David Wood Spontaneously Responds To Chris Hawk Jones’s Swift And Godly Rebuke By Saying That The Way They Are Acting Towards Him Is “Pathetic” In A Recent News Story On Facebook…

P.P.S.  Should Chris Jones invest in David Wood's superhuman research and make it a part of his company, Generation Hero?  You decide.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  I think creating AN ACTUAL GENERATION OF SUPER HEROES is what Chris Jones and David Wood are going to do together in the upcoming relaunch of Empower Network and Generation Hero.

My Book Preface: “A Brief History Of The Universe…” I Started Writing This June 28, 2017 — So You Know I Have Believed ALL Of These Things For A VERY LONG TIME… Read This Article If You’d Be Interested In Buying The Book.

A Brief History Of The Universe Look at the time-stamp in the upper left hand side for proof: Forward:   Dear Reader, I’d like to tell you that this book is the subject of years of searching, meditation, thought, or that I’ve for years entertained the desire to be a famous author and sell books... Continue Reading →

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