A Prophetic Rebuke To My “Old Best Friend” Chris Rocheleau For Not Being As Cool As “My New Best Friend” Matthew Gonzales… Plus, An Offer To Help Get You Tons Of Clients In Your Business For FREE! Make Me A Counter Offer!! Or Else!!!

If you ever wanted your lady to DRESS IN SEXY CLOTHING AND ATTACK YOU IN THE OFFICE WITH RANDOM BLOWJOBS (whether in front of people or not it’s your choice baby)… then Keep Reading Now To:

“Learn How Get LAID 10XXX As Much By Your Lady Like My First Apostle Paul Gardiner Is!!! (And Even More Than David Sharpe And Aaron RashKing Combined… You Decide If You Want The Truth!

Lol.  That is all Chris Rocheleau.

We must help each other if we want our families to survive the coming war.

If you want to be a billionaire…  Follow me.

If you want to be a trillionaire… Follow me.

Jesus said:

“Follow Me, And I Will Make You Fishers Of Men.” — My Savior Jesus Talking To His Current Friend, Chris Rocheleau.

I (Even I, King David) Say:

“Follow Me, And I Will Make You Fishers Of Universes, Paradoxes, Dimensions, And All Alternate Realities [Even The Ones Darren Little Or My Baby Priscilla Chacon Create With Me…”  — King David Talking To His “Old Bestest Friend” Chris Rocheleau

Ha ha ha.

I’m done for now.  Call Matthew back.  You are being a major dickhead.  Being friends with someone does not associate you to them.

If anyone is threatening you to lose business if you associate with me, I will fuck them up legally so bad I will end up owning their house.

Don’t Fuck With My Friend Chris Rocheleau People!!! That’s How King David Defends His Friends!!!

King David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

My wifey Priscilla and I before we got married February 23rd, 2013
I love you so much baby… I’m looking forward to seeing you at enlightenment week!!!!

P.S.  I love you too dude.  Stop being a wussy and just get in if you’ve ever wanted to get laid “100x more than Aaron Rashkin and David Sharpe put together ever have…” and also get even with Mars Burden and help me fuck him up legally if he does not settle (and as a part of that I will give 40% of the settlement to you)

“Fuck You, Mars Burden!!! You’re Chris Rocheleau’s Enemy, But King David Is His Friend!!!”

Mars Burden, The Worst CMO In Network Marketing History
Mars Burden was the WORST CMO in Network Marketing History, and produced FLOP AFTER FLOP AFTER FLOP, blaming EVERYONE but himself. I couldn’t see it because I love him so much. Now I see through it and still love him, and in the FUTURE he will change. According to Kristen Sibayan (his ex-partner who he robbed out of her place in the Launchmen through lies and manipulation) he doesn’t use soap because of some weird religious beliefs, and he smells like death and takes only BATHS in warm water in his sweat with no soap. (disgusting Satanist, if you ask me. Mars Burden can comment for himself if he is not to much of a coward.)

P.S.  These girls, “The Concubines Of Chris Rocheleau” are saying:

“I Want To Fuck You Now Chris Rocheleau!!! ONLY IF YOU HONOR KING DAVID!!!”


You can learn more about King David’s old best friend by visiting his blog at http://www.chrisrocheleau.com.

Also, watch this:

P.P.P.S.  this video is not really a prophetic rebuke.  It’s a “hilarious rebuke” instead.


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