NewsFlash: “…According To ALEX JONES Over At INFOWARS 9436 (The Best #NonFakeNews CHANNEL THERE IS…) AMERICA IS IN A CIVIL WAR…”

FREE PINK VIDEO: “…Shock Video! Leftists Call For Trump Supporters To Be Gunned Down In Restaurants…”






























Here is some shootings:




























Here is yet another video about the Civil War 1 year ago:

























Notice how this all began after May 20th, 2017 (the Day King David, or “Elohim-Masarecht” was enlightened, before the Antichrist attempted to murder him in the past, but now deciding to change and forget that happened now.

What was the problem?  I can’t remember, either.

Watch this video about the Santa-Fe Texas shooting like a month ago or whatever:
























Watch this 5 minute video about the Revelation 12 sign:






















Krishna Das has a better way:




















So does my Rabbi, Dr. Gabriel Cousens out at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona:


















So does King David:
















Here is where I talk about Enlightenment Week:














Alex Jones is a fucking badass:












Notice how Trump wants to step down in 4 years.  Who talked about that first?

King David. (me)

How am I continuously telling all of you the Future, for over a year in advance, accurately predicting THOUSANDS OF THINGS AND PHENOMENON in advance of them happening, and still have the “others” like Eric Worre that pussy and David Sharpe that even bigger pussy, or World Ventures (the biggest pussy of them all) ignoring King David?  Watch this video of Brittany Spears for more “cock sucking” details about my new war against that stupid bitch who turned he back on the President (fuck you, stupid democrat bitch.  REAL DEMOCRATS SUPPORT THEIR FUCKING PRESIDENT PATIENTLY LIKE WE DID WITH THAT “IN THE PAST EVIL SNAKE OBAMA”… RIGHT??!!! )… REAL DEMOCRATS (I love Democrats) do not gun down people that don’t support the president.

She is COMMITTING TREASON!  (or was)










That’s all for now.  Head on over to my post about enlightenment week for more juicy “pussy pounding” details of the “King David Social Revolution…”
















Best vid today… “FIGHT THE FORCES OF EVIL…”

HOWEVER, this is actually a better “dream building video” which is “why” you should “join now” today:


King David
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”
































P.S.  Pull out your cock, balls, and pussy and watch some fucking Steele Rutheford ORGY VIDEOS…” Here:

Lol, I’m kidding.  They are just normal vids.  Butt I got your attention, didn’t I?

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