“FREEDOM OF THE PRESS NEWSFLASH” FREE VIDEO: “…How World Ventures IS CAUSING THE DEATH OF BABIES ACROSS THE WORLD” By NOT HONORING THE KING DAVID MICHAEL WOOD And Therefore “THEY” Shall Be Destroyed At The Hands Of The Enemies Of Tracey Walker, Priscilla Chacon, Brittany Spears, And Paul Gardiner, Matthew Gonzales, The Mormon Church, Christianity, ISLAM, RADICAL ISLAM… And MORE IF THEY DO NOT HONOR KING DAVID!!!”


My New Wifey, Brittany Spears!!!
Hey Brittany, will you marry me sometime and for a while be one of my many concubines? I’m King David from Jewish Prophecy. Can someone contact PlayBoy for me?

(I’m only half-joking)

Watch on youtube here: 
Please send this to every world ventures leader you know.  They are now enemies of Jerusalem and Zion and shall be destroyed at the hands of their enemies, saith YHVH of Armies (Jesus).
*** if they do not repent.
King David
P.S.  Send this to everyone you know who used to be in World Ventures and would love a piece of a group lawsuit (can’t remember the name right now) at the F.T.C.
P.P.P.S.  Mars Burden, do a video destroying them as enemies of the people and the children who have died, or a curse will fall upon launchmen and it will destroy itself.  They are enemies of Japan as well and the United States, who is an ally to Jerusalem.  I’m going to go send this to the president.


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