Eric Worre Scam Alert: “Eric Childishly Blocks King David On Facebook After He Calls Him “A Woman” In His Recent Article, Trying To Hide The Truth About The Sephiroth…

.. And At The Same Time, David Wood’s Wife Disappears!!!” Coincidence? You Decide…???

This is David Wood here with a quick Disclaimer:

Eric Worre is in no way associated with the Sephiroth, and probably actually blocked King David (me) after a recent article where I told you the truth about the Sephiroth that Eric Worre doesn’t want you to knowThe scary thing is… After Eric Worre blocked me, my wife disappeared.

Lol.  I’m joking.  Well, not really about ALL OF IT (you decide which parts).

Many Others After Mark Hoverson Have Said:

“Actually People Just Probably Think That My Penis Is REALLY Big.” – Mark Hoverson, Talking About His Penis.

“But I Say Unto You, My Penis IS THE UNIVERSE.”King David, Talking About How Much Bigger His Penis Even Is Than Mark Hoverson’s!!!

Now, think of your favorite penis.

Ok, now look at this photo:

The Consciousness Of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah
This is David Wood and Priscilla Chacon, and the consciousness of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah manifesting in the eternal cycle of lovemaking and creation between husband and wife, in all incarnations of space, time, and the universe.

Now, my favorite penis is ALSO your favorite penis… Which is of course my own.

Probably he was in a panic, thinking that I somehow associated him with the use of DMT and MAOI inhibitors in my other article.  Not the case.  He does Network Marketing instead.  According to Eric, MLM gives you a better high.  News to me, but I guess that I’m the only one that’s tried both, unless he’s secretly lying to you and trying to hide the truth.  Eric think about it like this, finding my reviews is WAY BETTER for your brand with the amount of traffic that I’ll send you – which will EXCEED by a longshot the traffic that you could ever send me now by saying something on Facebook to get it off your chest after you unblock me and beg me to be your friend again.

(You don’t have to suck my cock or anything or kneel on one knee unless you want to.  Just a Facebook Video begging for it is fine.)

“Judge Not… Lest Ye Be Judged”My Savior Jesus, Talking About Eric Worre And How Judgemental He Is Inside His Heart For Blocking His Poor Friend, King David For Telling You The Truth About Hallucinogens.

“Repent Ye, Repent Ye Eric Worre!!!” – King David Wood Talking About Eric Worre, the founder of Network Marketing PRO who APPARENTLY is about to beg David Wood to be his friend again on Facebook as a part of a social ploy in his never ending scam reviews.

I’ll go finish the Eric Worre Network Marketing PRO Review later and end it on a good note.  Maybe after Eric stops being a pharisee, he’ll come back around again later when he sees me rise into power and of course, needs to schmooze me to get me to speak at one of his events out of sheer embarrassment and social pressure from every MLM company you know, literally all BEGGING ME to spend 1 second of my precious time with them, in exchange for large, large sums of money that is coming my way as we decide to work together now.

A Healing Psalm For Eric Worre

In The Name Of Jesus, Let Your Hair Grow Back!!!

Oh Wait, You Don’t Have Enough Faith For That.

So In The Name Of Jesus, Let You Be Bald!!!

Oh Wait, Network Marketing PRO Already Did That To You…

Let’s Laugh At You Instead!!!

Yes, That’s Much Better.

Ha.  Ha..  Ha…

(Happy Grin)

In other news, David Wood recently claimed that he is Jesus’s Father in THIS ARTICLE.

One Of The HAPPIEST Moments Of King David's Life
Notice how much more in love than Eric Worre we are in this photo baby, and as you’re seeing this now, say “In the name of Jesus, I command RESTORATION to fall on BOTH OF YOU!!!”  (all of you say that.  Specifically, you.  Do it now) The photo above of David Wood and Priscilla Chacon back together at last was taken around the time we got Married back in February 23rd, 2013.  She is the MOST AWESOME WIFE IN THE UNIVERSE and vanished!!!  (Or are we just creating calculated drama on purpose to distract you and create traffic?  You Decide.  Better take me seriously.)  Pray for us again now as you’re looking into my eyes in the photo, absorbing my enlightened energy that now gets rid of your excuses you were making in the past to not fall in love with me totally again now.  I will  marry her legally September 15th, 2018.  That’s It… PERIOD!!!  AND She Knows Now That This Is True By The Power Of The Holy Spirit In The Name Of Jesus  * My only real desire in the world at this point is to be with her and my kids, and have a happy family.  That is my only dream and it will happen, THAT’S IT PERIOD!!!  The rest I’m just doing because it’s my mission and I love you.

In A Recent Scam Ripoff Report The Prophet-King David Wood Said:  “Eric Worre Doesn’t Want You To Know The TRUTH About David Wood, The King Of Israel, AND How You Can Be Immortal Like He Is!”

He wants to you to be bald like he is, instead of full of hair like King David is!  He is hiding the truth about the Sephiroth.

Ok, I’m done making fun of Eric Worre for now.  He really is a great friend and will work personally with David Wood again when he decides to stop being a wussy and friend him again to avoid a social explosion.

Remember Eric, from the Art of War:

“Keep Your Friends Close… And Your Enemies Closer”My Savior Jesus, instructing his enemy Eric Worre on why he should get close to King David, his Father.

Jesus, Reaching Down And Saving Eric Worre When He Used To Have Hair, And Would Walk On The Water Together
Basically, this is my literal son, and father, and best friend Jesus saving Eric Worre’s butt out of the ocean the last time he turned his back on King David and nearly died in the water from a curse that fell upon him. After he saved his butt and drank some Celestial Medicine together, they smoked a joint and Jesus said “now your only curse is you shall be bald all the days of thine life and secretly lie about your daily use of Hallucinogens” – oh cursed, cursed is he!!! Poor Eric Worre!
  • I’m joking on that.  Lol.  But cool photo of Jesus and Peter, who very much like Eric Worre, also did not have enough faith in King David to walk on the water.

So did Eric Worre kidnap David Wood’s wife and somehow turn her into his enemy?

Or are they all secretly working together as a part of a dramatic publicity stunt to create naysayers and drama as a part of a BIGGER PLAN to unify their companies and give King David 50% now of Network Marketing PRO to make it a billion dollar per year deal?

You decide… to get in right now by pulling out your credit card, and deciding to buy and join David Wood immediately.

King David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S.  Who’s wife is hotter?  Eric Worre’s wife?

Eric and Marina Worre 2nd Hottest
This is Eric Worre (founder of Network Marketing PRO) with his GLORIOUS WIFE (2nd hottest in Network Marketing behind Priscilla Chacon, David Wood’s Wife)

Or David Wood’s Wife?


I think it’s VERY CLEAR that David Wood’s wife (Priscilla Chacon) is WAY HOTTER than Marina Worre!!!  What do you think Eric Worre?

Return my wife to me Eric Worre or else!!!

P.P.S.  Now, watch this sacred geometry after you look at the photo in the video below for 5 minutes, and as you’re thinking of me just decide to now forgive me of everything you used to think which is wrong, and repent of your wickedness, as you’re deciding to obey my commandments each day because there’s no time left folks.  We must save our wives and our children from evil schemers like Eric Worre at Network Marketing PRO who don’t want you to know the truth and don’t want you to be immortal like he is because he wants power!!! (Maybe.  I’m not sure if Eric Worre is immortal or not.  All I know is that my penis is bigger than his penis.  FOR SURE.

As you’re now watching, your problems will vanish away as you’re breaking karmic bands.  Imagine the rotating concentric circles have babies in wombs – trillions of them representing the incarnations you have in concentric circles.  Now say out loud as you watch it:

“I believe that Jesus died for my sins.  I believe that he was raised from the dead.  I believe that I am now filled with the Holy Spirit and that I will be raised as he was raised.  Jesus, you are my savior and I receive you into my heart.  Please forgive me of my sins.”


You do that, and Jesus saves you.  Period.  Saved by grace, and rewarded by righteousness.  I call that:

“The King David Method!!!”  Ok, back to the video to watch now as you’re following my instructions and commandments carefully:

Now imagine David Wood and Priscilla back together happily with their Sons, Gabriel and Angel as you look at this photo now and send blessings down upon us:

"You're Looking At Jesus's Father And Mother"
As you’re reading this, you’re looking at Jesus’s Father and Mother in a very literal AND figurative way, because we are in their exact image. People always stare at my wife and I wherever we go and they NEVER stare at other people like that, no matter how beautiful they are. Because she looks like Mary, and also (even closer) to Eve.

A Healing Paradox For Eric Worre

Time has forgotten,
The healing of your wounds.

Life has begotten,
Your anger crashes in fumes.

He is the begotten,
His grace is appearing daily.

He is the savior,
His energy sends you love
and healing in his wings.

Forever and ever – both to
my sweet baby Priscilla,
My Savior Jesus, and my
Friend Eric Worre.

Eric, You Are One Of:
“The Protectors Of The Universe”

There Are Only 144,000 Of Us.

Better Make It Buddy, Or
We’re All Screwed.

So Remember That I’m Beating You
Up And Making Fun Of You RELENTLESSLY
In Love, To…

…Get You PREPARED For The Coming War.

And You ARE NOT Prepared Right Now.

None Of Us Are.

NOW Decide To Change That, Whether 
You Believe Me Yet Or Not.

In The Name Of Jesus, I Make You EQUAL To Me.

Let The Crown Chakra Break Apart From A 5
Dimensional Star Of David, The MerKaVah!

Let Your Memory Be Like Mine:

“The Memory Of The Universe”

In Blessings Shall You Bless Me, And Others.

Receive Ye The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
Through The Paradox Engine, From The
The Gift… AND:

Let her convict you of your sins.

Let it be done in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Now, say:




I’m done.  You’ll change more and more as you keep reading this now, and have already entirely forgotten what the problem with me used to be as you only love me now, because you are built to follow my commandments carefully if you love me.

What was the problem?

I don’t remember either, but I have already forgotten.

All I remember is that right now, it’s time to get rich on the internet.

By Working With David Wood and Eric Worre together HERE.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below now.  And as you are click on this photo, like my Facebook page, and create a causal link in our consciousness to send useful information backwards and forwards in time through the paradox engine:

Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel For President 2020
Who would you rather have in the Whitehouse? Barefoot Enlightened Spiritual Teacher David Michael Wood? (Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel)… Or That ONE-TERM Fantastic Loser Donald J. Trump?  #KingDavid2020
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