audio, read with inflection and passion, and post that thing there on your blog, and you will make far more money than you can imagine.  I haven’t started tracking my podcast traffic yet.  I’ll give you more updates.  This is an update from 1-17-2019 at 5:12 P.M.   People usually get most of their traffic from their podcast.

What else do you need to do?  You need to continue paying attention to my blog, and reading it every day, because I’m your new best friend, Dave Wood!!!

Love Your New Friend,
David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S.  If you love me, keep my 3 commandments:

Blog Daily.  Tell Others.  GIVE MONEY!

P.P.S.  You can start by simply promoting my blog posts by registering a free blog at a website like http://www.wordpress.com.  Then take quotes from the post and link back to it, leaving your thoughts.  Every little bit helps to our mission to feed all of the children in the world and restore Israel.  Read this post on my presidential campaign to get an idea of well written, thoughtful content that can get you traffic, leads, and sales.

P.P.P.S.  Read this blog DAILY… (not in a day)… for more information about how to Get More Traffic, then come back to mine to learn how to get EVEN MORE TRAFFIC THAN NEIL PATEL!  I’ll be coming out with new content soon that tells you how to DESTROY your old traffic using:

“The King David Method”

Stay tuned by leaving a comment below now, because you want to.  Don’t you?

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