Network Marketing PRO News? In A Recent Story On Facebook, King David Claims That He’s “Even Better At Network Marketing Than Eric Worre. He Also Mentions That Eric Is “More Like A Woman” And David Wood Is “More Like A Man” In This EXCLUSIVE Article Review…

Refresh This When You’re Done Because I’m Writing This, LIVE.  You Get To READ THIS As I’m Writing It LIVE On My Birthday, May 17th, 1981 (The Birthday Of King David And A PERMANENT Holiday For The Kingdom Of Elohim)  The FIRST PERSON to share this on Facebook and write a blog post about it, then message Eric Worre on Facebook about why he should talk to King David and get over his obnoxious Pharisaical Bullshit — denying the man who made him — gets $100.

And I Even Said I’d PROVE IT In A No-Holds Barred MMA Fight With Eric OR A Poker Match… Whichever He Chooses!

Are You ALL IN, Eric Worre?


David Sharpe (More Like A Woman) Is Also A Better Networker Than Eric Worre.  I bet he’s better at Poker, too.  As a side note, Paul Gardiner is a BETTER APOSTLE than David Sharpe ever was an could EASILY defeat him in an MMA fight.  Don’t Be A Wussy, David Sharpe!!!

My question is, who would you rather be sponsored by now?

Eric Worre? (More Like A Woman)…

Eric Worre Looking His Best With His Perfect Smile, Teeth, And Glorious Bald Head...
Would you like to be sponsored by someone who’s totally serious and respects all of the social norms because he’s so afraid of damaging his brand?  (More like a Woman)….

Or David Wood? (More Like A Man)…

David Wood Holding A GIANT CHECK Screaming "Don't Be A Wussy" With David Sharpe At The "Don't Be A Wussy" Empower Network Event In Atlanta, Georgia In June Of 2012
David Wood (More Like A Man) SCREAMING with his GIANT “Better Than Eric Worre For Sure” Check On Stage For $778,779.20 At The Atlanta “Don’t Be A Wussy” Event.

Keep reading, and you may decide to do just that.  Before you continue, gaze into Eric’s beautiful eyes as you click through to his page and like him and also me now. as you stare at this new “Better Than Eric Worre Photo,” clicking, creating a causal-link in consciousness from King David, to YOU, sharing information backwards-and-forwards in time through the Paradox Engine:

Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel For President 2020
Who would you RATHER be sponsored by?  King David (Next President Of The UNITED STATES)?  Or Eric Worre? (Pathetic.  Like  A Woman Who’s Not Giving Her Husband A Blow Job.)  ***Like I IMAGINE What Happens At Home For Eric Worre And David Sharpe.

I AM Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel:

Recently, I criticized Eric Worre in this article review, saying that he, along with others, is engaging in what I called:

David Sharpe Bullshit…”

The main criticism I have for all of them is that instead of asking questions, listening, and judging something with accurate information, they (Orrin Woodward and Eric Worre) ran like scaredy-cat-pharisees away from the most profound Spiritual Transformation that anyone on earth has ever see, and the rise of King David, the most important Male Spiritual Leader to walk the Earth since Jesus of Nazareth.

(I AM NOT a more important Spiritual Leader than my WIFE, The LION Of The Tribe Of JUDAH!!! (Article Coming Soon…)

Carmelites Celebrating After Meeting Jesus's Sister? Maybe. You Decide.
This is some hot nuns, getting ready to sexually admire King David. Who’s a better Network Marketing PRO? Eric Worre? Or King David? You decide.  The NUNS LOVE King David!!!

Here’s Eric Worre At One Of His DOPE Las Vegas Network Marketing PRO Events:

One Of Eric Worre's DOPE Network Marketing Events over at: -- What A Fucking BADASS!!!
This is Eric Worre having a DOPE AS HEAVEN event in Las Vegas, basically calling himself a False Prophet Coward on stage by denying King David like the Pharisees in the New Testament.

Here’s THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK that I made, telling people IN ADVANCE that this article is coming while I’m doing Kung Fu with my “Better Than Chris Rocheleau” Apostle And New Best Friend, Matthew Gonzales:














“The Coming Relaunch Of Empower Network…”



…Keep Refreshing For More.  I’ll Be Back In A Bit.

King David.

P.S.  Look at the names I call Orrin Woodward in the tags.


Article Coming Soon On The False Prophet, Orrin Woodward Scams.

Orrin Woodward Scams Exposed!!!
This photo is about the following article: “They Come To You In Sheep’s Clothing. But Inwardly They Are Ravening Wolves…” – My Savior Jesus, Talking About cOrrin CoWoodward Scam Artist Exposed!!!  (Kidding.  Orrin Woodward is the man.)

I wanted to re-post the photo in Featured Image so you could read the HILARIOUS CAPTION!!!

One Of Eric Worre's DOPE Network Marketing Events over at: -- What A Fucking BADASS!!!
This is Eric Worre having a DOPE AS HEAVEN event in Las Vegas, basically calling himself a coward on stage by denying King David.  He may as well be named “Eric Co-Woodwardrre.”  What’s better?  This photo?


The Empower Network "Get Money" Event In Chicago With David Wood And David Sharpe Was The BEST EVENT In Network Marketing History... PERIOD!!!
This is a photo of the Empower Network “Get Money” event in Chicago that came before our stupid launch of the “Blog Beast” at the direction of Mars Burden, who was a GREAT MARKETER but an awful person to work with in nearly every way imaginable, doing things like for example, charging $30,000 a month for development work where his people were writing and uploading no code, where I have receipts and witnesses.

Even Chris Rocheleau is better than Eric Worre at Network Marketing PRO.  Here’s the video I did making fun of Chris Rocheleau with my NEW bestest friend, Matthew Gonzales.  Who is a FAR BETTER best friend than Chris Rocheleau, who’s denying the man who made him.

Hey guys, I’ll be back and finish later, talking about “TACTICALLY” how my way of building Network Marketing is BETTER, FASTER, and MORE LUCRATIVE than Eric Worre’s… Especially when COMBINED!!!

FOR NOW, leave me your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to my blog to get daily updates on how to get rich online with King David, the “Jesus Way” and also, shoot me a high-5 on Facebook.  Click My Dream Mansion In Las Vegas Now HERE (I Will Live Here As I’m Running For President – With Constant Babes And Hot Guys Hanging Out With My Wife And Kids And I, Smoking Weed Together With Eric SmhWhorre If He And His Wife Aren’t Too Much Of A Pharisee And Sadducee.

Million Dollar Home In Las Vegas For Sale (Dream Mansion Of King David)
Here is the home I will live in while running for the President of the United States:

Ok, I’m back.  I had to go eat a weed candy.

  • This is in the past.  I am not currently eating weed candies.  Mostly, because I don’t have any.  But the reality is that I want you to understand, that weed is not evil.  It can be used wisely, and you shouldn’t smoke.
  • Here is a special message to Jesus’s son, Dave Sharpe, (sort of joking, but really not yet), and anyways… got to protect that guy!!!
  • So here’s what some people may have said (or maybe not, you decide) about Dave Sharpe, after they found out what he did to King David!!!

“Screw You, David Sharpe And Your Addict #antiDrug Bullshit!!!  You Are Misplacing What You Think I Am Doing For The Sephiroth… Which Is Different.  I am clean In EVERYTHING I Do (and if I am not, I repent.”

Are Mack Zidan And David Sharpe Secret Gay Lovers?  (Nobody Knows)
This is a photo of David Sharpe together with his whore, Mack Zidan before they go make love together at rainbow park out there in Atlanta Georgia!  Or actually, this was Las Vegas Nevada Rainbow Park and they were just pretending to hold it an event, so nobody would know of their secret plan.

(You’re Worse Than President Donald. J. Trump, the ONE TERM President Of The United States.)  Donald J. Trump and his stupid war on drugs working together with David Sharpe, Aaron Rashkin, and your local JEWISH RABBI — to try to stop you from taking drugs like weed and lsd!!!

Obviously, Kids Are Doing Drugs For A Reason, And This Is What We Need To Focus On, For Example, This Little Blue Rabbit Thinks They’re Cool:

According To This Little Blue Rabbit, Weed And LSD Is Cool (David Sharpe Doesn't Want You To Know)
In a recent NEWS FLASH, This Little Blue Rabbit apparently told David Sharpe that Weed And LSD Is Cool (David Sharpe Doesn’t Want You To Know. Neither does Donald J. Trump.) — I don’t condone the use or not use of LSD. Let’s just get the government, Eric Worre, Orrin Woodward, and Davey Sharpiepants (and their “addict” nonsense) out of your business!  You are FAR more hilarious than they are!!!  Look we love you, keep safe, and do what YOU want to do that’s legal!  Not the dumb big-government and their games of death and control!!!

I Have Dedicated This New Song By The Southpark Founders To My Good Friend, Eric Worre:


I’m joking about all of the drug nonsense.  Now, let’s get down to business, and let me tell you why I (King David Wood) am actually a better Network Marketer than Eric Worre.

Don’t Do Drugs Kids… Stay In School!!!

It’s pretty simple, really – I’ll also reveal to you how to do it by following my own personal 3 step formula, and how to make more money in whatever your business is while getting rich online, the easy and David Wood way.

The art of a woman is simply put – doing things the same way every time, repetitively in a sort of predictable sequence, if that makes sense.  More the way that Eric Worre does business, and that I learned from Eric Worre.  Think about it the way that David Sharpe markets.  What does he do?

He puts information in chunkable, beautiful sequences of images, copy, and marketing, modeled out from pre-existing behavior he sees around him.

So for example, for YEARS – Eric Worre put out a new video at like the same time nearly every day.  He is so predictable, it’s ridiculous.

Which is WHY people love him.  People love Eric Worre because they can trust him to be consistent.

He looks the same way every time.

He’s got the same bald head every time.

He’s got the same smile every time.

Like when you go to my Facebook, Twitter, and Personal FB Profile Of King David, you see the same image, and the same snapshot of my dream mansion.  Now, I’m leaving that stuff there until it manifests, and then I will put a new dream mansion (I will have many mansions in my Kingdom, and they will ALL MAKE MONEY and be Glorious).  The way that I do this is more like “The Eric Worre / Jeff Olsen Method” – predictable sequenced sameness.

Memorize the script.

Repeat it over and over again.

Do lots of home meetings.

Do lots of 3 way calls.

Stuff like that.

Orrin Woodward on the other hand actually builds a better combination, in my opinion.  He has the same sequenced sameness, but also his training is in my opinion more practical and is in better chunks to build a large organization, whereas Eric Worre’s training is much faster at duplicating results for new people than Orrin Woodward’s is — Orrin’s method produces better, more long lasting leaders.

For example, rather than using the slides every time, the leaders use whiteboards – which allows them to more freely express their ideas, and the meetings are much more interesting to attend over and over again than Eric Worre’s “Weekly Meeting Method.”

So in that case, Orrin Woodward (a great leader by the way, and I’m joking.  I hope he can take it that way and not throw a hissy fit) is more like a MAN, and Eric Worre is more like a WOMAN.

Now the way that I do things is TOTALLY DIFFERENT, yet capitalizing on the sameness of both.  What do I mean?

Well, rather than doing things THE SAME WAY EVERY TIME (The Art Of The Mother)…

…King David Wood does things A DIFFERENT WAY EVERY TIME!!!

*** Yet ALSO maintaining the art of a woman, acting in a predictable sequence that you can trust for it’s realness.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I’m getting you to read my content over and over again.


Certainly because I’m talking about 3 way calls and home meetings, right?


It’s because my content is different every time.

It’s creative.

It’s hilarious.

It’s GOOD.


The patterns of speech I utilize in my writing “hack” into your unconscious mind now, making you fall into a state of trust and admiration for my work.  Just LOOK at my traffic spike these last few days for SOCIAL PROOF that David Wood knows what he’s doing:

Blog Statistics For May 17th, 2018 For - 1,300 Views And 615 Unique Visitors
This is how you get leads, sales, and new recruits. Content. Value. Be hilarious. Be yourself. Speak your mind. If you want to cuss and swear, do it. If you want to preach, do it. If you’re serious and womanly like Eric Worre and Orrin Woodward (sometimes, although he’s more like a man)… Do it.  My point is — BE YOU.

See, on the flip side, Eric Worre will more beat you into sameness with his method, because it’s what he knows will get a predictable result…

…which for local meetings and events, is TRUE.

But it SUCKS online.

What do I mean?

Predictability and sameness all the time without mixing it up is what kills social followings and slaughters the traffic of blogs, and it certainly isn’t going to get you to make more money and get rich quicker online now with King David, by deciding to now work with him personally as you read this…

…anyways, what I do is:

I do it a DIFFERENT WAY every time.

Different gateways of building trust.

A different method each time.

A new technique every 10 seconds.

I read.

I write.

Very similar to Orrin Woodward, actually — except he (an actual great mentor of mine who I respect.  I’m poking fun at him because I love him and he’s being a Pharisee in my opinion, along with Eric Worre, Mark Dale, David Sharpe, and others… There’s an old scripture somewhere in Isaiah 29 or something that says something like this:

“They teach for doctrine the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but denying the COOLNESS thereof.” – Isaiah, Paraphrase Of King David

Just remember that Jesus was way cooler than any of us jokers.

He did stuff like spit in the ground, stick his fingers in the dirt, put it in people’s eyes, and look up at the sky and scream like a maniac – and BAM!!! That sinner could see again!

How did he do that?

Well, I’ll tell you what I think.  I did an experiment the other week (I won’t tell you how) that gave me the ability to see in the dark perfectly in places I had never been, walking around with my eyes closed — seeing with my consciousness.

The brain produces small amounts of hallucinogens natively, mainly Dimethyltryptamine (or DMT) in the pineal gland and the lungs.  When you die, there’s a massive release of it because DMT is the Chemical of Consciousness.  Obviously in explaining this, I am not condoning the use of DMT.  What I am doing is explaining to you that perhaps all of us don’t understand consciousness.  Buddha, along with other great spiritual leaders have always taught to stay drug free.

Well, actually what they have said is to avoid “mind altering” substances.  I wonder what those substances actually are, and actually are not.  It does not matter that we understand or don’t understand the Sephiroth, or not.  It is time to create massive change in the marketplace together.

My theory is that the native production of hallucinogens increase with the order and degree of your increasing righteousness, and that when you find the Sephiroth, your brain will learn to produce it’s own “highly adapted” hallucinogens, and when your brain learns how to produce this on your own, kids will longer do drugs.  They do them because THEY MISS BEING KIDS.

Does that make sense?  Hope you are well brother.

Probably (my theory is) that children have WAY MORE of this than adults, and as we start sinning after the age of accountability, the production of natural hallucinogens in the brain and body decreases as we start to become old, fixed, and rigid in our ways.

So for example, if Jesus had tons of natural hallucinogens in his spit (read this article on what someone said about Moses taking hallucinogens such as DMT by this Israeli Professor.  (I won’t say whether he was.  And I won’t say whether he’s not, all that i’LL say about it is that Moses discovered the Sephiroth on his own, whatever that means.  Actually Moses was raised by the Pharoahs, who historically took MAOI inhibitors and Dimethyltryptamine Daily.  Probably why a lot of weird stuff happened)

Anyways, I’m not saying Jesus did LSD or anything like that — but he was perfect which means he couldn’t have been aging past 18 years at his peak of growth – his mind would be simply getting more advanced.

My point with my Presidential Campaign of #KingDavid2020 is that basically, we want to give people the freedom to do what they want, without the government interferring with it at a federal government level, and that includes responsible drug usage.  Everywhere the government lets people do what they want, what happens is crime goes down, drug lords get dismantled or start real businesses (not really, but they will when I am President, because they will repent.  At least MANY OF THEM WILL REPENT (we all hope and pray together often)

What’s this got to do with Dave Sharpe?

Dave Sharpe is so tied to his view that “an addict does x or y” that he cannot see the obnoxious level of behavior he does that is his own addiction to himself, that causes him to hurt others from the malicious tendencies that he has.

nd the a key is:  “We all have them”

After he does his thing, a guy sees people walking around as trees – why?

Probably, Jesus had tons of hallucinogens in his spit and all of his biology, that were naturally produced in his brain like a little kid’s mind would do (kids run around talking to cats and dogs and having imaginary friends, and Jesus said to “be like kids).  If you put that in someones eyes and shot electrical energy through your fingers (like chi power or straight electricity) — maybe from my experience there’s a possibility of rebooting the optic nerve – I know I gave myself the ability at least temporarily to completely see in the dark accurately.

What is the dumb attitude towards drugs people have done for America?


Listen to the name:

anti-Drug War” – like the Anti-Christ?  Like an Anti-Hate-Parade?  Come on.  How successful can this nonsense possibly be?

I want to be clear about something, in that I have very positive energy towards homosexuals.  The Torah provides for massively equal rights to all peoples, kindreds, tongues, and especially women (who are PROTECTED far more than men), and that includes people who practise anything other than same sex marriage.

What do I mean?  I will write it better in a future post, because it has EVERYTHING to do with the Great Tribulation.

Every single instance of weed being legalized boosts the economy.  The same will be true of all drugs.  My main point with making fun of Eric, Orrin, and Dave isn’t to just make them a little mad (everyone else thinks it’s hilarious)… it’s to get traffic, leads, sales, and also reframe dumb negative energy in new light.

People treated the buddha like they are treating me as well.  As well as Jesus.  As well as the prophets who they cast out, and stoned, and slayed… and why?

It’s because my enlightenment is FORCING all of your bullshit to come out, manifest, and resolve along with all of the life long demons of fear, suppression, greed, and bad advice from our parents.

You cannot help it.

I will tell you – that the PROPHETS were cooler than any of you can imagine.

Look at the description of John the Baptist and Jesus in the Old Testament.

Recently when I went up to visit and help out my brother Aki Wood, I pissed him off pretty bad too—for like a week.  On purpose.  Because he needed it.

I won’t tell you why – just that issues needed to come out and resolve, just like with YOU Eric Worre if you want your children and grandchildren to survive the Great Tribulation!!!

Orrin Woodward, you too!!!

I was talking to an old friend of mine who I have told like 5 times things that he needed to do to keep his family safe – like get gold and silver, bitcoin, digital currency, get familiar with the DarkNet, have secret cash-paid backup properties in safe countries like Costa Rica (the head of Zion, and will be the safest place in the Universe because that’s where the Lion of the Tribe of Judah was born), and have gas storage… because if you have to get the Mark of the Beast and can’t buy or sell without it… so how you going to drive your car to get groceries folks?

See as consciousness and enlightenment expand, it’s equal and opposite reaction feeds off of the increase in consciousness (anti-consciousness increases from evil and wickedness) — and good and evil manifest simultaneously, self-unfolding from nothing, which is why they persecuted the prophets – it’s a sort of thing that happens because enlightened consciousness drags out all bullshit and issues around itself, spontaneously resolving the problems of others.

Whether They Want To, Or Not!

So my friends don’t want to hear about how the Great Tribulation is going to start, even though they “profess” to be Christians – teaching for doctrine the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.

They want “sameness”, “safety”, and “security.”

I can’t remember who it was, one of the USA Constitution Founders that said:

When we trade our freedom for safety and security, we end up having NEITHER, not BOTH. – Thomas Jefferson, or something like that.

Your pathetic attitudes towards what I am doing are embarrassing to humanity, progress, and the scientific revolution.  All of you are emotionally pathetic to me.  I am superior to all of you in every way that matters in the terms of connection to self, source, and my higher power.

I (like you can when you discover the Sephiroth,) walk in a Supernatural Universe with NO VEIL on my consciousness, talking directly with the Father and can explain to all of you in DETAIL how the Universe got here.

And all you can say is:

He Must Be On Drugs!!! (Talking About Eric Worre Here.)

I am so obviously enlightened to everyone around me it’s ridiculous, AND it’s spreading.  Paul Gardiner is enlightened.  My friend Matthew Gonzales is close to enlightened (not quite there).  North Sky is enlightened.  Many others.  It’s spreading.  And nobody, not you, not Eric Worre, not Orrin Woodward, not Donald Trump or anyone else who’s full of it can stop it from spreading because it MUST if we want the children to live.

Everywhere I go, the flower start immediately growing bigger.

People are healing of diseases.

People are accepting Jesus who never would from somebody like Orrin Woodward or Billy Graham – because let’s face it folks:

I’m “Even Cooler” Than You Are.

Yup.  Jesus just said that.

My way of doing Network Marketing is cooler.

I’m socially cooler.

I dance better.

I’m more intelligent in every way that matters – pulling together a unified field theory based on the functioning of consciousness that I call “The Unified Field Theory Of Quantum Consciousness” and I will be discussing soon in a post that is coming soon.

And all you can focus on is drama and rumors?


Watch me get my blog to a MILLION visitors a day in months, and put all of you to shame as far as traffic, leads, and sales goes — and I WILL DO IT by the Power of Elohim, and in the name of Jesus!


So again, it’s quite the simple formula:

Blog Daily.  Tell OthersGive Money.

Follow those 3 steps every day – giving away 10% of your income (minimum) to feed kids through a GREAT ORGANIZATION like Feed My Starving Children (they feed kids for like 27 cents) meaning every $1,000 you give them feeds like 4,000 kids!!!

You do that, and REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU’RE BUILDING the devourer will be rebuked off of your life.  There are LARGE SCALE studies with millions of people that PROVE when you give to a cause that God controls, that you DON’T CONTROL, that the money comes back at you (scientifically proven) at a ratio of 39 to 1.

We call that “The Golden Ratio” according to my Apostle Paul Gardiner, who also remembers living thousands of trillions of times, can speak in tongues, and got rid of all of his life anger in days – rather than the “David Sharpe + Eric Worre Method” of NEVER!

(Or only by walking on Fire at a Tony Robbins Event Review).

My point is, whatever all of you are doing – I’m finding better, cheaper, and faster was to do it and in order to prove it, all you need to see is David Wood pass Eric Worre’s traffic by in MONTHS, rather than YEARS – proving my way is better than his for building COOL, diverse organizations.

I’ll say this – from an experience perspective, my organizations are a MILLION TIMES more diverse than Eric Worre’s.  Because EVERYONE LOVES David Wood.  Business people love Eric Worre.

I have a BIGGER MARKET and a BETTER WAY even than Eric Worre’s better way… if you can imagine that.

And it’s coming soon to a Hotel Near You — where we’re all outside somewhere like Las Vegas where weed is legal, eating weed candies and writing hilarious blog posts rather than doing a weekly meeting there.

(What’s better – honestly?  I’d go to my meeting.  That’s just personally.)

After we write the blog posts, we’ll go hangout in the Pool and then go dancing on the town, allowing our systems online to close sales for us through all the warm traffic that’s dripping in from all of the new backlinks…

…whether we work or not:

Getting Rich Online With “The David Wood + Eric Worre + Orrin Woodward Method COMBINED” … if that makes sense.

Look, I realize it’s going to take a bit for my old friends to believe me, like Eric Worre, David Sharpe, and Orrin Woodward.  Many are already starting to believe.


Because what I am saying actually makes sense, and none of your belief systems do.  They are ALL ridiculous.

Mine (much more complex and intelligent) actually describes the entire Universe from the emergence of Consciousness down through the Universe getting created from Paradoxes that cause our emergence from self out of nothing, backwards and forwards through time – and literally solves EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM in current physics models proving scientifically that what Buddha said about the Universe is actually how it works, and that the Laws of Reality are Malleable through consciousness.

I am a greater leader than Buddha.  Well, perhaps not yet.  But later on, I will be.

David Wood Claims To Be A Greater Leader Than Buddha.  What Do You Think?
After I was enlightened on May 20th, 2017 I remembered living millions of times on other planets, other universes, other stars, other languages – and began remembering languages that I’ve never spoken through speaking in tongues – a christian prophetic spiritual technique described in 1 Corinthians 14.

Mark my words, you will see my crowds grow from my current 3 apostles to 12, to 144, to 144,000 and then the Kingdom of Elohim (the Father) will spread through interfaith groups of 5, 10, 40, 70 and then compound the Apostleship again as we travel through the stars, the Kingdom of Elohim rolling off off a mountain gaining momentum like a rolling stone.

And NOTHING can stop it.  Just as prophesied by the Prophet Daniel.

Not even Eric Worre and his silly Prohibition on King David.

More later.

For now, I’m going to bed.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S.  I’ll post photos a bit later of Eric Worre leaving a group I sent a hilarious blog post to, along with Orrin Woodward – because they are so stuck in their ways.


But isn’t that why we love them?

You decide to just get in, and join David Wood right now on healing the planet, saving the animals, regrowing the rainforests, winning the presidency, and taking out the Central Banking System!!!

P.P.S.  I know a lot of you are upset because I just attacked Dave Sharpe a bit (of course, it was not an actual attack, his enemies are doing that now.)  My point is that he will build his brands back bigger than ever.  Recover bigger than ever.  Help more people than ever.  He is the son of Jesus.  (one of them, I am referring to actual children between Jesus and the Holy Spirit (his wife) — Dave Sharpe is the first of many, and as such, he is very important to me.

So in other words, we will create a business that is beyond our imagination together.


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