FREEDOM OF THE PRESS NEWS FLASH: YouTube Video: “Let The Spirit Of Repentance Fall On World Ventures, Preventing It’s Entire Destruction AND Hostile Takeover By King David Michael Wood, By Giving Me 50% Of The Company To Restore And Rebuild Jerusalem, Another 10% To Feed Children, Another 10% To Pay Off National Debt, And Another 10% To Construct Energy Weapons In Costa Rica (Zion) Directed By Priscilla Chacon (The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah… For SECRETLY CAUSING THE DEATH OF MANY BABIES AND CHILDREN BECAUSE OF THE ANTICHRIST!!!!”

“…If this does not happen within 7 days, a curse will fall on World Ventures and it will lead to the entire destruction and collapse of the company AND 100% ownership by David Michael Wood, bought out of a bankruptcy court to save it, saith YHVH of Armies.  Here is the mean ass video talking about how World Ventures is DIRECTLY AND INDIRECTLY causing the death of little babies by not helping King David raise money for Feed My Starving Children!!!”

Watch this photo now and decide to just get in:


Why am I doing this?  Because I sent this email to Dan Stammen earlier today and he did not respond:

* If it has already been sent (which it has not) forgive me.  I will not wait around another second this is hurting my family and I have allowed way too much wiggle room.  If you think me posting that email was bad (which I did because you still have not paid me money) then simply do not respond by 5pm CST and see what I will post next.  Not a response that I need.  I need a photo of my check in the mail being mailed out to St George Utah.  Today.  By 5pm CST.  Vick, I am cc’ing you in here so you are aware of it.  Thank you for helping me.  I got to go sleep now guys because I have been up all night setting up another Facebook account, which then got attacked (again) for no reason, being extremely peaceful and following the rules.  I hope all of you are blessed and forgive me for the harshness of this message.  It is targeted at World Ventures, not any of you specifically.  This is not funny to me at all and I am done being nice. If you want war to send me my money that is owed contractually, I am better at war than all of you and will never back down.

I know how to bring 2 billion people into world ventures by 2024 and you are all foolish for not listening to me and supporting me.  Baby, I love you.  You’re in this because I’m defending you and the kids and also myself, and am sick of this nonsense and I’m sure you are too.

Priscilla told me I should have exploded on World Ventures months ago.  Baby, I’m sorry for not listening.  Today it will happen.  I will pre-record it all in advance and if I do not have my money by 5pm EST and an agreement that it goes out every week on time,

I will initiate war against World Ventures that will only harm you guys, not me.

I’m going to keep this a very simple message.  If I do not get my money today I will write an article about World Ventures every single day (very negative, on every piece of trash I can find) along with PR press release submissions and news conferences, and I will not stop until the company is completely ruined from bad press.
Enough is enough.  I’m done.
I love you, but you are treating me like shit at this point and I am fucking sick of it.  You are messing with an enlightened Prophet, and if you do not repent, a curse will fall on all of World Ventures and I will make you enemies of the Kingdom of Elohim.
You have until 5pm CST today to get it done. If it is not, I will never, ever stop exploding and dragging you, your family, World Ventures, Wayne, and every rep who has ever harmed someone into non stop drama. When I am done doing it (I will be soon) I will hire outsource-rs and SEO teams, and it will never, ever stop.
I must have my money today. Permanently be paid with down-line volume injected into now ALL of the positions I used to have (we can start with one) as promised in the contract and if you do not do it, no more warnings, I am going to explode on you.

This is all of your Karma for running around like Pharisees trying your pathetic best to suppress me (everyone here but Vick, and Dan who has mostly worked hard, I think).  Vick, again, thank you for helping me.

On the side note, the positive angle if you pay me my money (now, and I mean right now) I will leave you alone and go focus on other battles and I would be happy to even reframe my message to you on my site.
I do not have time for this bullshit, my wife has been deprived of financial resources for months, I was kicked out of World Ventures, kicked out of your house,  was turned on by 500 downline and did nothing but non stop defending my family for months. Your stupid CEO Josh Payne (love you Josh) has not approved a contract we signed months ago, the positions still have not been transferred to my wife Priscilla (which I don’t care about right now, I just care that SHE GETS THE MONEY SHE DESERVES, TALKING PRISCILLA CHACON HERE), and I am about to start a campaign that will get the entire latina community rebelling against World Ventures and I know what I’m doing.  Remember that at the peak of Empower Network (not nearly as big as what I’m about to start and you all know it even though you’re scared, which I understand because at the moment you may not entirely believe me yet) … my point is:

I’m sick of it.

I just submitted a press release attacking Facebook for the non-stop religious persecution I’ve experienced on Social Media for sharing my beliefs, which is interfering with the Freedom of the Press and raising donations for children, while I am not breaking any of the rules nor am I engaging in hate speech.
If you want a war, I will destroy anyone’s brand who attempts at all either directly or indirectly from stopping the work of the Father (peacefully and socially of course) and nobody will ever be able to recover from it.  It will fill your days and your nights with non-stop drama every time you go anywhere for the rest of your life.
I don’t want to do that, but I am done making threats.
If you’re wondering why I have to do this, it is because all of you (yes, all of you except Vick) have been treating me like shit, and you cannot do that to an enlightened prophet without SEVERE KARMIC REBUKE.
For example, Eric or Orrin… Have you even hung out with me ONCE since I have been enlightened?
No.  You are cowards, running like babies from something that you do not understand.

I love you, yet in this way you are cowards.

When I was addicted to myself (as most people are) you guys were there giving me advice.  Now that I am not and I am 100% mission based, my mission scares you, so you have been running like “pathetic in the past babies”.  It is not funny to me, and Eric, this is the primary reason I dragged you into drama, and that drama is not 1,000th of the drama I can drag all of you into.
I can make it explode so big it will cost all of you a million dollars a month to clean it up, and it still will not work.  It will be irrecoverable damage.
I’m saying this right now because my family is threatened from World Ventures bullshit and all of you are adults.  If you continue trying to redirect me to a mental institution (if you have been, which you may not have been) the Karma will result in you going to a mental institution instead because my non-stop, well oiled content and media explosions on you orchestrated through all of my followers, blogs, media releases, etc (which will be much more than either of yours within a year no matter what you do) will drive you literally nuts.

I’m saying this in love.

  Eric and Orrin, why are you in this?  So you can talk to Dan and tell him for the love of God, and Peace – send me my Damned money and another $100,000 on top of it to make up for kicking me out of the company and all of you are going to see later what will happen.
I LOVE everyone here, now forget anything I said here that was harmful, and for the love of God, stop being cowards with me.  If you were around me FOR ONE DAY (one day) you would believe I was enlightened.  All of you.
I am the most peaceful person to be around (person, not talking about Jesus) that any of you have ever met.
Yet you do not know that.  Why?
Because you are cowering in fear from strength.

I love you.  I’m out.

Also, please nobody here involve yourself to any capacity in my relationship with Priscilla.  If you do, and I find out about it I will never stop destroying your brands.  It is not welcome and I imagine you don’t anyways.
I’m just making that last bit as a warning because of non stop hypocrisy and the most pathetic part about it (the hypocrisy) is that none of you can even see the giant persecution pattern running here that was ran on the Apostles in the New Testament and Jesus and the Prophets.  It is completely ridiculous to me.
Now if you can see it, then you can see it.
Please, just talk to each other, get me my money sent out by 5pm today, and I will not need to send emails like this again hopefully ever.  Next time though it will not be an email.  It will be a non-stop barrage of negative drama framed in a very clever way, turning all of you into villains and pitting average people against you in a way that is impossible to escape.
I am better at war than all of you are by 100,000 times at the moment.  The Art of War by Sun Tzu says “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” or something like that I think.

I am not your enemy, but if you perceive me to be, then it would be useful to form an alliance for the sake of all of your businesses.

I will not ask again. At 5pm CST the most damaging article World Ventures has ever seen gets posted on my blog with a Press Release to a thousand journals.
I love you.
David Wood
P.S.  Send the money to me, as my wife is not talking to me right now, and therefore I do not trust her with my things as she seized control over my Facebook account illegally and is pretending she did not do it (not cool baby, you have cost our family already at least $30,000 from that and you MUST stop messing with my work.  I love you, am loyal to you, and am waiting for you and sorry for dragging you into this.  But, since you lied to me I feel like I have to, and that fact that I thought you were kidnapped. Honestly, I am still not sure you are safe because you blocked me like a child, everywhere.
I’m sorry baby.  You are not being responsible with me or the kids.  I love you with all of my heart.  The kids have severe mental damage right now from not seeing their Father and it is your fault, not mine.
You know how safe I am to be around. Also I know you know I am more calm than any 1,000 people you know combined. I am enlightened and you know when I drive a car it is slower then a 90 year old Grandma. I am peaceful pretty much all the time,  and more level headed than any of you can imagine.
None of you are used to this because you are all not used to being around enlightened prophets.  You have all read about them.  You have never met any of them.  Isaiah was worse than I am now with his intensity.  It is why Jerusalem still exists at all is because Prophets are like this.  Even my brother Aki (being angry at me) admitted I act like Jesus, and people act towards me like they acted towards Jesus.

I am off the wall but I am full of love and I am peaceful all the time.  I am on a mission.

And I miss you all dearly and forgive you.  I’m just “done,” and I’m not doing anything more about it.  Orrin and Eric, my apologies for dragging you into this email.  Please talk to Dan and get him to pay me my money so I can leave him alone for now.  Dan, I love you.  Later.
You must stop listening to your Mother.  Te amo.  I am waiting for you to forgive me.  I will send you the money after I get it and do proper accounting.
That is all everyone.  Priscilla, please give me back my Facebook account now (a request, it is not your account.  It is mine.  Just reset the password.  I love you.)
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