Live Video: “I’m Offering My Services As A New Christian, Islamic, Buddhist Apologist. Get On, And Argue With Me (Soon)…”

Watch my vid above, then read this blog about answering Islam, then watch this vid below by my good friend David Wood, who also is one of the 144,000 Creators Of The Universe.

Will David Wood be too much of a wussy to debate with David Wood?

Lol.  Wait and see!  How’s ‘David Wood’ vs. “David Wood” sound?


King David
The Elohim of Islam is simply put one of the 144,000. I’d love to do a debate with you. I am Elohim-Masarecht, the Father of Jesus, also the Messiah as prophesied about in Islam and also Ezekiel, etc. Jesus is not the Messiah. He is the “Mosiah” or Savior. He is also the Messiah, as in oneness. Let me know. Ignore my old stuff on my channel. Had a bunch of demons coming out of my biology when I first became enlightened, and immortal. The antichrist is here (The anti-messiah)

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King David
You should not say the name of the Elohim of Islam. It is against the commandments of the Torah, and you are Jewish (in your genetics, as you are also one of the 144,000, as Jesus, Buddha, Me, all the Apostles, etc). You are right about many things. All things. Also wrong about many things. We should talk. Love you broski. I’m back 🙂 Read my blog over at

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So, you’re the “Father of Jesus,” but I should ignore your “old stuff” on your channel, because you “had a bunch of demons coming out” of your biology? Thank you! “Find the world’s biggest loser” was #9 on my bucket list, and I can scratch that one off now!

King David
Great response. Yes. Read my blog, over at I’d love to debate with you. Specifically, read my Genesis commentary. It is the best reading on Genesis you will ever see. I am not the Father in Heaven, I am Elohim-Masarecht. Jesus had no karma, and paid for sin. I was born with everyone’s karma. Jesus is also the savior of his Father. Antichrist is here, and I talk about it, would be happy to have an initial conversation. I can answer every major scriptural question you have ever had. I am King David. You don’t do the debate, you’re a wussy. Don’t be a wussy, Dave Wood! LMAO. Always wanted to say that! Love, David Wood P.S. Jesus did not fulfill all of the messianic prophecies for a reason. It is because they are not all talking about him. The Messiah is his Father, King David to come (not to be confused, you know this) with King David in the Old Testament. Jesus is “Jesus”, not King David. Big difference. Feel free to email me at I promise, it will be the most interesting debate you have ever had, and I’ll help you win over a bunch of Islamic folks to Jesus. (Jesus is not the son of Allah, he is the Son of David, or Elohim-Masarecht). Revelation 22:16. Read it. Even the demons called Jesus the Son of David. So yes, I was born with very fallen biology, like you. Jesus was not. Jesus is my Savior, not the other way around. However, I am also his Messiah. Specifically, the Father is me, 1 trillion years in the future looking backwards in time through something called the Paradox Engine, or the City of New Jerusalem. You can read about it in my Genesis 1 commentary, and would be happy to explain it with you in the debate. Two Dave Wood’s, what could be better?

I’m done for now.  Let me know if you’re interested in the comments.

David Wood

Joseph Smith is the Elohim of Restoration
Joseph Smith is the Elohim of Restoration and the Keys of the Restoration of The Fullness Of Time Were Given To Him By The Laying On Of Hands And Shall Never Be Taken Away, As Long As The Earth Shall Stand.  This is me, and my Son Jesus appearing to him from $1 Trillion Years in the Future Creating a Celestial Paradox, Pulling Him Into The Universe Engine.

“Messiah Ben David, King Of The Universe…”

My New Wifey, Brittany Spears!!!
This is my future wifey (one of them) Britany Spears arguing with David Wood (the apologist) about her husband David Wood (the other apologist) about which one she wants more sex with.

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