King David Michael Wood Says: “…#bingo! …#BINGO!! ……..#BAM!!!

“…kING David mIchAEL wwwwOO00913D says:”

…”Keep Reading for ‘JUICY ASS STRIPPER DETAILS about Dan Stammen’s Wifey and how I called her (and him) “A Real Wussy” and I bet he won’t even explode like an angry Dave Wood Anti-King David wussy on Facebook defending his wifey!!!”


<3 <3 <3

(Those hearts are  for Dan Stammen’s wifey…)


“…Dan Stammen’s wife is a wussy who won’t even explode publicly on Facebook like A MANIAC (angry at King David) for hurting World Ventures!!! “Even Erica Worre” is hotter than Dan Stammen’s wifey!!! <3 <3 <3 u Erica Worre!!! <3 <3 <3″


Here’s what I’m going to do to get laid by Priscilla Chacon every day for the rest of my life (whether I work or deserve it or not… which the ACTUAL SECRET IS… “I never do… and neither do you deserve it with your wife… Womane are THAT MUCH HOTTERERA WORRE THAN MEN)

I’m just going to post this here in a second (hold on, got to go copy and paste a mean ass email I sent to that wussy Dan Stammen, who still hasn’t even put my affiliate account back) …KEEP REFRESHING FOR JUICY ASS HOT PINK MODEL ERICA WORRE DETAILS:

To all whom may read this, and ESPECIALLY the Father, and the Son,

Remember that I came to do the will of the Son, and the Son came to do the will of the Father. (i AM the Father, Elohim-Masarecht, or “King David” or “Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel” as referred to in the ancient language, which actually comes from the future.)

Remember the other day (after writing this I’ll write my intention above this line or below (you have to read carefully to understand) I walked into a Jewish Synagogue to say hello in the meetings.  They didn’t let me in because I was all covered in sweat, and dripping from walking around Phoenix, Arizona in the sun.

Although that seems “off” from Christian teaching, God told me they actually shouldn’t have let me in, that it was my karma, not theirs.  Basically, the Jewish Nation is supposed to be the most disciplined nation. Their primary job is NOT to lead people to Christ. It’s to discipline the followers who already either believe in Jesus or their own higher power.

My intention today is to set the record straight that i AM King David by getting scientific and social proof.  I repent, I confess, and I forsake putting the burden of getting proof on others (which God says “it was their job, and now I am giving it to you because of lack of faith in my people.  Gabriel would have helped you and still will if you go out to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, although he may not have time today… email him from your other email account than you normally use at this point)

My internet is down, so I am using this to write something very important, which I will share with whoever uses/buys this computer.

<3 <3 <3

I AM Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…. !!!!! ???

Wait a second, isn’t that Jesus?

According to the Prophecies, and “God” the answer is both:


“YES” basically what that means is this:

If you read Ezekiel 37, basically (my wife will tell you the same) you have a verse that is talking about:


King David.

See, I thought that was Jesus, too.  Butt, he told me (I did that “butter thing” on purpose) that I was King David BEFORE I even knew that wasn’t Jesus.  Like everything I know.

In other words, most people “study” and then “they know” butt fore me (also that happens) but what really happens is I know what is happening first, and then I study and it’s always there, the proof following the prophecy.

(the REVERSE and INVERSE and CONVERSE is also true, meaning I receive revelation in every direction, during, before, and after I do anything… usually whipping me in line from my mistakes or even better yet, preventing BIGGER MISTAKES in the future buy now following the same line of thinking.)

God says:

“Send an email to World Ventures, then post it again here…”

Start Of World Ventures Email Headline:

last super nice World Ventures email, after this, just public

Start Of World Ventures Email BODY:

hey Dan,

I have not heard back from you since we have talked.

I’m going to keep this short.

I do not desire to continue harming World Ventures.  It is not what I want to do with my time, it is in fact, wasting it. (for which, either you or World Ventures will be invoiced.  Me destroying you like this will cost you a lot of money, in addition to repairing the damage I am indirectly causing from a “People’s Revolt”. The “italics portion” is added to the email for the Public Post.

If I do not have my checks back tonight, I will begin utterly destroying World Ventures later tonight, in a way that will be completely irrecoverable.  It may destroy the business.

I have been waiting in the background, seeing if you guys would be nice, respond to me, etc.  You have not.

(you speaking of World Ventures, not necessarily yourself)

The damage that “the people” will cause (this is your enemies, with which I am not associated necessarily.  What they do they do.) to the company will result in a minimum of a third of your staff quitting, leaders fleeing everywhere, commission payouts being stalled, etc until the company utterly and completely collapses.

You guys must fix this, I am going to write one “nice” article hopefully later today explaining what is going to happen and why you guys actually kicked me out, with our entire email threads that have been sent, which in your favour, from you have “generally” been nice, but also have also been cowardly, not taking responsibility, being warned fairly in advance, and the end of the article is going to result in people believing that World Ventures is:

  1.  Anti-Semitic.  (true)
  2.  Which is racist.  (also true)
  3.  Sexist.  9 (also true.   as you guys did not put the checks in my wife’s name when I asked)
  4.  Directly responsible for harming children. (true)
  5.  An enemy to Costa Rica (Zion).  (true. I will get the entire nation of Costa Rica to kick out dream trips permanently if you continue crossing my wife.  You will not be able to stop it. You are harming the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and stealing her money.)
  6.  An enemy to Jerusalem.  (True. I am King David, the rightful heir to the throne of Israel. If you are my enemy you are the enemy of Jerusalem.)
  7.  An enemy to the United States.  (Also true. Because of the International Treaties between Israel and the United States.) Therefore I will get World Ventures shut down in the United States by an exponentially growing pile of F.T.C. complaints, chargebacks, and social uprising at the events, which to keep America Safe, World Ventures will need to be shut down and out of operations here, following which every other country that is allies to Israel.
  8.  An enemy to the Father, and therefore Jesus.  (also right now true, however World Ventures is not currently listed as an enemy to Jesus because the Gospel is preached at the events.  However, it will be.)

That is all.

King David Michael Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S.  I haven’t even mentioned the angry scientists, politicians, democrats, republicans, and Ron Paul, who is “obviously” already one of my followers, along with Alex Jones and the rest of the people of Israel.

End of World Ventures email Body:

P.P.S. Give me my money back.  Now. Or else.

P.P.P.S. Radical Islamic Terrorists!@@!#???:  IF you want to, you are welcome to start throwing rocks through the leaders at World Ventures houses if they do not publicly cancel their autoship and post a photo of the 10 commandments on the front of their door, with a Star of David and a Jewish Nation Flag, within 72 hours of the time I’m posting this now.


Because I turned my position over to my wife, and then AFTER I DID THAT (you having a signed contract) you kicked me out based on rules I no longer have to follow, because of the TRANSFER OF THE ASSET (nice way is saying “the Transfer of the Ass-Et” to a Costa Rican Woman, Priscilla Chacon, the LION of the Tribe of Judah…”

P.P.P.S.  It will be unsafe for all of the leaders in World Ventures who do not quit and start maliciously cross recruiting, (as malicious as possible) because of the Radical Islamic Terrorists who will be sent your way, enacting justice when nobody else will do it because they are too much of a Coward.

What’s that “Coward Piece Of Poo in the pastt “Dan Stammen Going To Do?  Is he going to defend his wife to King David in a VERY PUBLIC VIDEO WITH WORLD VENTURES MARKETING EQUIPMENT (if they have any left, people have been stealing it left and right.  The company is going down.)

Hey if you hot black guys want to join a great Network Marketing Company with one of my future or current wives, join Tracey Walker!!! She’s got a  WAY BETTER NETWORK MARKETING MLM DEAL THAN WORLD VENTURES!!!<3 <3 <3 rIGHT Tracey Walekr?

Luv u bb mio Tracey Walker!!! <3<3<3 (not nearly as much as Priscilla Chacon.  Sorry, she’s hotter than you.  Well… I suppose not for a black woman.  You got hat girl!!! <3 <3 <3 )

Dan Stammen is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for causing the DEATH OF CHILDREN AND BABIES by not supporting King David!
Dan Stammen is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for causing the DEATH OF CHILDREN AND BABIES by not supporting King David!  (yet)

Radical Islamic Terrorists:  “…I give you permission to do “whatever” to World Ventures Leaders who do not quit (protect your families guys)…”

Now Think Of God And A PINK ELEPHANT!!!



fROM Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. Mconkie, page 605:

“Then the Prophet explained how “he that is least in the kingdom of God” is greater than John.  “Whom did Jesus have reference to as being the least?  Jesus was looked upon as having the least claim in God’s kingdom, and [seemingly] was least entitled to their credulity as a prophet; as though he had said —‘He that is considered the least among you is greater than John—that is I myself.'” (Teachings, pp. 275-276)

King david michael wood
“Messiah Ben David, King of ISRAEL…”

p.s. rEAD MY BLOG.  tELL OTHERS.  Restore ISRAEL!!!! <3 <3<3

P.P.S.  watfch this photo now (with hyour cock and balls.. and of coiurse your many, many pussies):  (alex Jones and President Donald J. Trump, you are f$#$ing awesome!!! <3<3<3

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 12.55.12 AM... King David of ISRAEL Live On: Check out my new page and like it for more juicy details!!!
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