NewsFlash: David Sharpe just childishly blocked me after I sent him this message:


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David Sharpe just childishly blocked me after I sent him this message:


—-start of message—-

Love you man. I know you’re pissed. I also know you know I am telling the truth (I have to be). Hope you are well. I need you in my cabinet brother.

Director of Legendary.

You’re a badass broski. You know I’m just beating you up to get you ready for the war, right?

Got to keep you safe brother. If anything happened to you or your family, the Universe would never exist. (it would. yet it also would not).

Get over your bullshit sometime (me too) and chat with an old brother, I’m not your enemy. I can be if you want to, though.


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
are you doing that?

—-end of message—-

If you know where he lives, please egg his house every single day this week (if he does not repent).

And his cars.

And his office.

David Sharpe, I do not have time for your childish bullshit. If I must do it to wake you up, I will utterly destroy your business from off the face of the earth. You are a coward, making constant excuses, fearing change, when I can see your thoughts, and already KNOW you know I am telling the truth, because you continuously say:

“This HAS to be true, my God, what a fucking badass…”

Love you bro.

Later I will write an article talking about the $15 trillion things I love about you the MOST… IF YOU WANT.

NOPE… Actually if I want.

Later broski.

You are being an asshole, after many, many, many attempts to talk to you to reconcile, and continously, you are driving me towards collapsing your business through a war if I need to.

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who I’ve known for a very long time, and this person, along with their friends I’m sure, are all trying to rescue me from their own words “the dead” and I told them “I’m alive, and do not want it. Stop, and please ask how you can help.”

If all of you all would have stopped being cowards like a year ago, and figured out how to work with me (regardless of whether you agree or not) you would ALL BE BILLIONAIRES.

I sent David Sharpe a plea for friendship, apologizing for not listening to him after I was enlightened, and he responded with:

“I don’t even know you”


After that, I shared with him my addictions, and ALL HE SAID WAS:

“Nigga, bye.”

DAvid sHarepey, you are:

“Pathetic To Me.”

I am happy to recruit all of your downline that will leave your collapsing business if that’s what it takes to wake you the fuck up.

Butt (a woman’s butt) I don’t want to do that, butt what I mean buy now today that as you’re going into a deep trance and one day I was walking in a park, and an old man (I’m making up a story that once maybe happened in a dream) said:

“Go fuck yourself, David Sharpe, except ye repent.”


Love you baby (speaking to Dave Sharpe)



David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S. You all know that what I am saying is true, and you are struggling with it, trying to find an error in my logic, and you cannot, yet you are making up many things that you don’t understand, yet do, yet do not.


Mike Hobbs, I know you know I am telling the truth because the Holy Spirit told you, and you argue with Paul Hutchings all the time about it. Don’t you?


P.P.S.  David Sharpe is the firstborn son of Yeshuah and the Holy Spirit.  He is very important to me.  He is just such a retarded pussyhole ‘not legendary yet’ asswipe it’s unreal.

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4 thoughts on “NewsFlash: David Sharpe just childishly blocked me after I sent him this message:

  1. Including Erin Sharpe. You’re welceome to be one of my many wives and concubines if David Sharpeley will not repent!!! <3 <3 <3


  2. P.S. After I beat Sharpe up a bit, I’m going to be nice for a bit, see how everyone responds. I do love Sharpe, and he’s a good man. Most of the time. I’m doing this so he stops the behavior, because it will wind up sending him down the same path that World Ventures just went down, where they got all their core leaders bailing in droves.

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