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I made this collaborative document to list all of the things out that need to be done to optimize the amount of traffic we get. This list isn’t in any particular order, it’s more of a brain dump that needs to be ordered and put into milestones by someone. Some of these things are one time changes, some of them are more ongoing – please give your feedback and add thoughts on additional things to optimize our current traffic, and also get more traffic.

The outcome: To as efficiently as possible with the resources we get, convert the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of our traffic as is possible to quality leads, to then convert those leads into sales, which then will result in creating even more traffic that feeds back into itself. We are right now all worried about paid traffic – when we are getting like 100 times our paid traffic volume organically and paying no attention to it whatsoever. It’s not wise to continue in this way. Please put this into an actual task list somewhere and make sure that it is not ignored.

I’m going to put ‘URGENT’ next to really, really, really important things.

Project 1: Traffic Optimize

Some of this stuff we used to do – some of it we never have done, but should have. Some of it we’re already working on – I just want to put it all on one place.

URGENT: All 404 error pages everywhere are redirected to our highest converting capture page mechanism – whether it is a webinar registration or a capture page – that’s what should go on all dead links across our entire network.

The opt in on the front of should be optimized to convert as many leads as it possibly can while maintaining it’s function.

URGENT: The front of each of our blog domains should have the core blog theme installed and land on a capture form on the front of the domain (such as – if that particular domain has a blog on the front of the site, then it should be linked to – however a focus on the front of our blogging domains should be LINKING OUT to the most commented posts in the community. We could list the 10 most commented posts across the whole site, or some way that you guys think would be better – these posts just need to change out every once in a while – so what we could do is every 24 hours – change that navigation to display the NEW posts that have been written in the last 7 days that are the most commented – that way every 24 hours the posts in that section will change.

We should ONLY be direct linking to blogs from the front of the domain with the Get Money theme that is optimized to create traffic and sales in Empower Network – we want to give people as much incentive as possible to use our proven theme, and especially discourage affiliates from changing it.

Any time someone stops paying for their blog – we revert it back to the core theme that we control after a small grace window – and we control the conversions on their content until they pay again – and then they can change it back if they want.

The old Empower Network content from inactive people needs to be re-activated and put somewhere that it can get traffic, because it’s being wasted. I know that we have a script that can take all of the old ENV2 posts and put them on wordpress blogs – we need to take all of the inactive content and put it somewhere and optimize it. Since that content is unique – it WILL get some level of traffic again if it’s optimized. Actually… I looked in our Analytics and those old ENV2 posts are STILL getting traffic as they are. My initial suggestion is to take this content and install it in subfolders on the domain. So specifically – I’m talking about inactive blogs that have been ignored on env2 – transfer them to subfolders installed on wordpress using the Get Money theme, and then gradually allow it to accumulate organic traffic and optimize it.

We need to make sure our sitemaps are optimized to get as much content searched and indexed as possible by the search engines.

We need good Analytics on the blogs and on each of the corporate sites. Right now it is clear that we don’t have completely accurate analytics because keywords and posts that don’t exist on all of the domains are repeating across the domains. That means that we probably need to change the way Analytics is set up. Also, I don’t think all of the pages we have at have analytics installed – because I tried (for example) to search for internal pages in the Members area and I couldn’t find them in site content. Also – is the traffic on the blog at Empower Network also repeated on the domain in Analytics? We need clear data that we can see.
URGENT: After we move the new theme across our blog, begin setting up new member accounts with it automatically. After that, change all inactive member accounts to the new blog theme across all blogging domains. At this point, let’s begin split testing the theme across all member accounts who have it, and make sure it is getting optimal lead flow.

After we are certain the theme is converting better than anything else on the site – do a Member announcement and tell them that we will be switching old member themes to this one unless they specifically request that we don’t. So if they don’t want us to change their theme – we’ll give them a link to check a box or something – and their theme will not be changed if they login and check that box (we’ll make sure that we don’t change any of the themes in their account if they check that)

After this point, we will continue split testing and tracking our theme for conversions against all traffic in the network, making it the highest converting theme on the internet over time.

We should make the option for affiliates to not allow us to collect emails from the opt ins on the blog EXTREMELY difficult to find – because we should be collecting emails from everywhere to the extent that we possibly can.

There should be a footer link at the bottom of all of the blogs that points back to that is affiliate/member coded to that particular blog.
Each blogging domain we have should have a feed from the core Empower Nework blog.
Our site needs to be constantly monitored and optimized for load time. Sometimes I click on the blogs and they take way too long to load. I’m actually not sure how we’re doing here – I just want to make sure that as we grow the company the load time is constantly optimized and improved as our traffic increases.

Project Get More Traffic:

This is going to be things that are focused on taking our member base and new members – and CREATING and SHARING as much unique, well written content as we possibly can in a way that effectively creates, sustains, and generates more traffic across the network.

The process for writing a new post needs to be as simple as possible, and we need to focus people on creating good content. When someone clicks the login and blog button anywhere in the members area – it should take them right to the page in their blog where they write a post – not to the Kalatu dashboard. They can navigate to the dashboard by themselves – we want to focus on content creation. The first times they login, it should log them into creating posts with the 21 day blogging challenge plugin to help them get started.

The post area should be more simple – and have an expandable advanced view. We also need to make sure there is clear instructions on what to write in each area.

After someone writes a blog post AND publishes it, we should re-direct them to a WP screen that gives them a call to action to share it across their social networks, and they can have the option of going back and editing the post from that screen. All that screen should have is a link to their post to share, and then they can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email it, and wherever else, and then have them check a box or something that confirms that they did it. Optimally if we had a syndication system that tracked this that went along with our blog that had different ways for them to syndicate every day, it would be best.

We need a gamified syndication system that I describe here – and this should be a project that is BUILT RIGHT the first time, as simple as possible with more features added as time goes by and it should be done as quickly as we can. Here is the link:

We need to make sure that our blogs are BUILT for SEO and social syndication friendliness, and test for it. Since our blogs are our leverage point – every detail on them from color, call to action placement, call to action language, SEO and social systems, commenting systems, etc need to be paid attention to.

URGENT: The process flow after a new member joins through any funnel is – they should be directed to a simple screen in the members area where they click buttons to connect their social accounts, and after they connect we give them a link to their blog so that they can see we have set it up, and then when they continue to the next step they should begin going through the upsell funnel. The point is to deliver what we promised to deliver, and then continue to the next step – which should increase upsells. On this page I actually think we should have them share a link to their new blog on their social networks, and ask people to follow their posts and subscribe, before continuing through the upsell process.

The ultimate goal is to get people creating and sharing posts for as long of a period of time as we possibly can, all through the day – because they want to get their posts shared.
The Empower Network blog needs to be the core of our business. We should be doing what we’re telling people to do – becoming a hub of good content, an example of someone who is utilizing their blog in an EXCELLENT way, an example of a blog that converts leads to sales, and it should be engaging, high trafficked, create a massive following, and become known in the space for it’s content. If we FOCUS on blogging, our network will FOCUS on blogging.

Project Convert:

Begin retargeting with OUR blog traffic – we should start a small retargeting campaign with our own blog traffic, and front page traffic to Optionally, we could segment to a smaller portion of the traffic (organic traffic only) and retarget to that. Once we have something that is converting via retargeting – begin moving it across the whole network, beginning with search and social traffic – across every blog in the site. We’ll test slow, gradually increase the volume, and make sure it makes money.



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