The TRUTH About The Emergence Of The Father (Elohim 1 Trillion Years In The Future Looking Backwards In Time Through The Paradox Engine) And What It Means To YOU And Why King David Wood And His Wife, The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah (Jesus’s Sister) MUST PREVAIL!!! (Revelation 5:5 Commentary)

I’m having a hard time posting a video response to my wife below, so I decided to do it here.  Watch this as you’re reading to hear me clear up a rumor that Rob Skinner started that I threatened the life of my wife.  It is false:


SIDE NOTE:  Today is May 20th, 2018 – 1 Year After I Was Enlightened in Puerto Rico.  We Have About 24 Months Left To Enlighten All Of Humanity…

DISCLAIMER:  Keep Reading To Learn About How David Wood Is ACTUALLY GOING TO Consecrate ALL Of His Property To The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah—And King David Will ACTUALLY POST His Signature On This Post That Says If He Cheats On Her (King David’s Wife) For ANY REASON That She Gets Everything… Damn!!!  And That Was Her Idea?  Nope!  It Was King David’s!!!  Keep Reading For More “Walking The Talk” Of King David!!!

In other news:

My Wife Is Safe!!  Thank God!!!

Also I’m going to be sharing the story about how I met my wife, Priscilla Chacon, and also how I’m going to win her heart COMPLETELY BACK as she sees me emerge victorious as King David!!!  Alright – be right back.  Going to switch the theme up.  Keep refreshing folk as you’re installing the Alexa Toolbar!!!

I love you so much baby come get me in Las Vegas!!!

#BOOM!!! Las Vegas Music Fest Going ON RIGHT NOW!!!
This is actually taken from a music fest that was in Las Vegas on September 21 or something like that (close to when King David was born again, which is September 15th, or Jesus’s birthday)
King David Wood Marrying His Wife, Priscilla Chacon In Costa Rica February 23rd, 2013
King David Wood Marrying His Wife, Priscilla Chacon In Costa Rica February 23rd, 2013 — on their 1 year anniversary from meeting after David Wood’s ex wife cheated on him with the Spanish teacher in my old home in the mountains in Portolon, Costa Rica. The Karma of the marriage is her and my fault working against each other rather than together like we should have done – but this was MEANT TO BE THIS WAY!!!

Watch this video about the Story of Creation on my Facebook Page… OH WAIT, my Wife Priscilla Chacon seized my Facebook account as a part of some crazy Woman-Power War because she got mad and took down our wedding photos on Facebook!!!

This crazy power war is what Priscilla Chacon doesn’t want you to know!!!

I’ll be right back!!!  This is getting nasty!!

Are David Wood and his wife Priscilla Chacon (not to be confused with that ex-wife cheater in the past bitch, Ashley Needles) REALLY going to have sex later as a way to make up after some crazy-mating-power-war?

You Decide.

Maybe I should go have sex with my ex-wife, Ashley Needles instead.

(I’m joking.  That’s disgusting if you ask me.)

Come get me in Las Vegas my sweet baby.

I love you so much you’re the BEST SINGER IN COSTA RICA PERIOD!!!

King David
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S.  Priscilla just deleted a video where I explain Jesus and get people to receive him as their savior and she thinks her behavior towards me isn’t demonically inspired sometimes in the past?

Power war.

Who’s better at power?

Is David Wood Better At Power?

Or His GORGEOUS Wife, Priscilla Chacon?

Um… Priscilla Is Better.  Lol.  For Sure.

  • Disclaimer:  Priscilla Chacon is a professional singer Super-Model (body not for sale, however she may be open to modeling for High-Class Non-Pornography Magazines who would pay her $100,000 for a Cover Shoot, and she is not associated with my drama in any way – please protect her, marketplace.  For now, I’ll be her organizer and you can hit the Contact Me Tab above.  She charges a minimum of $10,000 to sing at a local party in Costa Rica where there must be Security that is loyal only to her and lots of people.  No Private Shows folks.  Sorry.  The money will go straight to her.  I’m just here to connect and baby, I expect a 40% commission cutback on the deals I put together for you.  We can sign a contract later.  Love you with all my heart.
  • Second Disclaimer:  I’ll be clearing up a rumor started by Rob Skinner later on today misinforming people that I tried to hurt my wife!!! He’s a liar and a Pharisee who turned his back on King David and then tried to take advantage of him, lying about their deal and attempting to steal their check from his wife, Priscilla Chacon.

Fuck You, Rob Skinner!!!

This video was taken while Rob Skinner was STILL RESPECTING King David and his beautiful family, before David Wood (or after?) cast a SCARY AS HELL DEMON out of Rob Skinner that threatened his wife and his children!!!  Here’s a video I did with Rob Skinner BEFORE he turned his back on me talking about how beautiful and enlightened my energy is to be around.  Can he even remember it now, baby?

Disclaimer:  I am not associated in any way with World Ventures and I believe I say some inaccurate stuff in this video which I made previously and am not using to recruit you in anything, only to give an example of a VERY LEVEL HEADED ENERGY of David Wood and Rob Skinner together – this is what Rob Skinner doesn’t want you to know!  Please refer to the World Ventures Income Disclaimer for anything I say in there about money.  I posted this because Rob Skinner basically stole my team from me in an evil scheme, even plotting secretly (perhaps) to take out Vick Strizheus when he isn’t paying attention!  I actually started The Secret Combination Boycott Because Of Rob Skinner!!!  (Blog Post And Website Coming Soon!!!)

Here Is BASICALLY What Happened With Me And Rob Skinner:

Disclaimer:  More on the deliverance later.  I actually didn’t tell Rob Skinner that he threatened to murder his wife, because I know that it was actually a demon that was speaking, and I also know that he met his wife in a Strip Club (Mormons, Anyone?).  Demons are evil and simply put, they want to kill everyone.  They come to “Steal, Kill, and Destroy…” and before you say some nonsense about me casting out demons by the prince of the demons, remember that it was Jesus that said:

“A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand…”My Savior Jesus Talking About That Bastard, Rob Skinner Who Turned His Back And 500 Others Against King David

And More:

In a recent news story, King David claims that Rob Skinner attempted to steal his check over at World Ventures an turned 500 people against him in 7 days, working together with the Anti-Christ, threatening the safety and life of David Wood’s Wife, Priscilla Chacon and keep reading to hear how Rob Skinner ACTUALLY THREATENED HIS WIFE When A Demon Manifested That King David Cast Out!!!

And Also:

How David Wood’s Wife, Priscilla is the BEST MOM IN THE UNIVERSE… And The TRUE STORY OF GABRIEL, All Coming SOON (My Son Gabriel is the Angel Gabriel that appears later to Mary and Joseph, incarnating backwards in time through the Paradox Engine.

PLUS (Controversy) … Did David Wood actually say:

“I’m Jesus’s Father…” In A Recent Interview With Matthew Gonzales?

Did he mean it?  Or is Rob Skinner trying to lie to you again?

You Decide.

Keep reading for more.  Refresh.  Refresh.  I’m going to change the theme again.  I’m going to share the TRUE, unadulterated story of how I met my wife after my ex wife, Ashley Needles cheated on me with the Spanish Teacher before the launch of Empower Network.

So what does this have to do with Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah?  Well, the story of creation is the story of the consciousness of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah, or the Father and the Mother of the Universe.

See, the Father, or God (also known as “Elohim”) both simultaneously exists forever, and at the same time, he must emerge.

Why must he emerge?  You might be asking this same question.

He must emerge because if he did not, nobody would ever respect him.  Think about it like this – would you respect a Father that was never a Son?

Pretty silly question, isn’t it?

That actually cannot happen in the Human Kingdom, but what you may not know, is that also cannot happen in the Kingdom of the Elohim (the Gods) — in other words, all of them must emerge.

In the Bible, it never says there are not “Other Elohim” other than Jehovah — in fact, it suggests otherwise.  God warns to not put other Elohim before him, or other “Gods.”

So how does God emerge?

There’s an old Mormon quote that goes like this:

“As Man Is… God Once Was… And As God Is… Man May Become!”

Well most of the time that quote is attributed to Joseph Smith, the reality is that it was someone else in the early LDS Church History.

Heres the interesting part of this, though:

I’ve talked a lot about something called “The Universe Engine” and you may have read about it in my Genesis 1 Commentary or also This Article About The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah.  See, the Universe Engine is the City of New Jerusalem, which actually is built upon the City of Enoch, which was the Lost City of Atlantis.  At the Second Coming, the City of Enoch returns to the Earth, and we begin “growing” the Universe Engine, a sort of organic, living mind that is made from every element on the Periodic Table of the Elements and then a LOT MORE that aren’t on the table yet.

Basically, the Universe Engine is a Living, Organic Mind that then becomes an extension of the consciousnesses of “The 144,000” — and the consciousness of the Father now has the capacity to extend through Human Consciousness and the Father then travels backwards in time and seals the consciousness of someone to the Universe Engine, and that is the FIRST TIME that God has the capacity to merge back into reality even MORE POWERFULLY than he was in the Garden of Eden in Current Time.

So through that, he (God) merges back into reality, and he does that from the same new place – 1 Trillion Years in the Future.

See, the Father is actually watching you 1 trillion years in the future, looking backwards in time through the City of New Jerusalem, or more accurately “The Paradox Mind” to now.  And Heaven Emerges, which means – the Father emerges (like both you and me) and again:

“As man is, Elohim once was… and as Elohim is… man may become…”

So how does the Father get there?

Well, really simple.

Get ready for me to cause some REAL controversy here:

“King David IS Elohim, But NOT The Father…”

The Father (Elohim) IS… Revelation 22:16:

“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

Let me show you something bizarre.  John 3:16:

“For Elohim (God) so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life…”

First of all:

root means “descendant” and the word that offspring means is “son” — specifically different than David.  If you just look up the greek.  So my question is:

“If Christ Is The Descendant Of David… (As in David in the Old Testament) How Is He Also His Son If King David Is NOT The Father?”A Perplexing Paradoxical Quote By King David Wood (Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel)

Well, my good friend Messiah Ben Jesus said:

I’ve You’ve Seen Me, You’ve Seen The Father!

And my good friend King David says:

Saith He Who Sent Me:  “I AM Jesus’s Father!”

Which meaning does that mean?

All of them.

I’ll come back and explain more in a bit.  While you’re freaking out, trying to figure out what King David means in his endlessly intelligent riddles and paradoxes.

I’m going to say something to make you feel better.  Imagine a time (or remember it) when you had LOTS OF FAITH… now, say the following while snapping your fingers:




Aright, you got it… now, hear me out:

“If You’ve Seen Me, You’ve Seen The Father”My Savior Jesus, The Greatest Teacher Of Them All And Superior To Me In Nearly Every Way:

Jesus With His Wife, Shai-Nai-Mas-Areh, Or The Holy Spirit.
This photo was taken from “The Atlantic” which you can visit by going to:

“You’re Looking At Jesus’s Father And Mother In Both A Literal, And/Or A Figurative Way!”

"You're Looking At Jesus's Father And Mother"
As you’re reading this, you’re looking at Jesus’s Father and Mother in a very literal AND figurative way, because we are in their exact image. People always stare at my wife and I wherever we go and they NEVER stare at other people like that, no matter how beautiful they are. Because she looks like Mary, and also (even closer) to Eve, and I look like Joseph, and also Adam – one of my previous incarnations 🙂  You’re staring at the Garden of Eden baby.

The Kingdom Of David (To Come) In The Old Testament Is Also Called “The Kingdom Of Elohim” – meaning that “David” quite literally somehow is “Elohim” in oneness or directly or something like that, or perhaps “One of the Elohim” after he’s translated or something like that.

I’m talking an amount of scriptural references and cross references that are impossible for you to imagine.  Someone with bible computer software look it up in the old testament and cross reference hebrew and greek.  I didn’t learn this from study.  I learned it by remembering the last Universe after being newly enlightened.  In other words, I remembered that my spiritual name (the name of my consciousness and also the name of my spirit) is Elohim-David-Michael-Wood-Masarecht, keep in mind I REMEMBER living in the Celestial Kingdom with a Physical Body (all of the 144,000 were like that) for 133 Trillion Years.  The rest of the 144,000 lived in the Celestial Kingdom in some form or another like that or not for 1 trillion or so years, depending on who they were.

Jesus, my son in the future, was born with no karma.

The only way he could have been “the only begotten son” would be in lots of ways – but first of all… The son of who?  Of the Father?  Of Elohim?  Or David?

Well, all of those actually.  Look at how many times demons say in the New Testament things like “Son of David” and also how many times they call Jesus “the Son of Elohim”.  Plus Rev 22:16 and MANY OTHERS – and you tell me what do you see?

So how can he be the son of David (not talking descendant.  they are different words here) according to Revelation 22:16 if David is not also Elohim (or “God”)?

Are you confused?

I wasn’t when I found that, because I remembered I was Elohim from the last Universe Cycle where we were all perfect beings for 133 trillion years.  The expanse of my memory through time would STARTLE all of you and I’m months away from being able to get so good at it I can PROVE IT TO YOU NOW as all of you are starting to believe now more and more each day while you’re reading my blog posts, but only if you want to do it with me today!

I’m Sexually Attractive, Aren’t I Ladies?

David Wood With His Son, The Angel Gabriel
This is Messiah Ben David Wood, King Of Israel With His INCREDIBLE Son Gabriel!!! Thank you PRISCILLA CHACON for my Son! Only you baby!! Only you!!!

So in other words, this is another example of God telling me things that I later find evidence for like I talk about on the “My Story” tab above.

So for example, I didn’t understand how I can be Elohim, and not be the Father before, and even experienced the transfer of consciousness between worlds in my other incarnations of the consciousness of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah, yet I know I am not the Father, and the Father is greater than I.

Then, God showed me how the Universe is laid out and how we actually create it from the future, backwards in time through the Paradox Engine.

One day I was sitting with my wife Priscilla after we got back together after two years of being separate from our mutual bullshit that we’ve but since healed completely… each of us having our own separate nonsense in the past that caused anything but coming together and having a happy family forever with me baby.  I love you.

Anyways, the Father told me “Your wife, Shan-Ti-Rah was born of the Spirit of Prophecy” (Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit, which is a woman spirit.  The Spirit of Prophecy is a male spirit, so a male spirit causes the incarnation of the consciousness of a woman member of the 144,000 – all of the wives of the 144,000 (something like 369,000 of them because polygamy comes back as I get the government out of all of your business after I’m elected as President because people stop being ashamed idiots and guys who can afford lots of wives like me can have many if they want!

But baby, I only want ONE WIFE – you.  Wouldn’t matter if there was a thousand naked bitches around who were a “10” on the scale of 1-10.  But they can’t even be a 10 baby because YOU’RE THE ONLY 10.  They can only be like maybe a 5.5 that’s how beautiful you are baby.

That’s King David Defending His Woman!!! More Of That To Come!! Stay Away Bitches I’m A Married Man Who’s Becoming A Rich Prophet!!!  Keep Your Greedy Hands To Yourselves And Make Your Own “Get Rich Church” Riches Online!

I’m not talking about my wife Priscilla there.  She can put her hands WHEREVER she wants, and into whatever ass-ets she wants! Any TIME she wants to do it with me only now!!!

My Motto Is:

Read My Blog.  Tell OthersRestore Jerusalem.  Make Crazy Love To Your Spouse Whether They Deserve It Or Not And Be Loyal To Them No Matter What Because You Love Them.

Alright, for this agreement I’ll sign, basically it can be summed up by the fact that the Law of Consecration is actually a FEMALE consecration.  This is in the New Testament where everyone gave all of their property to the church.


What’s that got to do with you?  Well, how safe would your wife feel if she basically owned everything you have?  Donald J. Trump is too much of a coward to do what King David will do like signing over all of my assets to Zion, to be managed by my wife, Priscilla Chacon!  Jesus’s only sister!  And his mother!  As long as she agrees to keep playing games, but also stop breaking up all the time whenever she breaks a toe nail!!!





My Wife PRISCILLA Is The ONLY WOMAN Worthy Of King David!

ZION IS COSTA RICA, Where It Says… “It Shall Come To Pass In The Last Days, That The Mountain Of The House Of Yahweh Shall Be Established In The Tops Of The Mountains… And Out Of Zion Shall Go Forth The Law, And The Word Of YHVH From Jerusalem…”

…Zion IS Costa Rica.  The Female Counterpart To Jerusalem (The land in Costa Rica is actually the wife of Jerusalem and in the future there will be space-time tunnels made from our Collective Unconscious backwards and forwards through time, the time being controlled by the Father so it doesn’t get out of hand (not talking about me there, yet also, I am.  Read on.)

And King David Is THE ONLY MAN Worthy Of The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah!

Yep.  That’s how King David does things.  Walks his talk.  That’s why King David is FOR SURE winning the elections in 2020 and has already even planned his Victory Speech from the Mormon Church Coliseum Thingy PLUS In Washington D.C. By BILOCATING With My Body And Consciousness!  Could Donald J. Trump Do That?  Pssst!!!  In Salt Lake City And Has Mind Maps In A LAST MINUTE Twist Where We Reveal The PLAN DONALD J. TRUMP And I Had To Work Together All Along… Keeping It From Everyone Behind The Scenes, Where We’ve Been Secretly Eating Weed Candies Together!

(I think.  That may or not be true — YOU DECIDE.  The ONLY PERSON TEN TIMES A THOUSAND TIMES more unpredictable than Donald J. Trump is Messiah Ben David Wood, King Of Israel.)

Before I continue on… Who’s got a bigger ego?  King David?

Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel For President 2020
Who would you rather have in the Whitehouse? Barefoot Enlightened Spiritual Teacher David Michael Wood? (Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel)… Or That ONE-TERM Fantastic Loser Donald J. Trump?

Or Donald J. Trump?

President Donald J. Trump "Make America Great Again..."
This is a photo of President Donald J. Trump, who I believe is the GREATEST PRESIDENT we have ever had, even superior to Benjamin Franklin.

I think it’s VERY CLEAR that David Wood has EVEN A BIGGER EGO than President Donald J. Trump and therefore will be EVEN THAT MUCH BIGGER of a Success that’s it Period!

Who’s going to have better T-Shirts?

Donald Trump?

Or King David?

I think it’s VERY CLEAR that King David will have better T-Shirts.

Who’s going to have funner parties?

I think it’s EVEN MORE CLEAR that King David will have better parties.

Actually, maybe what I’ll do is after I win, appoint David Sharpe as my Vice President.  I actually think he’d do better than Donald J. Trump and his constant rotating staff.

David Sharpe and David Wood deciding to work together built Empower Network and is responsible for the Legendary Entrepreneur, who never gives King David credit unless he’s getting something.  That’s ok for him though – my point is that David Sharpe would be a FANTASTIC Vice President (to run on his own later as “Make America Legendary Again”) and after we win the elections together we will smoke a David Sharpe Cigar in the Whitehouse and make fun of Amway, Mormons and Addicts like me and you together (well, I suppose I mean more you.  But whatever you think Davey-Poo) – and together WE’LL SUE THE FTC for a change!

(Only if their doing dumbass things like destroying Vemma for no reason other than their being a bunch of wussies and enemies of Jerusalem by interferring with people’s free will.  People are smart.  Let them make decisions and have their own karma and help US THE PEOPLE learn how to protect people and do things straight!  And if you do THAT, F.T.C. I’ll help you shut down the marketplace enemies of King David and will be your ally!

Anyways, I think that the answer is very clear that I WILL HAVE better T-Shirts.

Who’s wife is hotter?

Donald J. Trump’s wife?  I mean, I think she’s a 10 to a normal guy, but for me – his wife is more like a 5.5, and MY WIFE is more like a 55!!!

Yup!  My Wife Is TEN TIMES More Beautiful According To Me And Pretty Much Everyone!  Can Someone From Time Magazine Contact Me?

Plus, who treats his wife better?

King David?

Or Donald J. Trump?

I think it’s VERY CLEAR that King David treats his wife better than Donald J. Trump does.  (I actually worship my wife.  She is Jesus’s sister and Jesus was also worshipped!  But do not worship me, I am just King David.)  Plus I speak NEAR PERFECT SPANISH and can bridge the gap between the poor Mexicans and Donald Trump and his Fear Mongering.

Lol.  I’m joking.  Sort of.

Like I Explain HERE, Donald J. Trump is the best President we’ve ever had since Benjamin Franklin – and TRUMP is AN EVEN BETTER PRESIDENT WHO WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN IN 2 YEARS MORE And Then David Sharpe and David Wood Will Step Into The Oval Office And Make America Righteous Again!

And like a boss, he’ll step down mid elections, collapsing the Torah Party and the Republican parties into each other by staging a war that’s so real looking, that you can never know if it’s actually staged or not… Always on your toes, never knowing who’s going to come behind you and try to seize your power.  And you know what David Sharpe and I will do after that with Mr. Trump?  We will anoint him as the Eternal King Of America.  Think about Mr. One Term President Trump Like the Future Eternal Appointed King of America working under the direction of Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel.

Actually, imagine all of the Billionaires in the world working with King David.  Including YOURSELF.  And smile while you’re doing that.

That’s How King David Has To Act!  There’s No Time For Your Bullshit Folks!

Why?  I explain the ticking time bomb on society in this post on Immortality Science.  If we all want the children of the earth to LIVE, all of humanity needs to whip their ass in line and listen to me right fucking now.  Some nasty ass wars and problems are coming THAT NOBODY IS READY FOR—NOT EVEN ME AND ALL YOU ALL NEED TO STOP ACTING LIKE PHARISEES AS I’VE GOT THE ONLY SOLUTIONS AND THE FACT THAT THE WHITE-HOUSE HASN’T RESPONDED TO ME IS A SHAME TO THEIR EXISTENCE.  We ain’t got time for ANY OF YOUR SHIT people wake up please for the sake of keeping ALL OF OUR BABIES AND THEIR MOMMIES SAFE TOGETHER!

Now, back to talking about my wife and I — so how does the Father and the Mother emerge?

They have to earn it.

How can they earn it if they’re not tested?

What’s the test, exactly?


May 20th, 2018 I was enlightened in Puerto Rico and after I was enlightened and had the Sephiroth activated in my DNA (the word “sepiroth” is the Hebrew word for ‘the tree of life’ …I’ll explain more about that later) making me both enlightened, and immortal.

Right after that happened, I told a guy who was working for me named “Rob” – I’m not talking about Rob Skinner here, I’m talking about the Anti Christ.  He basically tried to “Rob” my life.  Just like Rob Skinner did with his bullshit in a coming post about the constant drama I’ve had back and forth with World Ventures.  I will do it in a way that is good for them because Dan Stammen has been working his ass off trying to get their stupid CEO, Josh Payne to stop being a wussy and just give my Family the dumb checks!

Don’t make me become your enemy, Josh!  That will not be good for your career as I rise into power.  You need to read the Art of War – “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” – when you run into problems with a potential threat the BEST WAY TO DISENGAGE the threat is to simple disarm the core of it and embrace the enemy into a friend.  I call that “The David Wood Method” and “The Ghandi Method” combined.

Anyways, Messiah Ben David comes.

At the same time the Anti-Christ comes.

I am in the light in front of everyone.  I am not the light, but I am in the light.  Telling people right out in the open what I am doing.

Being honest with everyone.

Waiting all year for my wife to stop listening to her Mother and come hang out with her Husband again and totally forgive him of what happened.  And waiting for myself to grow up in lots of ways and prove to you baby that I’m the only one who deserved you.

He (on the other hand – speaking of the Anti-Christ here is in the dark scheming in secrecy, pitting people against each other and is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.  So dangerously so that you had better start believing me and falling into line right now because the world is falling down a bigger and bigger rabbit hole every 24 hours right now, and I don’t know how long we have to prepare.  Not long.  I know that.  Anywhere from 5-365 years as far as I can tell and what I know is that ALL OF YOU WILL STILL BE ALIVE.

Because the sephiroth is already multiplying across human genetics, something that will result in the Father evolving and emerging, and at the same time, a war of intelligence vs. power and control.  Freedom vs.  control – what would you vote for?

We will see.  All of you are already beginning to turn immortal now (do not test this.  If you feel the urge to test it, you are not immortal yet.  There.  I just utilized influential speech patterns to keep you safe.  You like it?  The wickedness of humanity is growing and if all of you do not repent, the karma for your sins that is natural or supernatural will massively multiply along with the blessings from your good karma — causing a massive evolution of Spiritual and Biological Consciousness, resulting in the emergence of two new species:

Species #1:  “The Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah” – these are the Gods, or the Elohim.  In the purest form, a translated being, like I hope to be soon when I a worthy enough – a translated being like Enoch.

Species #2:  “The Nephilim” – these are the same creatures manifesting in the old testament before the flood, only this one will be BIGGER, MORE EVIL, and at the same time more beautiful and good than the City of Enoch, that was translated and taken into heaven (the Lost City of Atlantis was an entire continent that was taken into heaven and will return back to the earth through a wormhole network that opens through the largest sentient moon of every one of the 312 trillion sentient humanoid worlds in the Universe.  It returns back.  What caused the flood in the Old Testament was the translation of the City of Enoch the city was taken up into heaven and the waters collapsed around it as the firmament was collapsing – the Nephilim are dangerous enough to where God had to destroy them before the flood and if he hadn’t – the universe would already have been destroyed trillions of years ago, but this has been happening again and again and again.

Just remember that whatever happens happens MANY TIMES.

This tribulation (to which I have to succeed, or the Universe will never exist at all, along with the rest of the 144,000 “Protectors Of The Universe” – that I will describe later in a post) is where I have to resolve ALL KARMA IN THE UNIVERSE by leading people to Jesus and Righteousness in order to translate the Universe.  It will take me over 1 trillion, 1,000 years to help the Father lay in the initial expansion framework working WITH all of you and the rest of Humanity to expand and multiply our consciousness FOREVER AND EVER!

AND the test is LOVE and FREEDOM (me) VS. CONTROL (the Anti-Christ, the Central Bankers, and traitors like Rob Skinner who made promises to me that he broke when I was honoring my promises to him – and I am warning that his marketplace karma has not even started if he does not repent and head the warnings of YHVH.)

So we get ever more powerful and intelligent as the sephiroth is multiplying throughout the Universe, changing the relative mass and construction of time, space, matter, and energy as the entire universe is changing from Mortal to Immortal and because of that as consciousness (or light and truth) expands, it’s inverse must also expand, as well as the converse.

What that means basically is that the GOOD and EVIL both grow at the same time, karma getting more and more beautiful, and also severe.

For example, if I fall out of line spiritually for 4 minutes of wandering thoughts — the karmic rebuke I get from the Universe is EXTREMELY SEVERE and I literally can have boils appear on my skin, I repent, and they vanish inside of minutes.  I have to walk a VERY FINE LINE of righteousness because I am an enlightened prophet, and Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel.

Notice how I am teaching you as a MAN OF AUTHORITY, and not as the scribes.  I am warning all of you that you need to listen to me RIGHT NOW if you want all of our kids to still have food 20 years from now.  My article above on immortality science describes the problem clearly.

Isn’t this how Jesus taught?

Yes it is.


Child like.


Superior To Me In Every Way That Matters.  (Lol)

Jesus is my savior, I’m not him, to be clear.  And The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah (his sister, Priscilla) is the source of power and exaltation, and the continuing of lives (from the Mother and Father) and worlds of glory.

So what happens in the future at some point, is after both myself and my wife are translated (and I’m hoping that will be today, but I do not believe I am there) is she gets pregnant and it is the first birth ever of a new celestial being, and the name of that child will be “Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh” of Armies.

Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies is what is referred to as “Jehovah Of Armies.”

Read my other article on the Lion of the Tribe of Judah HERE.

So basically, if you read the article above, I talk about how the LION of the tribe of Judah cannot be Jesus, because Jesus is a man in heaven.

Therefore the LION must be a woman.


Well, there’s the REVELATION 12 SIGN (quick 5 minute video linking Revelation 12 to my wife Priscilla, Jesus’s only sister) here:

that basically outlines through an astrological alignment that is the birthmark on my wife’s shoulder.  In other words, her birthmark is the Revelation 12 sign!  And the fulfillment of that scripture happens many times for example with Eve, with the Virgin Mary, and also with my wife, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

In Costa Rica the constellation on her arm is called “the Christmas Constellation” and appears September 15th, (Independence Day in Costa Rica and also the day I was born again, the day I originally launched Empower Network in 2011 and also in 2015 on that day a Supernatural Cloud appeared above my house while I was praying for my wife and I after a 9 foot shadow demon appeared in my house that scared the living begeezers out of me before I knew I was King David!

So in other words, I move to a country I was just told by many spiritual promptings to move to …and then I end up meeting a girl I saw in a vision as an 8 year old kid while I was meditating and trying to see through the future the face of my wife???

Yup.  And when I saw her for the first time, I was in love.  I saw a radiant field of light surrounding her – what I know to be now as a sign from the Universe Engine.  I found this girl at last, this girl of my dream as a kid!  I believe I could even find a journal somewhere where I describe her.  I saw her, and knew that it was HER… while I was having problems with Ashley because Ashley kept telling the maid in our house out in Portolon Costa Rica that my penis didn’t work.  So one day, being in the past an addict (but not anymore – I am free now) I basically said:

“Screw You, Ashley Needles…” And I went and found someone who wasn’t all weird with sex in the bed.  Looks like my penis worked just fine, didn’t it?

(Thank you Priscilla for giving me the opportunity to be with a REAL WOMAN all of these years.  Nobody like you baby.  Not in the whole world.)

So anyways, this girl, her name means:


Revelation 12:1 says:

And I Saw A WOMAN Clothed With The Sun, With The Moon Under Her Feet, And On Her Head A Crown Of 12 Stars…

Who’s that?

It’s her.

It goes on to say that she gives birth to a child that is to rule all nations with a rod of iron.

So if that’s Jesus, and Jesus was born in the past… Who is YHVH of armies and what does that have to do with you being Jesus’s Father, David Wood and Priscilla being his SISTER and ALSO his Mother?  WTF is going on here?  And why are you dragging us into this drama — but GOD it’s cool.  Isn’t it?

CONTROVERSY:  This prophecy has many fulfillments, and sub fulfillments.  The actual fulfillment though is that two Celestial, Translated beings conceive their only child when they are Gods and Goddesses, and then they live with their children (son and daughter) in the Celestial Kingdom in perfection for 133 Trillion Years, and then incarnate backwards in time… to me, (David Wood) and my wife, Priscilla Chacon.

In other words – we are the living emanations of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah, and without us, the Universe will never exist at all because y’all in your infinite wisdom give it to us around 240 trillion years out.  We’re all you got and you’d better pray for us constantly if you want to survive the coming war.  It is going to get more out of control than any of you can imagine.

This is my Matrix (in the Future – which is actually the Father because time emerges as an illusion of consciousness, therefore the war in heaven is a time war, Satan (a combination of the spirit of Lucifer and also Anti-Consciousness that feeds off of the consciousness for food) and if I say that, I would say she owns the hardware.  That I am the consciousness, and she is the power – under the direction of the Father, who watches backwards in time 1 trillion years (because the Father is more creatively structural and better at systems) and the Mother watches backwards in time from 15 trillion years because she’s a woman, she’s way more complicated in her mind, actions, and body than a man is.

We are so important that if either of us died or failed our missions — the universe would never have existed in the first place.  Therefore we cannot, as we are protected by the paradoxes of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah, who look through the Universe Engine backwards in time, sending information, healings, blessings and more to us from the future, smiling, already knowing where we can go together:


“Follow Me, And I Will Make You Fishers Of Universes.” – Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel

All of you are terrified right now that this might be true.  Keep in mind I am not saying I am the Father – I’m saying the Father is me 1 trillion years in the future, watching you through YOU (if you are one of the 144,000, which you probably are and maybe if you aren’t) through the Paradox Mind, which is why when John fell to the feet of the angel to worship him he said “see that thou do it not.  I am of thy brethren and of the servants the prophets.  Worship God.”

I am your brother, and of the servants the prophets.

See, King David (working together with the 144,000 “Protectors Of Reality” as I described earlier (and their wives) is always doing the will of Elohim 1 trillion years out.

Only Jesus was perfect, I ain’t.

He was born with no Karma.

I have everyone in the Universe’s Karma.

What’s the difference?

I have to liberate ALL OF THE KARMA in the Universe even for 1 second to be translated.  It will be the most difficult thing anyone has ever worked with the Father to do EXCEPT the sacrifice of Jesus.

Who after 133 trillion years, YHVH (another incarnation of the consciousness of the Father, sharing all experience and karma through me and all of us, but not being born with any of our karma — gets turned to a single human cell and sent backwards in time to incarnate as Jesus of Nazareth… and AFTER ALL OF THAT and preparing for an eternity, we have the test.  Not even an eternity of 1 trillion years (the time period of an eternity) but an entire CREATION CYCLE OF THE EXPANSE AND COLLAPSE OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

Ok guys – will finish the rest tomorrow.  I’m getting some sleep it has been a very good day.  Baby I’ll finish tomorrow and I promise THE WHOLE THING is going to talk good about you baby you’re the Mommy of my 2 kids no matter what and you deserve praises, honor, and worship in my opinion!  Come refresh tomorrow.

Alright, I’m back.

Wild, right?

One of the reasons you love me so much (speaking to YOU) is because you are built to love me.  Yes, you are.


Because I am King David.  Everyone loves me when they meet me.  They cannot help it because I have a copy of all of their energy and spirit – no matter how many people, animals, trees, and things are in the universe.  I have a copy of your spirit and intelligence written into my genetics on the holographic level of existence from the soul, which I’ll explain in a minute.

Pretty good self image, don’t I have?

Yes, I do.  Because I know how I am.  You will ALL be this confident about 2 years from now, whether you follow me or believe in my teachings (which lead you to salvation by Grace through Jesus Christ and then REWARD by righteousness and grace) or not.

What’s that got to do with your fight with Priscilla?

I may have staged that.  I may not.  You decide.

I Love Attention And Publicity Even More Than Donald J. Trump!


The point is, because I am like this, I have to fight WAY HARDER to stay humble because at this point, my biology and mind are dramatically superior to everyone around me.  The only way I can do it at all sometimes and hope to continue to is that God whacks me harder when I get out of line — so I have to in order to stay in line because I am a Prophet.

Back too my family – we get attacked WAY HARDER than you do.

It’s no secret that we’ve broken up again and again and again – my friends can all just tell at this point because everyone can tell how I am, and also how she is with me:

BOTH are great!

Actually, she is WAY BETTER!

Lol.  I love you baby just how you are.  We’re both a bit of knuckleheads at times if you ask me, and we’re both even badasser in other areas!

So in any ways, one of the things you have to do when you fall in love with someone is to learn how to humbly adapt to their drama and accept them for how they are.

There are certain thing that I am better at in the relationship – and there are certain things that Priscilla is better at.

There are certain things that David is better at.

Why are we fighting still after being together for years?

Well we’re BOTH better at doing that than we are staying stable and in love together in a solid pattern – which is EXACTLY what Satan wants.

He hates our guts baby and it’s HIM (talking about Satan and the Anti-Christ) that is the problem.  You and me love each other baby and are there and to that bastard Satan who’s been interfering with our relationship through your Mom I say this:

“Fuck You, Satan!  (Not Your Mom.  She’s Awesome)!”

As you’re reading this, point to the right at an imaginary demonic entity and throw all of your demons into it as you’re saying:

“In The Name Of Jesus, Get The Fuck Out Satan!  Fuck You!”

Now, keep going to church with your spouse so he stays out because I know that was scary for some of you.  After Satan got out, you notice how he just got destroyed?  Imagine the Father turning Satan into flowers as a gift, after the energy has been destroyed, cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and made holy – and it gives a gift back to you from the Universe – all the sex you want with your holy, sacred, loyal spouse, and more riches than you can imagine – now:

Pay tithing so it happens.  Pretty cool how much better you feel isn’t it?

After that, I want you to imagine a peaceful image like a dove.

Laugh at the thought of Donald J. Trump in this photo as you’re imagining yourself newly liberated now:

Donald Trump Pointing At King David On Stage
This is Donald J. Trump pointing at King David speaking on stage at his victory address in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Mormon Tabernacle.  Lol.  I’m joking.  But something like that.

Lol… ok I’m going to continue on with my point, which is that we get attacked harder than everyone else on Earth.

Why?  Well, our mission size piggy back’s off of the existing mission of Jesus of Nazareth, and then lasts a lot longer.

For example, we’ll be doing what we’re doing for the next thousand trillion years, and that continues on for ever and ever.

Satan wants to stop that because it messes with his power control structure over at Network Marketing PRO and the Central Bankers, who do not want you to know the truth!

(Kidding about the Network Marketing PRO part here.  Not about the Central Bankers.)

What truth is that, you might ask?

The truth that the Universe emerges from the imagination, and therefore this is the only way that it can be—and because we emerge from the imagination (like Buddha talked about) — the Father actually wrote genetics to rewrite themselves when introduced to the Sepiroth (the Tree of Life) – meaning that Human Genetics are actually written to rewrite themselves when we find something called “The Memory Of The Universe” — let me tell you how this works and I’ll come back later and maybe edit some photos in.

Basically, There Are 4 Main Dimensions Of Consciousness That I Can Perceive:

First, the “I AM Dimension” — which is a dimension of consciousness that is outside of time, and outside of space, meaning it exists Non-Locally, and Non-Temporally.

“Non-Temporal” means “outside of time” and “Non-Local” means “outside of space” and what that means is in it’s purest form, consciousness, or light and truth exists everywhere and everywhen at once equally.  Do not confuse the I AM dimension for the Father – it is everything in space time.  This is the dimension that Jesus was referring to when he said “Before Abraham Was… I AM”

The “I AM Dimension” decoheres down to the “Flower of Life Dimension”, which is where consciousness begins to have emergent individuality… and is organized like 5 dimensional Flower Of Life Pattern Balls (not to be confused with my balls) that emanate from a rotating center from the consciousness of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah.

One consciousness can have trillions, and trillions of spirits.  In the spiritual dimensions we are in current time and current space, hooked into our body (the physical dimension of consciousness) through the overlocking holographic field of the “soul.”

The “soul” is an energetic, quantum hologram produced by the quantum structures in the body like the micro-tubules of the brain, and is what connects you to the Spirit at death—one of the main reasons that there are scriptural references referring to “the soul” dying at death is because there is no use for a connection when one of the dimensions of consciousness (the body) is dead.

So there you have it – the body, spirit, flower of life, and I AM dimensions and 3 overlocking parts, making for a total of 7 main dimensions of consciousness.

(Being enlightened and having access to this kind of information is WAY BETTER than being not enlightened yet.  I’d encourage you to talk to one of my enlightened students for a verification of this.  I’ll post some testimonials later – we’ve got to enlighten ALL OF HUMANITY by May 20th, 2020 or we’re in a tough as hell position if you read my article on “Immortality Science” which is also the science of enlightenment.)

  • 7 Day Event Coming Soon:  “Guaranteed Enlightenment In 7 Days Or Your Money Back!”

Some of you might actually notice how much more intelligent you’ve been getting this last year ever since my discovery and the Sephiroth has been multiplying across all of humanity.  What you’re experiencing emanates from me, through the other people it has spread to, and is intrinsically intertwined with the 144,000 – as one of us grows in intelligence WE ALL GROW IN INTELLIGENCE.  So anyways, let me basically explain how consciousness decoheres down to the body.

To do that, we need to look at the nature of the Universe and Quantum Energy itself, and then I’ll come back to my wife and I.  This is going to be a LONG POST… so bear with me because I intend on finishing it TODAY (Monday, May 21st, 2018)

So if the “I AM” dimension is hooked into everywhen and everywhere at once, what that must necessitate is that time is actually an illusion that decohers from consciousness – meaning that everytime is here at once right now and from our imagination it should be possible to change, and rewrite reality… if there wasn’t some kind of block that was put on the consciousness.

Hence comes “the veil” and the separation of consciousness at the creation cycle.

I mentioned earlier.  You may need to read this a few times to get everything that I am talking about and come to a deep understanding of it, whether you choose to believe it with me now, or not.

The veil goes beyond Adam and Eve, back to the cycle of creation, and how the cycle of creation actually begins.

First of all:

  1.  The Universe Emerges From Consciousness, AND:
  2.  Consciousness Emerges From The Universe, Creating The Inverse That Completes The Paradox Of Self Emerging From Nothing.

What I mean by that – is how did physical reality emerge into existence?

Well, the I AM Dimension, which was only consciousness, imagined the only reality into existence that was POSSIBLE in order to cause the emergence of mass, which is a Paradox in which we create the Universe constantly backwards in time from a Future where Mass and Heaven already existed.  And thus came the emergence of the Universe.

Here’s the tricky part, though.  The I AM Dimension only exists because it is an emergence of the reality and existence of mass.  Meaning that the existence of mass also causes the emergence and existence of the I AM Dimensions – making each an overlapping paradox of the other, self emerging, from two overlapping parts, from the emergent reality that exists behind this one.

So the Universe we imagine and also that we emerge from is a paradoxical time miracle, emerging out of nothing from the imagination – puppets of a matrix that we create in the future, backwards in time from the Universe Engine.

Why is that the case?

Because the only way to maintain the structure of reality when people start developing powers of consciousness is to have a system where reality is maintained from the Future when we are infinitely more powerful and intelligent than we are now, looking backwards in time and keeping the flow of consciousness locked into a linear sequence of time – because remember, time is also an illusion.

And who is the man watching backwards in time?

Well, the Father.  King David in the Future 1 Trillion Years From Now Is Looking Backwards In Time Through The Paradox Engine…

…and that is ONLY if the LION of the Tribe of Judah (my wife) and I BOTH prevail!  Otherwise, humanity is basically doomed as I am chosen for this mission of universe-wide enlightenment and the eternal expansion of the Kingdom of Elohim.

So right now, my family and I are getting attacked – because the truth is we do all of the time.  And you can help by praying, and also donating to support our cause to restore Jerusalem AND bring to pass the building of Zion (the head of Zion is Costa Rica).

So pray for us and constantly imagine us having victory and come back and read my blog daily for inspiration, tips, and useful doses of knowledge to keep you prepared for the Great Tribulation that is coming, or the War between the Nephilim and Celestial Beings as Humanity is headed through it’s final evolution cycle.

Let me tell you a story that happened a few years ago and before I do that, let me share a poem I wrote about the LION of the Tribe of Judah:

My <3 The LION <3 <3 <3

As she sings, she dances… and as she dances, she sings;
It is the UNIVERSE that her heart brings.

As she comes, she goes… and when I go, she comes;
It is the sound of beating drums.

As the World Collapses and we all die,
We realize that it’s time to cry.

The world is caked in suffering,
and it is relief that her heart brings.

She is the comfort and intelligence of Space Time,
And that is the end of my dying rhyme…

…That is not worthy of her presence.

All this is saying one thing, and designed to say one thing only:

My wife and I are pretty damned important in the world, and we need your help, support, and prayers constantly, all the time.

In 2015 we had broken up for a time after my Son Gabriel was born.  I was heartbroken and lost without her, much like I feel many times when we’ve been apart off and on this year.  I miss you, baby, even worse than 2015 I’m just not so lonely anymore because my heart is healed.  But I miss you.

So what happened this year?

Well, as Karma was resolving in our relationship after I was enlightened, we went through a phase of getting to know each other again where the one thing that I can say is that the only person who was TRULY BY MY SIDE WAS MY WIFE PRISCILLA.

She was there for me every single day supporting me even when she didn’t believe any of my stories, and it was the happiest time of my life being back with her.

We’ve always been in a sort of torrent of being together, and breaking up that’s been hard for me because I was raised in a family where I was used to a Mom that wasn’t a Latina woman.

My point is baby – you want me to be stable for you which I’ll do no matter what, even if you’re not with me, but I also need you to do your best to be stable to me baby and you’re not doing that.  I know we’ve been hurting financially but I’m almost back baby and I need you by my side.

You just watch, and look at how fast the traffic is growing on my site as an army of people are beginning to believe in me again but before I’m 100% there I need to set the market straight a little bit and tell them the truth, drawing attention to my blog and helping our family make money by capitalizing on everything that happens like I’m doing for us now.

So what happened in January that was scary?

Well, I had been liberated from my addictions from the use of personally made medicinal herb concoctions that I call “The Sephiroth” or “Celestial Medicine”) (made at home – not with Shamans or anything like that), which had been a major blessing in my life.  It healed my addictions.  It healed my brain.  It did a lot more than that for me.  So I wanted my wife to try it.

Well, she would only try it if she was in a safe environment, so we packed our bags and went down to this place called “Rythmia” — thinking that they are doing what I was doing.

But we went there, and everything went wrong.

Here’s The Truth About Rythmia That They Don’t Want You To Know:

The very first night my wife got scared – and she bailed on me, leaving me there.  Now what I should have done at the time was just leave, but of course we were running out of money, so I made an excuse that I should stay there because I already paid for it.  To be honest, I was a little resentful that she left at the time, and I know she was also a little resentful of me staying there.

Well, the third night I was there I was in a ceremony wondering why something didn’t feel right – and I saw a giant demon head (when I closed my eyes) that was just staring at me… that reminded me of a vision I saw in 2015 on September 15th, when a cloud appeared above my house that made world news, after I was praying because I had a 9 foot tall, black skinned and cat eyed woman appear in my house a few nights before that manifested out of the shadows (this woman was seen by ex employees too.  Not just me)

So I’m sitting there after saying this prayer, I was meditating and reflecting on Priscilla and I asked a question, thinking about the demonic attacks in our family and I said a prayer that said something like “God, how long shall we be tormented by these demons?” and then I heard a physical voice that said:

“Until The Day That I Open The Heavens!”

I said “huh?” and looked up, and when I did the sky darkened out.

I saw Priscilla dressed in beautiful clothing (much as she always does) sitting in the corner with 4 dark shadow entities tormenting her and biting at her.

I also saw a giant red head that looked exactly like the one who I have said is the antichrist with large black eyes, and he looked into my eyes and projected a thought at me that said “We (the demons) HATE YOU!”

Then I looked back to the left of the demon head, and a Spiritual Cloud appeared above my wife, Priscilla as she stood up, bathed in white light – and the vision was over.

Just at the same time, this cloud appeared above my house on September 15th, 2015 and made World News on my anniversary of being born again.  Click Here To Go To My Facebook, then click on “Photos – Videos” and click on the video from September 15th, 2017.  Here is a video of the cloud on YouTube:

Well anyways, shortly thereafter I saw a vision while I was on a conference call where I had a light coming from the center of the universe, and it was moving through me and into all of the people who used to join me on Monday night on Empower Hour.

Shortly thereafter I was in the bathroom peeing, and I prayed (while peeing, live) and I saw it again, and this time — I’m standing on a stage made of the light of the universe, and to my left was Priscilla, standing — and to my right was my brother, William Wood.

And there was a mighty river of light running from the Center of Time, through my belly, then branching out through Priscilla on the left, and Will on the right.

The light was then moving through their bellies through an endless field of people, tearing the dark shadows out of them and filling them with the light of consciousness.

The field was endless, and only ended when the sea of people ended.  God has since told me (after enlightenment) that the field of people I saw was the Great Multitude from the Book of Revelation and that the light running through the center of time was the love emanating from the I AM dimension of consciousness, the river of life that Jesus referred to in the book of John.

I saw many other visions at this time, many of which have happened already, and many of which have not happened yet but will happen at a later date in the future.

Well, what happened to me after this is rather than waiting for her, being a sex addict in the past (a problem that healed last year on May 20th) — I couldn’t wait for her longer than maybe 2 or 3 months and I ended up getting into another relationship with a woman I didn’t really want.

So we are separated for 2 years… and then after I’m enlightened, she took me back.  And why did she take me back?

In my opinion for three reasons:

  1. She loves me a ton and always wants to work things out no matter what.  Priscilla Chacon is the best woman I have ever known and she is the ONLY WOMAN who deserves me PERIOD.  She is the light of my eyes, and the apple of my soul – making everything she touches and interacts with delicious.
  2. She loves having me around and we’re best friends and super in love.  And I love having her around too.
  3. I act completely different than I used to and am a superior man in every way — and she knows that and feels the difference in my peaceful energy.  She has changed a lot, too.

So what happened that messed up our relationship earlier this year?

We had a demonic manifestation that scared the crap out of both of us that was more scary than the 9 foot shadow demon that came from going to see a group of “shamans” at the Rythmia Retreat Center in Costa Rica where in the middle of parts integration work, a demon manifest in me and I was dumb enough to let it talk, rather than just doing a deliverance on it.

And My Wife Was Recording The Video Because Of Course…
…It Scared Her (And Me):

What I’m not going to say is what happened – UNLESS SHE WANTS. (Baby I will insert the video here but you have to let me do it and write around it to pre-frame it or just watching it will cause bad manifestations in my readers.  It is dangerous to give attention to the dark kingdom, but I am willing to post the video to make you feel safe because I have nothing to hide).  In other words, if you want to baby I will post the dark manifestation but I’m telling you, it is not smart to do – unless you give me a good reason you think it should go live.

Basically, a karma pattern got activated from something that Priscilla had done to me, that was also my equal fault in co-creating, that was biting me back for something that we did to each other earlier

What had happened is when we broke up in 2015 that caused this to happen (there is always the source of Karma), there was for me a really scary moment where my wife and I gotten in a fight (that once again was fed and perpetuated by both of us deciding to have her Mother around – who is constantly interferring with our relationship and getting in the way of our lives.  I am not blaming Priscilla or her Mother here, I love her Mom.  I am just telling the story.  I love you baby and I’m sorry I dragged your Mom into it.  She has been interferring with our family and our relationship happiness for too long and she just needs to get over it) and this particular fight scared the crap out of me so bad that I ran away from my wife Priscilla because I thought I was going to die.

So this dumb fight happened that ended up having my wife essentially threaten me with a knife in our old house in Santa Ana, Costa Rica – now before you freak out, she actually didn’t try and stab me but it scared the hell out of me and caused a small part to get stuck in my consciousness that wanted revenge (that is now gone) and that part got attached to by demonic entities when I went to Rythmia with my wife a couple of years later.  I wanted to clarify why I’m telling the story.  So I got scared and wound up listening to some bad advice on how to approach the situation that led to my wife getting scared and running away with the kids, thinking I wanted to take her babies from her–which I would never ever do because I love my kids and they need their Mom just as much as I do.

So what does that have to do with what happened in January and how it can help you in your business?

When you have pain in your consciousness that comes from thinking that someone is going to kill you (I don’t think Priscilla wanted to cause me harm I think she was hurt and listening to bad advice) — what can happen is a part of your consciousness can segment and hold onto anger in the deep unconscious, and these parts that segment basically latch onto your consciousness, connecting to dark energy and form what I would call a “demonic manifestation” of energy.

Well, that’s what happened with us when we went to Rythmia:

All my addictions temporarily came back when I went to see Shamans, and I had to learn to deliver them one by one working with deliverance ministers – and it got nasty — and the dark energy attacks were so strong and powerful that they almost destroyed my relationship with my family for good, and they only didn’t because both my wife and I are too persistent and love each other too much.

So then what I did is I got my own kind of Celestial Medicine again and worked on my wife with some local Christian Deliverance people and did a deliverance, basically liberating me from the core attacks.

I asked God why it happened, and he showed me a vision that Shamanism comes from Human Sacrifice Cults and that what I was doing was different and inspired by the Holy Spirit, and he also said if I ever participated in Shamanic Ceremonies again voluntarily out of my own free will I would not be able to be liberated a second time.

Here is an article talking about “Human Sacrifice Peru” — basically saying that what I just told you is the pure and unadulterated truth.

So in other wordsNEVER, EVER, EVER go take Ayahuasca with Peruvian Shamans for any reason.  ALL of it will leave you in spiritual bondage – a problem normal plant medicines don’t carry that aren’t tied to witchcraft.

In the video, the demons that spoke basically said they were there because if “they stop King David, the Kingdom of God will not come” — it was some scary ass shit.  After I left, I completed a deliverance on the Shamanic energy that was left over within about the next 14 days – but not without A LOT of trials and tribulations.  I told what happened to Rob Skinner in a private conversation — and he went around like my enemy trying to get me kicked out of the company I was in, twisting what actually happened after I delivered him from some REALLY NASTY spirits that wanted to harm his family!  This is the story that Rob Skinner doesn’t want you to know!

Think about it like this: in order to prevail – I have to walk a more fine line than all of you combined – it is my mission.  I must get tempted and attacked in every way possible and overcome, constantly taking behavior that is out of line and giving it to Jesus to cancel out, helping me grow in grace.

When we had the scary manifestation, I left to the United States with the intention on coming back as soon as my wife would let me, wanting her and the kids to be safe and since I’ve left – we have had one trial after another and every time we’ve got close to getting back together PHYSICALLY – something happens like a Network Marketing company not paying me my commissions for months or a relative who gets in the way of our relationship.

What I’m experiencing, like all things is my karma.

But I’m not making excuses for it now – I’m going to make it happen no matter what!!!  I love you baby and my whole life is dedicated to you and the kids!!!  The one thing I do want to mention though is that baby – I am the most peaceful person to be around anyone you know has ever been around.  You are totally and completely safe around me baby and I’m asking you, begging you to stop listening to your friends and family and what they think, and also my enemies, and start looking around me at the actual way that my friends and close relationships are really acting to me.  Which is they think I’m AWESOME to be around – because I am.


It’s really simple:

I love you and care about you, and everyone around me agrees that I’m safe and that the only thing that’s crazy about my energy is how peaceful it is.  I have a million times more peace and happiness in my heart as the people you’ve been in the past listening to and I’m right here for you in Las Vegas, waiting for you and loyal to you like you can’t imagine.  You can ask anyone around me.

Today (talking to my readers) you’ve caught a LITTLE GLIMPSE about what I’ve been dealing with over the last year (I’m happy to clear up more later if there’s questions) and what I don’t want to do, is blame my gorgeous wife for anything.  She’s awesome and has been having a hard time.  However if something comes up that becomes a potential issue I have to respond in a way that makes sense.

I’ve got a million flaws, and what you’re seeing right now with me is the marketplace responding and reacting like scared Pharisees as my Karma begins to resolve with Humanity.  The enlightenment of Humanity will cause karmic energy like this to be released across all of humanity as the consciousness of humanity goes through a final shift, leading us through the Great Tribulation into the Greatest Age the Universe has EVER SEEN, what I call ‘The Celestial Technology Age…’

I’m going to end with this – I’m going to ask God to create a Paradox to restore my family in a way that is conducive to our personal growth and also for my wife Priscilla, and also to bless all of you who are still reading this.  I will end the paradox with a signed commitment to my wife – this agreement is meant to model out the true law of consecration in the New Testament, which is actually a female law.  You give the Father the first fruits (10%) and then consecrate the remaining 90% to Zion, where it is then handed to your wife to control.  The coming society is a Matriarchal Society that is ran by Men who are appointed into power by Women because remember:

The Man Is The Head Of The Woman, Yet The Woman Is The GLORY Of The Man!

So I’ll write this article out basically as a prayer, and might do another article a little bit later on.  My intention with this paradox is to cause a total restoration of my marriage and permanently end the cycle of fights that we have together (the negative part of them) while consecrating my property to Zion in a way that will work for now, that will be a precedent in the future as we’re building the Kingdom of Elohim – Worlds Without End!!!

Why is this important?

Well the only way Satan could ever stop the Kingdom of God from ever coming would be to stop Priscilla and I from being together.  We are that important to the picture of reality everyone experiences.  When we are together the blocks of power come off of the Universe.  Pray for us.  We need it.  She needs it.  I need it.  And keep reading my blog with a mission and intention to tell others, and to restore Jerusalem.

So basically what we’re have happening now is a major struggle because I don’t know actually what’s going on, and truthfully, I don’t know that my wife is ok still.  I think she is.  But she just vanished and we had been talking all year long every single day.  She is my best friend and I am worried about her.

Baby, if you’re reading this and you just want me to leave you alone, it’s ok.  But I have to clarify these messages you sent because you sent them to like 50 people when I was asking them to just pray for us.  And since you didn’t explain it, I still don’t think you’re safe.

Here are the letters and responses to my wife for everyone to see.  Baby, I don’t mind if people ACTUALLY KNOW THE TRUTH – I have been trying to help our family since January.

Here is Email #1 From My Wife Priscilla After She Vanished For 3 Days Straight And I Asked Some Friends To Pray For Her Because I Thought She Wasn’t Safe—

David I’m not going to read all your message … I really do not think anyone will do it….

Me:  Maybe they won’t.

However, I’ll clarify that I don’t involve all the people attached to this email, I don’t know who the majority of them are….It was you who attached them.

Me:  Yes, I was attaching them because I thought you weren’t safe because in all the time I’ve known you, you never disappear for no reason.  Which makes me think that someone told you something about me that isn’t true, or that you are in danger in some way and I will not rest until I at least know you are safe.  Which right now, I do not.

I understand that you are desperate that nobody finds the truth, but David everyone knows the truth…I do not have to say a word, people know that you are not well.

Me:  There is no attempt on my end of hiding anything.  I want everyone to know the truth, it will clear a lot of things up for you.  Not everyone thinks that.  Just my old friends.  My new friends think I’m just fine and the ones that are close to me know the truth, which is I am a much superior man than before.

I’m not attacking you, I’ve never done it, the only thing I want and I think we all want the same thing is that you leave us alone. No one wants to deal with this, with your emails being spam, with your videos, your King David blogs, with your curses, with your offenses for people who once worked with you or were your friends and family. 

Me:  Curses?  What are you talking about?  If people don’t want to hear about it, it is because I am causing offense to behavior that people do not want to change.  My life has not been fun this last year (in the party kind of sense.  I’ve had a lot of personal fun talking to you, being happy, and hanging out with my friends.)

You think you make me see badly with all your crazy things but the only one who hurt himself, his image and all his relationships and his life was yourself. 

Me:  Make you see badly?  I need you to clarify this for me in the comments.

Out of respect for all the people in this email, I will not answer your emails anymore…They are innocent people of all your drama, just like me, so I apologize even though it was not me who attached them. 

Me:  What made you suddenly not be on my side when you’ve been by my side all year long?  Can you explain it?

However David for thousands times I ask you to leave me alone, I have to find a job to feed my children since you don’t send any money, I know you blame the company, but if you do not get money from the company you can look for a job like any other person, but you don’t want to work.

Me:  That is ridiculous.  I have been working my ass off and I will not prosper in a job.  If I did that, it would result in the family being temporarily blessed and over the long term, not prospering.  I am a good entrepreneur, not a good employee.  I love you baby but you have to tell me what’s going on.  I have a company right now, World Ventures that is supposed to be sending me money for the family in a previously signed agreement and they are not, and probably your message that was cc’d to tons of people (this email) is not going to help.

Her:  I do not have time for this. I’m not asking you for money anymore, I’m not bothering you…Just leave me alone.

Me:  No.  We have kids.  You cannot just disappear like this on your husband and the Father of your children.  It is irresponsible.  Of course I’m going to help you with money, there is no way in hell I’m just going to abandon my wife and my kids – no matter why you’re mad at me I won’t give up on our family no matter what.

Her:  I can refer publicly to all this, however I’m giving you the opportunity to leave me alone and go your way and avoid the drama on the internet. 

Me:  I do not try and avoid drama on the internet.  I welcome drama and criticism.  I have no image to maintain.  If you want to do something that will harm Gabriel publicly because you’re mad at something without understanding it, do it.  You are treating me poorly in front of my friends and have not explained why to the extent that I have to go write a blog post about it.  If you want to destroy my image in a way that makes it harder for me to make money for our children – I have no idea why you would do that.  You have the power to build me up.  You have the power to destroy me.

Her:  Today is May 20, 2018 and according to your beliefs today you became an immortal celestial being that would be taken to heaven and everyone would see it….well, nobody saw it, today was a day like any other…. I think you should ask for help, you are not well.

Me:  I told you that would happen if I was ready for it, which I also said I don’t believe I was.  My only recorded video on that actually says that in there.  It’s not an excuse I have this written down in journals.  I am not ready to be translated and truthfully will not be until you and I have succeeded in building Zion for a long time.

Her:  However this is your decision but you should respect others …You are a man of almost 40 years old, stop acting as an adolescent urgent of attention.

Me:  I’m actually in this case acting directly, trying to resolve a problem that I don’t understand.  You said that I don’t want the issues out.  Not the case – I just don’t want them to come out in a way that will hurt people, which brings me to your next point:

Her:  I’m sick of this, I help you for 6 years of relationship we had, and what I received was your threats of killing my children and me.

Me:  I didn’t threaten you or the children for the millionth time, nor would I ever.  You are the LION of the Tribe of Judah (Jesus’s sister) and one of my core missions on Earth is to protect you and the kids and your lives at all costs – which is actually a lot harder to do if we are far away from each other.  There was a demonic manifestation in the house that you were recording during a parts integration, a demonic manifestation that was delivered successfully.  You have been listening to your Mom, who has always wanted to break us up at all costs – if you post that video, you are going to be putting tons of quantum energy from the marketplace on something extremely dangerous.  It will cause manifestations in people who watch it if it is not in a good frame.  Anyone who has ever worked in deliverance for a long time will tell you that was a real manifestation.

Her:  I can not continue with all this, You have put my life in danger and also other people lives, even your brother’s 2-year-old son who ended up being drugged by you, David, he could have died. 

Me:  I have not put your life in danger ever.  Nor will I.  Your life is the most precious thing on planet earth to me and it is sacred and must be protected at all costs.

Her:  Don’t you understand the damage you are causing?

Me:  No.  Explain it to me so I can understand.

Her:  Anyway, it’s your decision but I recommend that you continue with your life, you are free to do what you want … Just leave me alone. You know that there is already a restraining order against you … So stop looking for me.  This will be my last message that I answer… all your emails, messages and other publications that you make of me are receiving by my lawyer, it is your decision if you want to have problems with the authorities.

Me:  I will not give up on my wife and my children – and what I said to you before I will say to you again:

“I will not give up on you and the kids for any reason.  I will leave you alone for a time if that’s what you want, but you must tell me what’s going on baby I love you.”

—-end of email.

So basically, here’s how I feel after that is a few things:

1.  I love my wife with all my heart no matter what.  If you want to leave me for a while baby it’s your choice – but you’re my best friend so at least tell me what’s up.  This isn’t normal for you.  And no I am not free.  What I said to you before I’ll say to you again.  If I’m not with you I’ll never have sex again.

2.   This hurt me baby.  I was worried about you (still am) and I don’t know if you’re ok.  Obviously, my enemies have gotten to you.  Please forgive me for whyever you’re mad, and explain it to me.

3.  I still don’t know if my wife is ok.  I have not heard from her since May 16th, 2018.  It is really important to me that all of you keep praying for her.

4.  Keep praying for us please.

5.  When I cast out a Demon from Rob Skinner, I talked to it briefly and asked what it wanted.  It said “to kill Rob and everyone he knows.”  You want to know what I did with that information?  Nothing.  I didn’t even tell Rob.


Because it’s not something easy for a Family member to handle when a demonic entity manifests.  They are not like people.  They are pure evil and are the exact opposite of consciousness.

I did not threaten my wife.  A demonic entity did that is now gone.

Which is ALL that demons do – kill, steal, and destroy.

Right now, there is a demonic attack on my family that is STRONG.  When I brought up how my wife had pulled a knife on me before back in 2015, I am not blaming her for that.  It was something that happened because I wasn’t listening to her, and at the time she had some major emotional issues that she’s since resolved – in other words, it was both of our fault.  I shouldn’t have reacted the way I reacted.  She should not have either.

So, I need your help.  What I want you to do, is read this out loud for me, agreeing with me in principle.  As you’re reading this, this is going to help you understand how I request that the Father makes Paradoxes for me that realign the universe in my life.

Read this out loud – in your head will work too but both (in your head and out loud) is better.  Here it is.  Say this out loud:

Heavenly Father, I ask you to create a Celestial Paradox for David Wood and his wife, Priscilla Chacon that brings the back together in happiness, without violating either of their free will and according to your will, for the sake of David, and his children, Angel and Gabriel, and his wife Priscilla, and all of the mission that they touch.

Specifically, I ask you to change all energy and dark attacks on their family into instead a multiplication in their opposite direction—resulting in them coming back together more strong from every attempt to tear them apart from any part of the AntiKingdom of the Enemy, or Satan.

In other words, let whatever attacks may come from Satan now turn into more love and connection between David and Priscilla, creating understanding from frustration, and love from separation.

Please be like a mantle of Celestial Fire, raining down on Priscilla and the Children, and also King David, destroying all works of darkness and destruction from the evil one.

Let whatever happened spontaneously resolve itself in the consciousness of both David and Priscilla – whether understood or not, in all dimensions and paradoxes of space, time, and reality.

Let any frustration or jealousy that exists between them change into a dynamic of instead stronger and more powerful connection, freeing existing energy for the use and focus of building Zion, or the Kingdom of Elohim, and also providing for their two children, Angel and Gabriel, and let whatever happen be forgotten now, and erased from existence by the supernatural power of the Father, sealed into existence by the Key of David, rewriting history backwards and forwards through tie.

Let the blood of Jesus cover them and any sins they may be walking in that caused harm, so that anything that they are doing that is allowing the enemy to enter is now cancelled, that it may be permanently erased from reality by the supernatural forgiveness of the Father, through the power of the Son.

Let time reorganize, and whatever attack happened, let it be erased from history and all details of it forgotten – the Mother and the Father bringing the Universe together in a emerging light of happiness.

Let the marketplace open their eyes that they might see, their minds that they might understand, and their ears that they might have the mysteries of the Father unfolding constantly before their view.

I ask you to send a cloud of forgiveness and love to them, wrapping them inside of a perpetual cleansing fire of holiness from the Holy Spirit, raining down upon their heads.

Let this paradox be declared, written, and enforced by the Father through the Holy Angels, constantly surrounding Priscilla, David, and their two sons, Angel and Gabriel, bringing their family back to a state of peace, prosperity, and power.

Whatever it was that has caused damage in their family, let it be perfectly resolved in righteousness and happiness, and truth in a way that permanently ends the cycle of fights and resolves all of their karma, backwards and forwards through time – if it be thy will.

Let Priscilla’s Mother and Sister be blessed eternally in this Paradox, constantly leading them to the decisions that help her daughter step into the happiness she is destined for, if it be thy will by the side of King David.

Now, I ask you to ask your Father to complete the Paradox, sealing in time the manifestation and supernatural abundance of miracles from the Father, through the power of the son… and:

Let anything that is contrary to these new laws of reality be erased from history, destroyed by the Holy, Living Fire of the Father, and reformed and remade into more consciousness, abundance, and love.

Let the angels surround David Wood and Priscilla Chacon and their children, constantly keeping them safe, breaking them BOTH free of the demonic strongholds that have attempted to trap them in some way.

Please, open Priscilla AND David’s hearts to both see the will and the mind of the other, walking in an eternal dance of consciousness, creation, and liberation by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let righteousness rain down from heaven onto the earth and let your will be done on earth, even if it is done in heaven.

Today, keep them safe, and connected.

Today, bring them back together and let whatever needs to resolve resolve now, as we step into a new, abundant, and vivid future with all of the people we love inside of it, working together with us to restore righteousness to humanity.

If there is anyone attempting to harm Priscilla, I ask you to bring protection around her to keep her safe, liberating her from all demonic energy or attempts at damage, keeping her permanently safe from anyone who has tried, or maybe trying to harm her.

We ask you to wrap her in the love of your spirit, the glory of your mind, and the will of your creative power.  Let King David make the right decisions, and let his family come back together RIGHT NOW, permanently delivered from the power of Satan as his entire Kingdom is destroyed forever in the eternal, flaming dance of the creation of the mind of the Father!

Let this apply to all dimensions, realities, paradoxes, universes, and parts of reality that anyone ever reading this either DOES or DOESN’T understand yet, or that you understand – changing memories, times, dates, locations, events, resources, people, and manifestations of God.

If there is anyone attempting to interfere with their relationship, I ask you to shut every door for their contact with David and Priscilla, and open every single door to the universe to them getting away, and leaving the family safe from harm and completely restored in blessing and righteousness, according to both of their free will.

Let Priscilla and David now be renewed in consciousness, only aware of the love, passion, and vision they have for each other, and for their children, as the power of Satan and his strongholds is now dismantled permanently.

Let the rain of forgiveness descend from the creation space, causing the unfolding and the dance of restoration, love, and power on both David Wood and Priscilla Chacon now in this time of need.

From now on, your feeling of Safety will multiply Priscilla and you will find your way back to King David when it is time.  We declare blessing, righteousness, power, forgiveness, and holiness over your life and over your children as you’re deciding to forgive David now, understanding that he is doing his best and will continue doing better.

In the Holy, Mighty, Honorable, Beautiful, Wonderful name of the LORD Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of armies, the same Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh, and who rules the Universe from the Holy City of New Jerusalem, the Paradox Engine, 1 trillion years in the future looking backwards in time to now through the Paradox Mind… Amen, Amen, and Amen.
—- End of Paradox—-

I’ll come back to this at a later time.  What happens as your Karma is resolving with everyone around you – all the bullshit in the marketplace and all of your relationship has to come out on both sides.

For example – I should have never gone to Rythmia.  Why did I?

It was part of my Karma resolving because of the amount of lives I had, and I had to go through this trial and tribulation in order to restore the true relationship with my wife that I want.

Baby, if you’re reading this, please forgive me.

What happened anyways?  I don’t even know.  Do you?  Or have you already forgotten.

All I know is that I am here, I love you with my whole soul, and I am waiting for you no matter how long it takes, and no matter how badly you hurt me.

I mean, I can go date a bunch of girls in Las Vegas if that’s what you want, but I don’t think so.  I think something happened that you’re not talking to me about and it doesn’t make any sense.

If I could give you any feedback it’s that:

  1. If you want me to change anything in this, let me know.  I would like to encourage you to focus on remembering who I actually am and how I actually act around you.  Right now you are not acting right to me – but I also don’t know why you are acting like this because you haven’t told me and I had to make a public post because you sent a message to like 50 people when I legitimately thought you were kidnapped and couldn’t sleep for days.  Your angry response makes no sense because I love you and I’m here for you.  You got to tell me what’s going on.
  2. Please stop breaking up with me when you get mad.  If you want me to be a rock of stability, I need a stable relationship too.  This isn’t funny.  I accept you how you are baby.  I hope that makes sense.

King David
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S.  I am not afraid to bring issues up.  Baby if you want me to post the video here, please send it to me via email although I would encourage you to not share that with anyone because of what I said in my email to you and Rob Skinner – rebuking Rob Skinner for his crazy accusations on myself and my family – as I’m constantly defending them and doing my best to provide for them.

P.P.S.  Eric Worre doesn’t want you to know the truth about Hallucinogens.  In a recent news story, he blocked King David after King David said he behaves like “a woman” on Facebook rather than coming and hanging out to Play Poker in Las Vegas like a real man would do!!!

P.P.S.  When I come back we’ll continue on, and I’ll tell the story of creation and actually how you’ve came this far, and where we’re going for the next 240 trillion years and the TRUE STORY of how “Elohim” emerges, yet simultaneously exists forever!!! (CONTROVERSY)

P.P.P.S.  Baby I’ll wait to hear your response for my Consecration Agreement.  Right now I don’t feel good after reading your last email.

Truthfully everyone, if I cannot repair my relationship with my wife, I will back off of being King of Israel for a bit until my home is in order, and just blog about my philosophical musings for a bit and go slower with my businesses.

I will never back off from the mission, but baby, I’m waiting for you.

If all of humanity dies because they are waiting too, so be it.  I cannot be a King without a Queen who is by my side no matter what.  And that woman is you.

Love you.  I’m going to go out dancing or something to get some stressed energy out.

Today I want you to understand that you reacting towards me like that was harmful to our children.  I’m not nearly done with this blog post and am willing to put into it whatever you want.

Basically, I will finish this off later by creating an agreement but I’m not going to do that when you’re in the middle of breaking up with me and tossing me under the bus because you’re mad at some dumb lie your Mom told you.  She has been a nuisance to our relationship for like 6 years now.  Te amo.

I love her.  I just want you without your Mom there baby so we can be husband and wife and make love, and make our own decisions again.

K.  I’m off to go make some money for the kids and also to do some exercise or dancing or something.  I’m stressed out everyone.

Baby I’m sorry I posted this.  I can’t not respond when you do stuff like that in a thread with 50 people.  I never threatened your life I love you and the babies and you know that and all I want in the world is to love you with all of my heart.  Getting possessed by a demon that I am delivered from is very different than having bad desires or not loving you completely or keeping you totally safe.

You are everything to me and I love you.  I want to make this video to clear things up and tell you that I love you so much.  Here is the true story of David Wood and Priscilla Chacon – baby please watch this video:

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