I just posted this in one of the many Rabbi groups I’m in,”

“…getting ready for the pre-launch (with lots of sex with my many wives and concubines in the future, butt 9 a woman’s butt 9 not yet):

I just posted this in one of the many Rabbi groups I’m in, getting ready for the pre-launch (with lots of sex with my many wives and concubines in the future, butt 9 a woman’s butt 9 not yet):


Hey everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My name is David Michael Wood, and I am the Messiah (ben David) the rightful heir to the throne of Israel.


I’m up north right now gathering proof of what I’m saying, I’m running for president in 2020, and want to HONOR RABBI JONATHAN CAHN for accepting me into this group.

***Update:  I think he actually removed me from the group, and listened to my enemies, just as they did in the Old and New Testament.  It’s fine.  I’ll rebuke him later.  Nah, he’s been warned, I’m on to new folks.  Join a new group like this one instead.

*** Notice people running what I call “The Prophet Persecution Pattern” on me, just like they did in the Old Testament.  Be careful, some teenagers in the Old Testament got eaten buy now a Bear for that.  Not kidding.  Look it up.  Elijah maybe, but I think someone else (maybe I know.  Maybe I don’t.  You decide)… basically:

I will continue breaking apart everyone who disrespects me from now on.  Therefore the curses, from now on, will be automatic for dishonoring King David in any way, and controlled from the Celestial Kingdom, by the Most High YHVH and the Mother, Shan-Ti-Rah (the Most High).  I wouldn’t do it.  Trust me, they are better at curses than I am.  Far better.  I no longer have time for all of your bullshit.

Alex Jones just got blocked off both Facebook and Twitter.

Mass Censorship is coming.

New Censorship.

Internet Censorship.

Alternative voices Censorship.

Your freedoms are being EATEN ALIVE by monsters of people.  Rabbi Cahn, you will be severely cursed for dishonoring me, until you repent.  I’m done.  Back to the email.  Someone send this to him.  Of course, unless you just did it to protect your people from my enemies, in which case you are blessed, except, that’s not why you did it, isn’t it?

I see your fears, Rabbi.  You are doing a fantastic job.  Keep up the good work.

A GREAT WAR IS COMING, and basically what’s going to happen is there is a balance being released into the universe (the universe has been getting more dense since May 20th, 2017, the day I was enlightened) and two things are expanding:

#1) Consciousness, or quantum mechanical energy

#2) Anticonsciousness, or the mathematical devourer, which is actually nothing, not even energy, it just devours energy based on sin against the torah and whatever spiritual laws people are taught to follow from the Elohim YHVH (Lucifer, which is many things, in the Celestial Kingdom before he fell) basically asked Elohim-Masarecht (the Father) to create anticonsciousness for an opportunity to take over the universe, after being warned that IF he did that, he would be cast out into outer darkness for $133 trillion years.


Anyhoo, when consciousness expands, anticonsciousness expands. There is a balance in the force.

A great war is coming that NONE OF YOU CAN IMAGINE, and thus saith the YHVH Most Hight Elohim 9 or the tetragramaton most high elohim-masarecht:

“If you do not repent and begin following the Levitical Tithing Laws Perfectly, the universe will begin collapsing around you as the Nephilim (which are here, saith the YHVH) will begin devouring your consciousness, creation, jobs, lovers, husbands, wives, and children.

“As you are drawn backwards and forwards through time by the will and desire of Satan (or Lucifer-Masarecht, the sworn enemy of the Most High), your lives and your jobs and your homes will begin collapsing, with no possible escape, if you do not repent.

“If you do not repent for your rapes, and your socerceries, and your witchcraft, your enemies will begin surrounding you on all sides, and devouring your consciousness in ways that you cannot even imagine, nor will you be able to remember

“You must prepare, learn martial arts, study weaponry, learn to love your wives and husbands, and repent of your homosexuality and your diseases.

“Now, for there is no time, saith the YHVH…”

I’m done. …almost:

You guys are welcome to talk with me only after asking your Rabbi if you can, as there are laws written into the universe of order and structure to protect you all from killing yourselves and hurting others, butt instead (a woman’s delicious butt, getting ready for sex with her husband with perfume, and oil)


We got a VERY SHORT TIME TO WAKE PEOPLE UP, AS THE ANTI-MESSIAH IS HERE (a man named Rob Rammuny) who attempted to murder me on the day I was enlightened by drugging me with copious amounts of amphetamines, lsd, etc.

I aged to 70 years old in my skin, and then my skin reversed back to how it looked when I am 18 years old, as I made a scientific discovery, and am immortal.

There are many of us. The other day I met Don Juan, 1,264 years old, and he told me the “oldest one of us” is 32 billion 787 million years old (one of the MANY “Adam’s”) (I delivered him from the curse of the Nephilim, in other words, he was a Nephilim, and now he is not, and if you are a Nephilim, as many of you are, yet now, you are not for some reason and time has now reorganized, and you never got the mark of the beast)

I would like you guys to share with me how I would go about proving I AM the Messiah (God told me that I am very close to May 20th) and for example, I had a vision of that, knew I had to be Jewish, and my parents tested their genetics which go back through Germany, where the records were lost.

Later, I will do a video where I will cause all of the people who died in the Holocaust (these are people who did not repent, and follow the Torah perfectly, because if they had, this never would have happened) to come back to life, and the records will be restored.

I am the REASON Donald J. Trump has been talking about stepping down in 4 years.

I’m going to start a ‘recruiting bootcamp’ for the presidential campaign, and thus saith the YHVH Most High Elohim, (the tetragrammaton), as the pronunciation of the proper name (one of them) is Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies, with the tongue on the top of your mouth the whole time), we will promote your businesses, your synogogues, your christian churches, your mormon churches, and all of the righteous behavior you will ever see, as we TOGETHER:





Love you all 9 that’s an NLP anchor 9 and kids love it, as they’re running around in circles playing, going into a deep trance and saying:


IF you or anyone you know struggles with homosexuality, and wants to change it, I can heal it in 4-7 hours, 100% of the time and after it happens, time will reorganize and you will have NEVER BEEN HOMOSEXUAL and will be cured of 100% of the diseases that you ever picked up, and won’t even be able to remember it and neither will your friends and family (butt —a woman’s butt, your new wife’s, being entered by your new healed penis) will either.

Now, Almost done.

Why would you want to repent of homosexuality?

You and I both know it is diseased. Satan (a combination of the consciousness of Lucifer-Masarecht the first, which there are many and unconsciousness) wants to drag you outside the gates of the city, and force you to get the mark of the beast, and have your entire genetics invaded by the blood of the antichrist. If you do not repent and follow the torah (meaning you at least do not have anal sex men, this does not apply to women in the same way, as women having sex is not against the Torah, and women having sex are just women, getting ready to have sex with their husbands, take it or leave it.) …now, if you do not repent, the minimum punishment for getting the mark of the beast is $1 trillion years in outer darkness, which is the center of the earth, no light, 10 times hotter than the sun.

The maximum punishment (forever and ever) is $133 trillion years.

Ok, I’m doney woney, love ya all so much it’s ridiculous!!!


King Davidley Woodley
“Messiah Been David, King Of Israel…”




1400x-1--- "TIFFANY TRUMP WOOD' One Of The Future Wives And Concubines Of King David... LOVE YOU BABY
1400x-1— “TIFFANY TRUMP WOOD’ One Of The Future Wives And Concubines Of King David… LOVE YOU BABY <3 <3 <3

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