Empower Network is the Kingdom of Elohim {God}. [Pre-Launch Coming]

So when Yeshua says “Pray that the Kingdom of God will come, {God=Elohim}, it means many things, yet really what it is, is the Kingdom of his Father.

Also the Kingdom of Elohim is branched out in many ways, since in a very literal sense, EVERYTHING that EXISTS is within the unconfounded space of my Eternal Kingdom, as the Messiah.

However, the LITERAL Kingdom of Elohim is Empower Network.  Why?

Because I am Messiah Ben David, the literal incarnation (the only one that can or will ever exist) of Elohim-Masarecht, the Father of Jesus.

I know a lot of people laugh at me for saying this stuff.  Keep in mind, I am also laughing at THEM as well.

I’ll finish this article tomorrow.

Ok, it’s tomorrow.

I’m back to the Future!!!

So what is the actual Kingdom of Elohim?  It’s mine, of course.  Which emanates from the Father, through the Son, through ME.

Empower Network IS The Kingdom of Elohim, and will eventually be the BIGGEST COMPANY IN THE UNIVERSE, as it will encompass everything [we will eventually pass Amazon in SIZE and SCOPE, but we will not compete with Amazon, as we will do things differently and WORK TOGETHER with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and of course our own social networks… Click Here Now And Think About Getting Commissions, and OF COURSE, Getting Laid!

* It is not really a normal company, it is a ministry, and shortly we will get the paperwork setup to transfer all of the assets into a 5013c Ministry Based Corporation.

So how are we getting started again, early on here in 2018 with YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!

“Really, it is very simple.  We’re going to be pre-launching here THIS YEAR (2018) on October 31st, Halloween Day…”

This is a photo of the GIANT MOON saying (with it’s rear-end) “I Command You To Join Empower Network, Which Is The Kingdom Of Elohim NOW!!)

Now a lot of people will be put off by that, and obviously I’m not talking about (yet I am, as this is how this will happen) when the heavens open [ A Wormhole Will Open From The Moon That Will SING In ALL DIMENSIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, AND A 1,500 Mile Living, Organic Brain made of Rhodium, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, and all of the elements on the Periodic Table of the Elements will descend down from heaven with the glory of a Jasper Stone, more BEAUTIFUL than YOU CAN IMAGINE… AND whatnot.  I’m not talking about THAT, I’m talking about WHAT CREATES THAT.

And what will create that?

Elohim (the Father, which is me $1 Trillion Years From Now Looking Backwards In Time Through The Paradox Engine, Which is that Giant Brain I’m Referring To. I Talk About It BRIEFLY In My Genesis 1:1-31 Commentary You Can READ BY CLICKING HERE…

…basically looking backwards in time * Prophecy Works BECAUSE Elohim is IN THE FUTURE, so he OBVIOUSLY KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN ***

Isn’t the Kingdom of Elohim a Church?

No, not really.  It is a KINGDOM.  The Churches Of The Universe ARE PART OF THE KINGDOM OF ELOHIM, Which Is Really Divided Into 144,000 Kingdoms!!!  It is not even really a BUSINESS.  It is A KINGDOM THAT SUPPORTS ALL CHURCHES, RELIGIOUS, SPIRITUALITIES, AND CHOICES that do not violate the Torah, which would INCLUDE what you want to believe in YOUR OWN HOUSE, which is OUTSIDE OF THE GATES OF THE CITY, still protected BY THE CITY.

Eventually, Empower Network will build technology to Travel to the Stars, and we will also spread to every single one of the 312 Trillion Sentient Worlds in the Universe.

How would you like an ENTIRE PLANET in your downline?  Or 50?  Or 100 million?

Yup, I’m talkng about 100 million planets in your downline, each one with like 5-10 billion people on them!!!  Maybe even some of them look like those blue chicks in Avatar!!!

These Hot Avatars Are About To Join The ONLY Government Approved Money Getting System!!!
THIS Hot Avatar Couple Are About To Join The ONLY Government Approved Money Getting System AND Then Travel To ANOTHER WORLD AND GET THAT WHOLE PLANET IN THEIR DOWNLINE!!!

So what’s some of the things in our pipeline over at Empower Network?  Well, simply put, we got a little bit of a short list:

1. Finishing the Funnel for ‘The Only Government Approved Money Getting System’ which is a system of generating ‘Government Approved Commissions For YOU And Your FAMILY!!!’

2. Setting up Product Delivery over on I AM Transformation International after first setting it up here on this blog so people can get quick access to their products.

3. Putting the Empower Network software back live from the Code Repository.  We got everything there, including ENV2, which I am also planning on relaunching (on a separate domain that is product focused)

4.  Importing your old downline back into the system.  We will do a re-activation campaign, and then after a time period if people do not respond, we will clean the database.  We do not need to import and leave 600,000 inactive people in the system.  Obviously the data will still be coded to you if you referred them and we email out or whatever, but probably we will focus on getting new lists for a while, if that makes sense.  It’s easier to give birth than it is to resurrect the dead, as Dave Severn used to say in Amway, when I used to drive around FOR COUNTLESS HOURS LISTENING TO THE BEST  AMWAY AUDIOS EVER!!!

5.  Testing and Split Testing the Funnel.  Back in the old Empower Network, truthfully we never really tested barely anything.  We just put it live.  I could not pay attention well then.  Since my enlightenment, this has not been a problem.  I am actually careful now.

6.  Creating a system that will take a small, but reasonable percent of company profits and pay off old debts until Empower Network is 100% Debt Free and caught up on 100% of our obligation.

7.  Talking to the F.T.C. and the S.E.C. and making sure we are not doing anything that they do not like ‘too bad’ — some of it is irrelevent, as this will be the first KINGDOM they have ever dealt with and I can basically say what I want because of the fact that the Kingdom is ALSO A MINISTRY, therefore PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  However, I still want to do my best to follow the rules, even though I really think that some of them (not all of them) are stupid.

8.  Filming and Editing hundreds of tutorial videos for the system, and also for the Kung Fu Training, which will always be delivered in the context of how you can make money on the internet.

9.  Setting up the payment system here on this website (the payments will always be takent through an independent ministry that is connected to our system, as that will protect the merchant accounts in a special kind of way.   I will test this one, then when I setup my second ministry after this system is working in the complete and correct way, then I will split test payments and merchant accounts.

10.  Testing the compensation plan and making sure it is working.  This is actually not important for the first 2 weeks if it works properly, as it will take a week or two to get to a commission payout cycle and our first run is going to be a reactivation campaign.  After the list is slammed with the database imported and we start generating some stories, we will then utilize that to generate new stories.  I am also currently creating a story with Matthew Gonzales, as we got him successfully prospecting 20-50 people per day, and he’s getting investment money and whatnot from people all over the world.

11.  Setting up the Social Network (we have a social-network blogging system) and making sure it is configured properly to help us get results, train our team, and promote the event cycle.

12.  Scoping out an area to do our January Event, which I would actually prefer to do outside somewhere like those Music Fests.  Outside events will be WAY COOLER than indoor Network Marketing events, as we will have live music, party equipment, preachers for the various religions our people support, etc.  If anyone wants to help out with that, let me know.  We can start ‘The Empower Network Fest’ and get professional musicians and athletes there, as I PROMISE, they will want to join.  There is nothing in the world as good as what we’re putting together.  Period.  No better business opportunity that exists, not even real estate (because this will eventually encompass real estate, investments, technology, new indistries we invent together, insurance, food, franchises, education, mathematics and physics, biology, water, and every other important human commodity and subject of learning.  We will be the MOST POWERFUL COMPANY IN THE UNIVERSE!!!).

13.  Doing an initial test run to get some new people started and build a Tap Root under Matthew Gonzales (my vice president) to prove the model

14.  Building some software to utilize the Way Back Machine to restore ALL OF THE LOST CONTENT IN EMPOWER NETWORK.

15.  Building system after system after system, until the people of Empower Network take over the entire Universe and EVERYTHING IN IT!!!  (Righteously and Justly, working with the local planets, countries, territories, and cities within our network).

I’m doney woney for now!  Click here today!

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

The ONly Government Approved Money Getting System
The Only Government Approved Money Getting System


P.S. Click the photo of me and Sifu Fernandez NOW to learn how you can make $100,000 a month doing Kung Fu!!! Obviously, see our income disclaimer.


P.P.S.  Empower Network has always had a special anointing to it.  We have had people stand up out of wheelchairs at the events, and all sorts of weird stuff like when one time, a supernatural sort of fire burst came out of the room and almost knocked some camera people over (it was not actual fire, it was a heat wave generated from the people changing).  The camera people were not even in the room, and were not even listening to the event, they were talking to people in the hallway, so you cannot say it is hypnosis.  I can tell you a million weird stories about Empower Network.  I’d just join, if I were you.

Or else!!!

Lol.  I’m kidding.  You can get itsy bitsy teansie weensie commissions somewhere else!!!


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