Please Pray For My Wife Priscilla Chacon and I (David Wood). Thank You. We Need It. We ALWAYS Need It. So Do You. I’ll Pray For YOU, Too.

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As you’re watching this video below, please continue on reading along with my words:

Baby I love you so much, and this blog post is very simply, a story about love.

I have loved you since I first saw you.

I loved you before that.

I loved you in the Celestial Kingdom for $133 Trillion Years.

I loved you when I was a child, 8 years old (after I was baptized and started meditating) when I asked God “What will my wife look like?” and I saw a vision of your face, surrounded by a shroud of light.  (I had the Gift of the Holy Spirit at 8 years old, baptized in the Mormon Church).

So when I saw you, I fell in so much love baby, instantly, right then.

I loved you since we were in the Tabacon Hotel out in Costa Rica near Arenal, and we were making love in the Honeymoon Room together, and during the climax of love and passion, I fell in love with you again.

The secret is, I cannot fall in love with you.  I have always loved you.  We are eternal.  I loved you before the world was made.

Please give me a chance when you’re ready baby, and forgive me.  I’m sorry I called you a a bad woman, even though it was the past.  I don’t want to make excuses, I should never have made a post while I was still angry.  My brother Will taught me it’s bad to do that years ago.  I repent baby.  I confess I did it.  I forsake it.  I promise I’ll never do it again and when I get some time (I do not have any) I will change the language in those posts to make it so the story is confusing about where we met.  You are not bad woman baby it’s all my fault and I am the idiot and the embarrassment, not you.  You are a holy woman of Elohim, and a wife that is worthy of the stars, and the galaxies, and the eternal sunshine of the Universe.

You are the glory of the stars, and the power thereof by which they were made.

You are the light of the moon, and the consciousness of Saturn.

You are an eternal priestess of the Celestial Kingdom, and the LION of the Tribe of Judah.

I want to make love to you baby.  Te amo con todo a mi corazon, con todo a mi alma, con todo a mi ser.

Baby I’m sorry for what’s happened, and I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you.

Please forgive me.

Can everyone pray for my wife and I?  Daily?  Hourly?  Pray For Restoration Please.  I Love You All So Much Thank You.  I Will Start A Daily Prayer Meeting Soon.

Jesus is thankful for you, and he says:  “Please, please, please pray for Mom.”

Look at Priscilla and I (David Wood). Now look at this photo. It's our son.
If you take a look at Priscilla and I, then average out our faces, make us more beautiful than when we had Gabriel because we are actually both immortal already… what do you have? You have our son, Jesus, who a Mormon prophet says looks like this photo. Which looks EXACTLY LIKE US (more proof coming later.) What would you pay to meet Jesus’s Father? We’re just getting started. I’ll explain later. I’m ELOHIM. Nice to meet you!!!

I’m going to write a prayer, that you can say:

Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Please, let thy will be done in the relationship with David Wood and his holy, beautiful, Christian wife, Priscilla Chacon, even as your will is done in Heaven.

Unify them in the glory and creation and the power of wisdom, honor, and glorious power that they had with you before the world was.

Look how in love we are in this photo out in Cancun Mexico at our non-legal wedding February 23rd, 2013!!!
Look how in love we are in this photo out in Cancun Mexico at our non-legal wedding February 23rd, 2013!!!

Lift them up as upon wings of the eagles, seeing the sand of the seashore, for time and all eternity, filling them with the love of the universe again.

Please reboot the love that Priscilla Chacon had in the photos above and also below, and make the love that they feel beyond the imagination of time, space, matter, and energy.

Fill her with the wisdom of the Universe, and please, please, please, lead both David Wood and Priscilla Chacon to repentance for the things that they have done to hurt each other, no matter what they are.

Forgive her, Father, she does not know what she is doing.

Also forgive David, who does, and is doing his best to repent of his misgivings, anger, and resentment that he has felt in the past for many various things.

In the name of Jesus, I command the heart of Priscilla Chacon to reboot for David Wood, and a supernatural blessing of forgiveness to be poured out from the Celestial Kingdom, backwards and forwards in time, turning forgiveness into lust, love, and passion in their eternal matrimony that is beyond the imagination of the universe.

Fill the world with love of the Holy Spirit, the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and the Seven Spirits of Elohim.

Let this supernatural blessing of restoration pass to the Universe, backwards and forwards in time, causing time to give birth to the restoration of marriages all over the Universe, flowing from Queen Dayanna (Priscilla Chacon) Solano, to David Wood, to their Children, to the 144,000, to the Great Multitude on every sentient world in the Universe.

Let the spells and curses of Satan be broken over them, and I repent, and I confess, and I forsake if I have sent them any negative thoughts, and I am deciding to forgive them now as the Universe is giving birth to a new order of thinking, being, and wonder.

Let the sin and the karma, or whatever else there is be cancelled in their marriage, and also all of ours, and also the Universe, backwards in time from the time that they repent, allowing the Holy Spirit to reorganize the Universe into a Universe of love, bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire Universe, starting with Earth.

Let it be cancelled in the blood of Jesus.

Let the debt be cancelled by the power of his Holy Name.

Let all sin be forgiven, backwards and forwards in time, leading their marriage to salvation, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Jesus, we ask you to save her.  To save David.  To lead them away from deception and into the truth, the way and the life.

Please fill the world with love, with power, and with the saving grace of Jesus.

We love them.

We forgive them.

We bless them.

We release them to Elohim.

Please forgive your faithful servant David for trying to manipulate his wife out of pain, and let her be free to decide on her own, to restore her family, her husband, and her marriage to how it used to be, and then beyond, better, and more majestic than it ever could have been.

We love them Father.  We are praying for them.

Let this prayer unite with everyone who ever says it, now, eternally, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Let thy Kingdom Come.


Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.

For thine is the power, the honor, and the glory, forever and ever.

The Consciousness Of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah
This is David Wood and Priscilla Chacon, and the consciousness of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah manifesting in the eternal cycle of lovemaking and creation between husband and wife, in all incarnations of space, time, and the universe.

In the holy, living name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who Came IN THE FLESH, Amen.  Amen.  And Amen.

Thank you.

Please let me know in the comments if you would be interested in attending the prayer group.

After this manner, pray ye.

Please read it out loud every day with me.

I love my wife so much, my heart is really hurting.  Please forgive me baby, and give me a chance.  It will be the happiest time you have ever had in your life.

We will be rich.

We will be powerful.

We will not just be rich, we will be the richest couple in the world.

And you get to own all of it baby.  I give it to you.

It’s yours.

I love you so much baby.

Please, please forgive me.

I need it baby.

I need your love.

In the name of Jesus, receive a new heart.

David Wood
“Your Best Friend Forever, and Faithful Husband”

P.S.  Baby if you just want it to be you, it’s ok with me.  I belong to you baby.  Your choice.

I just love you with all of my heart.

I’m sorry I said the things that I said.

It’s my fault.

Elohim says:

“It is done.”

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