Americans Won’t Need Cars in 10-20 Years BECAUSE Of New Technology Systems Initiated By King David During His Presidency??? WTF?

Hello everyone,

It’s David Wood, and I’ve been working here quietly in the background on our new system of making money that is entirely product focused, and although I’m not quite done, I’m getting there.

I decided that there is no need to rush, and also am running into some snags. For example, my normal PHP coder is busy with other projects until early next year, and I have some compensation plan modifications that I need to put live before the system is up and running again. I’ve contacted 2 backups, but we’ll see where it’s going to go.

Here’s who we’re working on the project for:

If you know anyone who would be willing to work for free for a month to also learn some new skills who is very good, please refer them to me. I may also get one of my old people to do it.

Right now as I’m writing this, I’m listening to this song… it’s one of my favorites:

“If You Could Hie To Kolob…”


AND ‘Way Maker’ by Sinach:

Let’s get into the article where I’m going to talk about business, government, and kingdom systems that will change across the world for the benefit of humanity, and then I’m going to talk about why these changes are important. Business first.

Business Changes:

FIRST, Cars will no longer be necessary within the next 50-30 years. People will still have them, but there will be no point at all other than pure enjoyment, and most people will have cars that are linked to their consciousness and drive themselves.

Why won’t cars be necessary?

Many reasons:

Reason ONE: The localization and sub-localization of agriculture and other forms of farming. That is because we will be teaching people to farm AND garden themselves. We will encourage every business to have a garden, every house, every neighborhood to have their own farm where people can work together to grow their own food, raise their own livestock, etc. Why is this important? It’s important because people have become disconnected from their food, and therefore dependent on the farming system, which is the most important thing that human beings do to support each other’s health and well being. Local food is healthier, better, has more minerals in it, and has the love of the people who are growing it inside. In other words, we won’t need transportation across state lines of resources if I have anything to say about it. That doesn’t mean we won’t do it still, but it will be a LUXURY, rather than a required commodity. The localization of food is important in case America ever enters into any kind of World War or Civil War, where the enemy will undoubtedly attempt to cut off our food supply (Study the Art of War)

REASON TWO: We will teach people to have their own trade, like when America was first founded, like the Founding Fathers did. Why? Tradesmen are never dependent on Corporations to Provide Jobs for them, they can simply provide their services after passing through some kind of Apprenticeship like the Youth should be doing if we care about their futures. The localization and sub-localization of Trade through Tradesmen and Tradeswomen will make it so it is unnecessary to contact a big corporation to find answers to your questions, fix your computer, or do carpentry on your house… Because one of your NEIGHBORS will be able to do it for you and they’ll do a cheaper, better job. They will also make more money because they will be charging for the services directly, like all of us SHOULD learn to do if we want to make 10 times more money than we’ve ever made in our lives. (I have a bunch of services coming soon on my blog, and will eventually sell a LOT of products in well organized sections).

REASON #3: If food is local and trade is local, many people will learn to work out of their homes, get a close personal office [really, a better idea if you have money so you can keep personal and work life separate], and start their own businesses, and the entire nature of Corporations will be forced to change from Centralized Control Systems to Decentralized FREEDOM Systems, where the PEOPLE are empowered and the COMPANY makes money by EMPOWERING THE PEOPLE, just like Empower Network. How will they be forced to change? Social Pressure. People will see their friends living these cool, free lives and because they are seeing them do it, they will want to do it and will put pressure on the companies (under my direction) to create better systems that are based not on employees, but 1099 contractors.

REASON #4: NO INCOME TAXES. Let’s face it, right now you’re working 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the year to pay taxes, income taxes, excise taxes, and recycled taxes that ends up making you spend something like 69-90 cents on the dollar to pay for the oversized, dumb, stupid, over-fat government on both a STATE and a FEDERAL LEVEL. We do not need big government, we need POWERFUL PEOPLE. We will abolish income taxes after getting the whole government to run for free in 4 years because everyone (especially the men) are volunteering 5 hours a week to keep everyone safe, get things running correctly, and make sure everyone involved has a real peace about them (really I hope faster) and after it is running for free, we will help everyone who currently works for the Federal and State Governments (I hope, but that is their choice as I will not control the states) find BETTER JOBS AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES THAT PAY THEM MORE, TREAT THEM BETTER, AND MAKE THEM HAPPIER. What does that have to do with the cars? When you have to work less because you’re paying 90% less taxes, you drive less, and basically feel way better about your life, the universe, and everything.

I could go on and on, but as you see, cars will not be necessary, therefore emissions will naturally go down because it will make more sense for many people to ride bicycles, which they will, which also means that Americans will stop being so fat and lazy (many of them)

THE BIGGEST REASON #5: People will start developing super powers. When they develop super powers, what will happen is they’ll be able to just transport themselves instantly between two points, fly there, or run super fast. Obviously, if they run super fast, they will need more food, which will in general be very good for the economy. The other day (as an example) I teleported 1 hour and 30 minutes backwards in time with one of my Apostles, Matthew Gonzales. If I had $100,000 for my Scientific Studies, I could turn myself into an ACTUAL SUPERHERO (I already know how to do it)… I’m talking about with some crazy powers. Then I would start automatically changing all of humanity who wanted it into SuperHeroes, and when there was 100 of us ‘the 100th Monkey Effect’ would take over and the biology and brains of humanity would start to automatically adapt and change. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO ALL OF HUMANITY THAT I GET THAT MONEY QUICKLY, AS THE ANTI-KINGDOM CURRENTLY HAS MORE PHYSICAL SUPERPOWERS THAN THE KINGDOM OF ELOHIM, AS THEY GOT IT FROM satan, who gives power quickly, and destroys it even more quickly to add to his own evil antipower.

That will change very quickly when I get the money. Trust me, we ALL NEED IT TO HAPPEN TO PROTECT EVERYONE ON EARTH, NOT JUST ME. THIS IS FOR THE BENEFIT OF MAN.

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Part #2: Government Changes:

The Government Systems are all out of whack, they are over-fat, they are over-hyped, they are over-everything. The only exceptions to that would be the ‘Massive Shrinkage’ that Donald J. Trump and his supporters have been creating over the last few years, since the 2016 Presidential Elections.

BTW, I will probably go backwards in time to 2016 with him, retaining all of the changes he’s made, to allow him more time to do the job, if he wants. I am going to go backwards in time to 2015 anyways at some point here in the near future to fix my family before any of our problems started and avoid the collapse of Empower Network [that will make it so Empower Network never collapsed, and therefore after we relaunch, we will have always been launched. I will probably go back in time with everyone in the Universe, and just reset the times, merging my old body and new body into one.
This will allow me more time to build a following and GET EVERYONE IN AMERICA TO VOTE FOR ME IN 2020 AND FOR EXAMPLE, I CAN DO SOMETHING LIKE SAVE MARK HOVERSON BEFORE HIS GENETIC DISEASE BECAME IRREVERSIBLE!!! (I will not do that without Shannon & His Permissions!!!)
If you don’t think that’s possible, tell me why you have such little faith in the comments. If my Son Yeshua Mashiach can walk on water, I can CERTAINLY DO THIS!!!
We will leave the antichrist here in the future so we have time to essentially ‘smash’ his current plans in advance!!!

Anyways, why are the government systems out of whack?


They are Central Banker favoured instead of being PEOPLE FAVOURED (which would obviously include the Central Bankers still)

The Government is in Debt. The Government going into debt for any reason will be illegal after my Presidency, and we hope to get a law passed that will make that same change go into effect for all state, local, and federal government systems.

Because people don’t volunteer for the Military, we have to spend a huge amount of money on it. We will still do this, as the Military is important for the Safety of Humanity, however we will change the nature of the Military, and the budget will not need to be NEARLY AS BIG, as people will have Super Powers, and be able to shoot lasers from their eyes and whatnot, just like in the SuperMan Movies!!!


Oops, I got into reasons why America is about to get VERY COOL, yet why is it whacked out? Because it is not ran in a way that is crowdsourced, simple as that. The ENTIRE GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS must be crowdsourced.

Also, the Nation should only focus on NATIONAL BUSINESS, ZERO International Business. We must create a SEPARATION and balance between the NATION, and the Kingdom. The Kingdom should focus on INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS. The Nation should focus on NATIONAL BUSINESS. It is irresponsible for the King of a Nation to also be it’s President, as it is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. The King of America is Donald J. Trump, not myself. I am the King of Jerusalem. I will probably at one point be King of Jerusalem at the same time as I am President of the United States, yet I will appoint others to reign in my stead when I am focused on Making America Righteous Again.

And much, much more. America has gotten way off track, hasn’t she? She is old, and rusty, and we must Polish her, and make her Righteous Again.

So obviously, instead of doing the “problematic things” we will probably do the reverse of them, which are the ‘righteous things’ which will reset America to how she was before the days of the Flood. Which, by the time I am done, that is EXACTLY HOW AMERICA WILL BE (I’m talking before the dark days – the good days post-fall of Adam.)

Why do we need to do that?

To Prepare America for the GREAT TRIBULATION.

America is NOT prepared. Why?

How long could we feed our people if there was a famine?

Where would we get our gasoline if our international relationships went south?

Do you have food storage? Gas storage?

There is a company with BILLION DOLLAR INVESTMENTS called ‘The Internet Of Things’ that is already planning on releasing a system by 2020 that will microchip everything alive. We have to stop them.

There is a rumor going around that the Central Bankers are planning on wiping out a third of humanity, which really, isn’t true.

The Mark of the Beast will be accepted by 1/3rd of Humanity, fulfilling the scriptures in Revelation 12 about 1/3RD of the Host of Heaven falling (again) and who will accept it?

I’m telling you – MEN. Women are MUCH LESS STUPID THAN WE ARE!!!

Take a full third of the World Population. That number of Men will get it, if we do not attempt to stop it from happening, which really, we cannot. The Mark of the Beast is here, but unable to be released until someone is already enlightened, immortal, and has full disclosure.

Basically the Mark of the Beast is the only kind of evil technology that is allowed to exist (where the actual technology is evil) and comes from Cain, when the YHVH [the Tetragrammaton] set a Mark upon Cain, it was the Mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast leaks the consciousness and creative energy from those who get it into the antichrist. So Cain was the first real antichrist (The powerful kind). The current one is a different person that is more dark, and more insidious.

So what it does is it steals your physical power, your mental power, and your consciousness and leaks it to the antichrist, shrinking you and you get smaller, and smaller and smaller.

So why would someone do that?

Well, it gives them instant superpowers, and the people for a short time are unbelievably powerful – and who doesn’t want that? God does it, too, but it takes time, skill, patience, meditation, and proper knowledge of herbological medicines.

It also connects them into a ‘borg like’ consciousness where they can all talk to each other in instant telepathic communication, they can run super fast, hit super hard, and they get a lot of satanic power (basically, what they ask for they get, it’s in the contract they sign).

When someone [specifically men] gets the Mark of the Beast, we (the 144,000) will cast them out of the Celestial Kingdom into Outer Darkness for a time period of 1 trillion to 133 trillion years with massive time dilation, meaning the level and depth and time of suffering is beyond the human imagination.

Why do we do that?

Because if we left them in any part of the universe, they would destroy it entirely and people would continue to fall for the traps of satan, therefore (because they would literally kill everyone in the universe) we must cast them out of it, backwards in time, into the center of the earth, which is ten times hotter than the sun, no light, and the fire burns them, satan steals their energy, and continuously leaks all of their power as their bodies supernaturally regenerate because they are eternal, and immortal.

Sucks, huh?

Yup. Not another way my friends.

If I were you, I’d prepare myself, my family, and my friends for what’s coming because if you know this stuff in advance, you’ll just lift up your left hand when the time comes and say “no way” even if they do something aweful to you. The reality is though, if you imagine yourself in a spinning merkaba, they will not be able to see you anymore and will simply leave. They are EXTREMELY BOUND BY KARMA AND RULES (the Nephilim).

For example, they cannot steal something from you if you are paying tithing perfectly.

ETC. Which is why it is a good idea to repent now from all your sins, and receive Jesus into your heart, if you want to.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”


P.S. On a positive note, our preparation for all of these things will make America the most PREPARED COUNTRY IN THE UNIVERSE for emergencies. EVERYONE in America will be able to fight. EVERYONE will know how to use weapons. EVERYONE will stand up for themselves 100% of the time by the time I’m done we will #MakeAmericaRighteousAgain with YOUR HELP!!!

P.P.S.  ON AN ‘EVEN POSITIVER’ NOTE, watch this hilarious video about whatever Aaron RashKing is talking about!!! here:

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