CONTROVERSIAL NEWS FLASH: PRIVATE Message From King David To Facebook: “If You Do Not Unblock My Pages And Accounts I Will Do A Series Of Press Releases And News Conferences That Will Result In The Complete Financial Collapse Of Facebook. PLUS, To All Of The Pharisees, Sadducees, Cowards, AND Others… Same Goes To YOU… You STILL HAVE NOT GIVEN ME BACK MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT…”

Hey guys,

This is not funny. I am Messiah Ben David, King of Israel. I have been working and working and working to feed kids. If you do not unblock my page I will make war with Facebook that will result in the complete destruction of your company. Kids are dying because of this. It is not funny.

This is my page, this is me (David Wood) and my blog is here at: — read my content, it is unique. I am still setting it up. Rikki is my assistant.

You must unblock it now. Send it to Mark Zuckerberg.

This is not funny, I will do a GIANT group lawsuit and end up owning 50% of Facebook and declare you enemies to Jerusalem if you do not unblock me right now.

Right now, or the karmic rebuke will be so strong you will wish you supported me immediately. You do not need approval from your manager. You need to unblock me now and also please unblock my Facebook account over at

We must have this ability to create this page now. This is MY PAGE, and I can upload my photo id if necessary. This is my assistant Rikki’s account and you cannot stop the spreading of knowledge like this. I will destroy Facebook and make them enemies and get the entire nation of Jerusalem cancelling their Facebook accounts in a boycott.

Do not mess with me, I am a man of God on a mission and you are interfering with Freedom of the Press in a MASSIVE TIDAL WAVE OF DESTRUCTION that is resulting in the death of children from my inability to raise money for them and the restoration of Jerusalem!!!! NOT FUNNY FACEBOOK!!!

You must restore this page, and all of my facebook pages right now and also reset the other account at /empowernetwork to the email at because my wife hacked my account. You are persecuting me, and my freedom of beliefs to share the information that I want to share with the people I want to share it. It is NOT FUNNY.

Please tell whoever is doing this to stop, and if it happens again (once) I will initiate a lawsuit that will lead to the COMPLETE COLLAPSE of Facebook and I will replace it with a better social network where we aren’t constantly policed by people who do not even look at websites and mindlessly follow rules.

You do not want your stock to drop to near zero and have people out of homes and families from a short sell tidal wave that makes it difficult to even pay for your servers, tagged onto the backend a lawsuit that makes me own 50% of Facebook as a part of the settlement for the LITTLE CHILDREN WHO ARE DYING BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT LETTING ME RAISE MONEY!!!

Jesus said:

“It would be better that a millstone was hanged across your neck, and you were cast into the sea.  Right now, that’s YOU, dumb hypocrites, thieves, and cowards!  Stop it RIGHT NOW…”

I block this from happening again in the name of Jesus unless I LEGITIMATELY DON’T FOLLOW THE RULES (which I AM FOLLOWING THEM AND YOU ARE PERSECUTING ME AND THIS SHIT MUST STOP).  Here is an event I did with 3,000 people wearing Guy Fawks Masks.  Don’t do this with me again:


Now that is NOT what I want to do, I believe Facebook is the most important company on Earth right now, and close to the most important company in the Universe. A great curse will fall upon it if you guys do not listen to me now, you are messing with an enlightened prophet and when I start and initiate my press conferences later this week, I will throw you under the bus and get everyone to short sell facebook and your stock will drop to nearly nothing from a nation wide boycott. Not funny. Right the flippin’ heck now man!!!

King David
“Messiah Ben David, King of Israel”

P.S. Do not mess with Rikki’s account, she is a GOOD WOMAN and will follow the rules. We all do. If you mess with her or my apostle Paul Gardiner, we will mess with you 1,000 times bigger and it will collapse Facebook. Also unblock my ad account on my other page. Right now. Send this to your manager, your manager’s manager, and their bosses, and shoot it out to every single Facebook employee.

You guys are trying to keep me isolated and it is evil as shit and I will work with Alex Jones, the President of the United States, Jerusalem, and whoever else I need to in order to ensure the complete destruction of your company if you do not respect me right now.

I hope you forgive me for my language, I am defending my wife and my children and need to feed them and I am being EXTREMELY RESPONSIBLE WITH THE RULES AND YOU CONTINUOUSLY ARE PERSECUTING ME FOR MY DIFFERING RELIGIOUS BELIEFS (which is YOUR FAULT, NOT MINE. I AM NOT DOING THAT)


Thank you. I will not ask again. One more time and I will cause the entire world to short sell Facebook in months.

You have no idea how smart I am, I am Jesus’s Father, Elohim-Masarecht, read — you cannot mess with an enlightened prophet and prosper. Everything in your life and every relationship will immediately begin collapsing, saith YHVH of Armies — you must protect my servant David at all costs.

I love you.

Later. I just spent ALL NIGHT setting this up and perfecting it, and you just persecuted me AGAIN (for my religious beliefs and opinions about sexuality that are NOT hate speech and NOT violating the Facebook Terms and Conditions) and I will mess with you guys bigtime if you mess with me ONE MORE TIME. NO MORE WARNINGS!!!!

P.P.S.  World Ventures, you too.  If I do not get paid today I will write a negative article on my blog every single day for a year straight about you and submit it to every single press release submission service that exists, with News Conferences and you know I am untouchable because we’re talking about FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Facebook and World Ventures.  You are hurting my wife, Priscilla Chacon and my two kids, Gabriel and Angel Chacon.  I’m done with it.  THIS IS THE LAST WARNING.

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