SECRET GAME-PLAN RELEASED FROM 2016 OR SO: “EN Game Plan…’ O4R: “Empower Network Gameplan…”

This document is going to be divided into the following sections [click here for the old Google Document]:


What needs clarity?


Vision Brainstorming:


Company Vision [full — needs clarity work]:


Our Core Values:


Internal Team Structure:


Live Broadcast Schedule:


Funnel Structure We Can Make Now:


Long Term Funnel Strategy:


Content Based Traffic Growth Strategy:


Paid Traffic Growth Strategy:


Event Plans:


Company Brand Plans:


Product Brands:


Stuff With William Wood


Webinar Funnel With Max Profit Accelerator




What Needs Clarity?


We’re going to start with describing everything important that the core vision will impact.


  • Target Market
    • Opportunity seekers
    • Personal Development
    • Network Marketers
      • Been in MLM before
      • Maybe currently involved
      • Not currently where they want to be
      • Dissatisfied with something
      • Want a better way


    • New people to the industry
      • Employed
      • Entrepreneurs
      • What is the majority demographic of top earners?
        • Families
          • Single parents
          • Couples with no children
        • Married or in a stable relationship
        • Usually have strong family values and spiritual beliefs
        • Largest spiritual demographic is Christian
        • Bill Britt market:  25-35, married, making under $60,000 a year.  They’re young enough to still believe in themselves, but they’re old enough to have been through some pain.
      • Middle class
        • $30,000 – $60,000 per year
        • Interested in making more money
        • They work hard
        • They’re willing to listen to advice
        • They follow through on commitments
      • They want to work from home
        • Running from something
          • Boss
          • Bills
            • Debt
            • Taxes
            • Student loans
            • Not enough money to finish the month
        • Or they want something
          • More Time
          • More money
            • Give to charity
              • Churches
              • Kids
              • Charities
            • Buy stuff
              • Cars
              • Houses
              • Jewelry
          • Lifestyle
            • Travel
            • Fun
            • Relationships
            • Where you live
            • Freedom
              • Time
              • Financial
          • Influence
          • Future for their Family
            • Kids
              • College
              • Education
              • Opportunity
              • Want kids to look up at me
            • Spouse
            • Themselves
  • Clarity
    • Corporate
      • Vision
      • Outcomes
      • Processes
      • Needs and wants of the leadership, customers, and affiliates
    • Customers
      • Why they need it
      • What we stand for
      • Who we serve
      • What it is
      • How they can use it without being involved in the opportunity
      • How much
      • Can I do it
    • Affiliates
      • What are they selling
      • How they get paid
      • Sales processes
        • How they sell
        • Who they sell to
        • Track their activities
        • Measure their results
        • How they participate in the sales process
          • Traffic
          • List Building
          • Creating Rapport With List
            • Creating content
            • Emailing
            • Copywriting
              • Basic
              • Advanced
            • Online events (see method of operation)
          • Front end conversions
          • Following up
          • Closing
          • Upselling
          • Team Building
      • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Method of Operation
        • Corporate Daily Content Process (see below)
        • Daily Actions
          • Creating Audiences
            • List building
              • Email list
              • Phone lists
              • Direct mail lists
              • Customer lists
            • Social media
              • Facebook
              • YouTube
              • Twitter
              • Instagram
            • Relationships
              • Networking
              • Referrals
              • Social Sharing
              • Other
          • Creating rapport with list
            • Giving Value
              • Videos
              • Blogging
              • Podcasting
              • Social Media Posts
              • Live Events/Training
        • Weekly Actions
          • Monday 9pm EST Empower Hour
            • Hangout
            • Training for affiliates
            • We could also invite guests
          • Thursday 9pm EST
            • Opportunity presentation
            • Attraction mechanism
            • Stories
            • Dreambuilding
            • Problem
            • Pain
            • Solution
            • Comp plan
            • CTA
            • Training
            • Needs mapped out so any leader can participate
        • Monthly Actions
          • Focus of the month (beginning)
          • End of month close of sales
            • 24 Hours Of Empower
              • Sell recordings
              • Upsell with notes
              • Upsell to other product
            • Get Money Saturday
              • Promotional window to attend
              • Reason to upgrade
              • Private training to affiliates who upgrade
                • Tactical training for the following month
                • Nuts and bolts training
                • Q & A with the leaders
        • Quarterly Actions
          • Quarterly Events
            • Option one:
              • Old schedule
              • Live in person low ticket events every 90 days
              • Affiliates only
            • Option two:
              • Quarterly masterminds
                • Rank based attendance
                • Paid option
                • Live broadcast
              • Live broadcasts
              • Annual events
        • Annual Actions
          • Annual live low ticket event for everyone
      • The Target Market
        • Their problems
        • Their pain
        • How we impact that problem and pain
    • Leaders
      • How do they duplicate?
      • What are our numbers?
        • Front end conversions
        • Upsell ratios
      • Affiliate Manager
      • Contests
        • New Customers
        • Total Sales
        • Producing New Leaders
        • Event Ticket Sales
        • Event Ticket Attendance
      • How do we track conversions?
        • Conversion Pixels


Vision Brainstorming:


Core Vision:


To help people transform and create the life that they want.  We do this by helping people build a business that creates the income they want while being able to create the lifestyle that they want at the same time.


Tagline:  Building a business while having a life at the same time.


Affiliate Vision


To help our affiliates create their dreams, which include the business and income they want, and the lifestyle they want.


How do help them make money?


We do this by providing them a business model, products, sales processes, culture, mentorship, and a compensation plan that helps new members make sales quickly, and progress to reach their dreams and goals.


How do we define lifestyle?


Lifestyle is the ability to do what you want when you want, with the people you want to do it with, where you want to do it.


  • Too long (tracey’s awesome feedback)


Product Vision


We develop and partner with product brands that give people in our target market the tools, training, and systems that they need to build their business while having a life at the same time.



  • Have a fixed product vision on a specific line of products:
    • We want to be the best in the world at what?
      • Tools.  Benefits are that people keep them.  Problems are that no matter how much money we spend it is difficult to actually be the best in the world.
      • Education.  Benefits are that it’s always needed, always in demand.  It pays high profits. It’s easy to sell to a target market.  Faster to develop. Problems are that it’s always changing, and also if we’re focused in one area it makes us less immediately adaptable to change, and I think it’s difficult to explain to people outside of the target market of that educational product.


  • A malleable product vision that helps create the affiliate vision it does that in these ways:
    • Partnering with or creating products that provide value and are easy to sell and make sense to the way that we market
    • Creating those products if we choose
    • Gives us the ability to adapt product lines without interfering with the opportunity

Company Vision [full – needs clarity work]


We exist to empower the people we serve to create a business while living their dream lifestyle at the same time.  We do this by providing products, systems, training, and community that is aligned with our core values.


The people we serve are our customers, our affiliates, and our internal team.


The business we help them create is defined as a career path that they desire.


Their dream lifestyle is defined as their clearly defined personal vision they have for their future as it relates to the way that they live their life.


At the same time means that we believe in the simultaneous existence of opportunity, work,  and passion – and you can have it all right now.


The products, systems, and training we provide are solutions to help the people we serve create the simultaneous congruent existence of their passion based business and lifestyle.


Our core values are the written statements of principles we value as a community.  These values exist to empower the people we serve to align in a synergistic way while protecting them from people that don’t respect our values to provide a safe, sustainable opportunity to create real FREEDOM.


And FREEDOM is not defined by us or limited to the people we serve.  Freedom is the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every man, woman, and child – perfectly equal with equal respect of persons.

Our Core Values


  1. FREEDOM – We value the right of every man, woman, and child to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Every human being has the God given right to make their own choices and accept the consequences of their actions, whether they are in alignment with their vision or not.


  1. TRANSPARENCY – We believe in being transparent and vulnerable except in situations that can cause another person harm and benefit no one.  Being willing to share what’s going on, our problems and challenges, our weaknesses and mistakes shows humility, courage, and willingness to change.


  1. HONESTY – We believe that honest, open communication is critical to create lasting, principle based relationships that continue to grow together over a lifetime.
  1. CHARACTER – We value character over reputation, and choose character every time they conflict.  We follow our chosen principles, resolutions, and values even when it does not benefit us.  We support people in making personal choices and boundaries around their own beliefs, and protect their right to be who they want to be.


  1. INDIVIDUALITY – Every human being has a unique purpose, mission, and personality specific to them.  We allow people to express themselves in the way they choose and understand that our personal beliefs may be different from theirs.  As long as someone’s chosen path is not directly harmful to the freedom of others, we allow them to be who they want to be and lift up their individuality.


  1. ECOLOGICAL INFLUENCE – No power or influence should be created, maintained, or given by position, title, time, or association.  Only by unconditional love, patience, service, and cooperation through personal decision based on ethical influence principles that cooperatively serve an ecological purpose, with the intention of operating in the highest good for all concerned.


  1. HEALTHY COMMUNICATION – We strive to always communicate in a healthy way and improve our communication patterns and systems with the people we serve.  We have a one strike rule for abusive communication anywhere in our culture. We encourage all forms of communication that are collaborative, synergistic, cooperative, and aligned with our vision and values.  Abusive communication is defined as any form of communication that is:
    1. Threatening
    2. Belittling
    3. Name calling
    4. Gossip in all forms
    5. Other forms and patterns that create control without allowing the freedom to choose or are used to harm the people we serve.
    6. Anything that has the ability to create short or long term psychological damage, even if it works to create temporary results.


  1. TRACK EVERYTHING – We track every part of our business and lifestyle in measurable metrics that are utilized for personal and business evaluation and improvement.  We know that whatever we track and pay attention to can through consistent effort be improved. Whatever we don’t track we can’t improve. Therefore we seek to constantly improve the quality and specificity of our data and the systems we use to track and measure it against our individual and group behavior.  We pay close attention to important data that affects our business in every known capacity and seek to become aware of data that is currently unknown.


  1. CHECKS AND BALANCES – Too much centralized power corrupts good people and allows people with malicious intentions to do what they want.  We create systems that check and balance any form of tyranny or abusive control in every part of our culture to protect the people we serve and their ability to create the business and lifestyle of their dreams.  Checks and balances include, but are not limited to:


    1. Financial Checks.  Every corporate expense in every department is tracked and reviewed by at least two people.
    2. Technology Checks.  All technology systems have a review process put in place by the head of the technology department.
    3. Information Checks.  All documents and projects are held in locations where access is available by the company at any time for a third party review.
    4. Power Checks.  Power is decentralized in a way that prevents tyrannical control in any part of the company.  No one person has the ability to shut down essential parts of the company or create chaos by hoarding important information.


  1. SYSTEMS EVERYWHERE – Systems work when people don’t, and help people manage around their weaknesses.  We seek to think in systems and move everything we’re doing into a process, technology, checklist, or plan to make what we do be able to grow beyond the limits and weakness of individual personality.  When we create a new process, we turn every action into a series of checklists that can be handed over to someone who can follow that process and execute that task. We always seek clarity in all processes that can be explained to another.


  1. FUN – We believe in having fun, traveling, trying new things, and we are willing to be different.  With everything we do, we seek to make it engaging, entertaining, and memorable so we can be happy and enjoy our path to success while on the journey of creating the life that we want.  We break up the patterns of normality and make even boring tasks entertaining and cool.


  1. FAMILY – Families are important to us.  Whether it’s spouses, children, or people loved by the people we serve, we honor them and treat them with respect.  Our businesses exists to provide for our families, not the inverse. Everything we do exists to build up relationships and a prosperous, safe environment for the people we love the most.


  1. CHALLENGE EVERYTHING – We welcome challenges to rigid thinking and behavior, and believe there is power in trying new things.  Creative solutions are welcome, we’re willing to test any idea, system, or process that has the ability to help the people we serve prosper more and create a better lifestyle.  Any challenge to thinking that has the potential to help create our vision and increase profits can be tested if feasible. We are open to improve our systems and test new profitable ideas.


  1. SIMPLICITY – Reduce, simplify, and improve every system and process to a more efficient, streamlined structure that requires less energy input to produce a higher result output.  Complex systems are built into processes that are simple action checklists for the individuals involved in that specialized task. Complex for us. Simple for them. Another frame is complex as a system, simple for the individual operating their part of the system.


  1. GROWTH – Living systems are either in a state of expansion or contraction.  If we’re not living or growing, we’re dying and shrinking. Whether it’s muscles that atrophy from lack of use or the exercise of conscious attention that creates enhancement in the capacities of mind, we seek to always grow as a company, grow as a community, and grow individually in every part of our lives.  Growth is not limited to business systems, business systems exist to allow growth in our personal lives. Because we know that whatever isn’t prospering is perishing, we always seek to make everything better.


  1. GIVE MORE VALUE – In everything we do we give more value than what we receive in return, and although the price someone is paying for a product or service may be fixed, the value is not.  We always strive to enhance it, make it better, make it more simple, make it more rich in it’s ability to enhance the lives of the people we serve. We believe that by giving and serving the marketplace we multiply in wealth, influence, and freedom.


  1. FINANCIAL MASTERY – We strive to always keep our operational expenses to no more than 75% of the revenue that is taken in after paying affiliates.  We do not depend on growth for operating a profitable, sound business. We encourage the people we serve to operate the finances in their lives with equal vigilance, always spending less than they earn, working their way out of consumer debt and staying free from control exerted by lenders because human beings are never free while indebted to another.  We commit to:


    1. Get out, and stay out of all forms of debt.
    2. Only agree to initiate contracts and agreements that can be fulfilled on.
    3. Honor our financial commitments.
    4. Pay people on time what we promised to pay.


  1. TRANSFORMATION – We believe that every human being has the capacity either through consistent effort and focus and also spontaneously transform and break through the internal barriers that are stopping them from being who they are meant to be.  Human beings are beautiful and capable of radical change and therefore we believe in the people we serve unconditionally of their past. That does not mean that we tolerate current behavior that is harmful to our community, it means that we give people an environment to prove themselves and allow them to step into their power, proving themselves through their actions, not through their past.


  1. MASTERMIND EVERYTHING – When we are unified with all of our minds intent on creating our vision for the people we serve the collective power of our individual intellect and collaborative focus creates what Napoleon Hill referred to as “The Third Mind” in his book Think and Grow Rich.  We are more powerful unified with all of our individual ideas, feedback, and collaboration – ultimately submitting to the unified vision of creating more liberty and opportunity for everyone.  We are powerful together and everyone is important.


  1. LEGACY – We leave everything we touch better than we found it in some way directly connected to our vision of building a business while having a life.  Through the focus of our team we will reverse the natural currents of personal, social, and economic decline by continuing to improve and iterate systems that create order from the forces of chaos.  We speak life into the world around us by being a little bit better each day.


Old Company Values:



Internal Team Structure:


Philosophy:  Like the various parts of a human body all have important and unique functions that enhance the living system, so does every member of our team.  There is nobody in our team that is treated with a different set of values, boundaries, and respect than another. Can the brain say to the heart “I have no need of you?”  I think not. Although people may receive different compensation relative to their direct market value and contribution, every part of our team fills an important role in our vision and has the ability to create a future with us if they choose, and desire it.


David Wood is our Chief Executive Badass.  He serves the role of the originator of the Empower Network Movement and helps create the vision by strategic planning, direction, masterminding, creating content, creating sales materials, testing new ideas, and leading the path of the company and the field.



  • Sandy Viquez is our Noble Assistant Badass.  She is the personal assistant for David Wood and manages his schedule, including calls, webinars, speaking engagements, personal meetings, and also personal life details that need sorted out.  All scheduled meetings with our CEB are ran through Sandy. She reports directly to David and tasks assigned to her are priority.




  • Brett Reed is our Accounting Chief Badbutt.  Brett and Marc are Mormons so we respect them by refraining from profanity in their titles.  Brett helps create the vision by overseeing strategic financial planning, decisions, and helping create accounting systems that have checks and balances to create a stable environment.  Brett and Marc manage accounting systems for billions of dollars in revenue.




  • Marc Andus is our Cash Flow Badbutt.  Marc helps create the vision by closely monitoring our financial controls, implements accounting systems, participates in strategic thinking, weekly financial reviews with key executives including David Wood, and makes sure people get paid what they’re promised on time as we’re operating within our financial constraints.  Marc’s decisions are accountable to Brett Reed and David Wood.




  • Judy Schad is our Human Resource Badass.  She helps create the vision by managing key HR needs and working with Marc and Brett to implement internal financial systems, payroll for employees, and also helps with employee systems and procedures.




  • Sven Arild Helleland is our Lord of Technology Badass.  He’s part man, part Norwegian God, a third generation descendant of an offspring of Thor.  He created and managed our technology systems through our first $100 million in sales and all technology runs through him and the processes he puts in place to ensure that the technology we create helps the people we serve create the lifestyle and business of their dreams.  He also works with a team who is under his supervision.




  • Alex Redmon is our Marketing Code Badass.  She works with Sven and the Marketing Team to create marketing processes and systems that are directed by Rob Rammuny and Sven.




  • Rob Rammuny is our Chief Marketing Badass.  He’s managed sales and marketing processes that have done over $5 million per month in sales and is an expert in utilizing tracking and data systems to optimize sales processes based on real behavior of the people we serve.  He’s an expert in CPA marketing, High Ticket Sales, Phone Systems, and is part of our strategic planning mastermind. He works directly with David Wood and the team to create what our people want in place to help create the vision of freedom through systems that work.




  • Darren Hanser is our in house Copywriting Badass.  He writes email copy, sales copy, page copy, and is part of our strategic marketing mastermind where we brainstorm the next level inside of our community.



        • Vanessa Gillette is our Social Media Badass.  She manages our social media campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.  She helps create the vision by managing our content marketing process and developing systems and checklists to take our vision to the people we serve through a syndication and traffic system that flows through our central marketing process.



  • Tera Mangan is our Project Execution Badass.  She manages the organization, review, approval, and execution of ideas that we run through our internal process of getting shit done that creates the vision.  




  • Lisa Soto is our Merchant Badass.   She keeps our relationships with our valued merchant providers by managing refunds, chargebacks, and systems to make sure we continue to create results that help the vision impact our customers, affiliates, and employees.




  • Nicole Mcclain is our Social Compliance Badass.  She helps us create a safe and lasting environment for the people we serve by making sure what we do is following laws and our internal compliance rules to protect the future for everyone.




  • Brian Wills is our Compliance Officer Badass.  Brian helps us create profitability and a future by making sure that we are protecting our affiliates against people who aren’t following laws and regulations.




  • Zach Forsch is our Customer WOW Badass.  Zach helps our customers and affiliates create their dreams by providing customer service solutions that help them get the results that they want.



        • Nik Wyland is our Commission Badass.  Nik works with Zach to bring a WOW experience to our customers.  He specifically helps create the vision by specializing in affiliate issues relating to our commission structures.



  • Bonnie Skifstad is our Happy Event Badass.  Bonnie organizes events, negotiates with contractors, finds locations and hotels, and manages all of the teams related to creating a magical event experiences that help manifest the vision.



      • Kevin Thompson is our MLM Law Badass.  He makes sure that our compliance and internal team are aware of current FTC regulations and have policies, procedures, and compliance in place to protect our future and help us continue to serve the marketplace so we have the ability to create our vision.


      • Rob Berkowitz is our Internet Law Badass.  He creates our contracts and agreements with essential service providers, advises us on intellectual property law, and makes sure that we are protected and make decisions that will help us create our long term vision by staying in compliance with internet regulations.


      • William Wood is our Transformation Wizard.  Since he doesn’t like the internal representation of ‘badass’ and is a sort of magical creature, we chose the term ‘wizard’ instead.  He is part of our strategic thinking mastermind, helps plan and create transformational training products, and helps mastermind solutions to help our people step into the vision they want to create through his proprietary personal change processes.


Specific Assignments, Duties, and Tasks for the internal team [needs work]:



  • Merchant Accounts:




  • Tera Mangan – Director of Merchants Badass


      • Department Head
      • Processor Relationships
      • Sub for Lisa



  • Lisa Soto – Merchant Badass


      • Processing
      • Refunds
      • Chargebacks
      • Fraud



  • Communications:



    • Tera Mangan – Communications Badass
      • Leadership Council Liaison
      • Emails (LC, Boss, Etc)
      • Webcasts Management
      • Next Level Webcast
      • Internal and external
      • Empower Hour
      • Response on Social Media



  • Customer Support:



    • Zach Forsch – Customer Wow Badass
      • Customer Support
      • Manages Customer Service Department


    • Nik Wyland – Commission Badass
      • Customer Support
      • Commission Tickets



  • Social Media and Content Management:




  • Vanessa Gillette – Social Media Badass


      • Creates & Communicates with Facebook groups
      • Creates & Promotes Facebook events
      • Tracks social reach/engagement/ROI
      • Product management
      • Content Management & Promotion
      • Social Media Management
        • Posting to social profiles (automation)
        • Social media strategy
        • Social media customer support
        • Brand reputation management
      • Traffic Management
      • Communication to Affiliates (via social channels & email)
      • Empower Hour
        • Select host/guests
        • Promote event on social profiles
        • Run tech (setup, during event, replay)
        • Editing audio file
        • Adding to Inner Circle course
      • Weekly Live Company Webcasts
        • Select host/guests
        • Write outline w/ sales points
        • Promote event on social profiles
        • Run tech (setup, during event, replay)
      • Weekly Next Level Mastermind
        • Run tech (setup, during event, replay)
      • Leadership Council Support



  • Marketing:




  • Rob Rammuny – Marketing Badass


      • Launches
      • Company Promotions
      • Sales Campaigns
      • Product Releases
      • Event Promotions
      • Design of Sales Funnels
      • Approval of Marketing Materials
      • Creative Outsourcing



  • Darren Hanser – Copywriting Badass


      • Sales Copy
      • Email Copy
      • Sales Videos



  • Compliance




  • Tera Mangan – Director of Compliance Badass


      • Policies and Procedure Updates
      • Work with Legal
      • Send out the emails
      • Build cases for termination



  • Nicole Mcclain – Social Compliance Badass


      • Blogs
      • Emails
      • Social Media
      • Lead of Department
      • Better Business Bureau
      • Answers Compliance Calls
      • Reviews Sales Pages For Compliance



  • Brian Wills – Compliance Officer Badass


      • Compliance
      • Social media compliance
      • Blog compliance
      • Strike letters
      • Opts in to lists to check claims
      • YouTube



  • Development Team




  • Sven Arild Helleland – Lord of Technology Badass


      • Directs Technology Development
      • Approves Code
      • Affiliate Technology
      • Commission Technology



  • Alex Redmon – Secret Code Badass


        • Marketing funnels
        • Landing Pages
        • Links, Funnels, Testing Funnels


  • Event Team




  • Bonnie Skifstad – Happy Event Badass


      • Schedules Events
      • Finds Event Area
      • Contract Negotiation
      • Production
      • Staging
      • Helps with Show Flow



  • Tera Mangan – Showflow Badass


      • Show flow
      • Speaker invites
      • Speaker Coordination
      • Leadership Council Coordination



  • Accounting




  • Brett Reed – Accounting Chief Badbutt (Mormon)


      • Financial Management
      • Department Head
      • Strategic Planning



  • Marc Andus – Cash Flow Badbutt (Mormon)


      • 1099’s
      • Payroll
      • Affiliate Payouts
      • Merchant Accounts
      • Credit Card Statements
      • Expenses
      • Pays Bills



  • Judy Schad – Human Resource Badass (not Mormon)


      • Benefits – health benefits, executive benefits
      • Puts invoices in
      • Contracts for employees/contractors
      • Sends 1099’s
      • Payments for all services


Expense Tracking:



  • Checks and balances


    • Two people sign off on any expense over $500
    • All receipts need to be kept for 2 years
    • Monthly expense reports for each department organized into individuals
    • Random audits for everyone with any capacity to spend money
    • Talk with Will/Brett/Marc/Jon about financial controls
    • Expense reports have to be signed off by a manager
    • Monthly reviews of the expenses of each department
      • Talk with Marc and Brett about a schedule – Sandy Schedules/ maybe Judy does an initial review before hand


Corporate Budget:


Execution and Project Management Process

This process is specific, but adaptable to work in alignment with a way of executing that helps us build fast and fulfill our commitments, obligations, and vision.


Management Software:


    • HipChat
      • Get rid of HipChat
      • Leadership Council will use Project Management Software
        • Send invitations to Leadership Council
      • Communication threads on Skype


    • Google Docs (what they are good for)
      • Creating spreadsheets
        • Multiple links
        • Multiple documents
        • All google docs must be created with Empower Network email addresses
        • All current google docs must be copied to Empower Network email addresses
      • Tech reporting issues
        • Sven
        • Alex
      • Shows the status of tech issues


      • Create a project
      • Set the objective
      • Set the deadline
      • Choose the team
      • Discussion groups
      • Calendar
      • Files Area
      • Task area
        • Specific deadlines assigned to certain people
        • Specific tasks assigned to people


Idea/issue gathering process:



  • Online form submission process for gathering details on important suggestions in the areas listed below



      • Detailed questionnaire that covers:
        • Area of request (tech, marketing, compliance, customer service, events, saving money, making money, products, other)
        • Self rated level of importance (issues of tech and customer service are always highest technical priority)
        • Detailed description of request
          • Specific detailed outcome
          • Why specifically this is being requested
          • What resources are needed to accomplish this



  • Each one of these groups will have a specific department based request form:


      • David Wood ideas
      • Leadership Council ideas
      • Internal Team ideas segmented by department
      • Technical ideas


Idea Execution Process:


This process is for ideas and projects that require time and thought before we start with a planned process, team, resource set, and budget.  It does not include technical issues or things that have to be fixed. This is for things that we have to build.



  • Ideas submitted as people have them that are department/group specific.  


    • No more promising of anything that has not gone through the idea submission process.
    • When someone has a good idea, if they want to suggest it and have it reviewed they are asked to complete the submission process.



  • Weekly review of idea submissions




  • Review all ideas


      • Approve – move to next part of process
        • During approval priority is assigned by approximated return on investment that is clarified in the project brief creation process.
      • Disapprove – idea is disapproved and the person is notified.
        • If the person wants they can resubmit a modified form of the idea



  • Assign a priority level to approved ideas


      • High – project that have a high potential return on investment
      • Medium – Projects that have a mid level return on investment
      • Low – Project that do everything else



  • Project brief is written in order of priority


      • Detailed project brief written
      • Outcome
      • Process
      • Team
      • Budget
      • Estimated return on investment
      • Deadline



  • Project Brief Review


      • Project brief checked by Project Manager
      • Changes suggested
      • Updated review checked by Project Manager, Department Head, and David Wood
      • Changes suggested
      • Final review from Project Manager and David Wood
      • Project Approved



  • Project Assigned and Scheduled


      • Project is placed into a queue with deadline
      • Projects assigned by department
      • Department head assigns tasks



  • Project Executed, Tracked, and Delivered


      • Daily updates
      • No changes until full project is finished
      • Deadlines adjusted if deadlines are unable to be met
      • Communicate with project manager


Company Personal Growth Plan:

Meeting and Reporting Plan:

Conflict Resolution Plan:

New Rules:


Live Broadcast Strategy:


Live Broadcast Schedule

Promotion Strategy

Content Strategy


Funnel Structure We Can Make Now:


Specific LC Feedback:


    • Tracey Walker:
      • Likes 8 core Steps
        • Reduce time and complexity
        • Part of training, not upsells
    • Lawrence Tam:
      • Tracking and simplifying
      • Simplicity:
        • What can we remove?
          • 8 Core Steps is too much for an upsell process
          • Taking away all barriers to purchasing
            • NDA’s
            • Gates
            • Other Barriers
      • Testing, running, iterate
      • Mobile Friendly Funnel
        • NDA – he said it is not mobile friendly
      • The old iPas process worked well
        • Original iPas2 process
        • Made a lot of sales
    • Michael Martin:
      • My funnel
      • Promoting Total Shortcut
        • Still getting signups
      • Empower Process Is Streamlined
        • Project Titan is not streamlined
        • He and Jon have a process that is converting
          • Just using TS changing the price
      • Blind offer that is working for Kalatu Cloud
        • Total Shortcut converts to KC with Blind Offer
          • Cold Traffic
            • Solos
            • YouTube
      • iPas Messaging Works
        • Six Figure Builder Sales
        • Set Goals
        • Clear


Reframing/Deleting/Changing for Simplicity:


Conversation with Rob:

  • How do we take our current system and processes and rapidly change them to a more simple, seamless flow?
    • Empower Network Fast Start Process
    • iPas Process
    • Project Titan Process


Simplify, Reduce, Optimize

  • How?


Ipas Works

Multiple Back Offices

  • Project Titan
    • Simplify Focus
  • iPas
  • Empower Network


Now Constraints:


  • No tech changes
  • Work with processes that are working
    • Total Shortcut Page
      • Working
        • 20-30%
      • Not working
    • Total Shortcut Vid
      • Working
        • Gets signups
        • Move numbers
        • Proven conversions
      • Not working
        • Not attracting ideal customers
        • Not pre-framing people right
    • iPas Upsell Process
      • Sells people into the six figure builder
    • Content Process


Immediate Funnel Process Changes:


  1. All opportunity capture pages redirected towards Total Shortcut Capture Page [this does not include , then
  2. Total Shortcut Video, then
  3. Intro Video In Mansion [re-script and film new one pre-framing iPas Process], then
  4. Re-Direct and link goes to iPas Fast Start Process [get scripts from Chris Jones and re-write to match our message], then
  5. 8 Core Commitment Training, then
  6. All In Discount Unlocks as normal

Funnel Assignments By Department [NOW]:


Tech Assignments [review and compile into a checklist]:


  1. List made of every opportunity capture page (does not include the Max Performance Product Funnel)
  2. Link re-directs from all other opportunity capture pages to the Total Shortcut Opportunity Page [including NDA titan opportunity pages]
  3. Link re-directs from other opportunity based sales videos to the Total Shortcut Sales Video, including Project Titan Opportunity Videos
  4. Internal block towards navigating to iPas for new members is removed (i.e. they can navigate to iPas without completing the core commitment videos)
  5. After a customer buys Kalatu Premium they go to the normal Welcome Video
  6. The New Member video redirect goes to the iPas Fast Start [currently with Chris Jones]
  7. After a New Member Completes the iPas Fast Start, they are directed towards the 8 core commitment video process.  After this point no changes.


Marketing Assignments:


  1. New affiliate welcome emails re-written to send new affiliates into the iPas Fast Start [check links and change them] – and in Maro Post
  2. Any new affiliate email sequence to direct people first through the iPas Process, then through the Fast Start Process
  3. Have the Welcome Video Transcribed (the pop up one for a new member from the mansion)
  4. Have the Welcome Video re-scripted to pre-frame the iPas Process
  5. New Welcome Video Filmed on Tele-Prompter
  6. New Welcome Video Embedded after link redirects
  7. Total Shortcut Re-Scripted for better new member framing
  8. Total Shortcut Re-filmed [several variations for testing]
  9. Split tests ran with new Total Shortcut Video with better framing
  10. Have all iPas Videos Transcribed (all videos inside iPas)
  11. iPas Videos re-written and things we’re not using removed linguistically or reframed to processes that we are using to build our community.
  12. New iPas Videos filmed by David Wood on a tele-prompter
  13. New iPas Videos edited
  14. New iPas Videos embedded
  15. New process is tracked, tested, and improved as we get data and work on core long term system.
  16. Every Time they login – they are redirected to the ipas process until they complete it
  17. Get tracking setup – Kiss Metrics, Improvely, VWO


Questions we have to answer:


Currently where does the Project Titan Products fit inside our process as we’re building our long term plan?

Where does Kalatu Cloud fit into our long term plan?

How does Kalatu Cloud talk to our blogging platform?

How are the Max Performance Mastercourse Products sold now?  Or do we wait until we develop the structure of the new brands?


Kalatu Cloud

New entry point to Empower Network

Daily Content Based Funnels

Traffic Retargeting Funnels

Book Sales (possible good idea, but maybe too complex)

Commission Kickstarter (launch end of august, beginning of September)


Long Term Funnel Strategy:


Core Question:  What purpose does the funnel have in fulfilling our core vision of helping people build a business while having a life at the same time?


For the affiliates:  The funnel serves the purpose of helping them create income as fast and efficiently as possible with as little time and money investment possible.


For the customers:  The funnels speaks directly to the target market of our customers and helps them make decisions on the spot to buy the products that will help them solve their problems.


Funnel Problems we have to solve:


How are we going to sell the stuff we just made?  

  • Kalatu Cloud
  • Next Level Mastermind
  • Max Profit Accelerator
  • Max Performance Accelerator


What do we want to do with the new brands as it relates to the vision?

  • Commission Kickstarter
  • Think and Grow Live
  • Empower Network Brand


What do we do with the old stuff?

  • Inner Circle
  • Top Producer Formula
  • Team Building Formula
  • Mass Influence Formula


What do we want from an opportunity company/funnel/process?



  • The new person can get sales quickly part time
  • Easy to explain
  • People who come through need to be clear
    • Goals
    • Outcomes
    • Direction
  • Maximize the lifetime customer value of the customers/affiliates that move through
  • Speak to the people we actually want to work with
    • Committed
    • Buy Products
    • Follow Through
    • Align with vision


What do we want from a product sales company/funnel/process?



  • Can our target market use our products to create their dream business and lifestyle?
  • Can our target market use our products with their existing business?
  • Customers need to be able to buy the product without the opportunity
  • The funnels need to get them to make a decision to buy


What sales processes are we intending on building long term to fulfill that purpose?


Core Opportunity Sales Process:


Core Product Sales Process:


Individual Product Based Sales Funnels:


Questions from Rob Rammuny:

  • When you first launched Empower Network, what was the thought process behind the sales funnel?
    • There were three parts to the sales process:
      • First, the front
        • The product in the front end had the specific purpose of:
          • Creating viral sustainability
          • Being the mechanism of sustainable traffic creation
          • Being the system that was used to sell the products
          • Low cost and easy decision point
      • Second, the upsells
        • There were only two upsells, later four.
          • Inner Circle
            • The purpose of the inner circle was:
              • Create $100 per month residual commissions
                • This allowed easy mental multiplication of income for lifestyle creation and dreambuilding
              • Create a cultural self reinforcement pattern
                • The training served the ongoing function of motivation, inspiration, and ongoing buying instructions therefore removing the sponsor’s need to do those things on an individual basis.
          • Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive
            • To create $500 commissions
              • Serves the purpose of easily being able to see how to hit the normal desired incomes in the target market, which is $3,000 – $15,000 a month depending on the person and location.
            • To teach the core skills of
              • Opportunity sales
              • Blogging (traffic creation)
              • Sales
              • Upsells
              • Income creation
              • Philosophical team building principles
          • 15k Formula (later)
          • Masters Course (later)
      • Third, the expanding traffic mechanism (how we get ever increasing numbers of people through the process)
    • The purpose of the front end was to sign people up on the spot and to speak directly to the pain and bullshit the market was experiencing.  At the time, the pain was specific. People only had these ways of building:
      • Attraction Marketing – really was people selling a system that nobody used
      • Traditional Network Marketing
      • Normal Affiliate Marketing
      • The Guru Business Model
      • The High Ticket Business Model
      • The problem from all these things are that normal people couldn’t do it because of cost inhibition or technical complication, or learning curve.
    • What we did was different because people could build a business and make money without doing any of that stuff.
      • No sales funnel creation
      • No product creation
      • No blog setup
      • No upsell process creation
      • No constant never ending product launch cycles
      • We did the core culture creation and team building to help you sell
    • You earned 100% commissions
      • Get paid quickly through your own merchant account
      • Make money like the guru without the skill or tech complication
      • We’ll be here and build with you
      • I’ll do the selling, you keep the money
      • Put down the phone, pickup the paycheck


Content Creation Strategy:


Daily Blog Content Strategy (affiliate coded)

    • Daily content creation process
      • Book is selected based on audience available to target and how responsive they are, and a living author
      • Create a forward going list (pre selected list) of choices (BOOKS / AUTHORS)
      • Weekly “News Report”
        • Create a list of specific interests / Blogs / Subjects
        • Subscribe a gmail to those interests using GOOGLE UPDATES
        • Take those interests, compile into printable / consumable format
        • Send / give to David
      • Reading one hour per day
        • Out of the chosen book list based on current ability to create attention.
          • News
          • Current influence
          • Controversy
          • Interest by existing market
          • Relatability to our target market
          • Ability to secure author for time
          • Ability to have some kind of books sales
      • Writing review of reading keyword packed and teaching from reading
        • Start by catching attention
        • Open a loop related to the subject chosen from a YouTube video (most of the time)
        • Content is written in a way to where if the video isn’t included the open loop makes sense
        • The loop is closed in all content channels.
        • Variation of videos is created for paid ads on Facebook and YouTube that are not visible to everyone.  Basically, the video is interrupted after 90-120 seconds way before the loop is closed with a call to action to click the link to see the full video. Viewer must enter some form of collateral (email / share) to access the remainder (full video) on secondary page.
        • See descriptions in FB, Twitter and Facebook to see video process.
        • Again, post makes complete sense with no video so audio can be extracted on PodCast channel
    • Call To Actions:
      • Sales CTA’s (Tentative: Tie to Kalatu Premium)
        • BLOG POST
          • PDF / Worksheet bonus Download
          • Reader Opts In, gets awesome materials (reciprocity) Then Sent to offer
        • Podcast Audio
          • PDF / worksheet / Audible offer Opt In (Capture Lead)
          • Listener is prompted a verbal url, Opts In, gets awesome materials (reciprocity) + Audiobook (commission) Then Sent to offer.
      • Content / Share CTA’s
        • Social Media
          • Facebook
          • Twitter
          • YouTube
          • Viewers are prompted on CTAs to head to Consume the content, which subsequently pushes them into the lead / sales process.
    • Video Creation From Blog Content For Facebook, YouTube, and Social Media
    • Content created that affiliates can blast / use / coded specifically for them
    • Videos Edited in a Process, Cost Effective
      • Fiverr Edited
      • Create a format, and dedicated contractors on Fiverr ($5-20 / Video)


  • Syndication of Content (One piece of content moved upon multiple networks)


    • 5-7 days a week
      • Teleprompter Videos from Posts
      • Blog Posts
    • Blog Posts download version
      • Make into PDF
      • Make “Meat” content into worksheet
      • Downloadable content @ end of post
  • Schedule
    • Same time every day
    • Promoted to field first for their marketing
    • Sent entire docket of links / materials / collateral
      • YouTube Link
      • Facebook Post Link
      • Downloadable Content + Worksheet
      • Podcast Link
      • Email Swiper
      • Promotional Links
    • Facebook
      • CTA 1 – Like
      • CTA 2 – Share
      • CTA 3 – Content Engagement
    • YouTube
      • Create Channel Branding
      • Channel Goals (Mile markers / outcome)
      • Art / Header
      • Internal Launch Promo Strategy (subscribers / Likes)
      • CTA’s
        • CTA 1 – Like
        • CTA 2 – Subscribe
        • CTA 3 (Optional) – Offer Engagement / Lead Capture
    • Twitter
      • Create Profile Branding
      • Profile Goals (Mile markers / outcome)
      • Art / Header
      • CTA’s
        • CTA 1 – Retweet
        • CTA 2 – Reply
    • Emailable Video
    • Audio stripped > Podcast [10-15 Minute Podcasts from blog posts]
  • Funnel / Sales Pages
    • Themed Sales pages [3-5]
    • Affiliate Coded / Lead capture enabled / some offer enabled?
    • WordPress template (form enabled from Sven)
      • Headline
      • CTA
      • Embed Code
      • Subtext
    • Unique Swipe Copy created DAILY to promote new page
    • Promotion Strategy
      • Email to Field Internal
      • Delay (For their promotion)
      • Email to list external
      • Annotation for new videos? (Watch the new video here)
    • Little Copy / Interchangeable with Content [videos]
  • Podcast
    • Create Branding
    • Grab Plugin / Code in “PodcastBlog” for shownotes
    • Setup Channel
    • Launch Strategy (Sidenote : MUST**** Launch with three episodes)
    • Internal Promotion Strategy
    • Decide Monetization [Audible? Sponsored Ads? Product Promotion]
    • Platform home [ New Website]
  • Phase 2 Syndication [PR]
    • PR – ability
    • Huffington Post
    • Networks
  • Multilingual expansion
    • Translator – Check content / update log {Needs to be a document log for this)
    • Translate / Record into second language
    • Sync Audio
    • Edit / Finalize / Upload video
    • Notify internal team / Update Log (confirm it’s been finished)
    • External (communicate to field / promote)
  • Reporting
    • Weekly Report on growth incline / decline of all efforts
      • YouTube
      • Podcast
      • Internal / External Promotion
      • Expenditures (Translation / Daily Videos)
    • Mastermind a domain for the content promotion channel that is value based and we will make affiliate codable
    • Take the davidwood blog and transfer to that domain and make it codeable (remove david sharpe post)
    • Start the process with written content and whatever we can start with now
    • Design social media channels that we can use
    • Reorganize Viddler
    • Break each of the following into it’s own process and subtask:
      • Creation Document: Edit Video / Upload Document [ Fiverr ]
      • Syndication Document: Facebook Checklist
      • Syndication Document: Twitter Checklist
      • Syndication Document: YouTube Checklist
      • Syndication Document: Podcast Checklist
      • Syndication Document: PDF + Worksheet Checklist
      • Syndication Document: External PR Document
      • Promotional Document: Internal Release Checklist
      • Promotional Document: External promotion checklist
      • Coding Podcast into branded page
      • Launch of Podcast / Promotion Strategy
      • Design and Coding of Video Pages (Templates)
      • Design and Coding of New Domain Extension (Affiliate Coded Content)
      • Design and Branding
      • New Domain? New Brand / Extension
      • Blog Imagery
      • YouTube
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Podcast


Paid Traffic Growth Strategy:


Our core paid traffic is going to be based around the content strategy and retargeting.



  • Content Promotion.


    • Facebook
      • Targeting towards audiences specific to the content
        • FB vid teaser from blog post opens a loop (need to put in daily videos)
          • FB incentivizes the click to content page (Doesn’t show full video)
          • Content page has lead capture to access rest of video
          • Sales process is prompted to lead either via email from affiliate or additional clicks on page / company promotion.
        • FB live Videos
          • Scheduled once per week at the same time
          • Purpose is to build content, following, and value
          • Live videos can be retargeted towards traffic to help affiliates sell (if this is profitable)
      • Retargeting traffic with offers (See Below)
      • Pixeled individuals for Retargeting go to a sales offer.
    • Youtube
      • Ads direct to open loop video (CTA for YouTube)
      • CTA goes to a page to see the complete video
      • Pages are cookied and people have to opt in to see them, after they opt in they no longer have to opt in for future videos
      • Videos go on a sales page template created in the daily strategy
      • Pixeled individuals for Retargeting go to a sales offer.
    • Twitter
      • Start from the ground up, create a New twitter profile
      • Create the brand entity to promote under, and for affiliates.
      • Grow the following quickly (with little investment) so you’re able to run Twitter for Business to promote.
      • Twitter ad goes to content lead capture
      • Pixeled individuals for Retargeting go to a sales offer.
    • Google
      • Promote written content to target audience
      • CTA is to click to complete the open loop
      • Opt ins are cookied and setup for:
        • After opt in they don’t have to opt in again
        • Retargeting direct to sales offer
    • Bing
      • Promote written content to target audience
      • CTA is to click to complete the open loop
      • Opt ins are cookied and setup for:
        • After opt in they don’t have to opt in again
        • Retargeting direct to sales offer
    • Podcast
      • Audello
        • All in one marketing suite for Podcasting, ABSOLUTELY necessity.
      • Set Up interviews
        • Suggested: Necessity – grab authors of current books and feature them on podcast.
        • Send them all the necessary materials to promote and follow up HEAVILY to ensure they get klout, but the episode gets shared.
      • Link share / Interview share
        • Find fellow podcasters / up and coming podcasts to partner with / share / promote links.
      • Sponsorship swaps
        • (Optional) Could share ad-space on outro / intro and swap with a volume based podcast (they promote you, you promote them).
      • Important: Viral Share Process
        • Each episode has a promotional link
        • Two pages created daily for podcast
          • Podcast Shownotes (SEO) page
          • Podcast Daily Download page (lead capture / Affiliate coded. Someone opts in from “Bob’s” link, his lead)
        • Hey if you enjoyed this episode and want some awesome resources AND A FREE copy of the audio book menitoned, head over to
        • OPTION 1: That link prompts a share to download materials > Share episode get materials
        • OPTION 2: That link prompts an email capture, once email is entered they get materials and a share option pops up.
        • After that they enter info to get the materials and free affiliate promotion link ($15/signup gained)
          • If we do the audible promotion, incentivized profit sharing in the comp plan for people above a certain rank, so it doesn’t piss people off.


  • Smart Solo Ads
    • Trusted sources, cost that is trackable, and profitable
    • Smart Solo Ads would go directly into the opportunity funnel


  • Contests / Affiliate Contests
    • Prize giveaways
    • (Possible) Bonus Cash pool or commission bump
  • Retargeting
    • Retargeted from any site-based interaction (Cookie Retargeting)
    • Facebook video in their feed (Just noticed you were on X) Work with us…
    • Email Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • (Angle) Work with us, Join up with us
  • Graveyard Sequence
    • Resurgence campaign based on old leads
    • Scrub the email / Old affiliate email list for pennies on the dollar to ensure ad spend
    • Once interested leads go into a “rebirth” campaign
    • Once active leads go into a “rebirth” campaign
    • Each campaign is specific to the individual lead
    • Track very closely, and run segmented campaigns (1-2k at a time).


Event Plans:

Event Plans – UNLEASH (Dallas Texas)

Future Event Plans (Masterminds + Live Streams)


Company Brand Plans:


Project Titan

  • Next Level Breakthrough
  • Max Profit Accelerator
  • Max Performance Accelerator
  • Max Performance Mastercourse


  • iPas System
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Funnel Links

Empower Network

  • “Stuff”
  • Inner Circle
  • TPF
  • TBF
  • MIF


Commission Kickstarter

  • Free Registration Funnel
  • Upsell Sequence


  • Kalatu Blogging Platform
  • Kalatu Cloud


Think and Grow LIVE

  • Live education brand


Event Plans:


Event Plans – UNLEASH (Dallas Texas)


Future Event Plans (Masterminds + Live Streams)

  • 7 Figure Mastermind:
    • My house in Costa Rica
    • 3rd week in October
    • High level marketing strategies, copywriting, done with you bridge funnels, transformation work
    • Done with the Leadership Council
    • Live Streaming Tickets 197


Masterminds with Live Streaming Broadcasts For 12 Months


Product Brands:



  • Kalatu Cloud
  • Kalatu Blogging System


EN Brands:

  • Inner Circle
  • Top Producer Formula
  • Team Building Formula
  • Mass Influence Formula


Max Performance Mastercourse:

  • Next Level Mastermind
  • Max Profit Accelerator
  • Max Performance Accelerator

Stuff With William Wood


Will’s Questions:


What are my roles?

  • Product Masterminding, Planning, Organizing, Teaching, and Sales Processes for the Next Level Mastermind, Max Profit Accelerator, and Max Performance Accelerator.


What is the Target Market for Will’s Products?

    • Passion Based Entrepreneurs
      • Coaches
        • Life coaches
        • Consultants
        • Client based professionals
        • Business coaches
      • Experts
        • Personal Growth Businesses
        • Authors
        • Speakers
        • Specific expertise
      • Network Marketers
        • Want personal development
        • Leadership Training
        • Coaching training
          • Team Building
          • Overcoming Obstacles
          • Getting Results
          • Creating Clarity
      • Healers
        • Alternative medicine
        • Massage Therapy
        • Reiki
        • Energy healing
        • Hypnotherapists
        • NLP practitioners
        • Therapists
      • Internet Marketers
        • Bloggers
        • Affiliate Marketers
    • What is the pain of that target market?
      • They struggle with getting off the ground
        • Launching
        • Technical hurdles
        • Assembling a team
        • Organized
      • Have very little business skills
        • No automation
        • No real marketing processes
        • No sales processes
        • No culture systems
        • Struggle with getting clients
          • Traffic
          • Capture
          • Sales
          • Upsells
          • Referrals
      • They want to next level
        • Business
        • Skills
        • Leadership
        • Personal Growth
      • They want real community and support
        • They are alone building their business
        • They want to mastermind with like minded people
        • They want to get feedback on what they are planning, doing, and teaching
        • They want to grow


Next Level Mastermind:  


  • What is the NLM?


          • The NLM is weekly live training Tuesdays at 7pm EST that is planned, scheduled, and taught by William Wood or his chosen substitutes or guests.
          • It includes recordings of past trainings, weekly live trainings, a Facebook Group, email reminders.
            • IDEAS:


  • Include an audio version of the live training


            • Include Will’s personal mind maps, notes, and PDF workbooks and breakdowns of core concepts to understand and implement this training in your business and life.
            • BONUS:  Will records a short Facebook LIVE video in the FB Group that includes Assignments to implement the training, improve and deepen skills, and take action.
            • Podcast idea:  Take 5 minutes of audio, transcribe it, put it into a podcast, intro/outro, affiliate coded.
        • This product helps passion based entrepreneurs cultivate the mindset for success and teaches them skills to help them take their personal and professional performance to the next level.  And to motivate, inspire, and lead others to do the same. The product includes
      • Content
        • Planning
          • What am I going to teach?
          • How am I going to teach it?
          • When am I going to teach?
          • Who am I going to coordinate in my absence if needed?
        • Scheduling
          • Substitutes (while traveling)
          • Replays (if not available)
          • Content Calendering
          • Interviews
            • Marketers
            • Experts
            • Coaches
          • Live clients
            • Demonstrations
            • Examples of teachings
        • Teaching
          • Demonstrations
            • Techniques
            • Principles
            • Metaphors
            • Clients
          • Introduce
            • Establishing Frames
            • Pattern Interruption
            • Story Telling
            • Pacing
            • Open Loops
            • History
            • Background Drawings
            • Answer the question why?
          • Instruct
            • Answering the questions:
              • What?
              • How?
              • Sometimes what if?
            • Delivery of content in a way that:
              • Entertains
              • Captivates
              • Inspires
              • Motivates
            • Q and A
          • Inspire
            • Stories
            • Metaphors
            • Examples
            • Parables
            • Demonstrations
            • Jokes
          • Invite
            • Take Action
            • Master Skills
            • Study Concepts
          • Framing
            • Story Telling
            • Drawing
            • Bullet Points
            • Frameworks
        • Tasking (giving assignments)
          • People in the mastermind
          • Staff directly coordinating the mastermind
            • Livestream staff
        • Marketing and sales
          • Helping develop sales materials
          • Masterminding with sales materials
          • Reading teleprompter scripts
          • Reviewing sales materials
          • Suggesting changes
          • Coordinating guests

Max Profit Accelerator:



  • What is the Max Profit Accelerator?



    • The Max Profit Accelerator is a Digital Training Course with the purpose of helping the passion based entrepreneur learn the basic business building skills that will help them get in profit, stay in profit, and scale their business.
    • It is comprised of Videos, Workbooks, Mind Maps, Blueprints, and Audios of each segment.
    • It has 20 training modules.
    • It has 4 bonus modules.
    • There will possibly be a 5th training module from Kirk Duncan.




        • 60 Day Fast Start Plan (this was recorded during Will’s workshop at the Rise event in Dallas.  We need to edit this segment, create a 60 day checklist and put in Will’s ideal client worksheet as a download to this segment).



      • How To Turn Your Mind Into A Money Magnet
      • How To Create An Easy Client Scheduling Process
      • (Possibility) Module By Kirk Duncan
      • We need mindmaps, worksheets, or notes created for each module in all products, including the next level mastermind, max profit accelerator, and max performance accelerator
      • We need to separate out the audio from the video of this product and allow people to listen to the content versus only consuming the content on video… so downloadable MP3s for every module Will makes



  • What is Will’s role?



      • Planning
      • Delivering the training
      • Coordinating the guest experts
      • Helping develop sales materials
        • Masterminding with sales materials
        • Reading teleprompter scripts
        • Reviewing sales materials
        • Suggesting changes
        • Coordinating guests


Max Performance Mastercourse



  • What is the Max Performance Mastercourse?



    • The Max Performance Mastercourse is a Digital Training Course that teaches Passion Based Entrepreneurs how to accelerate their personal and professional performance and teaches them how to motivate and inspire others.
    • It is comprised of Videos, Workbooks, Mind Maps, Blueprints, and Audios of each segment.
    • It has 18 Training Modules



  • What is Will’s Role?



      • Planning
      • Delivering the training
      • Coordinating the guest experts
      • Helping develop sales materials
        • Masterminding with sales materials
        • Reading teleprompter scripts
        • Reviewing sales materials
        • Suggesting changes
        • Coordinating guests
    • Events
    • Personal Coaching
    • Consulting
  • When am I needed?
    • Tuesdays at 7pm EST
      • One hour
      • Every week
  • How am I compensated?
    • What do we need in place?
      • Contracts that make sense:
        • NLB
          • Based on:
            • Active members
            • Profitability
        • MPA
          • Based on:
            • Monthly sales
            • Profitability
            • Other
              • Sales materials
              • Copywriting
              • Marketing planning
        • MPM
          • Based on:
            • Monthly sales
            • Profitability
            • Other
              • Sales materials
              • Copywriting
              • Marketing planning
        • Other
          • Events
          • Consulting
            • Strategic planning
            • Review of processes
            • Systems thinking
            • Influence
              • Reps
              • Employees
    • What are we not sure about?
  • Who do I interact with?
  • What resources do I have access to?
  • How am I involved with marketing and sales?
  • What needs to be completed in the products?
    • NLB
    • MPA
    • MPM

Webinar Funnel With Max Profit Accelerator

Webinar series starting at 9pm EST, August 2th 2016 and also August 16th are scheduled

Free or $7 Webinar [$7 suggestion by Lawrence Tam]

Registration page

VIP Text List


Sells MPA $297

Downsells 3 pay

Downsells $1 trial for NLB, 14 days then $99 per month



297 CTA Page/video

3 pay downsell video/page

1 trial downsell video/page

Suggestion for an offer bump with everything


Immediate Funnel Game Plan:


  1. Total Shortcut Capture Page
  2. TS Sales Video [re-scripted and filmed to be congruent with current process]
  3. Welcome Video [re-cut to edify iPas process]
  4. iPas Upsell Process to TPF [re-cut to edify iPas process]
  5. Introduction To The Core Training [cut here with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual method of operation]
  6. Core Training Process [current 8 core commitment videos]
  7. All in offer unlocks as normal.


In our process we’re getting rid of or changing [immediate]:


  1. The Project Titan Members Area is being removed entirely. [see later description as to where we’re putting these products]
  2. The [Fast Start Training] in the Members Area is being renamed to [Core Training]
  3. We are adding an introduction video to the Core Training. [Scripting and Filming With Kyle]  This video will have a PDF download to an action plan checklist.
  4. The Kalatu Cloud Fast Start will no longer be a fast start, it will be a product orientation.  I will refilm the videos with Kyle here at the event.
  5. The emails from Project Titan are being changed back to Empower Network.  We are getting rid of the name Project Titan now that we have product brands.  The name ‘Project Titan’ needs to be removed from every email inside of our system.  Project Titan Products are products that are displayed inside the Empower Network back-office until we have time to build actual product brand websites.
  6. In the Empower Network Members Area, we’re displaying the products in Project Titan as products, not as another backoffice.  To do that we’ll divide the display on the right side of the members area in two sections. We’ll have “Kalatu Tools” that will have Kalatu Premium and Kalatu Cloud.  Then “The Formula Series” that will list The Inner Circle, The Top Producer Formula, The Team Builder Formula, and The Mass Influence Formula. Then “The MaxPerformance Mastercourse” will have Next Level Mastermind, Max Profit Accelerator, and MaxPerformance Accelerator.  Later we can re-organize this in a more simple way. All we need to do here is add 4 buttons. Let me know if you have questions.


Stuff David Wood needs to script, and then film with Kyle.  All of these are scripted videos.


  1. Re-script and film the following videos:
    1. New Member Welcome Video [redirects towards iPas]
    2. iPas Funnel Videos [I’m not sure what all is here]
      1. Start
      2. Your Income Plan
      3. 6 Figure Strategy
      4. Your Bonus [we have]
      5. Re-Do Rhonda Popup Video
    3. 8 Core Commitment Intro Video
    4. Total Shortcut Sales Video



  • Vids for the blog and employee orientation.  I can also do these in Costa Rica.



    1. Our Vision
    2. Our Core Values
    3. Our Target Market
    4. Our Products
    5. Compensation Plan
    6. How To Make Money
    7. Corporate Team
    8. Bridge video after blog opt in to Total Shortcut Process
    9. Idea Clarification Process
    10. Execution Process [Project Management]
    11. Conflict Resolution Process


Other stuff that needs to be done on the Kalatu Premium Get Money Theme:


  1. Domain chosen to map to.  The front of would probably work.  Needs to be masterminded with the leaders.
  2. is mapped to that domain
  3. The copy on the get money theme is changed to align with the content strategy and the bridge video that happens after the blog opt in.
  4. There needs to be a replicate-able sales page that

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