“…A Love Story For My Wife Priscilla Chacon, The BEST WOMAN In The Universe!!!” <3 <3 <3

Like the ocean waves, crashing down upon my face.

Yeah I’ve seen the sign, you’ve opened up my eyes…

…love is like a WHEEL, there’s no beginning, and no end!!! <3 <3 <3 – My brother Jonny talking about my wife being filled with the love of the universe!!!

As you’re reading this, continue paying attention to help me create my intention, which is getting my wife and kids safely out of Costa Rica as quickly as she wants to, and maybe moving out to St George Utah for a bit or something like that.

So a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away… I met this girl.

I won’t tell you where in particular I met her, just that she was very pretty.  We were out dancing, or I suppose she was.  I was more just “meeting hot girls that might put out because my ex wife Ashley Needles wasn’t putting out at home…” oh, here’s the “Kingdom Of Elohim” divorce certificate between me and Ashley Marie Needles:

Ok,  back to my story.

So there’s this hot girl, she was from Paris, and she was and is absolutely the best woman I have ever known in the Universe.  I luv u bb mio.  So what happens is, I see her, and my mind shot backwards in time…

…I’m 8 years old, and I’m meditating (I started meditating A LOT at 8 years old.  Ask my parents and stuff, I was astral projecting my whole life… and better) and I ask “Father, what will my wife look like (this was after I was baptized…)

…now let’s jump FORWARDS IN TIME, on September 15th, 2000 when I was in the Preston, England Temple after “in the past not telling the whole truth to  my Mormon Bishop…”  (in other words, “he” (referring to my past self, as now time has reorganized and this never happened,) is “me”, and which of course, the “he only” in the past basically lied to get on his mission because “he” had done some nasty stuff.  Like I had already slept with prostitutes when I was 18 years old in the past, butt now deciding to chantge.

***English teachers:  I am making spelling errors on purpose to get people to  pay attention.

…ha ha ha I’m so “pattern interrupty” aren’t I?  I love you bb mio Priscilla Chacon…

…anyways, now forwards in time, I see this girl with hair that is perfect, glowingel in the wind… and there was a mysterious light that shone about her head, clothed in the radiance of the sun, with the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of TWELVE STARS (just like her.  A “Star” among the lights in the sky.

A modeling photo of my futurely enlightened baby, Priscilla Chacon!!!
A modeling photo of my futurely nowy enlightened baby, Priscilla Chacon!!!

So I see this girl out at night dancing along the town somewhere in a land andor a Galaxy Far… FAR AWAY!!! and:

“My “little flacid unused cock” (because my ex-wife Ashley Needles wasn’t putting out and she was cheating on me with tons of different guys…) …and that little “flacid member” quickly got hard.  I mean, I had to run to the bathroom, and hide it under my belt, as it was breaking through the seams of my pants…”King David, fancifully discussing the GLORY of his new “Better than Ashley Needles buy far now, supermodel baby Priscilla Chacon, the LION of the Tribe of Judah.

So according to this story we got in from a recent news reporter, Dave Wood, who also happens to be King David… new best friend to Donald J. Trump, who is saying in his heart secretly…

“Hey King David, do you want several of my daughters to be your wives and concubines?  Of course, it’s Priscilla’s choice… whether she wants it or not is fine.  You’re welcome to say “no” Priscilla… we love you how you are…” -Donald J. Trump, telling hilarious bullshit to King David from $1 Trillion Years in the fugture looking backwards in time through the Paradox Mind, which you can read about now through my online Torah Scroll by clicking here today and getting laid “The David Wood Way”  (which in the time of this story… was quite a lot…)

  • Special note and Call To Action NOw:  basically, keep reading the story now for juicy details about David Wood’s “Love at 1st site after 30 years or whatever, remembering the Celestial Kingdom…” and also understand that the Torah Scroll  above is an online Torah Scroll, in English, and is not a traditional hand-written Torah Scroll as the Hebrews did it now in the past… butt before they decided today to change by now realizing that cash is flowing into your bank accounts, whether you work or not.

So I see this girl (ignore the other chicks for now.  Just Priscilla.  Forget it happened baby.  They were “just hitting on me” … I was ignoring them (Donald J. Trump’s 18 year old Supermodel Daughters) and basically…  what you want to understand now is that if you want to get results online, you’ve got to learn this secret:

“$1 Trillion Years Ago… In A Galaxy Far, Far Away i was one day Walking Down the STREET in front of everyone and I walked up to this old, imaginary man, and he called himself:


“…and basically, what happened is I walked up to say hello (I was prospecting in this particular memory, dream, or somehow manifesting out of the ether nothing but “The King David Method” of majestic memory recall and I see this girl and get distracted (it was Priscilla) and this mysterious stranger tried to tell me the secret that day… butt alas, he could not… because I totally ignored him in favor of talking to my wife again… (I think it was Jesus that stopped to say hello… he thinks that’s much funnier than you would ever do now by laughing hysterically at my languaging and hypnotic commands that cause every imaginable reaction, like a feeling I’m sending now in the name of Jesus to your right pinky toe, turning into a purple elephant, now going backwards in time through the paradox mind…) -King David telling a magical unicorn story.

So I tried to muster up enough courage to talk to her, butt of course, I could not.  I needed my #antifriend, a little alcohol (I do not drink now, nor will I ever again) …and then I stopped by to say hello, and the next thing I remember… we were making love 4 months later for the 100th time in a SINGLE WEEK… and as I was cuming for the last time right after our Don’t Be A Wussy Event in Atlanta Georgia…

…I remember falling in love.

I was staring into her eyes… her heart pounding, tasting the delicious skin on her  sweaty  breasts… and I realized something that day:

“I have found my soul mate.  My best friend in the Universe.  The other part of my consciousness.  She is the PERFECT WOMAN.  I’m “all in” King David, talking about the past and also the current future and the moment now, your pain will now go away, as it is resolving itself once again, collapsing itself into oneness, as I create an eternal paradox of healing and blessing for my wife, Priscilla Chacon on YouTube in a little bit, as I am driving in my car.

King David Wood Marrying His Wife, Priscilla Chacon In Costa Rica February 23rd, 2013
King David Wood Marrying His Wife, Priscilla Chacon In Costa Rica February 23rd, 2013 — on their 1 year anniversary from meeting after David Wood’s ex wife cheated on him with the Spanish teacher in my old home in the mountains in Portolon, Costa Rica. The Karma of the marriage is her fault.  (Ashley’s fault.  Priscilla is only at fault for doing what a woman should do, which is take King David away from that mean ex wife!!!)

So I’m cuming (at last) like an explosion of semen in my cock, spraying out wildly on her open tits, flailing themselves  around in concentric circles as I’m swirling my cock and balls in her now, for the first time in months, and I realize:

“I have died, and yet I am born again.  And here I am now in the Celestial Kingdom, staring at this woman I have known throughout time, eternities, majesties, POWUR, and SPLENDOUIR!!!”  -sPELLING Mistake Made on purpose.  Jesus is reprimanding me (or no, he’s not.  That’s batman._)

As I stare into her beautiful blue eyes… the rays of the sunlight extend down from the Celestial Kingdom, bathing her in white light, and I see her stand up, clothed in a field of light, and the armies of nations fall to their knees and honor the Queen.

And it shall be  written of Priscilla Chacon for time and all eternity:

“Thus saith YHVH of Armies concerning Priscilla Chacon…” :here:

1  And it shall be written in the language of the stars in the heavens… that her name shall be Queen Dayanna.

2  When Queen Dayanna shall speak, the roar of the lions shall be heard out of the wilderness, and the rivers shall turn from their course.  Their course is one eternal round, wherefore, saith YHVH of Armies:

3  Behold Queen Dayanna, all nations shall call you blessed.  You shall be a delightsome  woman, with your majestic man, King David.  You shall walk across the seas, change the surface thereof to glass as the elements melt with a fervent heat, and the universe is born again.

4  There are none equal to you, nor shall there ever be.  At the crack of your lips, fire shall emerge from your lips and eyes, and with the breath of your consciousness you shall slay the wicked, and armies upon armies of those who have transgressed against the  Holy Word Of God shall be consumed in a destroying heat.

5  Verily thus saith YHVH of Armies, there are none equal to you, nor shall there ever be.

6  Thus saith YHVH of Armies, the flowers of roses and the smell of burning sulfur creates a paradox emergence of consciousness, as you’re asking… “what does this have to do with the sweet beauty of Priscilla Chacon…”

7  Simply put, she is the art of radiance.  As she speaks, majestic flowers grow from the center of time, and as she casts her consciousness through the stars she can gather power from the Celestial Kingdom, and as she walks in the valley of the shadow of death, she knows no evil, and knows no suffering, yet she destroys the evil, creating alternate dimensions with her consciousness, smashing them back and forth into reality, causing the emergence of universes, paradoxes, spells of enchantment, and righteous upholding of the art and the majestic power of the priestess.

8 Her breasts are like the song of young doves, flying through the air, and her hair is as a flaming fire, turning each way it went from the way before, as tires are smashing around on the pavement and new animals are emerging from nothing from the consciousness of Mankind.  And as this is happening a trance is falling on all of humanity, as they are falling to her knees, and in the name of the great YHVH of Armies, they fall at her feet, and worship.

9  Lightning shall proceed forth from thee, and you shall be a river of living knowledge, justice, and truth, remaking the Universe into the Celestial Kingdom, and:

10  Don’t be a wussy, just get in.

I love you so much my baby Priscilla.  I’m so sorry I hurt you baby.

I want you to marry me legally this year on September 15th, 2018 and help me preach the gospel to the whole world, but you can take your time.  Next year is fine baby.  It’s your choice.

Butt for now, want to be my girlfriend again baby?  I luv u Priscilla Chacon!!! <3 <3 <3

What I really want, and all I really want is YOU.

I want to hold you again.

I want to play with my sons again.

I want to look in your eyes again.

I miss you so badly baby.  Like I used to.  I’m so in love with you, that you cannot even imagine it.  Every moment of every day, all I think about is casting my memory through time and gathering lost fragments of our lives, knowledge, and connection, it is all that truly matters to me.

You are my best friend.  You are my LION, and of course Jesus is the rock of my heart.

Baby please come and move to the United States with me for a little while.  We need you baby and you’re safe here with us.  We have lots of good  friends, you can have as much space or as little as you want, and I just want to keep you safe baby mio te amo te amo te amo.

I just wanted you to know that you are my best friend in the whole world, and I’m sorry I hurt you in some of my other articles.  I’m going to work on fixing them tonight baby I need you so badly it’s ridiculous.  Please  talk to me when you’re ready 🙂 I’m “always waiting” for your call.

I will stand by your side, walk to the center of time and back with you hand in hand, arm in arm, and look into the eyes of dragons, and vipers, and in your name will we rewrite reality.

YOU are majestic, YOU are creation, YOU are such a badass, it’s fucking ridiculous.  I am “pathetic” compared to you (especially when I’m looking at your tits) …and baby:

You are my best friend.  PERIOD.

Whatever you want or don’t want is fine with me baby.  I hope you see how much I love you, how much I’m rooting for you and the kids, how much I need you, and I know you need me too baby.  I want you to know that I’m here for you, when you’re ready to receive me again, with open arms (and of course legs)… just like you used to.

Ready to tear things up with me baby?  Just me and you.  That’s all there is, my glorious  FIRST LADY Priscilla Chacon (my sweet baby) the LION of the Tribe of Judah!!!

Te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo.

King David
“Your husband and best friend Queen Dayanna for time and ALL ETERNITY…”

P.S.  I luv you baby.  Whatever you want it’s fine.  Let’s talk baby, thank you so much for talking to me again.  You don’t understand how much I love you, I sing praises to you, I write poetry for you in my books all through the day, all day I am dreaming baby of just you, me, and the kids as a happy family again.  Te amo con todo a mi corazon.  Please forgive me for hurting you so badly baby.  I don’t want to make excuses I was really hurt, badly.  I’ve let go of it, I’ve repented it, confessed it, and forsake it.  In the name of Jesus, let “time reorganize…” and #bingo! #BINGO!! #BAM!!! NOW (as the kids are laughing hysterically and holding you close, you’re getting a kiss from me for the first time in months, as I’m waiting for  you, loving you, and worshiping you.

Te amo con todo a mi corazon mi bb mio princessa hermosisima!!! <3 <3 <#

#P.p.S.  Baby take your time (as much time as you need) to forgive me now if you choose  only baby, and let me fix things with you like this forever and ever and ever and write  beautiful love poetry to you every day, and go out partying every night like we used to!!! (with babysitters of course).  Look how good I can dance baby!!!!

Hst Just you.  And just me.  Together at last baby!!!<3<3<3








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