Some thoughts of wisdom from a secret friend of mine I trust very much concerning Hypocrites and Unscientific Attitudes. He said::

Some thoughts of wisdom from a friend of mine I trust very much. He said::


“It is important that we live our lives in a way that is as neutral as possible before we have all of the facts.”

“What do I mean by that?”

“There are many times when (for example) we see someone doing something, we do not like it, and then because we would not do that, or would not like it, we judge it, causing a disruption in friendship and whatnot.”

“If, however, you realize that you are not right about everything, as none of us truly are then what will happen is it gives you the ability to be neutral, and when you are neutral, you have the ability to see through dark patterns of thinking and being that in general are a disruption to humanity.”

“Remember that when a new idea is forming in the universe, it is nearly always rejected not quite at, but close to 100% of the time, especially by the people closest to the founders of the idea.”

“The rejection of an idea by the masses (As they are never correct about anything, especially when they are using ‘the majority is always right’ strategy) does not mean the idea is either true, or untrue. It means that the masses reject the idea, who are in general untrained in verbal fluency, science, and semantics; therefore, the opinion of the masses cannot be trusted, which is why we have a society that is built upon checks and balances rather than ‘mob rule’ — remember my good friend that you are always innocent until proven guilty. This is a fundamental law written into the universe, and is a law of prosperity.”

“What the masses should do is receive scientific training, and pass all knowledge through logic patterns with checks and balances, like they did in the times of old (we are assuming here by the intelligence of the ancients), and you should neither accept or reject an idea until there is sufficient evidence either way. This is what we would call “proper use of neutrality” in our groups and circles.”

“Proper use of neutrality does not mean that you want to have blind faith in something that arises, it simply means that it is far more intelligent to wait and see if there is evidence for it, or against it and if an idea is worthy and worthwhile to pursue for the advantage of all of humanity, it would be in the interest of all of humanity to help.”

“We have been watching (my friends and I) for example the way that nobody has given money to the cause of your immortality science research, probably because they think you are nuts, which is foolish and attitudes like that are the primary reason people are poor.”

“What I mean by that, is maybe what you are saying is true, and maybe it isn’t. Simply put, that is the best attitude, however, it would be important to check, as if you are immortal and your brain is growing as you say it is (and to me it obviously is, as your intellect is far superior than when we talked years ago, beyond my comprehension, to be honest) than simply put, that could aid in the development for cures for brain degenerative disorders and probably all others, and to me, and my friends, it would scientifically prove that God exists. Why your friends aren’t helping and being more open is completely unscientific and ‘foolhearty’ and is an act of cowardice, in the opinion of me and my other billionaire friends.”

“I have watched you refute every dumb piece of logic thrown at you with superior logic and superior thinking patterns, and perhaps the reason that your friends are not listening to you is because, compared to you, they are idiots. No offense to them. It is like comparing a dog brain to that of a small child from your accomplishments, and the way you are solving world level problems.”

“A person who is a student of truth does not reject new truth simply because they do not understand it. They simply observe it and wonder if it is true, or not true. Which is what all of us are doing at the moment.”

“Personally, if you are immortal, I want to know. And if you’re not, I want to know.”

“Because that would solve the fundamental issues that humanity is having, and the fundamental dumb thinking patterns (for example) of various Christian, Islamic, and Jewish sects, where they cannot explain what you are teaching, yet at least you are attempting to explain the mysteries of the universe, and there is no scientific theory that my friends and I can find that refutes a single one of your explanations of the universe. Your thinking appears to be either so much more advanced than our own in certain ways, or for some reason, flawless.”

“Do not listen to the people around you who are biting at you because they are cowards, and afraid of change. You do not need their approval. You need your own approval, and the approval of your Higher Power, whatever that means to you. They are acting pathetic.”

“They should be helping you prove it, or disprove it, and their lack of help in doing one or the other in a fair way, and the fact that nobody has even offered is cowardly, unscientific, unchristian, unmormon, unislamic, complete and utter bullshit. I’m out. We’ll talk later.”

—end of quote—

Hmmm, I found that interesting.

What do you think?

David Wood
“A Humble Student Of Billionaires”

King David with a toast of Celestial Medicine After his 2020 Victory!!!
King David with a toast of Celestial Medicine After his 2020 Victory!!!

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