Breaking News Story: “Chris Hawk Jones With A Special Message For David Wood… Reprimanding Him For Not Remembering Where He Came From…”

The following excerpt was taken from the comments on the actual Facebook Thread.  There.  I have now reciprocated the attention back in the direction of Chris Hawk Jones in this breaking news story.
Here You Go – Make Sure You Pay Attention As You Are Reading It Now:

Anna Levina-Zubarev I absolutely and 100% agree with you Chris on everything you’ve stated in this video!

David, I hope you understand that by overly tagging and then calling people out on friendship is not going to get you the results you seeking.

I hope you understand the true meaning behind friendship and not “friends with benefits”

Social Engagement is build on trust, which a lot of people lost in you, so don’t expect them to react to everything you do on FB positively.

Not everyone will be with you on the same page with what ever you doing now, therefore, move on and start rebuilding the trust with people once again.

P.S. YOU’RE a badass Anna Levina-Zubarev

Anna Levina-Zubarev – have you talked to Paul Gardiner recently or even had a conversation with him?

At this point Anna I have treated my friends WAY BETTER in every way than they have treated me. Period.  WAY BETTER.

The Karma has flipped on it.

Because many (not all) of my “friends” have been cowering in fear for no reason, they cannot even see the level of solutions I’m creating and who their going to help. Ask Rob Fore – he’s smart enough to read my blog and knows where it’s going.

So because my “friends” want nothing to do with me, I am getting traffic the best way I can, creating controversy that DRAGS the whole world into my drama AND I will continue to do that if it’s what it is going to take to whip humanity in line.

Regardless of whether you believe me or not, my solutions to problems are practical, good, and fast – exactly what humanity needs.

My decisions are not your decisions, yet also, they are.


I will continue doing what I have to do to feed my family and create drama exposing weak behavior in the marketplace and if I lose my friends to help Jesus save humanity, then I lose my friends. Ask Mia Rene Davies  what matters more. She’s Christian as we can all see from her posts.

My point is — if you have not talked to me, how in the hell do you even have an opinion on it? It is ridiculous and all of you, including Eric WorreMark Dale, and Chris Hawk Jones are acting like ridiculous cowards – with the exception of Jones because he actually spoke up – just like an actual MAN would do.  With a real opinion on everything.  Now to be fair, these guys are BOSSES AND MY FRIENDS!!!


Now, if you think I’m not doing it on purpose – what just happened? Chris Hawk Jones (who has a much bigger audience than me) just promoted my new blog, <— sending me free traffic when you click now as you’re enjoying reading my posts each day.

In 1 – 3 months, I will produce more traffic, leads, and sales than all of you combined. Trust me on that. Look at the exponential growth of the attention.

Steering clear from that is foolish from a business perspective. Tom Challan knows the power of capitalizing on momentum and being early.

The Question Is… DO YOU?

When I am in Las Vegas I walk on the streets talking to everyone – I am the FRIENDLIEST guy in town and if you guys were around me for 1-3 days… ALL OF YOU would believe I am enlightened, and believe I am King David.

Like, miracles where I walk.

People picking up and healing from random ass diseases.

Spines healing.

Flowers growing everywhere.

ALL OF YOU are missing the opportunity to be mentored by somebody that will one day be and also is in many ways greater than the Buddha (yet not). I’m out. Love you all.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel”

jesus__rider_on_a_white_horse - or King David, riding on a white horse to save World Ventures and Legendary Marketer from an ATOMIC EXPLOSION THAT WIPES THEM OUT!!!
jesus__rider_on_a_white_horse – or King David, riding on a white horse…
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