Emotional Release, Blessing, And Prayer For 8-19-2018… “I love you Father, please keep me humble today, in submission to you, your glory, your power, your salvation, and might…”

Father in Heaven, 8-19-2018

I wanted to start the day with emotional release about all the emotion that is preventing me from succeeding, with a new intention to start a new day, with new glory, with new heart, with new opportunity, with a heart for the Most High Elohim, yet before I do that I must, and I must, and I must release all of the fear, the anger, and the sadness that I feel for all of humanity today. Please guide me in this exercise, and I will perform it 6 days per week, perhaps on the Sabbath, perhaps not, depending on how I feel.

Father, my soul and my mind, and my consciousness cries out in pain for humanity, and their pain, and their suffering. I see the wars, the contentions, the bloodshed, the darkness, sweeping across the land, and the blood of the righteous being shed at the hands of their enemies, if they don’t repent.

I see the great day of the dragon being cast out of heaven, and a third of the hosts of heaven with him to torment the earth, and prepare it for the coming of the son of man.

I see, my holy father, the pain, and the sorrow, and the suffering of all of humanity, and my own suffering, which this year has been great, because I have not embraced it, and walked with it, and grabbed it, and ran towards it, embracing my oneness with it.

Father, I am sorry that I have hurt so many people this last year in an attempt to wake them up. I know my reasons, and my excuses, which is that my heart is full of pain, and sorrow, and desires to help and serve the people that I have helped and served for these last 9 years, to the best of my ability, at least most of the time.

I am tired, Father, of being a rejected prophet. I want to change it now to being an accepted thought leader, to in the future being an accepted and proven leader, prophet, and saint, walking in the desires of the Most High, walking through the valley of the shadow of death, yet fearing no evil, as it is written.

I miss my family, Father, and my children, whom I have not seen all year, and have tried to see every single day, at least one time per day since I left Costa Rica. I miss my son, Gabriel, and my other son, Angel, and my wife, Priscilla Chacon, the LION of the Tribe of Judah.

Father, bless her soul, and her heart, and her mind. Fill her with peace, and salvation, and righteousness. Protect her from her true enemies, which have been the people who have lied to her, cheated her, and filled her with deceit and tricked her into temporarily denying her vision of the Mountain of the House of YHVH. Father, she is the Queen of Zion, and the Queen needs your help. Surround her with angels, surround her with heavenly choirs of angels, singing a new song, and help her to hear it. Open her heart, and her mind, and her soul with the righteousness and the love that rains down from the heavens above, and rises up from the earth beneath as righteousness is restored to humanity and the firmament is restored, as new species of fish, and of mammals, and of bugs, and of good bacteria, and of other kinds of life in all dimensions, paradoxes, universes, and realities spring forth from the center of time, like a river of life flowing from the center of the universe, filling the universe with wonder.

Fill her with wonder, and awe, and blessing, as you’re creating a new space inside of my heart for new success, and for new prosperity as the heavens open, and the earth rejoices, and the mighty angels and their choirs rain down blessings from the Celestial Kingdom towards humanity.

Keep the enemy and the darkness at bay today, covering my mistakes and sin in the blood of Jesus and when I fall short, leading me immediately unto repentance as I walk into the anointing, and the blessing, and the wonder of the mission of the Messiah Ben David, the rightful heir to the throne of Israel.

Forgive my enemies for transgressing against me, and forgive me my transgressions, as it is written “vengeance is mine, and I will repay, saith the YHVH.”

Father, today I have darkness in my heart that I wish to shed in the areas of hurt and pain towards many (not all) of my friends, who in the past have not been treating me as the friend that I have been for them for years, and years, and years.

I forgive them, Father. They don’t know what they do. I wish them success, and prosperity, and honor, and righteousness, and repentance, and faith, and supernatural prosperity, blessing, and love.

Father, please rain down showers of opportunity, and prosperity on the marketplace, shutting old doors and opening new doors, by the Key of David, placing in front of me a sure and certain path of success, free from the enemy of righteousness.

Please forgive me for holding on to pain and resentment towards my wife, Priscilla Chacon, for yet again taking my children from me, and not letting me see my son, whom I love so much. Forgive her Father, she is a good Mom, the best, and she is scared. She does not know what she is doing and she is in so much pain, hurt, and darkness surrounds her at all sides, attempting to harm her, yet it cannot, because you are protecting her. I love her so much, Father, and all I want is for her to be happy, safe, and peaceful, which right now I know she is not.

Please forgive her for withholding the children for me, and bless my son Gabriel with dreams, and visions of his Father, that I may be close to him, even though I am far away. Tell him with the angels, which he can already see at a young age, that his Father loves him, and instruct him to pray that he will come home, soon.

Bless my son Angel Chacon that he will be filled with light, with wonder, with radiance, with forgiveness, and beauty, just like his Mother, Priscilla. Rebuke the dark thoughts inside of his heart, and cover him in your love, blessing, and glory. Help him lift up the heart of his Mother, which is filled with sorrow and grief.

Bless my wife, Priscilla Chacon that her life will be filled with opportunity, and prosperity, and forgiveness, and holiness, and inspiration on how to accomplish her mission, and fill the desires of her heart with goodness.

Bless my enemies with forgiveness, and understanding, including David Sharpe, World Ventures, and the others who have turned their backs on me when I needed them the most. I have in the past been angry and resentful towards them, and because I was angry and hurt, I hurt them. Please forgive them Father, for they know not what they do, and the great level of damage and harm to all of humanity that is caused by turning their backs on the Messiah when he needed them the most.

Father, I forgive them, I release them, and I bless them.

Forgive those who are angered inside of their hearts, and their minds, and their bodies, and create a paradox of blessing, forgiveness, and allow them to forget the pain of the past, and step into a new future with blessing, success, prosperity, love, and kindness.

I release by the Key of David, and Aaron the Angels to surround the universe and all sentient worlds on every side.

I let go of my anger, I let go of my resentment, and my emotional energy that in the past has been boxed in, and I ask you to deliver me from the darkness that attacks me on all sides, and protect my path to success, helping me walk the fine line of righteousness, salvation, and eternal glory.

I ask you to gather the 144,000 Protectors of the Universe, and fill them with anointing, with power, descending upon them with the Holy Spirit of Promise, trapping and binding the enemy so they can see through the paradoxes and traps of satan, and the devourer of consciousness, creation, and glory.

Forgive me for holding onto anger in the past, and in the place of the anger create a new space, for new love, for new opportunity, for new blessing, raining down from the most high.

I love you, Father, and I need your help to accomplish my mission, as it is daunting and those who must listen have not been listening, as I have been communicating my message in the wrong way.

Please forgive me for my shortcoming, and help me communicate the message of the Messiah and the Eternal Salvation of Humanity in a way that with open arms, they will receive it as I gather proof after proof after proof, and prophecy after prophecy, after prophecy.

Show us a sign on September 15th, 2018 this year and if it be thy will, draw the nations of the earth together to preach the Gospel to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples, if they do not repent.

Please rain upon the universe with protection, repentance, prayer, and salvation, leading us back to you.

I release my wife of her debt to me, I forgive her, and I bless her. I cancel the negative karma in our relationship by the blood of Jesus, and I ask you to release her of the spirits of depression, anger, and resentment today, by 8:53pm after her duality once again collapses into oneness, and to pass this blessing to the rest of humanity.

Please help me and the people around me make more money than we have ever made in our lives, and give us your glory and unity once again in the marketplace, so we can crush our enemies, and bring salvation, righteousness, and power to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people’s.

I release them, I bless them, and I love them and if they do not, please help me find new friends that will make more money than them as a lesson to all of they who do not repent.

I love you Father, please keep me humble today, in submission to you, your glory, your power, your salvation, and might. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”


P.S. There WILL be a day when I am standing on stages across the world with my wife, and my children, and my friends, and I walk into the Whitehouse, and for the first time, America will be restored to more power than it had before the flood, and eventually, before the fall, which is unimaginable to us all. I see it, I speak it, I believe it as new hope, blessing, and opportunity is coming my way, exponentially compounding from the quantum universe.

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