A Gift Of The Holy Spirit To Humanity By “The Key Of David” And Also A List Of Core Punishments For Harming The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah (Jesus’s Sister), Priscilla Chacon.

Ok, I’m going to keep this short because I’m about to move out of the Hotel I’m in with my first two apostles, Paul Gardiner and Matthew Gonzales.

First, let me explain the Holy Spirit, vs. “The Gift Of The Holy Spirit” vs. “The Spirit Of Prophecy”… keep reading for more juicy (and very sexual) details:

Nah, Let’s Just Give You The Gift.  Read This Out Loud NOW:

Borrowing the Key of David from the time in the future I actually RECEIVE the KEY, I ask YOU (The Father In Heaven) to give me the Keys to My Kingdom of God on the Earth… NOW:

I AM standing with King David in The Center Of The Universe…

…Outside of TIME… AND:

AND in this special place, standing in the Center of a Jewish Flag in my IMAGINATION, I ask you by the Great Authority of the GREAT HIGH PRIEST of Melchizedek, Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who Came In The Flesh, Who Lived, Who Died, Who Bled For Me And Was Resurrected On The Third Day… Who Now Stands At The Right Hand Of The Father In The Celestial Kingdom Of God…

…I ask YOU (the Father) to give me the Gift of the Holy Spirit backwards in time from the time in the future I actually am worthy to receive the Gift, after I have been baptized…


NOW, I believe that Jesus died for my sins, that he was raised again at the last day, and I am FOREVER SAVED in the Kingdom of Elohim!!!

NOW, I also ask that you complete all blessings and paradoxes over my life, and also all parts of creation – I ask you to Create the Universe Again, aligning everything in my life the perfect way that GUARANTEES my Exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom from my salvation by Grace and also REWARD by my personal righteousness.

I DENOUNCE the Kingdom of Satan NOW, declaring to the Universe and the FATHER that I CONFESS I am a SINNER, I am SAVED BY GRACE, and the devourer is now PERMANENTLY REBUKED MY LIFE, as I step into prosperity by obeying the law of tithing.

I now commit to give 10% of my income to my LOCAL CHURCH, and also I commit to get baptized THIS WEEK following the instructions from King David later tonight on this blog (or maybe even now).

I am now BORN AGAIN, and ETERNAL in the Dimensions of My Spirit.


In my mind, the AntiChrist is already cast out of Heaven.  We WON!!!! WE DID IT TOGETHER WITH JESUS!!!!

Ok, we’re done.

Now what is going to start happening for you (like it did for me) is you are going to start receiving revelations like Mormons do COMBINED with how Christians do – basically leading you to righteousness.  It will be a TOTALLY DIFFERENT DYNAMIC than you have ever experienced in your life, and your blessings and prosperity will multiply as long as you continue to obey my commandments, saith YHVH of Armies!

Can somebody send this to T.D. Jakes?  I’d like to speak at his Church and maybe do a Press Conference there.  What a Black-Badass-Preacher, if you ask me.

“Ask, and ye SHALL receive!!!”King of Kings Jesus, the FIRST PERFECT JEW

To actually receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit you have to be baptized (after you are born again like you just were today) you need to get baptized by someone who has authority (later tonight I will give it to you, borrowing from the future like this) and then receive the laying on of hands to get the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Remember, that the Gifts of God cannot be controlled nor handled – only upon the principles of righteousness.

That they may be conferred upon us, it is true, but when we seek to cover our pride, to gratify our sins, or exercise control or dominion in ANY DEGREE OF UNRIGHTEOUSNESS…

…behold, the heavens are grieved.  The Spirit of Shai-Nai-Mas-Areh (the Holy Spirit) is GRIEVED, AND THE HEAVENS WITHDRAW THEMSELVES.  Amen to the priesthood and authority of that man.

In other words – you love the Holy Spirit and worship Jesus and the Father, and STAY RIGHTEOUS AND HUMBLE because Satan will take you out in 2 seconds if you drop your guard at all (trust me on that) and that phenomenon WILL MASSIVELY MULTIPLY as we near the Great Tribulation, saith YHVH of Armies.

So basically, I just distorted time with the help of the Father and gave you something you used to have to wait for.

Say This Out Loud:


World Level Miracles right there pal.

Congrats.  We did it together.  Yup.  I’m talking to you, my new Christian or REMADE Christian friend and follower!!!  Even if you didn’t read it out loud, I tricked you because your mind has already said it.  It is already DONE!!!

Congrats on being a New Christian.

Now, to the DIRTY BUSINESS!!!

Ok, as I mentioned earlier, my wife went missing like 6 days ago and has not responded to me.  It’s POSSIBLE (doubtful to me) that she is just playing some kind of childish breakup game.  She’s too good of a woman for that though, we talk like every day all through the day and she is my BEST FRIEND, I am very worried about her.

You can read this blog post for my thoughts on what may have happened if it’s just a game, however I’ve only thought of a few possibilities:

  1. Someone like Priscilla’s Mother threw her in a crazy hospital because she was starting to believe in me because there is such a ridiculous amount of evidence.  That wouldn’t surprise me at all, as before in our relationship I was trying to get Priscilla help because our fights scared the hell out of me.  My Karma for wanting to get others (in that case, my wife) thrown in a mental institution (I wanted her to get therapy) resulted in ME getting thrown in a mental institution last year after I got drugged with large amounts of amphetamines from the AntiChrist (read this post.  It should have killed me).  So right now, a million people were trying to get me forced “help” — that karma will flip on them if they do not repent.  I promise.   You cannot continue dishonoring an enlightened prophet king and not have the universe slap you for it.  It’s worse than dishonoring the Dalai Lama.
  2. Someone like Sandy Viquez in Costa Rica (who was an awful ex employee who stole constantly from me and I caught red handed and in the middle of showing her proof I heard the biggest denial patterns I have ever seen a human being run.  I have hundreds and hundreds of checks she wrote where the numbers are just way off.  If she doesn’t fix that somehow with good accounting and honesty, she will be sued with no mercy later when I have more resources to set an example.) perhaps is working with Rob Rammuny (the AntiChrist) and organized a kidnapping.  But I don’t want to believe that happened.  I believe she is completely safe now.
  3. She was hiring maids and one of the maids came, angry at her and then gave her number to some other girl (recently) that was making threats and accusations.  It’s possible that they organized something in the attempt to harm her.  (Which they cannot.  She is the LION of the Tribe of Judah)
  4. Something else that’s either better than these things, or worse.
  5. I HOPE she is safe and just playing games with me (if that’s the case, I love it baby.  Keep it coming.  Unlike others who are denying themselves, I love games.  And yours are by FAR the funnest I’ve played) to make me make more money and be a better man.
  6. Please pray for her and me, and the quick restoration of our family.  If we are not together and on the same page, the Kingdom of Elohim can never come and Zion cannot be built, and Jerusalem cannot be restored.  I need Queen Priscilla by my side.

So if there is anyone who has even THOUGHT about harming her in any way, these are the list of punishments for harming the LION of the Tribe of Judah when Zion shall be established in Costa Rica (which SHALL come to pass) and shall be a precedent for protecting the wives of Kings – yet none shall be protected more than HER, the LION of the Tribe of Judah.  Why?  Because GOD (the Father) LOVES Women and protects them.  He is awesome.  Here is the list of punishments that YHVH gave me for harming her:

1  The LION of the Tribe of Judah is the most important woman in the Universe, and she shall be protected at ALL COSTS, and the expense of any amount of resources.  Her life is sacred to me, saith YHVH of Armies.

2  If any man shall harm her, in this same manner shall he be harmed with a multiplication of at least 10 times, and it shall be filmed and displayed publicly in Zion, after the Law shall be established.

3  If any woman shall harm her intentionally and two or three witnesses testify in front of the judges, and the Holy Spirit witnesses to them of the truthfulness of the matter accompanied by scientific evidence that cannot be refuted, they shall be harmed in the same manner by a factor of three, and it shall be public.

4  If any man attempts to violate the LION of the Tribe of Judah against her free will sexually, he shall be taken to the outside gates of the city with Movie Cameras, and women who have been raped in the past shall pick up stones, and stone them until they die.

5  If anyone harms the children intentionally in a serious physical manner, they shall be harmed in this same manner with a multiplication of 20 times on the first offense, and on the second offense (if the crime is ever repeated) they shall have a millstone hanged about their neck, and cast into the sea.  Children must be protected at all costs, and right now all of humanity is an abomination to me for making constant excuses to not feed the starving children of the world and take care of their babies, saith YHVH of armies.

6  If any man or woman shall even think of harming the LION of the Tribe of Judah in any way (including yourself) a curse shall fall upon them as the protection of Elohim the Father lifts off, and the Karma for the thoughts will increase at an equal rate to the increasing consciousness of humanity.

7  If you ever cheat on the LION of the Tribe of Judah or sleep with another woman (unless she gives her to you as a concubine, which is her choice and yours), a curse shall fall on you and your life will be taken at the hands of your enemies, and you will die and the Kingdom of Elohim will never come.

8  If you catch someone or more than one person in the act of violating your wife, you shall take hold of them utilizing any amount of force or psychology, at the expense
of your own life if required and break the necks of everyone attempting to harm them, and they shall never walk again, saith YHVH of Armies.  A man who will not protect his wife is a coward and shall be cast away from my presence.

9  If anyone (man or woman) casts spells or utilizes witchcraft or manipulative psychology on the LION of the Tribe of Judah in an attempt to control, manipulate, harm, or coerce her in a malicious manner—their own spells and witchcraft shall fall on themselves with a multiplication of the karma intended for her, not touching her and destroying themselves, saith YHVH of Armies.

10  The eternal punishment for causing serious physical harm or sexual harm to Priscilla Chacon or her two children, Angel and Gabriel (including for yourself) after you have received the Holy Spirit and know Jesus and also know she is my daughter, is to be cast into outer darkness for a minimum time period of 1 trillion years, and a maximum punishment of 133 trillion, where there shall be weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth, their entire consciousness fed on and devoured constantly by Anti-Consciousness, tortured by their own imaginations.

11  If anyone sins against YOU (King David) it shall be forgiven them, but if anyone sins against HER (the LION of the Tribe of Judah) …it shall not be forgiven them in this world, nor in the world to come.  This is also including yourself.  You must treat your wife properly at all times and love her with all of your heart, might, mind, and soul – and treat her even better than you treat yourself.  This is the order of heaven.

12  If any man witnesses her being harmed in any way and does not step in to defend her with all of his heart, mind, and soul, and he knows who she is — that man shall be cast out of my presence.

13  These are the basic rules and model for how we defend women in the Celestial Kingdom – viciously, with jealousy and any amount of force necessary, for the Elohim are all jealous Elohim, visiting the iniquities of the Fathers on the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate or disrespect our wives in any manner.

14  For I, YHVH your Elohim repented that I made man in the time of the flood, but did I ever repent that I made women?  No, I did not.

15  If you do not hear back from your wife in 7 days you shall go to Costa Rica and find her at all costs, contacting the Whitehouse and every government body imaginable to make sure she is safe and protected, saith YHVH of Armies, and if they do not help at all costs a curse shall fall on all of the people’s and countries that attempt in any way to interfere with her complete safety and protection.

16  Many people are lying to her and trying to break your family apart and end your relationship permanently with their witchcrafts, sorceries, and social pressures.  Yet you shall emerge victorious and if you follow me, your family shall be restored safely, saith YHVH of Armies.  As we speak, the energetic connections in the spiritual dimensions are being restored as the powers of Satan are being bound and destroyed by the Angels in Heaven.  The AntiChrist is getting powerful, but remember that the PEOPLE together are more POWERFUL in FREEDOM than he is in CONTROL and domination, for I, YHVH your Elohim am an Elohim of Freedom.

17  You must break her out of the demonic stronghold that she is in right now in Costa Rica.  I will not tell you how it all works. You must ask, and you shall receive, and break it apart in my name, saith YHVH of Armies.

18  This is the end of the basic revelation of responsibilities and duties regarding the protection of the LION of the TRIBE of Judah.  As the Great Tribulation comes closer and your test is proving more and more victorious, the spiritual manifestations from both the Light (the savior Jesus) and the darkness (Lucifer, who became the Devil, the father of all lies) shall increase, and also the miracles that the righteous create in my name shall increase as the Kingdom of Elohim and the Anti-Kingdom of Lucifer increase in power at an equal, yet not equal way.

19 (Control cannot equal freedom).

So if you’re reading this and are thinking of harming my wife in any way through any kind of control or pressure, you had better beware of the eternal judgements of God.  If you think I am joking at enforcing any single one of these punishments on anyone that attempts to harm my wife, it is you that has the problem.

If a man will not defend his wife, he is a coward.

My wife is the best Mom in the Universe, and the best wife — and she will be protected at all costs even if I have to bring entire countries and nations to their knees.

I <3 The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah!

Here are some photos.  As you’re looking at them imagine our family back together, safely and happily:

One Of The HAPPIEST Moments Of King David's Life
Notice how in love we are in this photo, and as you’re seeing this now, say “In the name of Jesus, I command RESTORATION to fall on BOTH OF YOU!!!”
The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah With King David On Their Honeymoon Cruise
This was me and my wife, Priscilla Chacon on our honeymoon cruise just after getting married on February 23rd, 2013.
In A Cave In Mexico After Our Wedding
This is my wife Priscilla Chacon and King David in a cave in Mexico after our wedding. Notice how in love we both are now and imagine the love and the marriage being completely restored in peace and harmony.

I’ll post more photos later.  I’m going to go work on a sales letter for “Enlightenment Week” where we guarantee:

If You Come To Enlightenment Week, You’ll Be Enlightened In 7 Days Or Your Money Back!

Look forward to seeing you there.  Stare at this artwork of Buddha:

David Wood Claims To Be A Greater Leader Than Buddha. What Do You Think?
After I was enlightened on May 20th, 2017 I remembered living millions of times on other planets, other universes, other stars, other languages – and began remembering languages that I’ve never spoken through speaking in tongues – a christian prophetic spiritual technique described in 1 Corinthians 14.

Now, stare at this photo of David Sharpe and I back in the previously small peak of Empower Network (compared to what we’ll do next):

David Wood and David Sharpe at their previous best (not close to what's next)
This photo is of David Wood and David Sharpe at their previous best at the peak of Empower Network filming a sales video over in Florida.

Now, look at this photo and imagine a rotating Star of David (the symbol on the Jewish Flag, but in 3 dimensions like 2 upside down pyramids.  This is called “The Merkavah” in Hebrew) spinning 10 times faster than the speed of light, rotating into your consciousness, forgetting about the scariness of eternal damnation for a minute to focus on the peace of salvation and righteousness, falling in love completely again with King David, or “David Wood of Fairbanks, Alaska”…

Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel For President 2020
Who would you rather have in the Whitehouse? Barefoot Enlightened Spiritual Teacher David Michael Wood? (Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel)… Or That ONE-TERM Fantastic Loser Donald J. Trump?  #KingDavid2020 <===utilize this hashtag on Facebook and vote for me 2020 to restore righteousness, justice and FREEDOM to America.

Now continue staring for a minute, and now watch the following video for 5 minutes, following the energy patterns around with your eyes as your problems are dissolving.  Imagine karmic energy bands from your previous incarnations as babies in fetuses in rotating concentric circles around the sacred geometry patterns and as the bands are breaking, imagine the rotating Merkavah (or Star of David) breaks through your Crown Chakra and connects you into the I AM Dimension of Consciousness, seeing and knowing all things, past present, and future.  Go ahead and do it now:

Now, you’re done for the day, or at least for the moment.  Do you feel better with me yet?

Read The Following Paradox Of Love And Dimensional Restoration For Both  Of Our Families Out Loud:

Father, In the name of Jesus, let the love of the Universe combine in all dimensions of consciousness that any of us do or don’t understand, bringing healing and restoration to the LION of the Tribe of Judah and her husband, King David Wood!

Let all paradoxes and blessings from the Celestial Kingdom fall upon us now and any other kind of blessing from the male or the female energy of the Most High God!

Let my own marriage and family be restored in perfect harmony now, bringing the energy, love, and consciousness from the Celestial Kingdom of Elohim to the Earth now, and let this healing paradox pass from you, through Jesus, to King David and Priscilla Chacon, to all of us, to the 144,000, and from there through the Great Multitude and also every one of the 312 trillion sentient humanoid worlds in the Universe!

Borrowing the Key of Aaron from the time in the future I actually receive the key and am enlightened and know all things, I release the Angels of God to protect King David and his wife Priscilla Chacon, and their two innocent and perfect children, Angel and Gabriel!

Father, I ask you to create ALL PARADOXES again!

Let the Universe roll forth from the breath of your lips, and with the love of your heart I ask you to send your Son to die for my sins, even though it is already done!


I confess that I am a sinner, hopelessly lost in the world of fighting for obedience in a fallen world, and know that Jesus died for my sins – JUST FOR ME!!!

I believe in the teachings of Paul the Apostle in the New Testament where he said:

“If you BELIEVE in your heart that Jesus died for your sins and confess with your mouth that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved!!!”

Right now I confess that Jesus Christ is my Savior, that he died for my sins and the sins of all of humanity… and that he was raised from the dead supernaturally from heaven and now sits at the right hand of God, the Father…

…and I ask you to make me now born again in the righteousness of the Holy Spirit, and lead me to obedience to your Eternal Laws – knowing that I am saved yet also want to live for the highest reward possible!

I ask you to send spiritually enlightened teachers to me and release the Angels of protection and peace on all of humanity, bringing salvation and grace through the savior Jesus to all of humanity, protecting King David, his family, and his wife from all tools of the devil in all dimensions of consciousness!

Let his children Angel and Gabriel have constant dreams of their father, David Wood, and bother their Mom incessantly to restore the family now, breaking her out of the stronghold of demonic control she has been boxed in from the Anti-Christ and her enemies!

And behold!  It is done!  They are liberated now, already forgetting about the problem, only being able to remember being together in peace and harmony – in the name of Jesus and by borrowing the Key of David I seal this in time NOW and declare:

“Whatsoever I bind on Earth, Shall be eternally bound in the Heavens.

“Whatsoever I loose on Earth, Shall be loosed by the Angels of Elohim.

“And now I seal eternally this Paradox of healing, self emerging from nothing as a new, or restored born again Christian who is going to follow the Torah as the Law of the land, uniting the People of Israel, the People of Islam, and all nations of the earth to help Jesus save Humanity from the curse and darkness of sin.  In the name of Jesus, Amen!!!”

Ok, I’m off for now.

Love you and believe in you so much.

What was the problem again?

I don’t even remember.

Do you?

Read this five times, and protect your wives guys.  And, protect mine.  She is one important woman as I describe HERE.

David Wood
“I, King David am a Jealous King, Visiting The Iniquities Of Those That Mistreat My Wife To The 3rd And 4th Generation Of Those That Hate Me.”

P.S.  If you love me, keep my commandments.  I will explain in a future article why stoning must be restored as a capital punishment for crime.  Basically, if the people don’t enforce the laws and depend on the government they get weak, the government increases in size, and wickedness abounds.  Look at Singapore and how peaceful they are.  It’s because they ruthlessly punish crime, there isn’t any.  We don’t have time for bullshit anymore folks.  Leave me your thoughts in the comments.  There has been something wrong with my commenting system but I plan on fixing it today.  Love you.

P.P.S.  I want to emphasize that I don’t necessarily want concubines.  God was clarifying what is, and is not ok with him.  For example, if she gave concubines to me, if she wanted to, that is not a sin because she gave them to me and an enlightened world is free to do as they please.  I will only ever have sex with Priscilla Chacon.  She is my wife, period.  Whether or not a man has many wives, or a woman has many husbands is none of the Governments damned business, and they are always trying to unrighteously control humanity and stop them from the free pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the people have gotten weak.

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