A Prayer For My Friends And All Of Humanity.


I am extremely frustrated right now, and I don’t really have a way of expressing to you the level of anger, and resentment I’m having build up inside at humanity, my friends, and their stupidity.

I’ve been working essentially for a year and a half on what I perceive at this point to be nothing in the sense that it has accomplished nothing, and at the same time the forces of the antichrist are growing, my wife has left me, my friends have left me, and I have nothing to show for my work.

I feel like I am on the wrong path. Not the wrong path in the sense that my mission is wrong. The wrong path in the sense that I am doing something that is not working, and something I don’t want to do.

Father, I want my wife Priscilla back.

It’s all I want. I want my wife back, and I want my kids back in my life. I want to hold my babies again. I want to make love to my woman again. I want to have a home and a family again. I feel like I’ve lost everything in the pursuit of something that nobody wants but me, which is freedom, peace, and prosperity for everyone.

I don’t know how to build influence anymore. I don’t know how to get results anymore. I feel destitute, lonely, and frustrated. I thought that I would be able to create a following that was faster than this, that would impact people, and along the way I got frustrated, and angry at the way people were treating me, my family, and my businesses.

Right now, I don’t really want anything. I don’t want money. I don’t want fame. I don’t want to either work, nor not work. I am happy, yet uncontent with the way things are, yet knowing how they can change. The world, meaning the works of men, is pathetic.

People, my friends, my family, the marketplace, America, the world are lost in ridiculousness. We wander around in our big fancy houses, cars, jobs, and self puffed up nonsense, running around in circles like chickens with our heads cut off, going neither here nor there.

Our families no longer act like families, but as small groups of people who gather together to complain about our various problems, and fantasize about their solutions without ever doing anything significant enough to change them.

Our industries have become filled with social disease, constructs, laws, and structures that defile the mind of humanity, forcing everyone to live in a box.

I have struggled this last year trying to figure out how to get my message across, and have been met with ridicule, opposition, and outright persecution rather than receptiveness, openness, and a general consent to work on solutions that are right for everyone.

My friends have abandoned me, and it has made me angry and hurt, and placed me in a position where I have recoiled and bitten at them, which is not acting in my highest level of enlightenment, thought, and power—but I do not know what else to do.

Our soil is eroding. Our oceans are filling with disease. Our bodies are degrading, decomposing, and being filled with darkness from the enemy.

We walk around as chickens with our heads cut off, spewing our bloody nonsense everywhere we go, pretending that if we just “work harder” something different will happen.

And nobody, not one person has presented solutions that will actually work for everyone until now. And now that there are solutions, nobody wants them. They want to stay stuck, the same, connected to the status quo.

Rather than changing, we fight change, pretending that fighting will accomplish something.

Our liberties have been encroached, our lives have been controlled, and there are almost none in the land who stand up and fight.

Where are the real american heroes?

Where are the founding fathers of our day, who are willing to stand up and fight for liberty?

Where are my friends, who claimed to love me all these years, and now that I am liberated from the disease of the cycle of birth and death, duality, and suffering, where is their love?

Why did you take my wife, and my children from me?

They are all I wanted, all I needed, all I hoped for, and when I finally was a whole man, needing nothing but them, I lost them, the only thing that truly matters to me in all of space, time, matter, and energy.

The decay of humanity, the disease is spreading, but we can stop it.

I see the day when a light of fire is spreading forth across the hearts of humanity, entering into the soul of the men, and the women, and children who see the light of freedom ahead, understanding that they have been trapped, locked, in a stronghold, with demons on every side trapping their souls, their minds, their genetics in a pattern that they have been repeating again, and again, and again for so many thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and billions of years.

Yet they cannot see it.


Why do I feel this need to tell them?

Why cannot they see their disease?

Why cannot they see their children are not safe from the enemy?

Why, oh why Father can they not see they are hurting each other, hurting their children, hurting their wives, their husbands, and their friends, trapped in a pattern of self denial, of wickedness, cycling back to occasional glimpses into the world of enlightenment and the collapse of duality, back into the oneness that we all seek, that we all deserve?

As we step through the valley, seeing it turn into a valley of bones, we do nothing.

The trees have been shrinking, and hiding from the face of man.

And where are the fields of animals that used to romp across the land?

Why, oh why can we not see our disease, Father?

Help us. We have no time.

There is no time for our nonsense, our bullshit, our fear. There is no time for me to be trapped in pain, and yet here I am, in another cycle of suffering, struggling to let go of the people I love, and just let them stay in the pain I used to be in with them, yet now am not.

How can I communicate it?

How can I share it?

How can I tell them, so they receive it?

My tears Father have reached across the universe, I have lost my family, my children, fighting for the truth, for the right of freedom for all of humanity, knowing that if I do not, I will not have them anyways, yet they are not thankful, and they are in pain, as I, yet where are they?

Where are my friends, who when we were together, we walked across the universe of prosperity, creating new worlds, ideas, and wonders?

Where are the angels? The declarers of good tidings, as in times of old?

They are there, and I see them, and I love them.

None of them understand, Father, how much I love them, how much my heart is weaping for them, how much pain they are all in that I see, and all they see, all they can understand, all they feel is pain, not knowing that every part of my heart, every part of my soul is praying for them, weaping for them, hoping that they see what’s coming, that their hearts are prepared for the day that the devourer comes as they are not looking, and takes everything from them if they do not follow the commandments.

Yet they will not, and I see them fading away. Many of them will be lost at that great and dreadful day.

Yet I see another day, when I’m standing as if on a stage of white fire, surrounded by holy angels, and there is a field of people so expansive that they only end when the horizon ends, and they are filled with darkness. A white fire comes from the center of time, flowing through my belly, through my wife, my brother, and the rest of the protectors of the Universe, and the shadows are being torn out of them, and out of the great multitude that surrounds them that extends as far, and farther than the eye can see. The darkness, being torn out, representing their darkness, and filling them with light, as a new kind of generative change sweeps humanity, and rivers come back to life, volcanoe erupt, storms initiate, tornadoes sweep the earth, and there are great earthquakes as the earth is restoring itself in transformational, generative change that sweeps the universe.

Yet I see another day when the Son of Man comes in the clouds of heaven, a wormhole opening from the moon as the angels sing with the clouds of heaven, with a great chain in his hand.

Yet I see another day when the wicked are destroyed, the nephilim, which now are sweeping the earth, the great deceivers of humanity, the physical demons we are creating, the monsters of men, and we stand victorious in a field of white light, as the earth is restored to the garden of eden.

Yet I see another day, where my friends all wake up, all start honoring me, and also each other, and yet again become my friends, letting go of the past now and stepping into a new future.

Father, I see another day, now, today, when a white light goes into the hearts of those who read this, and they fall on their knees, weeping, not understanding what they have done, as generative change begins to fill humanity and the Holy Spirit falls from heaven from the angels above and wraps them in protection, love, peace, and prosperity.

I pray for my enemies, and those who have turned against me for sharing the words of the YHVH, that they will be forgiven of their sins, and their transgressions against me and my family, and also I pray that the karma is released, and given to you to repay, but I pay that it is not repayed, but cancelled, and they are restored to faith, as Father, I see the diseases that have already started to fill their bodies.

I pray that they will be restored, that they will repent, that they will see the day of the coming of the Son of Man, in the clouds of GLORY, receiving him into their bosom, as the the fire inside of them lifts them into the clouds, and wraps them in the arms of glory.

Yet at that day, two will be standing in a field, and one will be taken, and one left.
Please, Father, I pray that you open their eyes. I pray that you open their hearts, their minds, their souls, their ears. Let them hear. Let them see. Let them feel.

Let them understand that I’m doing this for them. That they have to let go of the past, and step into a new future, but that they cannot do that hiding in their cowardice, and dishonesty, and dissention. I pray that they will be filled with the light, and the honor of the celestial kingdom. I pray that they will be filled with the glory of the Son of Man. I pray that they will be opened, and filled with the wonder and radiance of the Celestial Kingdom.

I pray that they will see that what they have been praying for, asking for, and pleading for is hear, and that their eyes will be opened as the demons surrounding them are permanently bound, unable to speak, see, hear, or interact with them as the Nephilim are temporarily rebuked from their lives for a period of three times, and afterward, let the times collapse, and a gateway to re-enter, but they have to accept it, and when they do, let them yet again be rebuked after a time, times, and half a time, for another period of three times, to teach them that they must watch, and pray, and be careful with who they know and allow into their lives.

So many people right now Father have made covenants with the antichrist in secret, and his armies are growing and they are destroying the hearts of man.

There are people trapped, tortured alive, skinned to death, and the bodies of those who they have murdered are lining the grounds across the world. I pray that the seal of covering will be lifted, and the murders revealed, and the darkness of humanity, the curse of Adam will begin to be lifted, and the exponential compounding of righteousness of the Glory of Elohim and his Holy Kingdom will come to the earth, and compound exponentially, and the Kingdom of Elohim grows like a stone rolling off of a mountain without hands, crushing everything that opposes it in it’s path, which is why I am not succeeding how I want yet, because I am pushing the stone up the mountain.

Please, please, please help me.

Help me communcate my message in a way that people understand.

Help them have their eyes opened, and see the monsters surrounding them, and what they are planning, and doing, so that they can escape.

Help them meet the friends, and the leaders that will love them and honor them, regardless of whether they are making money from them, or agree with their various beliefs, preferences, and choices.

I pray for those trapped in the curse of the Nephilim, that they will be delivered, and freed Father.

I pray for World Ventures, that they will see what they have been doing, and change their behavior, and stop hurting the people they claim to love, and walking all over them.

I pray for my readers, that they will understand that everything I am doing, I am doing because I love them so much, because I love my wife so much, and my children so much, and all of humanity, and all of the sentient worlds filled with love and blessing and children, and trees, and animals in all of space, time, eternity, paradoxes, wonders, worlds, universes, and dimensional relations of things.

I pray for President Donald J. Trump, that he will be filled with wonder and glory, able to do exactly what he needs to do at the right time to Make America Great Again.

I pray for his family, his wife Melania, and all of his beautiful sons and daughters and their various wives and husbands.

I pray for David Sharpe, that he will stop the behavior that hurts the people he is not using for money and sex, that his addictions, when the time is right will be erased from reality.

I pray for the Nations of Israel (all 12) that they will be blessed, and once again be filled with wonder, miracles, blessing, and supernatural abundance and RESTORATION OF ISRAEL AND JERUSALEM, that will fill the universe with glory.

I love you Father, and mostly, I pray that my wife Priscilla will come back to me with the kids when she’s ready, as I know that she is alone, hurt, and very sad, as I can feel her heart. I pray that she is forgiven, that she is loved, and that she is happy, with, or without me.

I love you Father. I love them. I pray that today the eyes of humanity are opened, and that they understand that I love them, and that the Messiah is here at last, and after a short time of the biggest war that anyone has ever seen, the Universe will be filled, including the Earth, with peace, prosperity, love, and abundance forever, and ever, and ever. For time, and all eternity.

Please bless Priscilla with faith, with power, with honor, and with righteousness.

Please bless everyone in my life with the same.

I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful for the people in my life. I am thankful for what I have. I ask that you multiply it, when you are ready. I turn it over to you. I no longer have the desire to struggle with it, as I release it, and bless those that curse me.

Help them see.

Help them understand.

Help them be one with the changes that are coming.

In the name of the LORD YAH-HA-OH-WEH OF ARMIES, YAH-HA-OH-WEH OF ARMIES, YAH-HA-OH-WEH of Armies, the same Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh, and who rules the universe from the Holy City of New Jerusalem, the Universe Engine, 1 trillion years in the future looking backwards in time to now through the paradox mind, amen, amen, and amen!!!

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”


8 thoughts on “A Prayer For My Friends And All Of Humanity.

  1. I feel your pain. I have been in this situation your talking about and have gotten out of it twice. Now about to be a third time. I would suggest you just drop all of the people who have turned their back on you. They don’t care, why should you. Two, I suggest you go back heavy into the law of attraction and set a goal that you can believe in with extreme excitement and focus on using the law of attraction as often as possible. Once you have your first boom, just repeat and go higher and higher in income. Make it to where the people who have turned their back on you might desire to work with you again when you are soaring. Don’t work with them ever again. Become the billionaire that is waiting inside you. Read books, audios, daily. If it is necessary to get a job or temp job in the meantime, do so. Make it happen David!!! I believe you are more powerful then when you were making hundreds of thousands every month. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Take that pain and turn it into EXTREME EXCITEMENT for long durations on your next goal you will hit.

  2. I understand why you are holding on to those past relationships. You built deep relationships with those people. You helped them make a lot of money. You were changing the world. When you need the help the most, they turn their back on you. Fuck all of them. Their actions show they were only using you when you were acting in love. It will only take you a few months to have your next breakthrough but you must do one thing different. Do not set a time on your next breakthrough. Just focus on seeing yourself in possession of the goal as often and extreme as possible. Do what you have to do to generate money to act on your universal mind in the meantime as long as its legal. Take those extreme negative emotions and just realize you are realizing what you don’t want. Now just like the fake friends you thought you had turned their back on you. Say this is not what I want…THIS IS WHAT I WANT…YOUR NEXT GOAL. FOCUS DAVID. You are the biggest marketing beast I have ever seen and I have seen 100s come across my screen. I will update you when I hit my 30k a month doing something I am learning from a course called Profit Engine, using law of attraction. I have went from 0 to 10k months twice. This next breakthrough is the start of my billion dollar path. Fuck Dave Sharpe especially. If anything you helped him more then anyone else on Earth and look what he does. Same with Justin. Same with so many. FOCUS on YOUR LAW OF ATTRACTION GOAL. Ok bye. (No editing done lol)

  3. Oh and focus on money so you can get full possession of your kids. I would suggest you drop Priscilla. She is using you for money just like Ashley. You should find a empowered woman who will not need you that is love with you and isnt there just for when your doing great. I have dealt with this type of woman but I see through them very easy. It is obvious that Priscilla is only hanging on hoping you will rescue her. She doesn’t love you the way you love her. I am sorry if that is painful to hear but it comes off in how she reacts on her Facebook. On how she just goes silent when you cannot do anything for her. She only comes back to life when your helping her. THAT IS A USER DAVID. Ok thats it for me for a while. I have a huge to do list and 30k a month in profit that is already mine. Law of attraction. Next goal 3k a day, then 10k, then 30k a day and beyond. See you at the top. Oh look up Wish is Your Command 1-14. Also look up Global information network book list. 33 books on there. You can start with the digital free ones that are hella old. Thank you for building Empower it helped me have my breakthrough with a CPA company. You really opened my eyes to personal development and changed my life. If you are still not booming when I hit my boom I will help you as I soar higher and higher. Byeee


      You should apologize for that. When you get married, you get married IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH BROTHER!!!


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