Release Of Emotional Energy August 20, 2018 And Prayer For My Wife, My Children, And My Enemies, Turning Their Cursings Into Blessings, And Blessing Those That Love Me.

The following below is a prayer, that I am only including for reference to how to do proper emotional release, really, I want my wife to see this, not to be seen of men.  The reality is that public prayer is generally against the teachings of Jesus, as we are commanded to go into our closet, and shut our door.  However, I hope this helps you as in the future I will not include a lot of prayers in my writing as in a way, I believe it is pathetic.  Update 2-1-2019.

Heavenly Father,

It’s your son, King David, I’m speaking to you and Jesus and the YHVH this morning concerning my wife, my children, my various Apostles who are close to me and also not, and also in thankfulness for all of the abundance and prosperity that is coming my way.

My intention with getting these emotions out is to release them to you, to release them to the universe, and to open up space in my heart, my mind, my spirit, my consciousness, and in the higher planes of existence to a new way, while breaking off the dark and various forms of the energy that comes from the kingdom of the enemy surrounding these things, and also anything like them, so I can prosper in a new, and abundant, and powerful way, backwards and forwards in time, causing a time erasure in myself and the marketplace, reorganizing the universe in a newer and more powerful way.

Father, I miss my wife, Priscilla Chacon, and my two children, Angel and Gabriel.  I have not seen my son but twice this year since January, not even in a video call, and I have been begging Priscilla to allow me to talk to him all year long, every single day with almost zero exceptions, to no avail.


Father, I have sent her email, after email, after email telling her I am sorry, begging to see my children, asking her to talk to me again when she is ready, giving her plenty of time and space, and as I promised, I was able to send her child support, and still, my efforts to reconcile with her are to no avail, and I do not even know if she is ok, as she has been ignoring my please to talk with my children and I love her so much, Father!!!

Father, she is so hurt, I can see her soul weeping and the tears and the cries she lifts up each day to the Father, and to the YHVH.  She is in such pain, Father, and such torment, and I’m sorry for the role that I caused in creating this, and I forgive her Father.

Father, please forgive her for rejecting my attempts to reconcile, she does not know the depths of suffering we both have been through this year, weeping for each other, praying for each other, and lifting each other up to you.  She does not know, nor does she understand how much I love her and the children, Almighty Elohim, and she, like many others, are lost in the eternal cycle of suffering and duality, trapped by the consciousness and destructive energy of the enemy, and his various armies that have planted themselves around her to attempt, at all costs, to take her off course.

I carry the karma of all of humanity, Father, and all I want is for people to wake up, for the world to understand and know that the end is coming, and a new beginning is beginning, with a level of abundance, prosperity, and magic that none of us can imagine, none of us can fathom, and none of us can understand.  I am thankful for the sacrifice of the great redeemer, Jesus Christ, who carries the power to redeem all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people’s.

This year has been in one way, glorious in ways and means that I could not have imagined, and I have learned things that I could have never comprehended, Almighty Father, and also has had a kind of rejection and suffering, and also blessing I could not have imagined was possible, that I had read about, yet I had never experienced, as in this manner they treated the prophets of old.

Open their eyes, Almighty Elohim, and show them the way of the truth, the life, the happiness, and the victory of your son, Yeshua Moshiach, the great Redeemer of all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people’s.

Break the energetic bands over my marriage that are orchestrated and created by satan and his minions of deceivers, and rebuke the darkness and the power of satan over my family, my children, my wife, my friends, my family, myself, and my apostles.

Father, I forgive her, for she knows not what she does.  She does not know the depths of sorrow in the hearts of my two sons, Angel and Gabriel, and how badly they need their Dad, how often they dream of me, and how often they pray that I will return.

Bless her Mother, and her Sister Fernanda, that they will be filled with love and blessing for participating in any way of the breakup of our family.  They do not know what they have done, and the damage they have caused not just us, but the world, the nation of Costa Rica, my children, and my wife Priscilla.

Forgive Priscilla for keeping the children from me.  She is a good Mom and she loves the kids so much, and is so filled with light, with love, with compassion, and with power.  

Please forgive my friends for getting involved in my family, and trying to keep my wife away from me.  They do not know what they have done, and they do not know the curse of darkness that is upon them, and how the devourer is coming their way, lurking for the moment they can attack, to take everything from them, as in the past lucifer and his armies has stolen from me.

Please forgive everyone who has harmed me, or in otherwise said negative things about me this year behind my back, as I forgive them, I release them, and I bless them.

Almighty Father, I pray for my children, Angel and Gabriel that they will know and understand that their Father loves them with all of their heart, mind, might, and soul, and does everything he does for them, for their benefit, for their future, for their victory, and for their happiness.

Let them know how much I love their Mother, Priscilla Chacon, and how I pray for her and the children each day, constantly reaching out and attempting to contact them in any way that I can.

Fill them with light, with love, and with power.

Father, I do not want to hold onto this energy, but I want to release it, creating new space in my heart and mind for new friendships, relationships, abundance, and prosperity to come my way.

And therefore, I cancel all of their debt to me.  I pray that today, my energy will be pure as I step into the marketplace, and that on all sides, the enemy will be held at bay, with his eyes bound, his mouth sealed, unable to move, speak, or interfere with your work, which is my work, in any way.

I pray for the Nations of Israel, that they will be made holy, pure, and without spot.   That they will be protected, righteous, and restored to their former glory, as they had in the days of David.

Let them know the Messiah is here, raining forth visions to their youth, and to their elderly, and to their Rabbi’s, and to their various enlightened teachers, helping them understand that the end, and a new beginning is coming.

I ask you to give my wife vision, and thankfulness, and holiness, and forgiveness, and help her get past, forgive, and also now forget the pain that was haunting her.

Please forgive the marketplace and my friends who have rejected my message, and forgive me for the haphazard way in which I have gone about bringing the message to them.

I ask you to give me a mantle of authority, and an anointing that fills the universe, that the anointing of all anointings will be mine, that as others are anointed, that I will be anointed more, that all universes, dimensions, and realities and powers will collapse into one, that as I am around, the mountains will be shaken, the rivers will turn from their course, that I will put at defiance the armies of nations, and be given power to lead the nations of the earth to peace, to victory, and to personal and interpersonal power.

Bless the thought leaders of the world with a replication of this same kind of power, as I see a fire burning that is inside, radiating out in every direction as the bullshit of humanity is broken apart, bound, thwarted, and the various systems of control are destroyed eternally, backwards and forwards in time.

Please forgive my enemies, and those who curse me, and make their curses only fall back on themselves, thwarting them on every side.

Let those who attempt to harm me or my family or children be harmed in that same way, if they do not repent, that they may be blessed to be brought low, to be brought high.

Help the market learn a newer, and a better way, and bless me now, Holy Father, that I will see the vision of all visions, and be able to convey it to my audience, to lift them up, to make them holy, to gather the holy people, and break apart the power of the enemy.

I love them so much, they cannot even imagine it, and today, I ask you to bring new opportunity into the marketplace, new leadership, new ideas, new businesses, new holiness, and new inspiration from the Almighty.

I ask you to supernaturally expand the intellect of my readers, rewriting the various neural pathways in their minds and hearts that are responsible for cowardice, shame, sin, and lack of faith, and turning their weakness into power, courage, confidence, righteousness, and WINNING PERHAPS FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

I LOVE YOU, HOLY FATHER.  Please forgive me. Please release me.  Please bless me for all of my personal inadequacy, and help me stay humble, as a mantle and great white light is surrounding me, rewriting the very fabric of space, time, and the universe.

Father, the last thing that I want to release from my heart is the anger and the pain I have because I have been persecuted, and kicked out, and chased away from everywhere safe I have had in my life over the last year.  Sometimes, I know that I have deserved it. Other times, and mostly, I have not. At least not from anything I am aware.

Father, I just pray that we will have somewhere safe to go.  I am upset, along with Matthew, as we have been moving from one place to another, after one problem or another, after one pain or another, and one rejection or another all year, and really since I have been enlightened.

I understand my role, and my karma, and that this is temporary.  I just want to express to you, Father, that I am tired of it, and I desire that it now changes, and at the same time, I am embracing it, and I want to make use of it.

I pray that we will have a safe place to go, where we can work, and create stability for ourselves, our families, and everyone, as there is no time.  Father, help us to be humble, and serve, and love others, and be one with those around us.

I forgive those who have hurt us, Father, I forgive those who have rejected us.  I release them to you, and I release the resentment, and hurt that has been in my heart that has resulted in me and a couple of my apostles being cast out, and ridiculed, and persecuted by those around us who have in the past hardened their hearts.

Particularly, I want to release Paul Gardiner for hurting me and Matthew when we were in Sedona, Arizona.  I know that he has been spiritually cursed since he broke up our Apostolic family, and I forgive him, Father, for he was deceived by our enemies, and knows not what he does.  I love him, Father, and am so thankful to him, as he took me in when nobody would, when I had lost my wife, and my children, and had nowhere to turn. I love him so much, Father.  Let him be blessed forever for blessing me, and forgiven of his transgressions against the YHVH when the time is right, and when the karma has been paid, whenever that is.

Please forgive my best childhood friend, Scott Halfacre, for calling the police on me for no reason when I was in Fairbanks, Alaska, and was supposed to see him in Seattle, Washington.

Please forgive everyone who has planned, and orchestrated attacks that have hurt me, or my wife, or my children, or the people I love, or my apostles.

Let them be blessed, and let the past change, and the future begin changing, as I release all of my anger, and hurt, and heartache that I’ve had this last year.

I love my friends, and want them to win.  Please bless them with abundance, and prosperity, and wisdom, and righteousness.  Please forgive them, Father.

Please help us embrace our destiny, gain a following, prosper, help others to prosper, and lift them up as on eagle’s wings with love, prosperity, faith, wisdom, and power.  

Please bless those who have blessed me, and honor those who have honored me, and cause an exponential multiplication of their joy, their happiness, their abundance, and their positive karma, multiplying blessings, charm, wonders, prosperities, wisdom, opportunities, and every positive energy that can come into their lives.

Please prosper me and my family today.  Give me opportunities, and help me seize them.  Forgive the people who in the hardness of their hearts have been acting in anything less than abundance, and openness, and righteousness, and holiness.

Please fill the universe with new life, and with new species, and with new righteousness, and with new wisdom.

Let the prosperity of the nations begin to roll forth, mounting us up as on eagle’s wings, flying above the cities, and the countries, and the companies we serve, lifting them up who want to fly with us.

Please give my friends the car of their dreams, the house of their dreams, the opportunity of their dreams, even if it is not with me.

Please prosper those who prosper me, and bless those who bless me.  

Please give me wisdom, and might, and power, and glory and make my heart right, my body right, my mind right to receive it.

Please forgive me for my failures, and release me from their karma, and help me be restored into my kingdoms of influence, faith, and love.

I’m thankful for all of the opportunities that have come my way.  I’m thankful for every leader that has come into my life, especially the opportunities in the tech world that have presented themselves.  
Please bless the various Presidents and rulers of the earth, especially the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, that he will be able to unify America, aim their minds in the direction of prosperity, and help us to change things that we cannot change alone.

Please bless the Democrats, and the Republicans alike, that they will work together for the first time in creating only solutions for the American people, and our international allies.

Please break apart the power of satan on the land, and bind him and his various demonic and unrighteous beings, tools, systems, and patterns of manipulation and control that he uses unrighteously and unjustly, replacing it with righteousness of the people that is impenetrable, invulnerable to change.

In my new ventures I am starting, please bless me with ideas, and wisdom, and holiness, and the power to change those things around me that must change, and help me communicate with people in a way that they understand, and they will know, and understand, and believe, that a new beginning is sweeping humanity, where righteousness, power, prosperity, and glory will fill the earth as a flood of spiritual power, knowledge, superpowers, and a new generation of children that will fill the universe with wonder, with love, and with friendship.

Please help Americans love each other again, love themselves again, and break off the various chains and systems of control in their life, replacing them with personal abundance, prosperity, and power.

Help small businesses gain new clients, release better products, create better systems, and cut their expenses so they can be more profitable, more prosperous, and lead the market to a better place, a better world, a better future for our children.

Bless my children with intelligence, and wisdom, and power to succeed in school, to love and protect their Mother from all harm, and embrace the change that is coming, that they already know of, dream of, and can see, and also that which they cannot.

Please bless those that bless my wife, and lift those up that lift her up, and help those around her speak words of encouragement, support, wisdom, and especially forgiveness, leading my family back together in holiness and love when the time is right.

Please help me promote, and sell, and make sales, and build relationships, and restore my mantle of market authority as I come back with the biggest story the world has ever seen.

I ask you to help my friends be friends again, and help them forgive the pain they are in from mistakes I made, and things that I said to hurt them, as I forgive them for hurting me.

Let time begin re-organizing, leading us back together in love, unity, the spoken word, power, and a simple system to build our businesses and lives that gives us freedom, allowing us to build a business while having a life at the same time.

Father, I am thankful for all of the people who have been in my life blessing me, all of my friends who have been reaching out to me, and all of the people that have been praying for me, and hoping and weeping, and crying out for something that they do not understand, leading to supernatural blessing in my life, and to my family, and to those who are close to me.

I ask you to make it so everyone who reads my content, and watches my videos, and pays attention now to the Kingdom of Elohim will make more money, generate more leads, create more sales, start new businesses, and take on a completely new direction in their life, and their business, and with their families.

Bless my Apostle Matthew Gonzales, as he is hurting as his family has rejected him as in the past mine did with me, because they do not understand that he has a new heart, and is happy, and doing what he wants to do.  Help them forgive him, and him forgive them. Help him today now receive a new heart.

Bless my Apostle Paul Gardiner, that his heart will be restored, that his authority will be restored when the time is right, and that he will be eternally blessed, and compounded in righteousness and holiness for blessing me, and taking me in, and giving me of his time, his money, and his energy.  I forgive him completely for causing harm, and hurt to my business, and I release him, and I bless him, and I ask you to bring him back into our Apostleship when he is ready now to change.

Bless my Father, and my Mother, Mark and Kathleen Wood, that they will be filled with wisdom, and vision, and hope for a new kind of future, seeing past the problems and into the vision, the glory, and the wonder of the eternities which I have seen, embracing the solutions for change in their own time, and their own way, helping where they can help.  Let them be eternally blessed, compounded, and filled with glory for blessing me, and helping me, and giving me of their time, money, energy, and wisdom my entire life.

Let Darren Little be blessed, and filled with power, and understanding, and intelligence, and youthfulness, and love, and wisdom, and wealth, manifesting Gold, and Silver, falling into his life from other dimensions, as his mantle of authority and power grows, and abounds, and multiplies, as he has blessed me all this last year in the presence of others who are not blessing me yet.


Help me in my quest to both figure out, embrace, and get my ass to work promoting my Presidential Campaign, and help me when I do, when the time is right, come from nowhere and take over the marketplace with solutions, helping both sides of the Democrats and the Republicans, and the Libertarians and various independent parties and even those that do not embrace Politics such as the Jehovah’s witnesses WORK NOW TOGETHER IN UNITY FOR A NEW KIND OF CHANGE THAT WILL DESTROY THE KINGDOM OF THE ENEMY, REPLACING IT WITH A NEW KIND OF PROSPERITY, WISDOM, POWER, AND HOLINESS!!!

Father, thank you for blessing me, I ask you to bless yourself for blessing me, and increase your own power, authority, righteousness, holiness, wisdom, majesty, and blessing, and bring it to all of humanity.

Help humanity embrace the Sephiroth, and help me gather proof of what I am saying, that will help those around me embrace the change that I am creating in a positive way, binding the kingdom of the enemy.

Help all those who speak of me only speak words of positivity, and encouragement, righteousness, and holiness.  Let them be filled with wisdom, and with might, and with power to unify the people, to overthrow the kingdom of the enemy, and to fill the universe with wisdom.

Forgive them for their problems, their evil plans, and the lies that many of them have been spreading, replacing them instead with positive words of affirmation, helping me build a new life, with new relationships, with new leaders, with new products, with new power and authority, speaking as one that is one with Elohim, not as the scribes and the Pharisees.

Release the Spirit of Prophecy on all of Humanity, giving them visions both in light and darkness of what is to come, so that they can prepare, and save their families from the destruction of the coming war.

Father, I release them all, I release my feelings, I release their karma to you.  I ask you to bless them, and to rain down power and holiness upon them, and…

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

My Wife Priscilla (The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah) With Our Son Gabriel, Looking For Her Tit For Milk
My Wife Priscilla (The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah) With Our Son Gabriel, Looking For Her Tit For Milk.  I love you so much baby, it is ridiculous!!!  Thank you for believing in me!!!

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