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I’m going to write this here, and this is feedback back into the universe, from what all of you all have been telling me, what I’ve been hearing, and whatnot.

Basically, I’m going to say this about the 2020 elections:

“100% of everything I have ever focused on with even remotely close to this much tenacity has happened EXACTLY HOW I’VE LINED OUT… No matter what it has been. And this will be no different… Keep reading for details on how this relates to YOU!!!”


Not 90%.


AS IT… 100% of the time I have focused with this tenacity on anything I have ever focuse don, it has happened without a single, tiny exception. No matter what it is. Whether it involves myself, or others.

In 2009, I had a vision with tenacity like this, but for something REALLY TINY, like making $30,000 a month in 90 days. 90 days later, I was making $30,000 a month. The next year I made like $500,000, then like $800k, then like $1.4 million.

In 2011, I had a vision with tenacity “a widdle” wike this, and later that year between September 15th, and October 31st, basically, same thing — we launched, and $1.4 million the first month, the next year, $30 million, the next year, $70 million or whatever.

That was the last time I had a big vision that I was building from zero.

Now, what I want you to understand, is that Arthur Schopenhauer says this:

When an idea is going to be big, it goes through these three phases:

1) It’s ridiculed, and condemned. Just like I was when I was living in a Green 1996 Dodge Caravan, with the paint peeling off. Just like in many ways, I still am.

2) It’s violently opposed. Just like what is happening now. Not anywhere CLOSE to how much opposition I will get when I hit the news.

3) It’s accepted as self evident. Just like Empower Network was just a few years after living in a Green 1996 Dodge Caravan.

Everyone wants to ALWAYS be in the “Self Evident” phase. Howeve, many of these same people (the ‘not smart ones’) are always bitching in the First and Second Phase.

Then they wish they had gotten in, when you got in.

Resist the change all you want.

Resist the future all you want.

Your resistance will simply collapse into acceptance, into oneness, into unity, into collective vision, as my work is pushed up a mighty hill as a stone, then after the peak, is relased as a stone without hands, building momentum, crushing all opposition in it’s path, and replacing the opposition with successful businesses, successful gardens, successful people, successful thought leaders, successful Mom’s and Dad’s, and Children, and Universities, and Farmers, and Native Americans, and the Working Class, and the Middle Class, and the Upper Class, and BILLIONAIRES and their various armies of surrounding millionaires.

Resistance is futile, as the borg used to say. Any resisting of it will simply lead to more prosperity and abundance.

As Bill Britt used to say:

“That’s IT… PERIOD!!!”


#1) My wife will come back to me, and be happy, and full of power, and she will forgive me, and we will stand on stages across the world with our beautiful children, and Gabriel and Angel and Priscilla will be back in my life, that’s it, period!

#2) I will relaunch Empower Network, and we will grow faster, bigger, more profitably, and more powerful than we have ever even imagined, because it will be done OUR WAY, TOGETHER, IN COMPLETE FAITH AND UNITY AND POWER!!


#4) America will be the most rich country that any of us can imagine, the most powerful country that any of us can imagine. The most sacred country that anyone can imagine, as the love and power and wisdom that is inside of our hearts, that flows from the center of time begins to fill the universe with awe, power, and blessing.

#5) All of my old team will realign with me, seeing, after time and scientific evidence that I am telling the truth, always have been, and the walls of separation constructed around them will begin to once again collapse into oneness.

Here is what will happen:

My followers are building very organically, and more and more people believe in the cause I am promoting, whether they believe a small or a large part of it is fairly irrelevant, the fact is, they are beginning to believe in:


At the same time, obviously my enemies are growing organically as well, which is fine. If you don’t have haters, you ain’t doing anything great.

What will happen is, my core followers will expand, as the initial idea is blooming, and forming a flower from the center of your heart, to mine, and that flower, opening, will begin filling the space and time around us with vision and hope, as we decide now that we already have a better way, and we are simply not doing it, because in the past we have been afraid.

Until now.

As new generation of leader after new generation of leader embrace each other in open arms, with open, clasped hands, looking into each others eyes, we are going to do things in a newer, and a dynamic, and a world changing and universe altering way.

As you’re attracting new riches, and attracting new wealth. And attracting new clients, new businesses, new relationships, new mentors, and new ideas that help everyone win together, what will happen is:

That love and unity will fill the universe, fill all space and time with tears of joy, thanksgiving, sorrow, elatedness, and wonder, as…

…your children run into your arms, and mine into mine, and we fall opon their necks, and they fall upon our necks, and we kiss each other, embracing in the awe and majesty of wonder, as…

…this industry is uprooted, changed, and made into what it is mean to be, and all industry, including yours, and all businesses, and ideas, and wonders, and miracles in life begin compounding, and growing, and filling all time and space with change.

That’s it for now.

It’s time to change, isn’t it? Together, we can do it.

David Wood
“The 2020 President of the United States, 100% Guaranteed.”

P.S. That’s it, PERIOD!!!

P.P.S. Keep watching my feed for details on what’s coming, so you can profit from every move I make in the marketplace.

King David with a toast of Celestial Medicine After his 2020 Victory!!!
King David with a toast of Celestial Medicine After his 2020 Victory!!!

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