NewsFlash: Here’s How Cern Can (And Should) Remove The Veil Off Of Humanity September 15th, 2018… REad carefully now:

Cern Removing The Veil Off Of Humanity As King David Is Addressing The Public:
On September 15th, 2018 Cern will remove the veil off of humanity if they follow these instructions carefully.

This video explains the basic formula, watch it now and then keep reading for more juicy details as you’re paying attention carefully (perhaps with Godly Fear) of what’s going to happen now as you get laid every day like a super hero, whether you work or not:

So basically, the way of removing the veil is through the quantum configurations and particle configurations of consciousness, creation, and glory.

What do I mean by that… and how can we figure out those particle configurations through artificial intelligence algorithms utilizing quantum mechanical computers?

It’s simple, the chemical of consciousness is dimethyltryptomine, the chemical of glory is MDMA (women produce this in very small amounts, I promise.  Way more than men at least), and the chemical of creation is THC, and also the chemical of faith is LSD.

You can take a quantum mechanical computer, and do mathematical artificial intelligence algorithms that structure the breakdown and how the quantum particle configurations would produce from the chemical breakdown of those elements quantum mechanical computing in the microtubules of the brain.

Now, make an artificial intelligence algorithm that decodes the consciousness of the structure of the I-Ching, the Torah, and the Standard Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in that order, and run a program that generates quantum mechanical energy and the mass generation of particles aimed at the veil.

The veil could be discovered by doing mathematical physics models (with artificial intelligence algorithms) on the differences in the quantum-particle generation in enlightened, versus unenlightened people.  (there is a MASSIVE, massive difference that will be discovered in the next few years, butt could be much faster than that.)

So you basically aim the particles at whatever the veil is (I do not understand the physics behind the veil of consciousness, creation, and glory on human consciousness.  I simply understand that it is there.) and destroy it entirely off the face of the earth, basically, liberating humanity from part of the curse of the fall of Adam.

What that will do for humanity is a lot of things:

#1:  It will make America far greater, because the consciousness of America will start supernaturally expanding, as the brains of Americans, Russians, Chinese, and whoever else start changing on a physical and spiritual architecture to “more of the structure” of the ancient Patriarchs, who lived far longer and were far superior in intelligence, creation, faith, and glory.

#2:  iT will force people to choose between good and evil, because the only escape from the Karma of Sin will be a temporary escape by them who choose satan and his evil armies, or simply deciding to be more righteous, getting America ready for King David in his Presidential Campaign to #MakeAmericaRighteousAgain.  #KingDavid2020

#3:  People will start developing super powers. (Insert By Apostle Matthew; The reason it is important to get right with God and clear up all the past wounds you carry is; That anger, resentment, and any other sin is compounded when you are enlightened and they weight on you in a much different manner. It hurts far worse then when you previously accepted these gifts. This is why it is important that you clear up sin with forgiveness and repentance. If you do not do this the powers inside you can turn to evil in order to escape the pressures that come along with your true divinity.)  What we are essentially doing is utilizing Technology to start breaking the seal off of the chakras, ESPECIALLY the crown Chakra. (Insert by Apostle Matthew, you do NOT want to have this happen without repentance for your sins -that we all have.- Although there is a great elation involved, the sadness and fear that resides next to these feelings is magnified to a much greater level.)  Basically, I explain what that means in this 2 (twooly) hour video:

#4:  The “repentance”, and “cleansing”, and “soul restoring” power of the Holy Spirit will supernaturally expand, because people are getting “supernaturally accurate and fast” revelations when they ask God about anything.

#5:  Families will be forced to get closer in order to survive.  Neighbors will start talking to each other again.  People will start paying attention to nature again (video coming soon on that).  People will start being nice again.  Americans are not nice people in many ways anymore.  Neighbors don’t know each other.  Nobody remembers each others names.  Nobody just walks up and says “hello” unless they’re drunk, and when they do, nobody responds.  Nobody picks up hitch-hikers anymore.  Nobody loves the homeless.  Nobody dedicates time, energy, and money to feed children.  All of that will change as enlightenment speeds up, and consciousness, creation, and glory speed up.

Lots, lots more.

That’s it for now.  Feel free to leave me your thoughts in the comments and tell me exactly how you feel about this, whether it be fear, worry, panic, or excitement for the positive changes that are coming our way as we “set at variance” each other to create a more righteous, holy people.

By the way, side note:  Baby, I love you so much.  Please forgive me for everything.  I am waiting for you baby.

Te amo,
King David
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S.  Read My Blog Daily.  Tell Others.  Restore Israel.  Vote #KingDavid2020

Chris-Hemsworth-Thor-Art-by-PC-Designs or "Sven" because Sven also means "Thor" or "Software" in the Ancient Tongue, Which Actually Cums From The Future Ladies, and "gents" it "comes" for you...
This photo is about:  Chris-Hemsworth-Thor-Art-by-PC-Designs or “Sven” because Sven also means “Thor” or “Software” in the Ancient Tongue, Which Actually Cums From The Future Ladies, and “gents” it “comes” for you…

…Baby I AM Thinking Of YOU ONLY RIGHT NOW:”

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