[newsFLASH] Thus Saith YHVH Of Armies: “World Ventures Has Stolen From The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah, And Must Be Entirely Destroyed. If You’re In, Flee. Radical Islam, You’re WELCOME To Help. King David Loves You!”

“…Please share this on your Facebook wall.  It doesn’t matter if you believe I am King David, or not.  We MUST HELP THE NETWORK MARKETING INDUSTRY CREATE JUSTICE WHERE THE LITTLE GUY IS HARMED.  As a result of this injustice, and World Ventures REFUSING TO GIVE ME MY MONEY THAT THEY STOLE, I will now no longer take these articles down, as something must be in place to keep them in check against ever doing anything like this again.  They still must give me my money, or I will utterly destroy them from off of the face of the earth, saith the YHVH (yhvh is pronounced ‘The Tetragrammaton).  Afterwhich, I will write another article (more peaceful) stopping the attack….”

*** THUS SAITH THE YHVH:  “THE Teenagers in Plano, Texas, And Radical Islamic Terrorists, AND BLACK PANTHERS, AND KLU KLUTZ CLAN MEMBERS—IF they do not repent, they will throw eggs at the World Ventures Headquarters LITERALLY EVERY DAY (And Rocks) … And Generally Make It The Most Unsafe Place To Work In North America, Until Every Last Employee Quits FOR GOOD.  WORLD VENTURES Are Thieves And Liars, And No Good Employee Should Be Associated With Them Right Now.

…Because World Ventures Is The WORST COMPANY In Network Marketing… And I Will Not Stop Until Their Merchant Accounts Are Shut Down, Their Leaders Flee In Every Direction, And Everyone Feels Unsafe, And Flees To A Great Company, Like The One Tracey Walker Is In.  I’ll Have Something I’m Promoting Within The Next Week, As Well, That Isn’t Stupid And Unsafe Like World Ventures.  That Won’t Steal From Your Family Like World Ventures Did.  That You Can Build With REAL LEADERS On The Internet And Travel With CASH COMMISSIONS.

Here is the World Ventures headquarters address:

Worldventures Marketing, L.L.C. 
5100 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, Tx 75024, Usa

THUS SAITH THE YHVH, FEEL FREE TO ALSO also use that address to send hate mail, dog poop, and otherwise make the lives of everyone who works there completely miserable, until the company is utterly destroyed from off of the face of the earth (completely, with zero traces of its existence remaining in history, other than on the “failure section” of the bookstore, dedicated to those who cross King David and the People of Israel.)

Tracey Walker Getting Ready To Recruit World Ventures Downline.
This is Tracey Walker Getting Ready To Recruit World Ventures Downline, as their leadership is scattering in every direction, afraid of what is going to happen next (I am nowhere close to done)

In addition to that, please login to your bank account, find a recent charge from World Ventures, and hit the “Chargeback” button for EVERY RECURRING TRANSACTION THAT YOU HAVE PAID.  It only takes 100 chargebacks to seriously damage a companies merchant accounts.  I grew up studying the Art of War.  If we eliminate their financial ability to pay commissions, they are done.  All we have to do (together) is to completely destroy their merchant accounts, followed by attacking their core leadership and making it unsafe to promote World Ventures from a social and branding war, followed by attacking their product by socially attacking and damaging any company choosing to remain connected to DreamTrips.  There you have a 3 step formula for taking out the new enemy of Mecca and Israel, World Ventures.  Isn’t it nice to stop fighting each other, and find a new enemy?

Keep reading to see how I plan on “legally destroying” the World Ventures headquarters all across the world with Energy Weapons from Zion, after international courts and trials, as World Ventures is responsible for directly causing the deaths of children by organizing like a bunch of hypocrites to persecute my work.

*** Even if you do not believe in my work yet, that is fine.  Religious persecution and Anti-Semitism is wrong no matter the reason, and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and punished socially as intensely as possible every single time it happens.  This has nothing to do with believing I’m King David, and EVERYTHING To Do With Freedom.

Here is a special message from YHVH of Armies (The Tetragrammaton)

“Verily thus saith YHVH of Armies, World Ventures has harmed your family and kicked out my servant David unjustly, refusing to negotiate and breaking many written, and oral promises.  If they do not repent, you must completely destroy them from off of the face of the earth, and their mission will be taken, and given to another company more worthy of them.  Do not stop until every last leader has scattered and found a new company, because if they do not, a curse will fall upon them and the curse of World Ventures will apply to them, and they will perish at the hands of their enemies.”

“…You [MY SERVANT DAVID] have attempted time and time again to reconcile, and time and time again they have lied, stolen, misled, and otherwise persecuted you, and cast you out, as they did the prophets of old.  Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven…”

“…If they do not repent, they should not fear the destruction of World Ventures, but instead they should fear eternal destruction, as they have cast out my servant David, as has been spoken by the prophets that should come.

Continue reading for a special letter from the desk of David Michael Wood:

Dear Friend of Freedom,

I apologize I have to write this blog post.  It’s the last thing that I wanted to do.  In fact, my real goal is to only talk about things that lead to prosperity, happiness, and success in whatever business you’re in, helping you get the results that you want.

This article is going to be a bit long, and I’m going to paste email conversations, text messages, interactions with Dan Stammen and the World Ventures staff, and much more, proving the point that what has happened to me is nothing more than illegal religious persecution, and that World Ventures IS AN UNSAFE COMPANY TO BUILD YOUR FUTURE IN.

Over the next 3-6 months, we as a UNITED PEOPLE against secrecy, gurus, and mistreatment of reps are going to socially attack the leadership in World Ventures who does not quit, the merchant accounts in World Ventures, and also the product, DreamTrips… Essentially cutting off their “lifelines” and making it impossible to sustainably grow the company.  In addition, I’ll be organizing some kind of class action lawsuit, and generally making World Ventures unsafe.


Tetragrammaton-Tetractys KING DAVID
THIS IS AN IMAGE OF THE “Tetragrammaton-Tetractys KING DAVID”.

*** Why should you complain?  You should complain because they are stealing from me, my family, and many others for no justifiable reason at all, and if we do not stop them, they will continue walking all over our families, our downlines, and the entire Network Marketing profession as a whole.  We, the people, cannot allow mistreatment and persecution of leaders.

Why are they unsafe?  First of all, it’s not just me.  Let me show you this post from Darren Little, who ALSO QUIT WORLD VENTURES BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT BEEN ACCURATELY PAYING COMMISSIONS.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FACEBOOK POST By Darren Little, Or Keep Reading Below:

Darren Little Calls World Ventures A "Ponzi" Scheme
Darren Little, or “The MLM Superhero” called World Ventures “A Ponzi Scheme” in his recent Facebook post, because they cannot even afford to catch up on commissions.


Direct from World Ventures Head Office Support.

THEM: Darren we are trying our best to get caught up on the commission payments for this past year. We will get your commissions paid out as fast as we can.

ME: So what you are telling me is that you are running a Ponzi. You post a comp plan on your website when you know FULL WELL you can’t pay the commissions in the time you claim. Is that what you are telling me?

So you are posting a fake comp plan to lure new members in and robbing Peter to pay Paul to catch up on the commissions owed?

WOW! I don’t even think what you are doing is legal to be honest. Sounds a little like ZEEK REWARDS. The reps think they have money in their digital wallet until they try and withdraw their commissions. Then they find out you can’t pay!!

Nobody got time for this crap!!

Shared, Darren Little!  Everyone please write blog posts about this, share it on Facebook, tell Oz over at behind-MLM, and anyone else you know who has been harmed by World Ventures when they have walked all over their leadership, their people, and the average everyday marketer like YOU!

To share this story, let me go back in time to why I got in World Ventures in the first place, and what actually happened to me there, and I will post A LOT OF DETAILED PROOF OF LIES, BROKEN PROMISES, AND SEVERE MISTREATMENT OF ME AND MY FAMILY.

All I wanted to resolve this situation was for them to simply give me my downline and check back, as they ILLEGALLY TERMINATED ME AFTER I HAD ALREADY BACKED OFF AND CONTRACTUALLY TURNED MY POSITIONS OVER TO MY WIFE, PRISCILLA CHACON.

Here’s a photo of Josh Paine reaching into my wife’s purse, and stealing her wallet:

Josh Paine stealing from my wife, Priscilla Chacon
This is Josh Paine reaching his hand into my wife Priscilla’s purse, and stealing her wallet because he is an absolute dickhead, and the WORST CEO IN NETWORK MARKETING HISTORY.


I want you to know what they did.  They basically got me to contractually agree to let them use the Empower Network database to insert it into the World Ventures genealogy, then after they had my data and my downline, first they pushed me out, making it so I was unable to work in my own downline, and then after I had been off of social media for a while, and then after repeated broken promises (after I had already transferred my positions to my wife, Priscilla), World Ventures (after it was not my position anymore) terminated me for speaking out publicly on my FREEDOM OF THE PRESS BLOG THAT HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH PROMOTING THEM, SINCE I WAS ALREADY OUT.

Here is a copy of the Termination Letter:

David Wood_Notice of Termination_ID54999960 – World Ventures Termination Letter

In addition to that, after I got this Termination Letter, I told Josh Paine if I ever see him, I will punch him in the face, and he “cowardly” sent me a restraining order.  No wonder why his wife left him for somebody else, he is an f*ing coward!

Temporary Injunction (signed by the Judge) (1) – Restraining Order By “That Pussy” Josh Paine

“…Here is a Photo of Josh Paine… If You See Him, Please Break His Nose For Me (I Would, But He Is Too Much Of A Coward And Put A Restraining Order On Me.  His Wife Left Him Because He Cannot Fight.  (She’s An MMA Fighter.  No wonder she left him.  He deserved it.  I bet his ex wife could beat him in an MMA fight in 2 seconds, with a blindfold on.)…”

Josh Paine - The Biggest Wussy CEO In The HISTORY OF NETWORK MARKETING!
This photo is of Josh Paine – The Biggest Wussy/Pussy Ass CEO In The HISTORY OF NETWORK MARKETING!  He Must Be Entirely Destroyed And Have His Family Harmed The Same Way He Has Harmed Mine.  An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth.  I Will Not Stop Until He Has Lost Everything If He Does Not Restore What He Has Stolen From My Family.

So first of all, why did I get in World Ventures in the first place?

Well, it wasn’t for this, that’s for sure.

I got in World Ventures because “I thought” I had found a Network Marketing company that I could build for the rest of my life.

I got in World Ventures because “I thought” they would take care of me and my family, as they had promised.

I got in World Ventures because “I thought” they wouldn’t persecute me for my religious beliefs, as long as they weren’t interfering with business.

Boy was I wrong about ALL OF THIS.

GIRL was I wrong about ALL OF THIS.

Boy was I wrong about ALL OF THIS.

GIRL was I wrong about ALL OF THIS.

Boy was I wrong about ALL OF THIS.

GIRL was I wrong about ALL OF THIS.

It turns out, that World Ventures is “the least trustable” company in Network Marketing History, and they also kicked out the SECOND BEST LEADER THEY EVER RECRUITED, CHRIS HAWK JONES!

Yep, I was talking to Chris Hawk Jones a few months ago, and here’s what he said about World Ventures:

Nah, I don’t want to do Network Marketing.  Especially not World Ventures.

We built an AWESOME direct mail system for them, was just starting to crank with our check, and then they just terminated us out of nowhere, with no warning.

Dan Stammen lied to me multiple times, so did Wayne.  I don’t trust Dan Stammen or Wayne AT ALL.  They are liars, and thieves.  I wouldn’t build a future in a company that is going to just take your check when you’re not looking, like they will.

Don’t trust them.  They’ll hurt you.  Watch your back.

Geese!  I wish I had listened to Chris Hawk Jones!  He certainly knows the future, at least as far as whether you should trust World Ventures or not.

So anyways, I got in with LOTS OF PROMISES.  If you’re looking for a real company that’s going to do the right thing, don’t be dismayed.  There are a lot of them out there.  And none of their names are “World Ventures.”

I know there’s some people that are pissed off at me for standing up to people like this, but somebody has to do it.  Why?  If we don’t stand up to bullshit, then what happens to your family every time a company wants to steal your check?  Well, they do this.  If we make an example out of them,

So what ACTUALLY HAPPENED over at World Ventures?

Well, let me tell you the short version of the story.  Basically, I joined, I started to work, and everyone loved me there.

They were nervous, and at the time, I was not even talking about “King David” or “The Great Tribulation” or anything else of the sort, as I am married, was working, and needed to provide for my family, who since this abomination has been struggling for money, as I (Stupidly) have depended on World Ventures to be honest, as I was being honest and am being honest with them.  So I was there working, with the intention of building a downline.

Well, at the same time I had a friend, Rob Skinner, who I had confided in on a personal level many of these things under the presupposition that we had a spiritual relationship and therefore the information was not to be shared without my consent.

Both Rob and I had agreed that it is better to not talk about King David, messianic prophecies, the restoration of Israel, and such things as that while we were working, and therefore I did not.

Rob loved me, and I loved Rob (friends) and Rob had also told me at the time that “he felt called to serve me ever since he had met me” (in his own words).  We had a great relationship.


(Pathetic, if you ask me.)

*** After we attack the Merchant Accounts of World Ventures, making it impossible for them to pay commissions, we will then attack the leadership who chooses to remain, causing brutal cross recruiting, with their team fleeing in every direction because Josh Paine and Wayne want to steal David Wood’s money and team.  I guess they aren’t even making enough money to go get a cup of coffee because they can’t even pay commissions on time, like Darren Little said, which isn’t that what a Ponzi Scheme does?

Well, yes.  It is what a Ponzi Scheme does.

And that is exactly what World Ventures is doing as well, and will continue to do.  Not paying commissions and making excuses for it, as Darren Little (my good friend) already pointed out.

Thanks for the post, Darren!  World Ventures Leaders, if you’re looking for a GREAT ONLINE LEADER TO JOIN, JOIN DARREN LITTLE!

Anyways, so I confided a lot of stuff in Rob, for example, the age of the Universe, the nature of time, that Elohim is incarnated on the earth (I did not tell him who it was) and many more things.  I also warned Rob of many things, for example, that if he turned on me, he would turn from a friend to a brutal enemy, and I also warned him that a secret group was forming and that it was dangerous to communicate too often with it’s members, as there is a “hidden, secret group” of people who are in an organized fashion trying to stop me (for some reason) like the Pharisees tried (and also failed) to stop Jesus in the New Testament!!!

Again, whether or not you believe I am King David is irrelevant to this article, as the real problem is that religious persecution and Anti-Semitism is a crime, and has severe criminal penalties in the United States.  Keep that in mind Dan Stammen, Wayne Nugent, and Josh Paine!!!  To be clear, Dan Stammen has been trying to help this whole time, and the ones really at fault are Wayne and Josh.  So leave Dan Stammen’s cars and home alone.  But with Josh and Wayne, please don’t hurt anyone, but egg their houses and cars, causing severe damage if necessary (if they do not repent, which they will not for a bit).

One day, of his own free will, Rob Skinner asked me (I did not ask) to partake in the Sephiroth, which I have referred to many times on this blog.  In the United States, I want to be clear, the Sephiroth (or the ingredients) are completely legal and protected by two supreme court decisions.  Rob knew that.  I did not offer it to him.  He asked, because in his own words:

Your energy is so peaceful to be around, I literally see you shedding off layers of dark energy that would take another person years every 24 hours.  It’s incredible.

Here is a video I did together with Rob Skinner about World Ventures when we were working together.  As you can see, I am very good about keeping business separate from “King David” stuff.  I want you to notice how peaceful my energy is, and how we are getting along in the video:

In fact, I was getting along well with everyone at World Ventures.  My energy is actually even more peaceful than this video now, no matter what is going on (including this).

Now, I had confided a lot of stuff into Rob at the time as A TRUSTED SPIRITUAL ADVISOR AND FAITHFUL MEMBER OF THE MORMON CHURCH… Where we have a sort of “secrecy” code of conduct with personal information.

Don’t you think he, as a faithful member of the church would honor that?

So did I.

I had confided in him, for example, that right before leaving to the World Ventures headquarters there had been a demonic manifestation that had really scared my wife Priscilla that was a result of us (stupidly) going to see some shamans at a place in Costa Rica I will write an article about here shortly.  I never expected that information to be used against me by someone who had professed to be my most trusted advisor.  It was.

So what happened?

Well, what the Sephiroth does is increases the quantum mechanical energy a person is producing, and at the same time, causes massive neurogenesis and the halting of brain inflammation.  Essentially, it gives you the ability to perceive unhindered into the Spiritual Realms and massively grows the brain and the intelligence.  I will write articles on this with scientific proof shortly.

‘…Back to the task at hand… Essentially when Rob Skinner took the Sephiroth, it highlighted a major problem of anger and resentment that he had had towards his wife, where I saw (for example, and if you know Rob well you have seen this) major “fight energy” and “resentment energy” towards his wife Kimberley, that was a result of his wife having personality disorders because he (as someone else you know) met his wife in a strip club…”

Not that I know anything about that or anything.

So basically, this anger and resentment, all the parts of Rob Skinner that wanted to kill his wife for all the psychological damage she’s caused him (on accident or on purpose) over the years manifested, and Rob Skinner was growling like an animal, talking about how (well I’m not going to talk about that and stoop to his level), throwing up all over my couch.  Probably the most terrified he had ever been in his life.  For a reason.  Demons are scary things if you don’t know how to get rid of them.

I waited for a minute thinking, as you never want to do a deliverance on someone without their permission, and then I bound the demon in the name of Jesus, giving Rob the ability to speak.  He could talk again and said something along the lines of:

I’m terrified.  I’ve never been so terrified in my life.  I’m trapped, and I cannot escape.  Please, help me.  You have to get me out of this.  I’m so scared, Dave.

I then unbound the demon, allowed it to remanifest, and then rebuked it out of his life permanently in the name of Jesus, and by the Key of David and the Melchizedek Priesthood.

After that time, Rob was fine, and the anger he had had in his heart all his life towards his wife was permanently (at that point) wiped out of his heart and mind.  For good.  I’m getting back to what this has to do with World Ventures in a minute (which should be nothing, as it is our personal religious business and not illegal in the United States and Rob asked, after lots of prayer and God told him to do it, not me.  I was just there aiding in the process.)

In his own words, after that:

I’ve never been so peaceful in my life.  It’s like my energy has taken on a new dynamic.  I’m more peaceful driving.  I’m more peaceful being.  I love life more.  It’s awesome.  I cannot thank you enough.

In the words of his wife Kimberly Skinner:

I can’t thank you enough Dave.  You created all the change in my husband that I’ve been wanting over the last 20 years, and I have been unable to create it, but you did.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Now that doesn’t seem like someone who is about to turn on one of his best friends and pit his whole family against him, does it?  I didn’t think so either, but right after that, Rob Skinner started talking to Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobbs, who I said at the time (I don’t know about now) were in a sort of “Secret Combination” pitted against me and my work, going around and stirring up people’s hearts against me wherever I went.

Now, that’s their business, I’m just telling you that it’s wrong, and evil to do.  I am a good man regardless of whether you believe me or not.  I am at least WAY MORE HONEST THAN ANY OF THESE PEOPLE ARE ABOUT MY BELIEFS, FEELINGS, AND WHAT I WANT.

So Rob Skinner starts pitting everyone against me, including my wife.  He actually told my wife Priscilla (love you baby) that if she didn’t turn on me and signed a notarized affidavit against me to help me get kicked out of World Ventures, that he (rob) was going to steal my check, and not pay her any child support.

So what the hell happened?

Rob Skinner did exactly what I prophesied he would do if he turned against me.  The next week, he organized 500 people (this is two or three weeks perhaps after I cast the demon out of him, which I want to emphasize, had been there HIS ENTIRE LIFE.  it was a combination of resentment and generational curses, which Jesus liberated him from, working through me.) and had them sign notarized affidavits that they will not even promote World Ventures if I am involved at all.

Here’s the interesting thing, though — want to know why it happened?

“So Why Did Rob Skinner Turn On David Wood?”

Here’s the kicker:

Because I told him (within a personal, private conversation, nothing to do at all with business, because we were talking I  THOUGHT as friends) that I am Elohim-Masarecht, the Father of Jesus.  Here’s the thing:

Whether or not you believe that, or disbelieve it is irrelevant to several things:

#1:  I’m only saying it because I believe it is true, with no intention of causing anyone harm.

#2:  I don’t care if you believe it to be friends, nor do I care to convince you of it.  (You too, Rob Skinner!  Love you man!  Way more than you love me, apparently)

#3:  I was not talking about this at World Ventures events.  Rob Skinner was my friend before World Ventures, and I told him this after like 10 hours of background information, none of which he had any problems with.

#4:  Turning on me because I believe I am Elohim-Masarecht, and King David is religious persecution, period.  It’s not how friends act.  I would not turn on you if you believed something similar.  I would either believe, or disbelieve you, and probably check if what you were or are saying is true.  That is all.

Now, what I want to point out, is the way that Rob Skinner acted towards me after that (and then turned World Ventures on me with PRIVATE, PERSONAL INFORMATION) was no different than how the people went to pick up stones and throw them at Jesus when he said:

“//…Before Abraham was, I AM!!!”

It is religious persecution and had nothing to do with my performance at World Ventures, or the following of the rules.  Therefore it is stealing, against the law, breaking many local, federal, and state laws preventing discrimination and religious freedom, and just plain WRONG.


From their corporate website in their policies and procedures:

Promote a climate of trust and mutual respect. Do not make discouraging or disparaging comments about or toward other WorldVentures Representatives, customers and employees. Refrain from engaging in negative language, bullying, threats, defamatory statements and gossip.

“Was not how Rob Skinner treated me bullying?  Was it not gossip?  Was it not defamatory statements?”

Was I doing that to him?  No I was not.  I have proof on my side: as I only began writing articles about him at a later point in time after “enough was enough” and World Ventures had been seriously harming my family for months, and months, and months, preventing me from being able to send the child support to my children by preventing me from promoting and working, which had I done, I would have done in full compliance and respect to their rules, for the reasons that I have mentioned, and also, I am in way more control over my behavior than any of them can imagine.

So anyways, after this point (when I told Rob I am Elohim, the Father of Jesus) he turned on me.  Fascinatingly enough, there was a time when my brother Will, and my Father responded the same when I told them the same thing.  However, my family (like Rob should have done) very quickly came to the conclusion that whether they agree with me or not has nothing to do with the fact that we’re “family.”

Do I persecute Dan Stammen for his religious freedom and beliefs?  No, I do not.  Nor would I as I believe the following, from the Articles of Faith by the Mormon Church:

11 We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

Shouldn’t that have been how Rob Skinner treated me?  With the same respect that I was treated him?  What about World Ventures?

I think everyone here agrees they should have treated me with respect and if anything, simply asked me to not talk about it at the events, which I would have been happy to do, or not do, depending on their preferences, because I am in a high, high level of control over my behavior, and have been for quite some time.

So what happened next?  Did Dan Stammen really kick you out of his house and threaten to call the Police on you for your personal religious beliefs?  Yes, he did.  He kicked me to the curb.

So after (not before) I tell Rob Skinner I’m Elohim, he starts calling all through the Empower Network data (which he only had because I trusted him, to help with the business) basically telling everyone all the things that I told him in confidence, with direct agreement that it was not to be shared.

My upline, Troy and Jeff stopped talking to me or responding to my messages.

Dan Stammen started acting bizarre towards me.

Then the kicker came:

Dan Stammen had promised I could stay at his house for up to around 3 months, which I was doing, and working while I was trying to figure out the World Ventures animal.  It was taking me a bit, but I had already figured out what I actually needed to do, and then “The Slaughter” came.

I’ll be back in a few minutes.  I have to go change locations (going to the library, currently at a coffee shop.)

For now, do the following, SAITH THE יהוה:

#1:  Throw eggs at the World Ventures headquarters everyday.  Plus, the homes of Wayne Nugent, and Josh Paine.  Also, rocks.  But don’t hurt anyone.  This is Civil War against Secret Combinations and Religious Freedom.

#2:  Login, and chargeback on World Ventures.  Don’t call them.  Do it from your bank account.  Simply login, and contest the charge.  That will count as a chargeback.  Tell your friends.  Have everyone you know do it.  Prospect.

#3:  Begin attacking the World Ventures Leadership publicly and privately for hypocrisy.  If they are not willing to part with owed money, plus damages at this point, we will utterly destroy them from off of the face of the earth and start a new, better Travel Company together.  I’m sick of this.  Why?

Because 10 days ago, Dan Stammen promised he would send me $5,000 “the next day” to get this to stop.  I stopped, and he did not follow through on his promise.  This is owed money, they are thieves and must be punished and right now legal recourse is not an option as I do not have funding.

I’ll come back with proof, conversations, emails, and what else we’re going to do when I get to the library.

Got to go.

Keep refreshing for juicy “World Ventures Crushing” details.  Please also attack their other corporate offices.  Mack Zidan (my islamic pal) if you want to pay some Radical Islamic Terrorists to cause some “fear” in them (butT don’t hurt anyone) feel free.

I’m out for now.  I do not want to do this.  I hope all of you forgive me for doing whatever I have to do (and I will) to protect my family and seek justice.  This is wrong, wrong, wrong.

So What Was… “The World Ventures King David Slaughter?”

Well, so Dan one day changes his mind (after I tell Rob Skinner my personal religious beliefs that are not illegal, nor against the World Ventures policies and procedures) Dan Stammen flips from being my friend, after I had given him a blessing and he had commented on how peaceful I am to be around… and what happens is:

Dan Stammen actually threatened me, saying that he was going to show up with 3 police who were off duty, and force me to leave his property if I was not out by the next day.

So the next day, struggling to get my things packed up in time, I go to Bank of America to send money to my wife, Priscilla Chacon and I’m a little late getting back to his house.

When I get back to the house (running late for my plane to St George Utah to see my brother Jonny, as I was having problems with my baby Priscilla) the door is locked, and my bags are outside.  Carolyn had come over (Dan’s assistant, who’s awesome by the way, she was just a little off as well) and had packed my things, but not all of them, and locked me outside.

In fact, she would not have opened the door, but I started recording a mean audio to Dan Stammen because I still had things in the house, and then she opened the door.  When she opened the door she was behaving strangely, like she was a part of some kind of secret group and was part of an organized effort against me.

When in fact, I was doing nothing other than promoting World Ventures, and doing my best to work together with the company, which was now persecuting me, and casting me out, creating slanderous behavior to my brand and image, for which I will have to seek legal damages (if they do not repent).

So I go in, get the remainder of my things, and have to wait outside for an Uber to take me to the airport.  And this was the beginning of the downfall of the relationship with World Ventures, and THE WORST TREATMENT A LEADER HAS GOTTEN IN NETWORK MARKETING HISTORY.

This is not a company that you want to align with.  They belittled me.  They slandered me.  They attacked me for my personal choices and beliefs.  They stole my downline after promising the world to me.

What kind of company is this?  Certainly nothing that you would want to be associated with.  It must be destroyed from off the face of the earth (if they do not repent.)

Throw eggs at them daily.  Throw eggs at the events wherever the leaders are gathered, throw eggs and rocks at Jeff and Troy’s homes and cars.  Just not Dan Stammen, as he has been trying to help.

They must be brought to their knees.  Their merchant accounts must be destroyed.  They must understand what it means to cross King David, and reconcile the damages that have been caused to the Kingdom of Elohim.  This is Civil War against Secret Combinations, and Secret Works of Darkness.

If they do not repent, we will also begin attacking the employees who do not quit, and join in the boycott against secrecy, liars, and thieves.  But we will not hurt them.  We (like always) are an army of peace and prosperity.  Part of peace and prosperity is treating your people well, and making sure people understand that it is dangerous to cross you.

Basically, my view on this is that Wayne and Josh are smarter than this, and understand that it is more intelligent to reconcile than to have their company entirely destroyed.

Guys, you are listening to bad advice.  I am the single biggest threat to your existence (because you have mistreated my family.  If it was just me, I would have forgiven this.  But this is not my money.  It is my wife’s money.  I must defend her at all costs.  I am very sorry for what I have to do.)

Basically, after that there was a downward spiral.  Dan Stammen got phone calls day and night from different leaders, begging him to kick me out.  They got letters from my Empower Network downline, who turned on me why?

Because I trusted Rob Skinner with too much power, obviously.  I warned him that this would happen if he listened to people in the secret groups.  He did, and I did not have a backup plan, nor did I start defending myself early.  So the mistake is actually mine.

Had I defended myself early, World Ventures would have had a falling out with me, but then reconciled months ago after they began collapsing from the destruction, and I would have kept my promise, and left them alone after that point.  Like I always do.

I do not want what is not rightfully mine.  However they have led me into lies and traps with promises, broken them, repeatedly broken them, and then led into more traps and lies.

Basically after this point, there was repeated behavior of mistreating me in a downward spiral pattern until I started standing up for myself.

The ONLY REASON I got paid for as long as I did, is because I exploded on them with social threats (after a long time of being nice).  So you know I am telling the truth, here is some of the email conversations I have had back and forth with Dan Stammen since January.  The funny thing is, I thought Wayne at least was smart (whereas I think Josh Paine should be fired and sent to jail.), but a smart man like Wayne would understand that it is better to create peace than to have his life’s work utterly destroyed by his enemies.  This is a senseless war, as reconciling it will not cost nearly as much as it will cost to not reconcile.

Here is essentially what happened with World Ventures.  Watch this video where I caught religious persecution on video while making a sales video for my up and coming recruiting bootcamp, and had a house owner explode on me for no reason at all in an airbnb and kick me out of the house (he actually threatened our lives, saying ‘I am not afraid to shed blood in this house’ for no reason whatsoever, while I was making a sales video, following the rules of the house.  It appears around the last few minutes but is probably useful if you watch the whole thing, so you see how nonsensical it is.  I will make another video about this later.  It messed up my sales video and now I have to restart it).  As you can see, I’m peaceful, and he is not.  Who’s really at fault here?  Here’s the airbnb video where I catch “Jesus level” religious persecution on video.  Very similar to what happened to me with Rob Skinner at World Ventures, with the rest of the crew.  I was treating them with love.  That was not reciprocated equally from them to me:

So who’s fault is this really?  Read the emails, and decide for yourself:

*** keep refreshing for more emails, and juicy details.  I’m updating the post.

Keep in mind, here is the agreement in question negotiated after our separation from Dan Stammen (who has been trying to fix this and his partner Wayne has been listening to the WRONG GUY, who should be fired immediately, and thrown in jail for at least a month):

1st amendment to addendum to rep agreement empower network signed by David Wood and also World Ventures (thanks Dan Stammen for being THE ONLY ONE OVER THERE WHO HAS CARED AT ALL ABOUT MY FAMILY)  The reason I have not taken things this far in the past has been because of DAN STAMMEN ONLY.

Here are some of the back and forth emails.  Will post more in a sec:

World Ventures Emails——#1

Dan’s Garage
February 13, 2018 at 10:13 AM

Dan has out of town guests coming to stay at his garage this weekend.
He has asked that you have vacated the property by Thursday please.

I’ll assume you are already aware of this.



World Ventures Emails——#2
February 25, 2018 at 5:01 PM

David I hope you wouldn’t do something that’s going to make your situation worse.

Please wait to see what Compliance comes back with before you end up doing something unnecessary that hurts you vs helps. Patience is key.


Sent from my iPhone

On Feb 25, 2018, at 12:34 AM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:

* Special Disclaimer: This message is not nice at all, and is not considered an official communication and is not to be shared with anyone who’s attention is not required. An official communication will be going out sometime next week from my lawyer, Rob Berkowitz, along with several Cease and Desist Orders and a Public Statement from me that will be emailed to and also retargeted to everyone in my database…

…That is because for two days I have been working on mounting a defense for ridiculous unjust, unfair treatment that is directly lying, manipulating, and distorting the truth, orchestrated by a group of people that appear to be attempting to steal my Family’s only current asset and the ONLY thing I have been working on for the last 3-4 months.

In the meantime, I have been defending World Ventures tooth and nail, absent from Facebook for the last 7-8 days completely as you guys requested, and STILL have not received the list of videos that World Ventures needs to be taken down that I requested from Dan Stammen earlier this week. What it appears to me is that Rob Skinner is attempting to steal my position, turning as many people in my organization as possible against me as Jake Kevorkian is preparing to launch a competing company. Keep reading for more details.

Hey guys/Dan/Wayne/Baby/Compliance/Jeremy,

This will be relatively short.

Basically, I have been working all day (and yesterday) for probably 7-8 hours now on a public message that I’m going to go out with. When I go out with it I am publicly disassociating from World Ventures because of unfair treatment, persecution, and an army of liars twisting the truth and in an organized fashion turning people who like me quite a lot into enemies in what appears to be an organized, secret group.

I warned Dan about the secret group I saw forming about a month ago and to my knowledge he either didn’t respond or didn’t believe me about it even though it is completely obvious that many World Ventures employees and reps are in an organized fashion fighting against me, and also each other behind the scenes in a way that is being kept hidden but revealed in their public and private actions.

Rob Skinner actually contacted MY WIFE this morning, and told her he would be getting my position and World Ventures would be kicking me out, and he DEMANDED that she swear a Notarized Affidavit, turning against me and that HE (Rob) would then pay her child support from that income (MY AND MY WIFE’S INCOME) ONLY if she signed a Notarized Statement Turning Against Her Husband.

And you had BETTER BELIEVE that is going to go public on Facebook about this no later than Monday next week because now I have to defend my Family AND Protect World Ventures against what I perceive to be evil, backbiting behavior that if not checked will destroy your entire culture in months and I know, because I’ve seen things like this before and watched them cause the demise of organizations, and it was not NEARLY as bad as what is going on right now.

In my statement, which will be content and therefore does not need to be approved by World Ventures and will not break any of the policies, I am going to (most likely, unless there is a STRONG reason not to) be exercising my Constitutional Rights to start an organized Boycott against unfair treatment by Secret Groups, and companies that choose to allow tyrannous behavior like I have experienced here ever since Rob Skinner went sour on me for no apparent reason whatsoever, after he started talking to two people who were acting strange towards me, Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings will be included in the boycott, which if this is not resolved will end up spreading to the entire network marketing industry until change is forced by popular demand and peaceful resistance to tyranny.

I will send in more details on that interaction in my sworn statement and in my Public Statement, which will be available for review and feedback by the end of Monday. After I finish it, I will set a date for a public broadcast and World Ventures will have from the time the document is submitted until the Public Broadcast to help me make suggestions, edit it, and collaborate in a way that removes all potential of the Company being harmed from me defending myself and clearing my name from backstabbing, lies, thieves, and nonsense.

At the time that I dissociate, I will put the face of my wife on the Position and initiate a process to transfer my corporations (with your permission and hers as a part of a lawsuit prevention agreement from both sides that can be co-created by our lawyers) into her name, and she will be the new face of my team. She is beautiful, intelligent, a Pro Singer, and is in good control over her brand, and will follow the policies and it will allow us to create a clean dissociation, and at the same time allow me to fight this nonsense until every single person involved is sued and prosecuted, or publicly apologizes for unjust persecution, libel, and slander and my brand is rebuilt outside of this space. At that time I might come back out publicly with cooperation, and I might not. Right now I have absolutely no desire to focus on World Ventures in a direct manner. I do have a desire to help my Wife be the most successful woman leader in Network Marketing History and build her Singer Brand, because she deserves it and THAT is exactly what WV needs – a clean break from me, justice this libelous, slanderous situation where my name and my brand is being unjustly attacked, and a WOMAN leader who can pass your number 1 income earners.

I am not going to allow myself and my family to be unjustly damaged. I also will not allow World Ventures to be unjustly damaged. That is how we can collaborate, by fixing this in a way that builds my wife up and keeps her safe.

To be clear, I’ve done some things that justly deserved minor corrections. But nothing like what I have received. At this point I need to defend myself and have been preparing to do it for days straight.

If we get terminated unjustly or suspended right now without a fair trial I will continue battling this myself if I have to, starting public debacles without violating any of the Agreements or World Ventures Policies in any way, exercising my rights under the Constitution of the United States of America to organize Boycotts, Peaceful Protests, and speak the truth as I see it and if I need to I will defend myself and take it to the Supreme Court.

I will contact political parties, radio stations, Coast to Coast AM, Alex Jones, Democrats, Republicans, write blog posts, do SEO, do retargeting to donation funds for marketing, crowdfunding donations for legal defense funds, and whatever I have to do to protect my wife and children from gross injustice, turning Political Parties against each other and creating momentum by creating division and controversy like Donald Trump used to win the US Presidency.

What is being said about me is NOT accurate, or is twisted information that NOBODY has even ASKED me about, yet stories continue to be told that I find through people slipping and conversations with leaders in private.

I am going to warn you guys (This is a warning of what I believe will happen based on past experience, not a threat. Every single company that has EVER kicked me or my people out unjustly has immediately collapsed from our History, including Visalus which went from something like $600 million a year down to $30-$50 million per year in 18 months from booting about 70 of our reps. I wasn’t even in it and there is nobody on earth that can crusade like me. I don’t care if I get sued. I don’t care if I don’t have money if my wife and babies are taken care of which I will do through other means. I will crusade and gather crowds to fight injustice for the cause of righteousness and justice, only until the entire series of battles and wars are won that clear my name from #FakeNews.) that if you damage my wife or my children through unjust exercise of force because of lies or half truths twisted from people who are attacking me (a mostly good, but flawed man, ask my wife) unjustly, you are actually destroying the Security and Safety of a Costa Rican Mother of Two Beautiful Children (Priscilla, a Tica and Native Costa Rican) and if she gets damaged from this from our Families only income source and my only asset, the entire Latin Culture will turn against World Ventures and eat it alive in a way that is impossible to repair in months.

Rob Skinner cannot be, and if he any way ends up controlling my position, maintaining his positions at the tops of my legs (he has violated our agreement and therefore those positions must be returned to the property of I AM Transformation International, LLC and he must be locked out of access of all of our accounts) I will be forced to initiate legal proceedings and public debacles, exercising my right to Freedom Of Speech as protected under Constitutional Amendments to tell the entire world what has been going behind the scenes and if that doesn’t work, I will begin a Boycott that will affect every company in Network Marketing.

I will spend the next few months rebuilding my brand, providing generic training that has nothing whatsoever to do with you guys in any way, and spreading the Boycott, appearing on as many conspiracy channels, Donald J. Trump Supporters, and other blogs, radio stations,

I’m done, and this message is sent in more irritation than I’d like to admit and in many ways, I’m thankful to World Ventures and the people behind and in front of the scenes who are responsible for good things that have happened.

I am not thankful for the way I am being treated, ignored, belittled, and attacked unjustly in this process.

I am warning that if it does not change, I believe that the behavior will cause an irreparable collapse of the best company in Network Marketing and there will be nothing anyone can do to fix it in a short period of time and it is not starting or ending with me, however me being terminated or having my income suspended in any way will be the start of a spiral collapse.

I do not believe that to be the destiny of World Ventures. I believe WV is the greatest company in Network Marketing, and is in the middle of a rough patch that has more ticking time bombs than anyone here (including me, Dan, or Wayne) sees. The reason I am giving this warning is because I want to help, but can’t.

You guys asked me to get off of Facebook, and I’ve been off for over a week.

My enemies (which I’m telling you if not checked, will then turn on World Ventures the same way they are turning on me. The behavior itself is the problem) used that time rather than focus on working to gather evidence, threaten my wife and children, tell stories about me, and gather sworn affidavits against me while I was trying unsuccessfully to communicate with the World Ventures team.

And who have I been spreading information on?

Nobody. I’ve been simply laying back, watching, preparing, and defending my family.

In other words, why am I the only one trying to fix things with people?

Could it be that I’m the one trying to fix things because I am telling the truth?

My Public Statement will approach this from a perspective of Libel, Slander, #FakeNews, Secret Groups and how they damage society, Constitutional Rights, and the fact that my Spiritual Beliefs are being Persecuted Unjustly when I am doing NOTHING that isn’t perfectly legal in the United States of America and Constitutionally Protected by TWO Supreme Court Rulings.

I appreciate you guys and the good that you’ve done.

That’s all for now.

Please wait for my message on Monday.

If I get a suspension letter without a discussion, then I will post my statement that is well prepared, like a Sales Letter written by Dan Kennedy, and post it on Facebook and run retargeting to it without a discussion. Gathering attention from every possible medium I can to set the record straight.

This is not the way we need to do business. Period.

Or, at least it’s not the way that I do it.

Wayne, if you see this I want to have a personal conversation with you about what is actually going on inside of your organization. Dan can be there too if he wants, but Dan, that’s your choice.

David Wood

P.S. If anyone contacts my wife and threatens her again like that or tries to bully any woman I’m working with to testify against someone for support, I will intelligently go marketing-ballistic on those sick monsters publicly and will not hold back. Please tell people to leave my wife and babies alone. She is innocent from all of this drama and must be protected and kept safe from injustice and unrighteous control and dominion.

P.P.S. I apologize for my role in this, and if my energy has been a little intense. My family and babies are threatened by what I see as dark, malicious behavior and I am EXHAUSTED from defending against this without also attacking back. I gave too much time for people to voluntarily change and simply stop doing it from doing the right thing. Now, something public MUST be done to correct this and it must be discussed in an open form or it will turn into a cancer that will destroy the entire WV culture faster than a nano-robot enhanced moldy apple.

I’m done now. Talk Monday. Again, I appreciate the positive intentions to commit on working this out in a peaceful, prosperous way for all parties.

If I were you guys, I’d want to be talking to me to figure out what I’m talking about when I am mentioning destructive patterns in your organization. I have never, ever, ever one time been wrong about an organization collapsing, ever in my entire Network Marketing career because I have a natural talent for large scale information processing and pattern recognition.

Later. Have a peaceful Sabbath.

And let’s do this right.

World Ventures Emails——#3
David here’s the deal I’ve negotiated for you in place of our separation.

Keep in mind this will allow your downline to go to work and allow you to have an ongoing six figure plus income (if and when) they produce without having to put the normal time in on this venture.

I would look at it as a great diversification plan while you personally go conquer other mountains in life.

It’s unfortunate that the vast majority of your leaders have refused to build WV with you in the picture but that’s the case here.
And there’s a whole heap of new talent your existing leaders say they will recruit once they are assured you’re not part of the equation.

Personally I would love to be in this position and have the opportunity to derive income for my family & myself without having to engage the busy work of building a network.

As you’ll see in the agreement this program pays by the rules until 2020 and then we will look to continue & renew provided there’s no major challenges.

I hope you make the right decision going forward and the main thing I ask is to think about providing for those young people that you brought into the world and your lovely wife that you always speak fondly of.

Sincerely, Dan Stammen

Alright, I’m going to post more in a second.  As you see, we have agreements in place, and the ONLY REASON we have that is because of me making legal and personal threats (that are part of my constitutional right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH, as I am not breaking any laws.)  World Ventures has accused me FALSELY of extortion, but there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between extortion (pathetic) and CIVIL WAR (glorious).  I grew up studying the Art of War and chinese war literature.  Ask my Dad.  (My Dad is in no way associated with this, other than he is my Father, who is probably praying for us all right now, and probably thinks it’s fair for World Ventures to give me back my position, and let me build after good behavior for a year, plus $1,000,000 in damages.  I promise.  World Ventures has cost me a lot more than that.)

More emails (keep refreshing as I’m posting them live) KEEP IN MIND the only reason I’m talking about King David stuff is to keep them in fear so they do the deal, because they have been jacking me around for a very, very, long time.  Look at how long they take to do anything.  It’s pathetic, isn’t it?  Here are the emails:

March 13, 2018 at 4:40 PM

Please take note of what each position is currently paying at MD AND UP.

I’m currently running #’s to see what your check would be paying at MD now.


March 14, 2018 at 8:58 AM
David are you ready to start getting paid?
What questions do you have?

You’re team is ready to start making you money.


Sent from my iPhone

On Mar 13, 2018, at 6:34 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:

I’ll look this over in about 2 hours and get you some feedback by later tonight.


Sent from my iPhone

Here is Dan using smart negotiation tactics to take away my position of strength, not giving me enough time to review the “tactically horrible” rearrangement of my downline affiliate positions, stealing my extra positions for themselves (this is dishonest behavior):

March 15, 2018 at 10:19 AM

Dave I need an answer on the proposal quickly or we will
take the deal off the table.

How’s the end of business Friday to decide?


Sent from my iPhone

On Mar 14, 2018, at 3:32 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:

Disclaimer: Everyone here I trust with privacy and there will be legal issues if this is shared in any way. Thank you.


Read carefully, and now I am posting it in this Google Doc:

Rob Berkowitz, please invoice I AM Transformation International, LLC (in Alaska) for giving legal feedback in that document. This is a part of a separation agreement between me and World Ventures to give the people what they want, and also give me what I want which I imagine will include non disclosures, non disparagement, and agreements to abide by the World Ventures policies and leave the company leaders out of Drama (unless they are in some way hurting me or my family in a way that is not exercising their constitutional rights).

I like what I am seeing yet I have some questions. Rabbi, can you give me some feedback on the document?

Dad, can you also? (my Dad is (or was) a Supreme Court Judge in Alaska.)

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David Of The Prophecies Of Ezekiel 34, 37, And Many Other New, Old Testament, And Sacred Writings And The Standard Works Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints…”

* Not to be confused with the Eternal Savior and/or the Ancient Of Days, The King Of Kings… Ok Bye.

P.S. Here’s the doc. Everyone here can comment with suggestions:

* Rob Berkowitz, I would like to make an arrangement with you and Coast Law Group for exchanging 5% (open to expansion if you can prove the improvement of profit margins and therefore justify it) to sue, demand, send letters, send legal threats, and whatever legally can be pursued to everyone who has decided to be my enemy in the marketplace as long as World Ventures (my friends) are left out of it permanently based on the following of this agreement on both sides.

March 15, 2018 at 1:37 PM
From: Dan Stammen

David YES this agreement as stated is for ONE position only and all the positions go away.

Please agree to the agreement by tomorrow at end of business or we are pulling it off the table and will proceed with plan B.

If you need to have small semantics changed later (like next week) we will be open to that but as far as the material points of deal I need a signature by tomorrow before 6PM PAC Time.

It’s not that complicated.

Thanks, Dan

Here is some PROOF of religious persecution against King David:

From: Dan Stammen
March 15, 2018 at 2:51 PM

Dave, it’s this kind of response regarding supernatural jargon that’s taking us backwards and not forwards.

My recommendation to you is to take the deal we have on the table and let’s see how you adhere to the rules.

This will afford your old reps the opportunity to go to work and give you the opportunity to work outside of WV and play King David while we try and

provide an income for you, your wife and children.

We made you a very fair offer based on all the challenges you’ve already created and so my next move is towards terminating all parts of the relationship going forward.

The choice is yours.


PS. Priscilla can you add some comments that will help?




WorldVentures Holdings
5100 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, TX 75024
p: 972.805.5102
c: 214.228.0669


From: David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com>
Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 4:29 PM
To: Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com>
Cc: Priscilla Chacon, Rob Berkowitz <rberkowitz@coastlawgroup.com>, Jeremy Reece, Yehoshua Sedam <yehoshua@treeoflife.nu>, Gregg Stephenson <GStephenson@wvholdings.com>
Subject: Re: Please send the agreement for digital signature with the following stipulations:

Well, I don’t want to activate my plan b either. That would be stupid for all of us, I think you agree. I just contacted the United States President to talk with him about everything I know regarding the Anti-Christ and the Kingdom of God and I am certain I will meet President Donald J. Trump within the next 7-31 days, because I offered to help the United States Government create immortal super-soldiers.

We talked about the potential of in the future of me being able to reclaim those positions and we need the positions at the tops of the legs to bring in enlightened leaders. I know what I’m talking about, and I know how to Grow World Ventures to 1,000 Trillion Trillion Trillion People in paradoxes all over the universe by building Celestial Technology that manifests from nothing from the Paradox (Or Emergent Reality) Universe.

* I am speaking as King David, and therefore I am allowed to make all the claims and promises I want in the name of the Almighty God.

I can bring in every enlightened leader in the Universe within the next 7-365 years, and it is foolish (sorry. I am not calling you a fool) to do away with those positions or not make some kind of agreement with me.

I can bring Donald J. Trump in.

I can bring in Tony Robbins. Nobody else can do it. Trust me.

I can bring in 80% of India doing cash payments to avoid all of the fraud issues, or simply Block the Fraud from ever being able to occur by the Melchizedek Priesthood, the Key of David, the Key of Elohim, and the Key of Shan-Ti-Rah (borrowing from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, The Holy And Mighty Queen of Queens Dayanna Priscilla Chacon Solano…)

I can bring in the Emperor of China.

I can bring in Dean Grey. The BEST distributor Amway ever had. Nobody else can. Trust me.

I can bring in Elon Musk.

I can bring in Bill Gates.

I can bring in Bill Clinton, and his evil-bitch Satanic wife, Hillary. (they are both evil and worship satan. But we will do business without persecuting.)

I can (and will. It is already created I just do not understand how to unlock it yet.) create a quantum mechanical, conscious digital currency that becomes one with all consciousness in the Universe and automatically multiplies wealth of the Righteous as consciousness grows and people follow the commandments of the Torah.

I can go on and on.

Let’s put our foolish plan b’s aside. World Ventures will not beat me in a lawsuit period. I will get all of Donald J. Trump’s lawyers on my side. It will destroy the company and there will be no recovery because the doorways of heaven and celestial gateways will permanently shut as the devourer tears the best company in the Universe apart.

There is NO plan b. There is only a plan a.

Remember, I rebuked the devourer from World Ventures based on the fact that I (and some of the reps) are paying a full tithe. THE NEXT DAY YOU GOT 8 MILLION DOLLARS IN FUNDING (FROM GOD.)

If I had not done that, World Ventures would have collapsed already.

The Anti-Christ is murdering people, turning them into monsters by combining DMT and MAOI inhibitors with amphetamines and Dark Matter (among other #antishit) and using those credit cards (murdering children and their parents) to artificially inflate the World Ventures volume, and it should make you want to vomit (but don’t. keep it down. Vomiting is from Satan most of the time. But keeping your food down is the work of the righteous).

He is planning on (after you cross him) on turning all of that against you and charging back, reporting World Ventures to the Federal Governments and stealing it, creating a company called Anti-World-Ventures. Yet it is not your fault, and nobody even knows those people are missing except the Presidency and his aligned forces, because they do not have enough faith to see it now when you decide to believe me completely and trust in the King of Kings, who has given his authority to his servant Messiah Ben David Michael Wood.

If you want to, I can block that from ever happening and do a change history on World Ventures by accessing the I AM dimension, erasing all knowledge of it from existence except for those who witnessed the miracle, but it is not a good idea to do that without proof. You should send this to Donald J. Trump and he will believe you, because he already knows I am King David, because he is ONE of the MANY trumps that sound. Donald Trump is a living incarnation of a direct angel and he was born of the Holy Spirit mixing with the genetics of his parents to create a Holy, Righteous President that saves America from the Anti-Christ.

I’m done for now. I am here to protect you. Remember Dan, I gave you a blessing (because you asked) and immediately God started supernaturally working on restoring and he is not done yet, and will never be done because I did that, saith Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies.


On Mar 15, 2018, at 01:37 PM, Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com> wrote:

David YES this agreement as stated is for ONE position only and all the positions go away.

Please agree to the agreement by tomorrow at end of business or we are pulling it off the table and will proceed with plan B.

If you need to have small semantics changed later (like next week) we will be open to that but as far as the material points of deal I need a signature by tomorrow before 6PM PAC Time.

It’s not that complicated.

Thanks, Dan




WorldVentures Holdings
5100 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, TX 75024
p: 972.805.5102
c: 214.228.0669


From: David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com>
Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 3:26 PM
To: Priscilla Chacon, Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com>, Rob Berkowitz <rberkowitz@coastlawgroup.com>, Jeremy Reece, Yehoshua Sedam <yehoshua@treeoflife.nu>
Subject: Please send the agreement for digital signature with the following stipulations:

Hey guys,

1. I found a spelling error in it. Please double check.

2. I will re-review the agreement with my Attorney, Rob Berkowitz and someone who is a representative from your team early next week when I am back in Costa Rica and Rob is available for work.

3. This says nothing about losing the other positions. I am assuming that means that I keep them and qualify them on my own, or I can still qualify them later after one position goes I.M.D.

4. Please have someone from the corporate team work with Jeremy at the earliest convenience to rearrange the positions.

5. I believe Tracey Walker should be moved back under the company positions and Dan or/and Rabbi Gabriel, if you agree (if) I believe we should put your names on there and cut you each 10% of the check (which Dan, you can share with Wayne if you want). If we put YOUR FACE on the positions, we will have the fastest growing Network Marketing team in History. I promise that. If you agree, please also reach out to David Sharpe. He will honor agreements period. He is a good man. You get him on there. And Chris Jones (probably won’t do it for now) EVERYONE WILL COME BACK. Period.

Let’s go.


Messiah Ben Davey Doodeley Woodeley

P.P.S. I’m signing off after I inscribe the following into ALL DIMENSIONS OF SPACE, TIME AND REALITY:


…Finishing With:

“…Father, I ask you to ask your Father who came before you as Prophesied by the Prophet Joseph Smith (who accurately predicted his own death, the Civil War, and many other things which I cannot say at this time…) to complete ALL PARADOXES relating to World Ventures NOW… Opening up SUPERNATURAL TIME-SPACE-GATEWAYS-of-CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED-TECHNOLOGY… To carry the Gospel of World Ventures to all of the 312 Trillion Sentient Worlds In All Universes, Paradoxes, And Parts Of Reality I Both DO And DON’T UNDERSTAND (yet I will soon) … In…”

…the Majestic, HOLY Name:

“…Of The LORD Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh Of Armies… The Son Of David… The Same Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Who Came In The Flesh… And Who RULES THE UNIVERSE From The Holy City Of New Jerusalem… The UNIVERSE ENGINE… 1 Trillion Years In The Future Looking BACKWARDS IN TIME TO NOW Through The Paradox Mind… Amen! Amen!! And Amen!!!”


I’m utilizing all this stuff now openly basically to keep them in fear, which is essentially the ONLY REASON MY FAMILY HAD AN INCOME AT ALL FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME.

On Mar 29, 2018, at 10:12 AM, Jeremy Reece wrote:


Thank you for all your help getting everything taken care of. We all appreciate it.

From what I can see on David’s Account it looks like most of the changes have been completed.

The one thing that has me concerned is that when I checked recently I could no longer can see the left leg of the binary (WV leg) on David’s account (54999960). Up until a few days ago I could see it.

I am assuming that we will be able to see that leg again once that the rank advance to MD goes into effect or that they are still working on it.

Everything else was looking as I expected to see. But wanted to head any problems off at the pass because we were getting to the end of the month and I didn’t want his monthly volume from the right leg to wash out.

Let us know if there anything we need to address and if there is a contact person you would like us to work through going forward. (I know your just a bit to busy to handle Cust Service stuff like this.)

Thanks for all your help Dan,

Jeremy Reece, MSA

April 06, 2018 at 10:37 AM
David I’ll look into the agreement situation and your income based on the few hundred people that have activated. The check you’re earning is from whatever the group that’s there is producing. By agreement we are not paying anything over what it’s earning. Again I’ll look into everything ASAP.

Thx Dan

Sent from my iPhone

What’s the problem?

I need details.


Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 6, 2018, at 10:20 AM, Jeremy Reece wrote:

Good morning Dan,
I just wanted to follow up to see if you heard what was going on with Dave’s account and when we should see the changes take place.

Thanks for all of your help,

Jeremy Reece, MSA
The way we structured his deal was that we would pay him at the various ranks via a mechanism only requiring one leg. A second leg is not necessary for him to get paid on his complete volume based on the scheduled rank advancements in his contract.

There should be roughly 400-500 members (and growing) to collect on.

Carolyn please verify Mr. Wood’s commissions are flowing (weekly & monthly) based on the agreement.

If there’s anything wrong let me know.

You’re welcome, Dan
Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 6, 2018, at 1:17 PM, Jeremy Reece wrote:

David’s account 54999960 is missing the left leg which was the WV leg that balanced out the volume coming from the right leg (EN Leg) for the monthly residual commissions.

Since there isn’t any commissionable initial sale of EN reactivations, the only way to be paid on those was in the monthly residual commissions.

Before the changes went into effect Dave had a left leg (WV leg) and a right leg (EN leg). Now the left leg is missing. Below are screenshots from the last day of March.
Here’s the plan everyone to straighten things out.

We are going to inject volume on an ongoing basis for your weekly pay and monthly pay.

That way you earn income on both the front end and the backend ongoing.

We are also going to provide a monthly report showing all your new weekly sign ups and monthly paying members so you can see/watch the team grow.

This is all being programmed over the next 72 hours and as soon as it’s done I’ll send you the details of the completed work.

This way you’ll never miss a dime being made from the organization.

My apologies on it taking this long but I believe from here you will be super happy.


Sent from my iPhone

NOw, I want you to keep something in mind (I did that on purpose as a pattern interrupt).  Dan Stammen was thinking about breaking up with his wife because they weren’t having any sex and his wife wasn’t working out (it is pathetic for a married woman to not workout and keep looking like a hot 18 year old baby for her husband.  Sorry sweety.  I love you Mrs. Stammen (Dan’s wife) — you’re hot!!!  Just keep it that way!!!”

So basically, Dan asked me for a blessing, and I gave it to him, and created a deliverance on his marriage that basically started spontaneously healing his family, rebuking the power of Satan over him by the Key of David and the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Instantly, his marriage started healing.  His wife started hanging out with him again.  They started having more sex.  I’m certain she started working out—didn’t she Dan?

And this is how you thanked me?  Think about it.  I know I messed up too for example, I made a mess in your house.  I apologize.  I was going to clean it up but had bad habits at the time.  It’s my fault.  The rest of that bullshit was not my fault.  You broke promises.  I did not.  PERIOD.

Back to more emails (keep refreshing for details, noticing how much I’m getting put off, manipulated, negotiated out of house and home, and lied to again and again by Dan Stammen (who was trying to help), Wayne Nugent, and Josh Paine.








David you were despicable on your video.
And no don’t send this audio.
Telling the world about your personal business and calling your incredible wife out in public. NO ONE wants to hear that junk. Keep it to yourself. You are close to being TERMINATED again from WV because we told you to keep off Facebook and making stupid degrading comments Etc.

You have major MENTAL PROBLEMS please get some MEDICAL help and STOP THE NONSENSE 100% or you will lose your check and income which I just fixed to start flowing nicely AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO BLOW IT!!!!!

I’m so mad at you after all the work that’s been done I cannot stand it. I’ve never met anyone as ignorant as you. It’s so sad. REALLY!


Sent from my iPhone

———I do not know what video he was talking about. Oh, the one where I first talked about this on Facebook because I WAS BROKENHEARTED.———

April 14, 2018 at 10:31 AM
Okay will do!


Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 14, 2018, at 1:12 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:

The forms to transfer/sell the position to Priscilla

Enviado desde mi iPhone

El abr. 14, 2018, a la(s) 5:10 a. m., Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com> escribió:

Please explain further.


Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 13, 2018, at 9:29 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:

Please send the transfer forms to Priscilla.

Enviado desde mi iPhone
April 14, 2018 at 2:21 PM
David we will send you the necessary forms on Monday with instructions how to fill them out. Please sign and send back ASAP.

Thx, Dan

Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 14, 2018, at 4:25 PM, Gregg Stephenson <GStephenson@wvholdings.com> wrote:

Yes we will take care of this on Monday.


Gregg Stephenson

From: Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com>
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 12:33 PM
To: Gregg Stephenson <GStephenson@wvholdings.com>
Subject: Fwd: Transfer forms.

Gregg David is requesting we send him the forms to transfer his position to his wife. I believe we should do this…let her have the income and get him out of our life totally.


Sent from my iPhone
———April 20, 2018 at 1:52 PM
Can u please send notarized document first?


Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 20, 2018, at 4:32 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:

I will also get the notary done today.

Please take care of it.


————April 26, 2018 at 5:51 AM
Asking now!

Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 25, 2018, at 11:27 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:


You guys have not responded to me in nearly a week. I am recording a video that will go on YouTube tomorrow if I do not a firm written statement of when I am getting the checks that are already agreed to.

In keeping the confidence and trust, I will only send this to you and Carolyn for now.

I sincerely love and appreciate you both.

Thank you for doing what you have done. I trust this can get resolved amicably, and fast.

Please update me with what is going on. My video will not be nice. The way I look at this, is you guys have been stealing from my family and my kids need food.


Enviado desde mi iPhone
———April 26, 2018 at 9:43 AM
My apologies but apparently we had volume injections in only one area of the plan AND now they are looking at the financial ramifications of injecting it in multiple spots.

Should be done by tomorrow.


Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 26, 2018, at 11:27 AM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:


I’m sorry man. I really don’t like being like this. I really just want my family to be safe and they haven’t been safe financially for a while.

I’m appreciative Dan.

Enviado desde mi iPhone
———April 26, 2018 at 9:56 AM
David for clarification.

It’s coming up that you have a US wife that’s apparently not Priscilla and that you and Priscilla are not officially married.

Do you have documents to the contrary?

I’m hearing this 3rd party and now my legal team is looking for clarification.

They are bringing up unlawful use of community property.

In the end we may be stuck paying all checks to you.

Please don’t shoot the messenger.

Thx, Dan

Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 26, 2018, at 11:45 AM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:

Thank you Dan.

Let’s just get it done quickly. Please connect with Priscilla and talk with her about what’s next so she can get involved.

Enviado desde mi iPhone

Now I paused real quick to mention the thing with Ashley.  Look at how pathetic this behavior is.  Ashley has been broken up with me (with a separation agreement) since 2013 where she signed away all rights to Empower Network when she was MENTALLY FINE WITH WITNESSES IN FRONT OF A NOTARY IN COSTA RICA… AND Ashley did not even contact World Ventures.  Dan told me she did.  Because Josh Paine told Dan she did.  She did not.  He lied.  I will post the email with Ashley here in a little bit after I post some more emails, or in a different post.  They lie, cheat, and steal.  This is NOT A SAFE PLACE TO BUILD A DOWNLINE FOR YOUR FAMILY PAUL HUTCHINGSI AM STANDING UP TO EVIL LIKE YOU ALWAYS WANTED ME TO BROTHER AND I’M DOING IT AND YOUR’E NOT TREATING ME LIKE YOU’RE A MORMON.  REPENT FOR THAT MY FRIEND, AND TALK TO YOUR FRIEND.  TALKING TO ME DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE WHAT I’M SAYING.  PAY ATTENTION TO IT.  FREEDOM!!!

More emails about this lying, pathetic bull:shit:

April 27, 2018 at 1:23 PM

David please stop with the extortion threats as we are close to getting this resolved.

You never took the time to understand our comp plan in order to negotiate how the injected volume would be split and so I’m trying to go to bat for you.


Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 27, 2018, at 12:35 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:


Can’t wait anymore dude.

My kids need food.

My wife is out of money.

I am posting something public if I don’t get this cleared up today and have a wire sent out to my account.  There is no excuse for this.  It’s enough.

I love you man.  Enough is enough.

Please understand I have been the most patient person in the world.


I made this the other day and didn’t send it.

It’s nice.  It’s also unlisted.  I’m really, really tired of this man.  This vid explains how I feel without getting angry.  At this point it really is just for you.

I am tired of constantly following up with the money and never having the deposit.  I have not been able to pay a full child support to my wife in like two months or something and now that’s putting her in a dangerous position.

I feel like world ventures is stealing from my family through avoidance and constant reasons of why.

I could have had 4,000 or more people down line right now had I been building.  How many people are there now?

Regardless of why, there is no reason whatsoever to be holding on to our money at this point.  It is simply excuses and dishonest on the company’s part.

Jonny, I ccd you so you can let me know if any checks are deposited.

Every week I have to call and see if direct deposit was setup.  Each week a check is setup.  Weeks passing by before getting the agreed upon amount of money.

Thank you for doing what you are doing.  Please move faster.  I have babies that need to eat and am worried about my family dude.

Right now I’d make more money by creating a slew of drama for world ventures and capitalizing off of it than this.

That’s being honest.  I feel as if I have been cheated in many ways and am being lied to in some way.

Right now, I care about my children.

Thanks.  I need a solid update today with times.

I am certain you are almost as tired of this as I am.

If there is something I have been doing, please let me know so I can change it and we can response this today.  This is too slow man.  I can call you later.

I feel that the company may be attempting to starve me out of resources as a negotiation tactic.

I do not believe you are doing that, but the results are the same.  My family is now waiting for WV and my kids need food for something that should be in place.

Remember how peaceful my energy is to be around when you were actually around me, before I started getting attacked by my down line (the only time I actually was around you).  You gave multiple comments on it.

All of this, and I mean all of it, was unnecessary.

I loved world ventures and we all got strong armed here by nonsense, to be honest.

Tell me what needs to be done to fix this now so we can be peaceful, and give each other lots of space for a bit.

Enviado desde mi iPhone

Dan Stammen is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for causing the DEATH OF CHILDREN AND BABIES by not supporting King David!

More emails:

I’m working on it with my partners today…and hopefully will let you know what’s happening soon.

Thanks for your patience.


WorldVentures Holdings
5100 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, TX 75024
p: 972.805.5102
c: 214.228.0669dstammen@wvholdings.com

From: Priscilla Chacon
Date: Monday, April 30, 2018 at 11:59 AM
To: Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com>, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com>, Jeremy Reece, Carolyn Novelo <cnovelo@wvholdings.com>
Subject: Re: Need my money today

Good morning

Hoping all are very well …

The reason for my email is because I sent the documents over a week ago and I don’t know still what would be the next step to complete the transfer to my name.

Mr. Dan even though we have not met in person, I have great esteem and appreciation to you

David told me that there have been problems with the transfer for personal reasons that should not have to affect the transfer, much less the payments of money, please let me explain… out of my personal problems (that at some point I apologize if you were involved) David and I have kids, who need the money, they are in a private school that must be paid monthly payment punctually, also they requiring medical treatments for health problems, among other expenses such as food and everything a child needs.

Not receiving payments from the company greatly affects my children. Those who do not have to be affected by external reasons.

I understand that through your emails it has been explained that you are trying to fix “the problem” with the payments ….. However we do not know what is the reason for these problems. Since apparently everything has been followed as the company and you have requested it. The money we have requested many times, I would like to mention that it is not a royalty, it is the money that is being generated by the team that David introduced to the company. Which must be paid.

The most intelligent and wise at this point is to reach a solution, not answer, not pay the money, not give us reasons, does not fix anything, David is very dissatisfied and I am worried about our economic stability. I want to believe Mr. Dan that you are a man of your word, a negotiating man, a fair man …. That we can reach an agreement soon, both David and I have tried to please the company in what they have requested, However, we notice that we are not receiving the same support from the company regarding the payments.

If you have any observations, I would like you to feel free to share them …. Expecting that as a representative of the company you do the right thing as we are doing it too.

We can leave in the past the misunderstandings, threats and problems…. We can start working in an orderly, respectful, loyal and fair way as the company WorldVentures is Known.

Let’s stay in touch and let’s work together

Thank you very much

P.S: I apologize if the translation is not very good ….Any questions please let me know Priscilla Chacon.

King David Wood Marrying His Wife, Priscilla Chacon In Costa Rica February 23rd, 2013
King David Wood Marrying His Wife, Priscilla Chacon In Costa Rica February 23rd, 2013 — on their 1 year anniversary from meeting after David Wood’s ex wife cheated on him with the Spanish teacher in my old home in the mountains in Portolon, Costa Rica. The Karma of the marriage is her fault.  (Ashley’s) and also mine, for mistreating her.  It is what it is and I accept the Karma carefully and wisely.


May 10, 2018 at 12:27 PM

David are you getting paid your weekly commissions now?

Sent from my iPhone
On May 10, 2018, at 2:10 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:


You have an update?  My kids need money urgently.


Enviado desde mi iPhone

More emails:

We have been injecting volume in the front end and now we are looking to also inject in the backend although that not it the contract you signed.

The company is trying to tell me he signed a contract to have volume injected in the backend only so be it.

I’m fighting to have it also injected in the backend or the place that pays you the most money.

I hope to have this resolved over the weekend. I’m pulling for you and your family.


WorldVentures Holdings
5100 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, TX 75024
p: 972.805.5102
c: 214.228.0669dstammen@wvholdings.com

From: David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com>
Date: Friday, May 11, 2018 at 3:50 PM
To: Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com>
Subject: Re: Update please

Yes, Dan, but I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about the checks I SHOULD be having come in by now because of the contract I signed like a month ago to inject volume in my position as a part of the agreement for me to walk away and leave World Ventures alone.

I’m missing like $3,500 or something that was promised, and not sent.

My child support requirements are $1,600 per month and my wife has not had it since I signed that contract and we have to pay for school, supplies, food, etc.

It is World Ventures responsibility at this point to get me this money immediately.  Now I KNOW, you’ve worked harder on this deal than you ever have on anything.  I’m thankful.  People are being a pain in the ass.  I know.  But at this point we have a contract that is not being honored unless today that already cleared up and I’m not aware of it.

Like, how long is this going to take Dan?  This is money I was expecting like a month ago.

I love you dude.  Just keep in mind this is a LOT of bullshit for all of us.

Let me know,

On May 10, 2018, at 12:27 PM, Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com> wrote:

David are you getting paid your weekly commissions now?

Sent from my iPhone
On May 10, 2018, at 2:10 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:


You have an update?  My kids need money urgently.


Enviado desde mi iPhone

More bullshit emails on May 12, 2018 at 7:07 AM:

David the company has assured me the financial aspect of this will be resolved this coming week AND no they will not transfer to Priscilla unless you can provide a divorce document from your US wife that’s contacted us regarding this situation.

There’s a law regarding a misuse of community property that we don’t want to have to deal with at this time.


Sent from my iPhone
On May 11, 2018, at 6:49 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:

And are you guys transferring the position or not?

Enviado desde mi iPhone
El may. 11, 2018, a la(s) 3:45 p. m., Jeremy Reece escribió:

Thank you for fighting Dan. It is much appreciated!

Jeremy Reece, MSA
Virtual CFO & Accounting Services
More obnoxious bullshit on May 12, 2018 at 12:00 PM (close to my birthday.  Months and months of F-#%$52ing Bullshit.

That would be great if you can send us those agreements. Do they say you’re divorced also?


Sent from my iPhone
On May 12, 2018, at 1:24 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:
Hey Dan,
I settled with Ashley in 2013 and gave her $600,000 in a settlement agreement that she basically signed, and got thrown out of two jurisdictions for crazy accusations.  We are settled and I have agreements.
Empower Network is not community property.  I have a corporation book where she signed over ownership of it in Costa Rica.
I really don’t think that this is any of World Venture’s business.  This is not community property.
She does not have ownership over any of my assets.  This has more to do with being able to get money to my kids quickly than it does the marriage.
-David Wood
P.S.  what if I want to sell it to someone else?
More bullshit May 13, 2018 at 1:19 PM:

It’s not me it’s my Compliance Dept that’s in the ear of our new CEO and creating a ruckus. I no longer have any power.


Sent from my iPhone
On May 13, 2018, at 1:35 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:
One more question Dan—why is World Ventures involved in my personal business at all?  The company isn’t a marriage court and from my understanding likes to stay neutral and out of issues.
The contracts are with me and not my ex wife.
I’m sorry I’ve had 5 years of annoyance from this woman.  I will get the agreement I had with her to you Monday.  Baby can you send it?
PS it seems out of bounds or not legal to get involved in personal business like this.  Maybe you could explain it.
More emails, including one from my baby wifey Ashley Needles (ex wifey I suppose):

David because we are not registered in Costa Rica this is what needs to happen to transfer to Priscilla.


WorldVentures Holdings
5100 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, TX 75024
p: 972.805.5102
c: 214.228.0669dstammen@wvholdings.com

From: Gregg Stephenson <GStephenson@wvholdings.com>
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 10:23 AM
To: Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com>
Cc: Ryan Miles <rmiles@worldventures.com>
Subject: Re: Why did you contact World Ventures?


I think the only way forward will be for David and / or Priscilla to establish a USA business entity and EIN.

Because Priscilla isn’t a resident of the USA and does not live in an open market for WV, this is the only

way we can deal with his request.

The entity will be responsible for paying all relevant taxes in the US.

Once you and Eddie decide what the full deal looks like. Janet will need to create a new agreement and

we can use the entity that he/she/they set up for this.

Please let him know that we need the entity and EIN and the individual(s) that are part of the entity will

need to complete a new WV RBS in the name of the entity.  We will need a signed copy of that document

as well.


From: Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com>
Date: Monday, May 14, 2018 at 8:15 AM
To: Gregg Stephenson <GStephenson@wvholdings.com>
Subject: Fwd: Why did you contact World Ventures?

Here’s some info from David on why he says he should be able to transfer his position to Priscilla.


Sent from my iPhone
Begin forwarded message:

From: David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com>
Date: May 14, 2018 at 1:45:55 AM CDT
To: dstammen@wvholdings.com,
Subject: Fwd: Why did you contact World Ventures?

Ashley did not contact World Ventures.  This is her.

Can you put me in touch directly with Josh?

Enviado desde mi iPhone
Inicio del mensaje reenviado:

De: Annie Mouse <akyalamb@yahoo.com>
Fecha: 13 de mayo de 2018, 5:33:16 p. m. PDT
Para: David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com>,
Asunto: Re: Why did you contact World Ventures?

Looking forward to getting the financials. I didn’t contact world ventures, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyway, um thanks for the update.

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, 12:34:43 PM MDT, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:


Can you please contact World Ventures, and drop the communication about community property?

Empower Network is not community Property.  It is mine.

It is owned by a Costa Rican company that has your signature on it that transferred assets years ago, and you already received $600,000 in settlement, which I had never, ever been able to recover from.

Right now I have virtually no income, my kids are hungry, and I cannot be running around dealing with old stuff from years ago.  When I settled with David Sharpe, I gave him under a million dollars, like $800,000.  He owned 40% of the company to get out.

From the math there, you got already exactly what you were owed, because you owned half of 60%.

40% = $800,000 (Sharpe)

30% = $600,000 (Ashley)

= the same ratio for dollar value.

However, you actually got more than that, because you did not pay your own taxes.  I did.  So it’s more like I payed you $800,000 which is more than the ownership that you had.

Please, call World Ventures and drop the issues, signing a release or something, because this is preventing me from getting the very little money that I have earned and worked hard from and getting it to my kids.

I literally only have $45 right now to my name and I only have food for a few days.  I’ll get you the stuff you asked for, Jeremy, can you provide that?

Please, divorce me quickly here and let’s move on and I wish you the best.  I am in Las Vegas at the moment and we can easily coordinate it.


Ashley Needles And David Wood Numis Network Before Empower Network
This photo is of Ashley Needles And David Wood on a cruise with Numis Network Before Empower Network started on September 15th, 2011.  She sure is hot, isn’t she?

<3 <3 <3 Blowing kisses with my cock to Ashley Needles <3 <3 <3

(well I suppose my lips, and not my cock.  Since we’ve been separated for like $1,000,000,000,00000000000000000000 Years or whatever.)

More flipping bullhonkey:

(Paul Hutchings, for YOU baby!!!)

Dave you signed a contract that states volume will be injected on the front end of the comp plan ONLY. You should of read it closer and understood it like most normal people.

I’m trying to get it changed so volume is injected on the backend which will pay you a much bigger check which should continue to grow. I have not received the approval of our CEO who does not report to me but reports to Wayne.
I’m almost finished convincing them this is the right thing to do for you. There’s another meeting on Wednesday to hopefully finalize this.
In the meantime you should be getting paid on your weekly sales.
Are you? If you’re not please let me know.


Sent from my iPhone
On May 21, 2018, at 9:57 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:
I’ve started to get just majorly impatient, I have to talk about this publicly.
The issues have to come out.
I just got a message from my wife that was the last straw for me.  You got to understand that this world that I live in – is my responsibility and not fun for me at all.  I am desperate to get my kids money and I know you are doing your best, but World Ventures is not.
I have to be respected Dan.  I won’t throw the company under the bus but I have to start some kind of grass roots movement to get attention to this at this point so we can resolve it in some way.
I am doing my best here with the resources I’ve got.  My heart is broken man.
I apologize for dragging you into drama.  I just want my family to be ok and they are not.
David Wood

“…Here’s another email, pathetic, as the number of Empower Network people is only 500 in the whole downline, because of Rob Skinner and his dumb #Anti-Mormon bullshit.  (you must repent for this Rob.  It is YOUR FAULT.  All of it.  World Ventures should SUE YOU.) at 2 weeks ago at 8:50 AM (from this post on Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 at 3:07 PM)…” here:

David I’m still trying to help you. It appears the Empower volume is down around or under 500 counters. If I can get you 5K per month while it’s at or above 500 active will you immediately take all your videos down from the web? If so send me your bank account name, number, the routing # and let me see what I can do.


Sent from my iPhone
On Jul 2, 2018, at 3:55 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:
hey Dan,
I have not heard back from you since we have talked.
I’m going to keep this short.
I do not desire to continue harming World Ventures.  It is not what I want to do with my time, it is in fact, wasting it.
If I do not have my checks back tonight, I will begin utterly destroying World Ventures later tonight, in a way that will be completely irrecoverable.  It may destroy the business.
I have been waiting in the background, seeing if you guys would be nice, respond to me, etc.  You have not.
(you speaking of World Ventures, not necessarily yourself)
The damage that “the people” will cause (this is your enemies, with which I am not associated necessarily.  What they do they do.) to the company will result in a minimum of a third of your staff quitting, leaders fleeing everywhere, commission payouts being stalled, etc until the company utterly and completely collapses.
You guys must fix this, I am going to write one “nice” article hopefully later today explaining what is going to happen and why you guys actually kicked me out, with our entire email threads that have been sent, which in your favour, from you have “generally” been nice, but also have also been cowardly, not taking responsibility, being warned fairly in advance, and the end of the article is going to result in people believing that World Ventures is:
1.  Anti-Semitic.  (true)
2.  Which is racist.  (also true)
3.  Sexist.  9 (also true.   as you guys did not put the checks in my wife’s name when I asked)
4.  Directly responsible for harming children. (true)
5.  An enemy to Costa Rica (Zion).  (true.  I will get the entire nation of Costa Rica to kick out dream trips permanently if you continue crossing my wife.  You will not be able to stop it.  You are harming the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and stealing her money.)
6.  An enemy to Jerusalem.  (True.  I am King David, the rightful heir to the throne of Israel. If you are my enemy you are the enemy of Jerusalem.)
7.  An enemy to the United States.  (Also true.  Because of the International Treaties between Israel and the United States.) Therefore I will get World Ventures shut down in the United States by an exponentially growing pile of F.T.C. complaints, chargebacks, and social uprising at the events, which to keep America Safe, World Ventures will need to be shut down and out of operations here, following which every other country that is allies to Israel.
8.  An enemy to the Father, and therefore Jesus.  (also right now true, however World Ventures is not currently listed as an enemy to Jesus because the Gospel is preached at the events.  However, it will be.)
That is all.
King David Michael Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”
P.S.  I haven’t even mentioned the angry scientists, politicians, democrats, republicans, and Ron Paul, who is “obviously” already one of my followers, along with Alex Jones and the rest of the people of Israel.
More f*qq51ing bullhoney honkey today (for you Mike Hobbs) about World Ventures TAKING FLIPPING FOREVER:
2 weeks ago at 2:58 PM:

They are reviewing your request.

It seems a little complex as they were thinking a simple trade of ALL negative content comes down (or you edit out WV content) and then they pay fee as long as a certain volume is basically maintained above a certain level of like 300 or so active and I believe we are north of that now.
Can you send a super simple statement that depicts that? It’s my feeling with all your stipulations and requests that they are not going to move quickly or go forward.


Sent from my iPhone
On Jul 6, 2018, at 4:36 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:
I need a response by close of business today.  I do not want to make another video.
P.S.  I’m only saying this because I am not hearing from you.  I want you to respond to me more quickly from now on.  Ask your partners, as I’m certain you have agreements to only talk to me or whatever if you talk.
On Jul 06, 2018, at 11:57 AM, Jeremy Reece wrote:
To: All
Below is the company information for I Am Transformation International LLC:

I Am Transformation International LLC

1053 Willow Grouse Rd.
Fairbanks, AK 99712
EIN: 82-4492137
Routing numbersDirect deposits, electronic payments124002971Wire transfers – domestic
Thank you,
Jeremy Reece, MSA
Reece Consulting
Virtual CFO & Consulting Services

MORE AT $1 week ago at 5:59 PM;

I’m traveling today but how’s tomorrow at around 2PM CST?

Sent from my iPhone

If it was up to me…it would of been over a long time ago.

If you can send an email that says you won’t be building WV and won’t be online making any reference to the company whatsoever and are willing to accept an agreed upon percentage of the volume the team is doing and that all the negative videos you’ve made about WV will come down…I think we can get this done.
It’s when you add in all the other requests about being involved, more positions, King David references etc that’s when Legal and everyone else weighs in and says what a minute what’s going on here?
It has to be super simple with no involvement from you and the other stuff.
That’s the only chance we have of getting something done. Believe me I want to help you.


Sent from my iPhone
On Jul 9, 2018, at 9:48 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:
That’s good, but I want this resolved tomorrow.  I want it done and over.
Probably you feel the same at this point.
Appreciate you Dan.
REALLY DAN?  You can’t get your partners to listen with all of your bullshit negotiation tactics to the single biggest threat your company has EVER HAD?  (YOU dishonored ME FIRST BROTHER!!!! LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!! REPENT YE, REPENT YE DAN STAMMEN!!!)

If it was up to me…it would of been over a long time ago.

If you can send an email that says you won’t be building WV and won’t be online making any reference to the company whatsoever and are willing to accept an agreed upon percentage of the volume the team is doing and that all the negative videos you’ve made about WV will come down…I think we can get this done.
It’s when you add in all the other requests about being involved, more positions, King David references etc that’s when Legal and everyone else weighs in and says what a minute what’s going on here?
It has to be super simple with no involvement from you and the other stuff.
That’s the only chance we have of getting something done. Believe me I want to help you.


Sent from my iPhone
On Jul 9, 2018, at 9:48 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:
That’s good, but I want this resolved tomorrow.  I want it done and over.
Probably you feel the same at this point.
Appreciate you Dan.
Here is my last email.  AFTER THIS, I’M GOING TO SHARE SOME AUDIOS I SENT (SCARY ONES) and also some emails to compliance.  They said “no” to this.  Can you imagine how flippinghonkey pathetic this is?  REad the EMaIl??? here 7 days ago at 7:20 PM:

Okay got it.

Thanks Dave.

This is something I can present to my partners.


WorldVentures Holdings
5100 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, TX 75024
p: 972.805.5102
c: 214.228.0669dstammen@wvholdings.com

From: David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com>
Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 9:10 PM
To: Dan Stammen <dstammen@wvholdings.com>, Jeremy Reece
Cc: Priscilla
Subject: Deal points for WV/david wood

Hey Dan,

Basic deal points based on our quick phone call:

1  I am happy to take down any videos about World Ventures.  I will keep them unlisted or private.  Later I will probably make edited versions of them leaving the company details out.  (not now).  I need to be provided with a list from compliance, as they are far more organized than I am.

2  I am happy to not associate with World Ventures in any way.  I am going to make a video probably later on (we’ll see) where I outline how the team should be built, and how I would have built it had I been able to stay.  This should enable the team to get to 50,000 people in a year or so without me.  I could do it faster.  It is what it is.

3  At a later point, I believe that World Ventures will ask me to come back (I believe the people will demand it), so I want World Ventures to include a stipulation that at any time, they can choose to invite me back with additional contracts,etc.

4  I will not write anything more about World Ventures.  I will go back through my old posts (give me 3-5 days from the time the first payment is sent, as I have to be very careful with wording and it takes me time.)  However I will hide them (unpublished) until they are edited, and will submit the final edited versions (the content is necessary) for review, and I would like very fast turnaround for having the rewritten content approved.

5  Basically, this will be a “me walking away” from World Ventures type relationship unless you guys want me back in the future.

6  You suggested a volume percentage of the downline.  How’s 15%?  You suggested 10, however there has been a lot of damage to me personally here that started way before the damage I reciprocated.  The extra 5% will make up for the lost time and income (eventually) that has been caused to me over this last year.  I can help repair the damage with you guys by both leaving you alone, and my suggestions (which I will provide for free) on how to capitalize on the downline without me in the picture (after the initial video, I really don’t need to do anything.  I just need to explain it to you guys and sick Dan on it with maybe Vick.)

7  Let me know what else you need to get it done.  I want this done tomorrow, with money my way.  As soon as I get confirmation of a wire being sent, I will remove the posts and get them ready for editing.  I will provide a compliance account for my edited versions (which will remove the world ventures name) that anything I edit will be subject to review.


You know what my wife Priscilla Chacon (love you bb BABY supermodel mio)… y soy tuyo said about World Ventures?

BAsically, these assholes stole your team, and they’ve been walking all over your fucking face.  You let Rob Skinner walk all over you.  You let World Ventures walk all over you.  I would NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN.

You know what I would say?

I would stand up and say:

“I’m not going to abandon my team NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I’m here FOR YOU… Stop talking to Rob Skinner! (then I’d sue him mercilessly) and also World Ventures, and they won’t fuck with you again.  This is fucking pathetic.  Have some balls.”

She was right.  Sorry for not listening to you baby.
My New Wifey, Brittany Spears!!!
Hey Brittany, will you marry me sometime and for a while be one of my many concubines? I’m King David from Jewish Prophecy. Can someone contact PlayBoy for me and hook me up with Britany Spears?  Luv u BRITANY!!! <3 <3 <3

YOU KNOW WHAT SHE’S SAYING?  (with her pussy, as my cock is entering it for the first time…):

Fuck you World Ventures!!! You’re stealing from my husband King David!!! <3 <3 <3

World Ventures Complaints - Why I Quit World Ventures:
Here’s the reason why MANY PEOPLE have quit World Ventures, and why you should quit as well.  Because they are f#ing pathetic.  Not badass bitches as Britany Spears would have around her!!! (with my cock):

Here’s my favorite Britany Spears song:

God she’s HOT, isn’t she?

Got pussy?

Anyways, back to my rebuke.  Here is some mean emails I sent to Rob Berkowitz, which he never complied with.  I will simply have to completely destroy Rob Skinner legally and/or socially to create justice for sullying my name, sharing details that he DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO SHARE, and otherwise breaking the commandments of the Mormon Church.  You owe me 50% of your income (minimum) PERMANENTLY for this Rob.  It is the only way I will not completely destroy your image.  You’re next.


Please send Rob Skinner an immediate cease and desist. He is sharing partial or false information with people destroying my image and I have proof and witnesses. His email is rob@radiomuscle.com.

Dan, all I want and expect from World Ventures is non disparagement policies to be honored and my position to be protected or put in my wife’s name.

I am not telling stories about Rob, but have been constantly defending myself against false or partial nonsense. I love Rob and hope we fix it in the future, but am done for now.

Rob Berkowitz please reach out to World Ventures (Dan) and work with them on getting an agreement in place that protects both parties.

Dan, until things change I’m going to focus on something else I believe. I’m too hurt from all the slander and nothing being done to honor my actual contributions to continue.

I can mentor my wife to build it and help her. I’m thankful for you guys, and feel like you are not thankful for me and dishonesty and backbiting are about to tear World Ventures to pieces and if you guys don’t fix it (I’ll help consult on how for a fee at this point) the company will crumble like a house of cards. Trust me on that.

Reps are lying, employees are lying, up-lines are turning on downlines, and everyone is turning against themselves, with Jake And Chris maybe one week from launching a competing deal after four months of not paying commissions.

The company can grow fast, and is in a prime place for either change or collapse, and if you want change the policies that are there to protect families and private beliefs need to be honored.

Rob Skinner is sharing private information that he asked to know and twisting it to turn people against me and I believe he is attempting to get me kicked out of world ventures, and then steal the team and the check, then he’ll end up bailing on you guys like he just bailed on me.

He turned south after talking to Mike Hobbs and Paul Hutchings, and started putting stuff in my wife’s ear that were twisted that resulted in us having a fight (phone) that hurt us both pretty badly.

He started talking to you (Dan) and then you stopped talking to me and threatened to kick me out of your place by bringing 3 police, and I showed up and your assistant Carolyn had put my stuff outside your place and locked the door, refusing to open it up until I started recording a message to you and she came out and said “oh, you can come in now… you don’t need to send that.” She needs to be written up for that Dan. That is not ok under any circumstances. Do you agree or disagree?

He started talking to my up-line and now they won’t even respond to a text message and you have blocked me on text.

And what am I spending all my day doing now?

Defending myself against World Ventures people with folks that are slamming my phone all day telling me stories about one guy who talked to Rob and then all these folks started blocking me, including some people in this thread.

I’m ok with that, and nobody here needs to talk to me unless they want. That’s all of your decisions. However I want this fixed in a constructive way that helps us all win.

More importantly than that, I want my wife and babies protected. Period.

Look, I’ve done some hurtful stuff too and I’m sorry. Yet why am I the only one apologizing?

Why am I the only one trying to fix stuff?

Good question, isn’t it. Maybe it’s because I’m the one telling the truth.

One thing I’ve learned about the majority, is they are a not right about nearly everything they do.

I’m done. I love you guys. Can we fix it now?


P.S. Rob, please get ready to send cease and desists to a growing list of people I am compiling with evidence if this isn’t resolved constructively in the next 72 hours, with a plan on how my brand will be repaired and also damage to World Ventures, and a plan to protect my wife and children from dishonesty.

P.P.S. Dan, you and I need to have a personal chat. Your choice. I am here to protect the company. The company, from this behavior is months away from total collapse based on my experience in the past. Love you and appreciate the positive support you’ve given me. Let’s fix this together, ok?

Here’s an email to Jeff and Troy, the #1 income earners at World Ventures:


Please listen. This commission situation needs to be handled by tomorrow or I will be forced to make a public statement WITH my wife to defend our family.

This has gone way too far and the persecution, slander, libel, and lies will stop now.


Thank you. It is in everyone’s best interest to work together to help World Ventures and myself prosper together in a way that Potentially gets me out of here so I can focus on the growing, loyal group of people who are respecting me and treating me with the same love I am giving to them.

Dave Wood



P.S. Yehoshua, forward this on after you listen for feedback.

P.P.S. Rob Berkowitz, please add to the archive and let’s schedule a meeting tomorrow to create an official, public legal statement that does not violate World Ventures terms and conditions so there are no possible successful legal ramifications of me putting it live.

Sent from my iPhone

Here’s the audio I sent them:
Here is another audio to Jeff and Troy at June 14, 2018 at 2:17 AM:
For your records.  Feel free to make VERY DESTRUCTIVE SEO POSTS.  I will post mine later tonight on http://www.theteachingsofkingdavid.com
On Mar 01, 2018, at 09:55 PM, David Wood <workwithdavidwood@icloud.com> wrote:
If you do not respond to me and tell me what is going on or have a call scheduled with Wayne (at this point, one is required), I will begin destroying the World Ventures Brand.
The amount of damage I will cause to you tomorrow through the next week will be irreparable.  It will destroy your merchant accounts completely and you will need new ones from chargebacks and FTC complaints.
And then I will destroy those, and continue to do it.
You are not responding to me, and it is not funny.  I have kids that need to be fed and I would have fucking disappeared on you guys months ago had you just paid me what I am owed.  You are stealing.
All of you are greatly underestimating the permanent damage that is about to fall on your brand, and the amount of income loss it is going to create is not worth it.
I’m so sick of this.  I have just been trying to feed my damned family for fucking 6 months, leaving you all the fuck alone – intent on completely going down a different path, and you are forcing a kind of war on yourselves that Lawrence Tam and Vick know will ruin the brand for everyone.  You are stealing from my kids.  You are stealing from my wife and my two sons.
Jonathan, I need you to do me a favor and talk to them.  I have been patiently waiting for money promised.  World Ventures has lied, stolen, and cheated to steal my positions.
The amount of destruction I am about to cause to their company that is permanent and irreparable is beyond imagination.  Talk to them.  This is not funny.  It is not fair.  It is anti-semitic.  It is religious persecution.  It is hurting my son Gabriel.  It is hurting my wife.  It is hurting my son Angel.  It is hurting me.  They are stealing Lawrence, Vick, and Jon.  I know none of you are in a good place with me right now (not a bad one that I know of, but you also are not talking to me that much).  What matters to me, is that my family is honored.  And they have not been.
If you guys proceed in stealing my world ventures downline, I will utterly destroy your company from off of the face of the earth through a social war that will ruin everyone’s brands that does not flee from the destruction and the collapse, and will not rest until every single one of your employees has lost their jobs, and every single one of your affiliates has their incomes drop to zero and jumps to a new deal that is superior to yours.  I demand an immediate conversation with Wayne and you (Dan).  I am trying to be nice.  I have been for months but I have no more patience for this, and now I am not even being responded to at all.
I have been an angel to you guys all year and have been treated the absolute worst I have ever been treated in Network Marketing, without even a close second.
It is not funny.
It has been beyond damaging to my family, my wife, and my children.
It is nothing but thievery, lies, and deceit.  This entire time, I have conversation strings for MONTHS that prove I have been being nice to you beyond the capacity of a regular person, beyond patient, beyond peaceful.  You have not been responding to me for weeks.  You have not been sending me written promised money.  You stopped me from building my team.  You threatened to call the cops on me for no fucking reason in your house.
Dan, this is an abomination.  You cannot steal from people, cheat, and lie like this without massive Karma.  You are not crossing a regular person.
I will be nice if we talk tomorrow.  This is my last warning, and NOTHING that I have put out will damage you as much as what I will initiate tomorrow if I do not hear back with some kind of temporary resolution offer and also a plan.  It is not worth it.
It has not been worth it.  This is not the field’s fault, this is World Venture’s fault.  You will pay me the money that is owed to me, compensate me for lost time, damages in my family, damages financially, damages to my brand from slander behind my back, and then we will talk about the next steps.  Right now Dan.
I had 4,000 people on a live broadcast yesterday and that is not nearly the amount of people we can get on when I make you into an enemy, which I actually do not want to do.
Why the hell haven’t you guys responded to me lately?
Read my emails (all of them to you) over the last 3 months today, and tell me how nice I’ve been.  WAY NICER than all of you.
This is not funny.
At all.
P.S.  I really don’t like operating like this.  But I am sick of this.  You will regret not listening to me here if you do not respond.  I am listening to you guys.  You are not listening to me.  I warned you guys for MONTHS, and MONTHS, and MONTHS — Lawrence, I would also like to talk with you briefly tomorrow about this and get your thoughts.  Vick, you too.  There is only so much being thrown under the bus that I will put up with.  I have been the nicest guy you guys have ever ripped off, lied to, and stolen from — I’m done for now.  Response needed tomorrow.  Right now you guys are the #1 most damaging thing that has ever happened to my family OR ME in the Network Marketing industry (ever.  I have NEVER, EVER, EVER BEEN TREATED EVEN REMOTELY THIS AWFUL), and are single handedly responsible for me not being back in Costa Rica with them right now.  I am sick of it.  I have been sick of it for months.  All I wanted with you guys was my family to be taken care of.  The thing I care about, and why I am angry is you are hurting my wife and children.  I will defend them from injustice at all costs, at all lengths, and any manner of destruction to your brand, image, merchants, and company necessary to protect my children and my wife from injustice.  That is my wife’s affiliate position, for her, and she had better the fuck get it back.
You do not have any idea what you are messing with.  Last time I am nice.
If the world ventures employees care about the company, they will help resolve this.
June 15, 2018 at 4:19 AM

This is why I’m taking action against World Ventures in a very ‘nice’ tone. I do not want to hurt them. They have been hurting all of our families, and especially mine. I simply want them to honor me, which they have not, and did not do.



If they honor me I will back down. If they do not, I will utterly destroy the company and make it irreparable. Feel free to send this to World Ventures compliance.

Feel free to join us.  That is posted in a private group of mine.

Well that’s not the one (the video) but whatever (this part added to email)

Here’s a video explaining how World Ventures can work with me to be the biggest NETWORK MARKETING company in the Universe, where I ALSO BLESS DAN STAMMEN:
MORE EMAILS 4 weeks ago at 6:25 PM:
hey world ventures,
I think this is very important for all of you to watch:
I purposefully have not driven a lot of attention to anything extremely damaging on World Ventures, to give you guys time to start treating me well and somehow fix this mess.  It is now something that nobody can fix, except two outcomes happening:
1.  World Ventures collapses from a financial mess created from chargebacks, FTC complaints, cancelling autoships, and leaders bailing as people flee in every direction.
2.  World Ventures begins honoring our agreements (which up till this point has not been done) and talks to me in order to create a gameplan on how to fix this with reason.  I am very reasonable in this video.  If I take this to court, you guys are completely screwed, and during that process I will be working to collapse the company as fast as I possibly can, as destructively as I possibly can.
The reason for this is explained in the video.  I have been polite and reasonable with all of you for quite some time now, and this is not fair to me, your leaders, or your people.
Dan, read through my emails in the video, pausing them.  How many of them are reasonable?
All of them are.
Especially in context, all of them are except a couple of emails you may not like, because they are talking about some sort of religious subject that you may or may not have wanted to hear.
What you guys have done to me is wrong, and must be addressed in a public forum to answer my accusers, or the marketplace damage that will be done (from the truth, so you cannot say anything) will be so severe, World Ventures will never recover.
I think everyone here knows that I do not want to do that, and I think that all of us know as well that YOU do not want that.
I have never, ever been treated this poorly in Network Marketing, ever in my life.  And rest assured, everyone will know if this is not resolved amicably, which up until now you have been ignoring me.
The fact is, that the way you treated me makes it unsafe for other people to find a home at World Ventures it is at all indicative of how you treat people.  I brought an asset to you, you allowed people to severely mistreat me when I was doing nothing to deserve it, and when I spoke out, terminated my position without a hearing or responding to a single one of my emails.
It is a shame that I ever worked with you guys to me at this point.  You are thieves and liars, and I will not rest until your entire company is destroyed from off the face of the earth if this is not rectified soon.
I love you, and I hope that does not happen.
I warned them in an audio of the following, but I cannot find it.  So I’m going to write it again.  This is brutal to post, but people must know the TRUTH ABOUT WORLD VENTURES, AS THEY HAVE NOT LISTENED TO MY PROPHETIC WARNINGS:
THe FOLLowing is a PROFETIC (prophetic) recAP of a WARNING I gave World Ventures about their VOLUME being artificially infLATED by the Antichrist, and it is a bit gruesome.  Before you read it… please think about something positive, then something positive after it.  Waht you think about (spelling error on purpsoe to gather your careful attention), is YOUR CHOICE:
Now for the Prophetic warning.  Keep in mind that whether you choose to believe this or not is your choice, but I would flee, and disassociate COMPLETELY from World Ventures for not sharing this information with their leaders:

Verily thus saith YHVH of Armies:

Since you have sinned against me and my faithful servant, David, there is a great curse upon World Ventures.  Your volume is being artificially inflated by the Nephilim and the Antichrist, who have completely invaded your organization, and they are planning a coo.

Much of the volume of World Ventures since around February/March time is artificial and is purchased on credit cards that have either been stolen, or people’s credit cards that are both stolen, and kidnapped, who are currently being raped and tortured, and are in prison cells in homes, apartments, and dungeons all over the earth.  The reason this is going to be difficult to detect is that the Nephilim have the ability to change form, and can appear as one of their victims.

Basically, they are utilizing ancient Nephilim technology to create monsters, by mixing people’s biology with various forms of drugs, the Sephiroth, or more specifically parts of it, along with Anti-matter, anti-consciousness, and large injections of Dark Matter.

The plan of the Nephilim concerning World Ventures is to leave it utterly destitute, collapsing it through an invasion of false volume, combined with real volume that is difficult to detect which is which, and then at the appropriate time when it is justified by karma, collapsing it entirely through chargebacks and fraud.  After this time (when it collapses) they will then run the same pattern on Visalus, Amway, and other companies in the Network Marketing industry, collapsing the majority of large companies into a sort of centrally controlled and managed single company, with much lower commissions, and far stricter control regulations than the people of Network Marketing would ever want to be associated with.

However, at that point they will either have no choice, or have the choice of succumbing to the entirety of control.  Very similarly, the Network Marketing industry has already fallen in the sense that big companies are no longer about freedom of the representative, but power and control of the organization through culture.

Kicking good people out who have dedicated YEARS of hard work to building their team and downline rather than simply suspending them for a period of escalating time is an abomination before me, and if this industry continues in this pathetic behavior of stealing from the little guy and girl that is working hard to provide for their children, it (meaning Network Marketing) shall be utterly destroyed from off the face of the earth by my servant David and his faithful followers, as it is an abomination before me.

The way your team abandoned you, for example, and kicked you to the curb because they disagreed with your personal spirituality, and the way that World Ventures (The Company) did not defend you ruthlessly is an example of the abomination of desolation, exalting themselves above God, attempting to make you worship them and the rules of man.

Life is about freedom, not control, and if World Ventures does not repent, as a whole, and publicly apologize to you, fix things financially for damages, stolen money FROM YOUR WIFE PRISCILLA (it is not your money, it is hers) and help you, they shall be destroyed completely from OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

In addition to the pattern of running the abomination of desolation (which happens many, many times, stand ye in the holy place, as you have also ran this pattern in the past), World Ventures is headed for a fall that is generated from pride, unthankfulness, and unholiness.

No matter what they say, you are not to remove your content about World Ventures, as the story and times and dates must be preserved.  World Ventures must be humbled, and until they are they will not repent.  Go make money doing something else, sue them mercilessly, sue Josh Paine, sue Rob Skinner and everyone that testified against you falsely, if they do not repent.

You will make more money from the content than you will make from any amount of money they give you, and the prophetic warnings must be preserved, and if they do not repent, they will be an example unto me for the space of many generations, saith YHVH of Armies!!!Do not stop destroying them, but you must do it in love, for their sakes, for their repentance, until they have fully reconciled, and publicly apologized to you for the abomination that is before me.  They will not be able to do enough SEO to ever remove this information from the internet, if they do not repent.

And they still will not.  It is a permanent curse to preserve the genealogy of history, thankfulness, and truth.  They must be brought to their knees again and again, as you are, to stay humble.

The Karma that will follow and haunt Josh Paine (if he does not repent) will be way beyond his imagination.  If he does not repent, he will be trapped, tortured, and anally raped by the Nephilim, as was Seth Fraser.

But what will happen if he repents, is glorious.  He will be exalted above the nations.  Above universes.  Above all that is made by the hands of men, but not above the glory of Elohim.

That is all for now.  Continue on and finish quickly, and you shall be blessed and the money that is lost shall be multiplied to you daily, hourly, even by the minute… as Dave Sharpe used to say when he was honoring my servant David.

Let this be an example to the Nations of the earth about what is to come, and remember to love and pray for Josh Paine, Wayne Nugent, Dan Stammen, and the people of World Ventures.  Your prayers will ensure that they are not utterly destroyed from off the face of the earth.

Let the curses and blessings for obedience and disobedience multiply exponentially on the heads of World Ventures, and let the power of Satan be destroyed, saith YHVH of Armies.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.
Ok, that’s enough for now.  Here’s an audio from Rob Skinner:
maxresdefault (8) this is Dave Wood and Rob Skinner when they were good to each other.
maxresdefault (8) this is Dave Wood and Rob Skinner when they were good to each other.

NOw, read this post about the Secret Combination Boycott, inspired by Rob Skinner and World Ventures:

“The Secret Combination Boycott”

maxresdefault (9) "Secret Combinations Shepherd Of The Blind The Devil..."
maxresdefault (9) “Secret Combinations Shepherd Of The Blind The Devil…”

Ok, enough for now.

Oz, please utterly destroy World Ventures.  You too Mack Zidan.  Destroy them from off of the face of the earth.  Not just the Plano Headquarters.  Everywhere.

Lvoe you World Ventures (spelling error on purpose)… Here is one of their videos about what they ar eall about baby when they’re not being cock and balls and pussy fleeing artists:







I’m done.  Love you World Ventures.  Watch my 5 hour video.  Here it is again:

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”
Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel For President 2020
Who would you rather have in the Whitehouse? Barefoot Enlightened Spiritual Teacher David Michael Wood? (Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel)… Or That ONE-TERM Fantastic Loser Donald J. Trump?

P.S.  Love you all.  Let’s start the destruction parade now.

P.P.S.  World Ventures legal, you guys are not being smart (like you can be).  A smart business decision is to settle, before your company is entirely destroyed.  The people, not me, through Civil War will entirely destroy your company from off the face of the earth if you do not give me my downline back, plus some extra money now.  I’m sick of this bullshit.  There is a BIG BIG DIFFERENCE between extortion and Civil War.





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  1. I recorded a video to show how Rob Skinner tried to threaten me when I posted your video to EN Restoration.
    I am sending :

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