“Get Money Saturday” [TRADEMARK PENDING] … Right? Keep REading For Details!!!

Get Money Saturday


The outcome of this event is to give the people that qualified the knowledge, focus, and resources to:

Sponsor 2 people or more per day between now and Nashville
Upsell one person per day to the Builder Club, and 1-2 per week to the MIF product
Sell one new event ticket per day
Create a massive activity/hype wave from this event that will produce a wave of Builder’s club upgrades and MIF upgrades from this event through Monday night at midnight EST – helping people qualify for ranks


The core offer at this event is going to be The Mass Influence Formula. From this event until Midnight EST on Monday, there will be a discount to the people who attended to get the Mass Influence Formula for only $2,997. If they do it by Monday, they’ll get a special session with Will and I. That special session will pre-sell the next live group of the Next Level Breakthrough that will start after the next event. So the CORE offer is to get all in.

the next level breakthrough training pre-sell probably will not be able to happen until Tuesday, so it won’t count towards this month’s core income qualification.

Structure of training:

Obviously I put this in the chat the last minute because I’ve been completely consumed selling – but what I want to emphasize is that I don’t expect anyone to prepare slides or anything. What I would like is if you break down what you’re actually doing to build your business right now that will aid in the outcomes. I’m still seeing if Will is available. If he is we’ll interject energy breaks between each of the sections.

Outcome clarification and pre-framing, and structure of building – David Wood (30-60 minutes or so)

How To Get Leads and Recruit – Justin Verrengia (60 minutes)

How To Get Leads and Recruit – Michael Martin (60 minutes)

New Member Coaching Roundtable (upsell, promote, and commit) Justin, Lawrence, Tracey, Me, Jon Ochs (60 minutes)

Team Building Roundtable – (promote events, 8 core steps, team growth principles) Tracey, Justin, Michael, Alex, Jon, Mike (60 minutes)
Get All In Offer – (high ticket money, how to sell all in, how to come up with money, special offer)

That’s basically what I got 🙂

Anyone with the link, feel free to jump in here and clarify/add thoughts/add questions to anything.


Y’all are awesome!

Oh, I almost forgot – I’d like to do another Get Money Saturday on March 26th. I believe I’ll be in Italy that day, so it will be the middle of the night or whatever. Lol. But anyways, I think we should do this once a month except on event months (so 2 out of 3 months), and promote for the next one, it’s a great way to create synergy, upsells, and train the community – and we can perfect the offer structure a little more each time to create end of month volume. Let me know your thoughts. (i likes – Lawrence)

This works for me!- Tracey

Offers and promotions from today’s webcast (give me your thoughts quickly. Lol.) working on this now:

All in offer: $2,997 from now until midnight EST on Monday. If they take the offer, they get:

Bonus video from Lawrence Tam – 21 ways to connect with your new team members and engage them. (I have a cheat sheet they can just download, and you can rip the audio from this session but it won’t be great audio quality, can reshoot later) – Tam, do you have time to do your session tonight? Or do you have to go? (dave) I gotta go… – ok, then just record it later and we’ll give it to all in members only. (DONE> I’ll have it to you next week) Thanks.
Bonus session with William Wood – “Leadflow Breakthrough – Hypnosis Audio” plus bonus session on “How To Manage Your Energy To Create Your Outcomes” (would I be doing hypnosis live on the air? Or are you wanting me to create a hypnosis recording and record it? Will, record an audio focused around getting 30 leads a day and Facebook advertising, creating belief change and things, invoice the company for it. Got it.
Bonus coaching webinar with Justin Verrengia – critique and coaching on Facebook ads (in a group) – we can do one webinar sometime in a week or two

Six Figure Builder Club Offer: $1,297 from now until Monday. Anyone who buys the Six Figure Builder Club and an event ticket to Nashville gets the recordings of this session – FREE. Everyone on today qualifies automatically – they can use this to sell to their teams. Love this!!- Tracey

Contest From Now Until The Next “Get Money Saturday” on March 26th, 2016

Whoever gets the most ‘NEW PEOPLE’ qualified for Get Money Saturday on March 26th, we have the following prizes.

1st Place – $2,000
2nd Place – $1,000
3rd Place – $700
4th Place – $500
5th Place – $300

If you get 3 NEW PEOPLE to qualify for Get Money Saturday March 26th, 2016 – You’ll get a $100 bonus.

Will there be a $100 bonus for every 3 you get.. or just one time? that was my question! haha (mike)

(it’s dave) – probably only once. It’s more targeted at lower level people, and the top 5 is more targeted at leadership
I like it!! (Jon)
sounds good (mike)
all sounds good to me – honest farmer
I think this is awesome…builds momentum, action-oriented, and promotes the next event. Brilliant 🙂 – Tracey
Cool guys!
Can we start this tonight? (mike)
oops – yes Mike. Will back track it, but might take a bit to get tracking in place. (cool)

ALL (important) – we need to respect the team’s time and finish as CLOSE as possible to 10pm EST (1 hour and 15 minutes) — Justin’s stuff is too valuable to interfere with. So let’s do after he’s done an energy break, and then 30 minute roundtable on Upselling and 30 minute roundtable on Team Building WHILE doing the all in offer. We’ll focus people on creating resources, making commitments, and get commitments from the audience. Cool? In 5 minutes if he’s still going, I’ll tell him we need to move on in 5 more minutes and we can go into more detail on the bonus coaching for all in members who claim the discount.
let JV keep rolling… (LT)
cool (dw)

Great stuff (will)



—–end of doc


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