My Book Preface: “A Brief History Of The Universe…” I Started Writing This June 28, 2017 — So You Know I Have Believed ALL Of These Things For A VERY LONG TIME… Read This Article If You’d Be Interested In Buying The Book.

A Brief History Of The Universe

Look at the time-stamp in the upper left hand side for proof:

A Brief History Of The Universe - Chapter 1 Preface
I started writing this after I was newly enlightened, when I was not on anything. The amount of information about time, space, matter and energy I can hold in my consciousness is startling to you. Isn’t it?



Dear Reader,

I’d like to tell you that this book is the subject of years of searching, meditation, thought, or that I’ve for years entertained the desire to be a famous author and sell books all over the world.

Part of that is true.  Mostly though, this book is the subject of inspiration that came in the month previous to beginning to write it.  Unlike other works that discourse on the nature of the Universe and Time, Space, Matter, and Energy from a philosophical or even New Age Perspective, there is no motivation here in sharing this information other than to help you remember who you actually are.  Because of that, there will always be a way to get access to copies of this book for free.

I believe the message inside of the pages is urgent and an important part of my mission in life, as I believe for various reasons we only have a total of 36 months from the date of May 20th, 2017 to turn the tide of Planetary Destruction away from our previous trends and if we do not do it now, everything on earth will die and it will never live again.  Every bacteria, every microscopic organism, every man, woman, and child will die. You are an essential part of making sure that does not happen and the good news is, we CAN change it!

Now I don’t consider the knowledge in this book perfect as I’m in the process of learning new things every day and every new frame of perception reframes the last field by which I’ve previously perceived the Universe – so stuff will change and I’m going to ask that you be patient with me.

There are also some things that beg clarity.  When I say we have 36 months from May 20th, 2017 what I don’t mean is there is going to be a nuclear holocaust on May 20th, 2020.  What I mean is that we have disrespected the balance of the earth for too long and it has reached a point where the scales are going to tip and we will no longer be able to tip them back if we have not corrected it to a certain level by May 20th, 2017 and after that, there will be problems that will compound fast and out of control.

Some level of this is going to happen anyways, but we can save most of it.

Let me explain what I mean so you can get an idea of how a mass level world extinction is possible and can happen right now.  Then I’ll get into a little bit of detail as to how I know this, and what this book is really about — which funny enough, is you.

As of this moment we have enough food and resources for every man, woman, and child in the world to eat.  We don’t feed them not because we can’t feed them. We don’t feed them because the entire earth is lost in selfishness and greed.

We want.

We take.

We don’t give back what we know we should.

We don’t recycle.

We aren’t thankful.

We take, and take, and take.

We waste food when there are starving families all over the world who are literally praying day and night that they will only have a morsel of bread to eat.  

Ecologists know that after a certain amount of balance disruption in the environment there will not be enough food for everyone even if we wanted to feed them.  By balance disruption I mean doing things that are not thought out and take more from the external environment than they replenish. Activities that seem simple such as using new plastic bags every time we go to the supermarket are not so simple when they are magnified across billions, and billions of people throwing waste into the oceans and rivers that we have no functional need for.

Unsustainable abuse of the ocean, for example, has reduced biodiversity in the oceans by 40% over the last 40 years.  On that track alone we have less than 100 years left to wipe out life in the oceans. But it is not about wiping it out, it is about the balance tipping irreparably.

We need to change.

We can change.

We MUST CHANGE now.  We can no longer wait for politicians and GreenPeace to do it for us while we sit idly by and destroy the planet.  We don’t have time anymore!

This book is both a promise and a warning and will be a part of a work that I will start that will sweep the earth in every nation, kindred, tongue, and people and will turn the tide of destruction and create a new earth.

We waste food when there are starving families all over the world who are literally praying day and night that they will only have a morsel of bread to eat.  

So what will happen?

When we no longer have enough food to feed everyone in the world, which will happen if we don’t change now in under 36 months, there will begin a worldwide struggle for resources that will result in a level of riots, fights, murder, and carnage that the world has never seen.

Fighting for resources will lead to wars.

Wars will lead to disruptions in governments, more rioting, and more wars.

And we will trigger a nuclear war that will wipe out everything in a desperate struggle for food to survive.

In the process, it will not be pretty.

So… what do we do about it?

That’s what this book is going to be about.  

The Universe.

What it really is.


Who you really are.

And how we’re going to work together to recreate everything and save the earth and everyone on it, and rebuild our society to be a literal heaven on earth.

So the question is… who am I, and how do I know this?

That’s where we’re going to start.

As you read this, things are going to automatically begin changing.

You’ll see that now as you continue.   You’ll not only find within these pages the solution to all of our problems… but you’ll find in these pages the solutions to what you’ve been praying for all these years.

You’ll find the solution to YOU.

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You’re feeling BETTER.

Aren’t you?

Me too.

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You’re done.

David Wood
“King Davey-Poo…”

Chapter 1: I’m What They’ve Been Writing About.

P.S.  To Be Continued…

P.P.S.  Leave me your thoughts in the comments below if you want you and your family to survive the hardships ahead that have already been caused by our Karma.

P.P.S.  I’m going to take off.  Got to work on my Torah Scroll.

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