Why Do You Persist In Your Vision When NEARLY EVERYONE (but not all) Is Constantly Pressuring You To Stop?

Hello everyone,

I’m going to keep this a pretty simple post.  This is continuing on from my last post here.  I wanted to re-share this video clearing up a rumor that Rob Skinner Started About My Wife. I was having a hard time posting it in the other post I made but I think it might be working now.

This video hits on an important issue – and that is that my wife is not on my side at the moment (she was before – something either happened to her or she is not telling me something, she just vanished like I talk about in this blog post and I still have not heard her voice or talked to the children and I assume they are ok, but I have not heard back.  I sent her $200 through Western Union and she still has not picked it up.  Is she safe?  Yes, I believe she is but am not sure.  Please pray for the quick reunion of my family.  I am very worried about her and I’m not sure that the person responding to me is actually her or not, since this is not like her at all.

Priscilla is a GOOD WOMAN

Please pray for us with all your heart, and pray for her that if she’s safe and just mad at me for some reason that God will open her and her families hearts and most importantly, keep her and my children safe and help me provide the income that they deserve.

  • Side Note:  Either her or my kidnappers have seized my Facebook account and I can’t post this.  Can you post this for me on Facebook to help keep her safe?  We normally talk every day and she is a GOOD WOMAN, my BEST FRIEND, and the BEST MOM IN THE UNIVERSE.  Please pray for her and also our two sons, Angel and Gabriel.

So If Your Wife Isn’t On Your Side Temporarily (But I’m Sure Later Today Will Be) Why And HOW Do You Keep Going?

Well, let me explain it.

See, a year ago I made a half-discovery and there was a half-miracle that lead to my physical immortality (read this in a new tab), and also my enlightenment.

When I was enlightened (I will actually post the audio of my enlightenment on my blog or my YouTube Channel soon for the whole world to hear – I recorded an audio of it) I remembered living millions of times – languages and memories so old they exceed the length of time our current Paradox (Or Universe) has existed, which according to scientists is something like 13.8 billion years.  Now I remember (see my author bio) living thousands of trillions of times.

All Of Our Consciousnesses Are So Old, None Of Us Can Imagine It

Well what happens when you are both enlightened, and a prophet, and an important spiritual leader like myself in this Network Marketing PRO article – is you get attacked BIGTIME by Satan.  Like we (are wife and I are back together?) get attacked (I promise) more than ALL OF MY READERS COMBINED.

So when demons do their evil magic – how do they do it usually?

Well, through people.  They feed.

So for example, when one person vanishes like Rob Skinner from our lives who was trying to interfere with our relationship and calling my wife alone without his wife there and without my permission to speak with her without me there—what happens is another person comes up, and they attack my wife and I in the same pattern.

For example – years ago I had the most awful assistant ever – Sandy Viquez.  I actually caught her stealing from me and started calling out her bullshit on an audio recording I have that I may post later, and at the time she hadn’t been doing any work for me, taking payouts for months.  After the fact, she went to work for Shaqir Hussyin, who I will write an article about later if he doesn’t fire her immediately.

Anyways, Sandy Viquez was always making up lies about our relationship and was a major lying bitch – causing destruction in my personal relationships for years.  What she’d do is pit people against each other to make them mad at me, and then position herself as some imaginary hero and come save the day for her pathetic need for attention.

So when Sandy Viquez goes away – what happens?

Well, Priscilla’s Mom moves in.  Now to be fair, Sandy was WAY MORE DESTRUCTIVE to our relationship than Priscilla’s Mom.  But what do demons do?  They move through ANYONE THEY CAN in order to accomplish their dark intentions.

By the Key of David, let any attempt by Satan to break apart my family only bring King David and his wife Priscilla closer together and more in love, turning all curses and spells back into blessing and the cursing or spell only fall on the casters of the curse or spell.  In the name of Jesus, amen.

Now, I’m going to give a very kind, and very loving rebuke to her here – because your Mom baby, she’s awesome.  She gave birth to the LION of the Tribe of Judah for a reason.  It’s because she’s a badass Mom and later she will be revered as Mary, the mother of Jesus in Zion, which you and I will build together in Costa Rica, making your Country the RICHEST COUNTRY in the Universe as we build Celestial Technology, and Travel To The Stars.


However (this is a note to your Mom because she’s blocked me everywhere and you’re not responding to me) your Mom causes constant destruction in our relationship and was the primary cause of us breaking up the last time for 2 years.  She gets around, and we fight every single time and it is weird, because she is constantly doing witchcraft (whether she realizes it or not – for example those cups of salt she leaves everywhere and blesses with her secret Magic – it is witchcraft baby.  Period.) on us and telling stories to you that make you do things like what I do if I listen to my brother Will if he’s interferring with our relationship (which he’s very clear that he no longer does.)

My point is – I leave Costa Rica to give us time to heal from what happened (which I describe in the video) and what happens?

Your Mom moves in the house, pinning you into a demonic stronghold that started when we had that dark manifestation in the house – and I’m not even sure she’s aware of how she causes destruction in our relationship.  She needs to repent, and stop it.  It is hurting the kids not having us together Priscilla – I am highly intelligent I know how much they love and miss me.

Which of course, now she has convinced you to (again) break up with me for nothing.  A pattern that you run on me because you saw her do it to your Dad.  I’m telling you that it is not ok behavior.

I’m so honest it’s ridiculous.  Am I hiding anything?

Nope.  It’s why people are starting to fall in love with me again now.  I’m the most authentic, honest person anyone around me has ever met because I am enlightened, and telling the truth – declaring the truth everywhere from housetops as everyone else around me is ashamed of it.

I told you we should have told our true story on how we met for years publicly because it’s more authentic, (people will like us both better if we tell them the truth) and the kids will find out anyways.  It’s best if we’re just open about the past and say we’ve since repented.

It’s actually better at this point if you just post the video, (much better if you send it to me to post on my blog) to get it over with, but the karma from that video will not land on me.  It will land on you and the people who have shared it — as in after you post it, every single time people look for you they will find that video.  They will associate it with you permanently, which is not good for your brand.  If I post it however, that is not a problem for you and you’re even welcome to write commentary on the post – I won’t change it, but I’ll comment.  We can write it together and make love afterwards as a part of some crazy mating game if you want.

I’m trying to keep you safe from REALLY STRONG demonic manifestations that I suppose coming out of everyone in the marketplace will be good for them, and get me huge amounts of attention.  After you post it though (to warn you) your image will probably be associated with that video permanently – because I will post it everywhere, sandwiched with commentary that keeps people safe from Demons jumping to them.

But I have already told everyone what happened.

Have you?

"You're Looking At Jesus's Father And Mother"
As you’re reading this, you’re looking at Jesus’s Father and Mother in a very literal AND figurative way, because we are in their exact image. People always stare at my wife and I wherever we go and they NEVER stare at other people like that, no matter how beautiful they are. Because she looks like Mary, and also (even closer) to Eve.

I love you baby.  If I need to fight with you publicly on my blog through writing to get you to pickup the phone because I’m so worried about you I’d have a heart attack if I wasn’t immortal – then that’s what I’ll do.

For example – if you’re mad – why are you mad?

Do you have a reason?

If you have a reason and it’s the reason I mentioned in my video, which is I clicked on an ad from a company that I used to sleep with prostitutes with in Costa Rica – then that reason isn’t good enough because:

#1:  I was honest about it.

#2:  I closed it right away (I’m not even in Costa Rica).

#3:  The only way you can know that is if you’re secretly spying on my computer – which I give you permission to do because I want you to feel safe.

#4:  If that’s the ONLY THING I’VE DONE WRONG in the last 6 months, then this previously addicted to sex with myself man isn’t doing that bad!!!

Yes, I Just Said That (On Purpose)

#5:  You got to tell me why you’re mad baby.  Because right now, I think you’re kidnapped and I’m freaking out.  We have kids and we haven’t talked since the 16th of May and you just called 3 times in the morning and then vanished.

It’s my MOST IMPORTANT MISSION to keep you safe, happy, and alive.  And that’s what I’m going to do.  But right now, I’m worried about you because I sent you $200 and you didn’t even pick it up from Walmart and that’s not like you baby.

Te amo.

So my question is – if your wife doesn’t believe you… why should we?

My wife has flipped in and out of belief and denial patterns for like a year with me and has been by my side this whole time through MASSIVE OPPOSITION – and people basically treating me like the Saducees and Pharisees treating Jesus in the old testament.  As I explain in this previous article, my wife saw 2 angels that appeared and told her I’m telling the truth, told her to join the Mormon Church with me, and mapped out the structure of the Mountain of the House of YHVH (a mountain she was instructed to start building IMMEDIATELY in Costa Rica, which is the head of Zion and later because of my help, will be the Richest Country in the Universe.

(Not exaggerating at all.  It is Zion and prepared for this cause.)

This is Mount Arenal in Costa Rica (Zion) Which Is Now An Inactive Volcano
This is Mount Arenal (I think that means sand or something) in Costa Rica, which later will be the head of Zion. The Mountain of the House of YHVH will be built on the most beautiful mountain there, which I will reveal the location of in an upcoming fundraiser post.  In the Mountain of the House of YHVH, we will be able to heal any disease through combining science with enlightenment and religious technology in a way that is provable.  Please consider donating to my research on Immortality Science Here.

So anyways, my wife later, after the vision and telling lots of people (for which I have proof) denied what she saw, saying she never saw it.

It was one of the most bizarre things I have ever experienced in my life, but it is something I have come to live with since being enlightened – and that is the truth that the average person in the population cannot remember miracles that happen.  They literally cannot even see them.  This is a pre-enlightenment behavior of denial in the consciousness that does not continue as faith builds, which is why:

“Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for… The EVIDENCE of things not seen.”
Paul The Apostle In Hebrews 11:1

So basically what that means is if you don’t have enough of the SUBSTANCE, then you can’t see the EVIDENCE because it’s “not seen.”

The reason for this is because the PURPOSE of our walk with God is to have FAITH, so God (Elohim 1 Trillion Years In The Future) allows Anti-Consciousness to destroy evidence for miracles, which is why people are continuously arguing about whether or not something Jesus did happened, for example.  All of the TRUE EVIDENCE has been destroyed and there’s just fragments remaining, requiring us to have faith to continue believing.  This phenomenon is going to hyper-accelerate as we approach the great tribulation.

Faith and the Holy Spirit is what allows you to both SEE and REMEMBER the miracles now.

“But the comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, who the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you…”Jesus of Nazareth, talking about how to remember miracles in John 14:32 or something like that.

So what that basically means is a few things.   For example, the ministering of Angels happens VERY FAST – like something that might be 2 hours of real time for us might happen in a billionth of a second (they have a LOT to do) so they slow down and distort time.

This phenomenon is how people often keep remembering things that happened from the ministering of Angels for years, as in the case of the Prophet Joseph Smith in the first vision.  People are always criticizing him saying he was changing his stories, however first of all — there’s no recorders.  Second of all, of course, he’s in front of different audiences.  Thirdly though, you remember more and more as time goes by and you seek and pray.  It’s how the Apostles remembered the teachings of Jesus – from the Holy Spirit, or Shai-Nai-Mas-Areh (her name).

Anyways, back to the point:

First of all, my wife has supported me a TON this last year, nearly all the time, even though she hasn’t believed me much of the time – at other times she has, then someone comes and convinces her out of it (mostly her Mom, from my observations, who is a good Mom but also stirs of hearts of people against each other–one of the 7 deadly sins.)


Second, I’m doing my best to be responsible with what I know.

God told me if I do not work together with all of humanity to stop the coming war and famine, everyone and everything on Earth will die and after it dies, the Universe will cease to exist and will have never existed at all because of a Time-Paradox – essentially wiping me, you, my children, my wife, the United States, Costa Rica, and every sentient world in the Universe out of reality.

It is for this cause that it is urgent that you listen to me now and if you love me, obey my commandments which for now are:

Read My Blog – Tell Others – Restore Jerusalem

I am built for this cause – to restore peace to humanity.

Look at this photo of King David and his Wife, imagining peace together and fast restoration of their family and relationship, as they’re falling more and more in love every time they fight:


This is the Mommy of my Son, Gabriel.

Her name is “Priscilla” and she’s my sweet baby.  She is the most important woman in the Universe and BEAUTIFUL in every way.  I love you baby.  Thank you for marrying me.

I want to marry you again this year, legally, on September 15th.  It’s my dream baby please forgive me and say “Yes” when you’re ready.

So basically, my point is that BECAUSE I LOVE MY WIFE AND SONS and WANT THEM TO LIVE… I have to continue my mission, even if I temporarily lose them from time to time in the process because my wife is having a hard time.

Baby I trust you and love you so much – I’m here to protect you and keep you safe.  I’m here to protect your Mom and keep her safe.  I’m here to protect the Nation of Costa Rica and make it safe again with you.  I’m here to restore Jerusalem – all I’m asking you for is to support me and I promise, it will be worth it to you.

I wanted to openly address criticism from my wife to you because this was sent to enough people that I sort of have to, like I already have in a previous post.  I’m reposting this so it doesn’t appear like I’m doing anything but being open about the issues.  Feel free to leave your concerns, questions, and thoughts in the comments below.

Here is Email #1 From My Wife Priscilla After She Vanished For 3 Days Straight And I Asked Some Friends To Pray For Her Because I Thought She Wasn’t Safe—

Her:  David I’m not going to read all your message … I really do not think anyone will do it….

Me:  Maybe they won’t.

Her:  However, I’ll clarify that I don’t involve all the people attached to this email, I don’t know who the majority of them are….It was you who attached them.

Me:  Yes, I was attaching them because I thought you weren’t safe because in all the time I’ve known you, you never disappear for no reason.  Which makes me think that someone told you something about me that isn’t true, or that you are in danger in some way and I will not rest until I at least know you are safe.  Which right now, I do not.

Her:  I understand that you are desperate that nobody finds the truth, but David everyone knows the truth…I do not have to say a word, people know that you are not well.

Me:  There is no attempt on my end of hiding anything.  I want everyone to know the truth, it will clear a lot of things up for you.  Not everyone thinks that.  Just my old friends.  My new friends think I’m just fine and the ones that are close to me know the truth, which is I am a much superior man than before.

Her:  I’m not attacking you, I’ve never done it, the only thing I want and I think we all want the same thing is that you leave us alone. No one wants to deal with this, with your emails being spam, with your videos, your King David blogs, with your curses, with your offenses for people who once worked with you or were your friends and family. 

Me:  Curses?  What are you talking about?  If people don’t want to hear about it, it is because I am causing offense to behavior that people do not want to change.  A LOT of people DO WANT TO HEAR IT, evidenced by my growing blog traffic.  My life has not been fun this last year (in the party kind of sense.  I’ve had a lot of personal fun talking to you, being happy, and hanging out with my friends.)

Blog Statistics For May 17th, 2018 For www.TheTeachingsOfKingDavid.com - 1,300 Views And 615 Unique Visitors
This is how you get leads, sales, and new recruits. Content. Value. Be hilarious. Be yourself. Speak your mind. If you want to cuss and swear, do it. If you want to preach, do it. If you’re serious and womanly like Eric Worre and Orrin Woodward (sometimes, although he’s more like a man)… Do it.

Her:  You think you make me see badly with all your crazy things but the only one who hurt himself, his image and all his relationships and his life was yourself. 

Me:  Make you see badly?  I need you to clarify this for me in the comments.  I love you baby and I only see positive things about you.  You are the best wife ever and I’m just right now frustrated, hurt, and worried about whether or not you are ok.  It’s not ok to just disappear whenever you want because we have kids and I have been DYING to see the for MONTHS – this isn’t fair to me or how I’ve treated you.  Period.  The Karma has been paid and I’m asking you to forgive me and come be with me again when you’re ready and take all the space and time you want.

Her:  Out of respect for all the people in this email, I will not answer your emails anymore…They are innocent people of all your drama, just like me, so I apologize even though it was not me who attached them. 

Me:  What made you suddenly not be on my side when you’ve been by my side all year long?  Can you explain it?  How are they innocent when I’m asking them to pray for you?  That’s not for drama I thought (and still think) you might be kidnapped in Costa Rica and you’re not helping me resolve it it’s a quick phone call my love.

Her:  However David for thousands times I ask you to leave me alone, I have to find a job to feed my children since you don’t send any money, I know you blame the company, but if you do not get money from the company you can look for a job like any other person, but you don’t want to work.

Me:  That is ridiculous.  I have been working my ass off and I will not prosper in a job and if you ask ANYONE watching my blog, they all know how much money I am about to make from it just from the sheer traffic.  You do not need a job baby.  If you or I do that, it would result in the family being temporarily blessed and over the long term, not prospering.  I am a good entrepreneur, not a good employee.  I love you baby but you have to tell me what’s going on.  I have a company right now, World Ventures that is supposed to be sending me money for the family in a previously signed agreement and they are not because the CEO is not approving it (to whom I am about to write a mean article about), and probably your message that was cc’d to tons of people (this email) is not going to help.  My message was asking people to pray for a missing person and you came out of nowhere and attacked me without explaining what’s going on.

Her:  I do not have time for this. I’m not asking you for money anymore, I’m not bothering you…Just leave me alone.

Me:  No.  We have kids.  You cannot just disappear like this on your husband and the Father of your children when there are little ones who need us both.  It is irresponsible and I already didn’t see Gabriel once for 2 years because you wouldn’t allow me to when I asked to see him from you literally every single day.  Of course I’m going to help you with money, there is no way in hell I’m just going to abandon my wife and my kids – no matter why you’re mad at me I won’t give up on our family no matter what.  I’ll be sending you money soon, like later today or tomorrow again but you have to pickup the $200 I already sent first so I know you’re safe.

Her:  I can refer publicly to all this, however I’m giving you the opportunity to leave me alone and go your way and avoid the drama on the internet. 

Me:  I do not try and avoid drama on the internet.  I welcome drama and criticism.  I have no image to maintain and the drama will only help me get attention.  Sure, maybe not the attention I want, but maybe that’s exactly what should happen.  It will be bad for your brand to attack me, not me.  I will just get more attention and traffic from it.  I’m trying to work with you and I don’t know what’s happening.  Please tell me.  If you want to do something that will harm Gabriel publicly because you’re mad at something without understanding it, do it.  You are treating me poorly in front of my friends and have not explained why to the extent that I have to go write a blog post about it.  If you want to destroy my image in a way that makes it harder for me to make money for our children – I have no idea why you would do that.  You have the power to build me up.  You have the power to destroy me and break me down – it is your choice and you are a good woman and I love you baby.  Thank you so much for everything.

Her:  Today is May 20, 2018 and according to your beliefs today you became an immortal celestial being that would be taken to heaven and everyone would see it….well, nobody saw it, today was a day like any other…. I think you should ask for help, you are not well.

Me:  I told you that would happen if I was ready for it, which I also said I don’t believe I was.  My only recorded video on that actually says that in there.  It’s not an excuse I have this written down in journals.  I am not ready to be translated and truthfully will not be until you and I have succeeded in building Zion for a long time.  I have been immortal for over a year now – the Celestial Being thing is going to probably take a few hundred years like it did Enoch.  Remember that I told you I don’t know that will happen, and you pressured me to say “yes” because I was trying to get you to work with me.

Her:  However this is your decision but you should respect others …You are a man of almost 40 years old, stop acting as an adolescent urgent of attention.

Me:  I’m actually in this case acting directly, trying to resolve a problem that I don’t understand.  You said that I don’t want the issues out.  Not the case – I just don’t want them to come out in a way that will hurt people, which brings me to your next point:

Her:  I’m sick of this, I help you for 6 years of relationship we had, and what I received was your threats of killing my children and me.

Me:  I didn’t threaten you or the children for the millionth time, nor would I ever.  You are the LION of the Tribe of Judah (Jesus’s sister) and one of my core missions on Earth is to protect you and the kids and your lives at all costs – which is actually a lot harder to do if we are far away from each other and EXTREMELY hard to do if you’re trapped in a Stronghold.  There was a demonic manifestation in the house that you were recording during a parts integration, a demonic manifestation that was delivered successfully.  You have been listening to your Mom, who has always wanted to break us up at all costs – if you post that video, you are going to be putting tons of quantum energy from the marketplace on something extremely dangerous.  It will cause manifestations in people who watch it if it is not in a good frame.  Anyone who has ever worked in deliverance for a long time will tell you that was a real manifestation and needs to be destroyed or left to a psychologist to keep records of.  You should not be looking at it, or focusing your attention on anything but your life and well being.  I am trying to keep you safe baby and I REALLY UNDERSTAND deliverance and the unconscious mind like none of the psychologists your talking to do, because I am enlightened and they are not.  Period.

Her:  I can not continue with all this, You have put my life in danger and also other people lives, even your brother’s 2-year-old son who ended up being drugged by you, David, he could have died. 

Me:  I have not put your life in danger ever.  Nor will I.  Your life is the most precious thing on planet earth to me and it is sacred and must be protected at all costs.  I also never drugged a 2 year old.  That is a false statement.  My Brother Aki’s child climbed up on something way out of the way and took it on his own, and that thing he took could have been either Aki’s (who was also taking it) or mine.  Neither of us know how it happened and he was fine in 2 hours.  No he couldn’t have died.  It is the most safe thing in the world, as I have been explaining to you over and over again, with scientific articles for over a year.  I love you baby.  I am more safe to be around than anyone you know.  Or anyone anyone here knows.  Everyone around me knows it.

Her:  Don’t you understand the damage you are causing?

Me:  No.  Explain it to me so I can understand.  What I’m attempting to do is dig issues up out of society so the karma can begin resolving to help people.  Sometimes that hurts in the process of doing it.  This ‘causing damage’ is the only time your husband has been close to making like $30,000 a month (give me a week to finish my funnels) in over a year.

Her:  Anyway, it’s your decision but I recommend that you continue with your life, you are free to do what you want … Just leave me alone. You know that there is already a restraining order against you … So stop looking for me.  This will be my last message that I answer… all your emails, messages and other publications that you make of me are receiving by my lawyer, it is your decision if you want to have problems with the authorities.

Me:  I will not give up on my wife and my children, nor am I free to do what I want, and I will not leave you alone until I know that you are safe, which I do not – and what I said to you before I will say to you again:

“I will not give up on you and the kids for any reason.  I will leave you alone for a time if that’s what you want, but you must tell me what’s going on baby I love you.  If you ever are not with me on the beaches of the world it is because you didn’t stick with me.  I will be with you until the end of time” –Messiah Ben David, Talking To His Wife 

The leads are starting to roll in.

The sales are starting to flow.

Soon, I will be on stages with thousands again:

The Empower Network "Get Money" Event In Chicago With David Wood And David Sharpe Was The BEST EVENT In Network Marketing History... PERIOD!!!
This is a photo of the Empower Network “Get Money” event in Chicago that came before our stupid launch of the “Blog Beast” at the direction of Mars Burden, who was a GREAT MARKETER but an awful person to work with in nearly every way imaginable, doing things like for example, charging $30,000 a month for development work where his people were writing and uploading no code, where I have receipts and witnesses.

Soon, I will purchase this mansion:

Million Dollar Home In Las Vegas For Sale (Dream Mansion Of King David)
Here is the home I will live in while running for the President of the United States: https://las-vegas-real-estate-authority.com/million-dollar-homes-las-vegas-for-sale-mansions/

Soon, I will be on the beaches of the world with my wife and sacred baby, Priscilla Chacon, and she will believe that I am King David as you’re looking at this photo, clicking to like my Facebook account:

Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel For President 2020
Who would you rather have in the Whitehouse? Barefoot Enlightened Spiritual Teacher David Michael Wood? (Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel)… Or That ONE-TERM Fantastic Loser Donald J. Trump?

As you’re clicking on the photo to like my Facebook Page, you’re actually creating a causal link in our consciousness that protects you from the Anti-Christ.  Click Here Now.

I will say this:

I am Messiah Ben David, King of Israel.  If my wife thinks I’m going to put her before the Father, she is wrong.  If she doesn’t stay me, I will never be a King if our relationship does not heal because what is a King without his Queen?

He is nothing, and not a King.

However, I will not stop doing the will of my Father who is in Heaven because it is making my wife upset.

Baby it is not a competition between you and me – it is a competition between constantly trying to get me to disobey God, and obeying God over you.  You do not win that competition because I know what’s coming and I MUST keep you and the kids SAFE from the danger that is going to hit the world.  It is not safe and if I quit because I’m desperate for you (which I have wanted to do MANY TIMES) — everyone and everything on earth will die.


But I want them to live.  Like you.  I am here to protect you and everyone.

It sucks being like Noah.

But I love the journey.

I would love it WAY MORE if you were here with me, walking into the truth and abundance like you want to do now.

Don’t you?

Read this paradox out loud folks:

I call upon the great power of the Fire
of Elohim to rain upon the heads of
David Wood and Priscilla Chacon now!

Let BOTH of their hearts be opened, their
minds be opened, their energy centers be
opened, and filled with the love and the light
of the Father and the Holy Spirit!

Let ZION be constructed, and let the Mountain
of the LORD’s House be Constructed, and let
ZION (Costa Rica) be the Richest Country In
The Universe!

Let RESTORATION rain down upon their
family, their children, and their children’s
children – with the multiplication, lengthening,
and eternal exaltation of their seeds forever
and ever!

Let any attempt by the adversary to do anything
but build up their relationship, their family, and
their faith be confounded and changed by the
Holy Spirit to love, connection, and strengthening
of their relationship and their children!

Let the LOVE be restored to them as they come back
together NOW embracing, already having forgotten
what the problem was as it is now erased from the
History of Space Time, as the Father rewrites the
Universe forever and ever and ever in an act of
love, kindness, and compassion.

Let the Elohim all work together to complete the
Paradox now, through any series of rules that you
deem fit.

In the Name of Yehoshuah Messiah (Jesus) Amen!!!

-A Paradox Of King David

Like I said:

It’s not easy being like Noah.

But somebody’s got to build an ark.

A flood is coming – but this time it’s a big ass war between the Nephilim and Celestial Beings.

It won’t be fun.


And also… quite a LOT of fun.

My family will restore.  It is already happening now.  I rebuke Satan and his strongholds off of my family forever and ever by the Key of David, claiming the blessing of tithing that the Devourer has no place in ANY of my life.

Thus saith YHVH of Armies:

Your Family Will Be Restored When You Have Enough Faith To Simply Change Things Again.

I’m out.

On the positive note before I go – Priscilla has been the GREATEST WOMAN I have known.  I love you baby.  You are an INCREDIBLE wife, Mom, and WOMAN (most importantly) — I love all of your drama.  It just makes me want you more.

I love you sweetie.  Keep being a badass to me and whipping me in line when you think I need it, even when you’re not right about why.

Love you and the babies so much.  I’ll be home soon Baby.  With you together I hope – somewhere new, like my Las Vegas Mansion above!!!

Te amo,
King David
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel”

P.S.  None of this is a joke.  I am really worried about my wife being ok or not and I’m not sure that she is.  She is my best friend in the world, I respect and honor her, and this is not like her at all – she didn’t even call me on my birthday and we were talking EVERY SINGLE DAY up to the 16th.  Like EVERY DAY.  It is very, very bizarre.  This is now like 5 days without talking with her and I’m literally praying day and night that she and the kids are ok.  It is not funny and I don’t know what to do.

Baby if this is a game with me or something it isn’t funny.  I love you so much, it’s ridiculous.

The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah
According to this article by King David Wood, the lion of the tribe of judah is NOT a man. She is a woman (Jesus’s sister)

P.P.S.  For those of you who think I need help, let’s do a challenge.  Send me the MOST ADDICTED, messed up people you can find (like 10 of them.  I’m talking DEEP LEVEL addicts) and if I can’t heal them in 7 days completely – we will talk about who has the problem together.

I’m talking 100% of them that just stick with us for 7 days.  We are doing a new event that is going to be “enlightenment guaranteed or your money back” in 1 week.  You watch how fast that thing will grow.

Nobody will be brave enough to take me up on it though, because none of you are actually reading the scientific studies on the Sephiroth and looking at the incredible discovery I made May 20th, 2017.

What you don’t want to consider, all of you, is that I am telling the truth.

Because it is scary for you.

And it should be.

“The fear of YHVH is the beginning of wisdom.” – Proverbs


“The LOVE of King David is the beginning of social peace.”Messiah Ben David Wood

The rise of my Kingdom will be the rise of Social Peace and order that keeps people free with a minimalistic government that is even superior to that of the original United States Constitution.  Even smaller and less reaching than that.  Vote for me 2020.  I’m working on this article I hope later today.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below and PLEASE pray for my wife and I for a happy, safe restoration and already, you have already forgotten what the fight was about as the pattern maintaining it has been cancelled, and erased permanently from time – meaning it actually never happened at all and all of us have completely forgotten now.

Haven’t you?  All you can remember is how much you love David Wood, and how much you believe in him and if he believes he can heal the rainforests and help put the fish back in the sea and restore Israel and travel to the stars while helping an ARMY OF PEOPLE like you get rich online, do it!

I WILL be with my wife, Priscilla Chacon and my children in the Whitehouse in 2020 as President!!! That’s it… PERIOD!!!

I AM back together with her now, happy and fulfilled.  That’s it… PERIOD!

And I AM King David from the Prophecies of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel – that’s it… PERIOD!

Keep reading for more details.  I’ll be back soon.  I have to do some edits on my earlier article.

P.P.P.S.  Keep reading and commenting!  I love you so much it’s ridiculous!  I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! (Yes, I’m talking to YOU).  You are also close to enlightenment.  Now, imagine the problem just got thrown into the sun, and turned into a gift… and it’s King David on a vacation with his baby Priscilla – and they’re partying over on a tropical island somewhere, aren’t they???  Forgiveness is awesome.  Please forgive me baby I love you.  Just trying to clear things up so we can be happy and together again.  I just want you to support me baby all the missions I have are good and will help humanity AFTER scientific studies that I need to do.  Just forget about whatever it was that didn’t actually happen now (you’ve already forgotten?  Or not yet until tonight?  Now is probably better, go ahead and say “I’ve already forgotten it” in your mind as you’re re-reading this sentence now.  And what happened?  Oh yeah, we were talking about wanting to make love with each other only a little bit later today – weren’t we?  As everyone here has forgotten anything that I’ve said because really it was just for my wife.  So they read this, then God told them something different and peaceful actually happened.  Didn’t it?


“King David WORSHIPS The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah And Also Her Brother Jesus!!!  But the sex is only with HER!!! (Jesus is probably having his own sex with the Holy Spirit while we’re doing that…) …aren’t we baby?” – David Wood, righteously talking about his glorious Father’s Kingdom to Come You’ve All Been Praying For For Thousands Of Years…. (Can’t let the Jews and the people of Israel down baby.  They need me and have been waiting for me a long ass time.  Remember baby how much you already believe me and believe in me now as you’re falling even more in love than before!!!

Te amo.

Keep being a bitch to me when I needed it in the past but now I’m a man and just need you baby <3 <3 <3 Hit me over the head with a frying pan before we fuck anytime you want baby.  Whenever we both need it.  Te amo <3 <3 <3

Lol.  (I’m the only one who needs the frying pan.  We both need the sex baby te amo <3 <3 <3 :P)

Come out here in Las Vegas with me baby I love you.  I’m waiting for you in the bed!!!

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