Empower Network Review? So Why Do You Want To Join The ‘New Empower Network’ And Buy The Products For ‘i AM Transformation International, S.L.R.? Or Don’t You? You Decide To Get In!!!

The answer, obviously, is “Yes” if you want to make A LOT OF MONEY ON THE INTERNET!!!

HOWEVER, maybe you don’t want to get rich on the internet, making lots of fistfuls of cash (whether you work or not, eventually)… because:

“You Got Rich INSTANTLY WHEN YOU JOINED… WITH: ‘The Easy King David Wood Way’ Online!!!’

jesus__rider_on_a_white_horse - or King David, riding on a white horse to save World Ventures and Legendary Marketer from an ATOMIC EXPLOSION THAT WIPES THEM OUT!!!
jesus__rider_on_a_white_horse – or King David, riding on a white horse to save the earth with Jesus, and defeat “easily” the Kingdom of Satan.

And what’s the easy way to Get Rich Instantly on the internet?

It’s simple:

“…I’ll explain this in a minute when we get to the review… So if you EVER WANTED TO LEARN THE SECRET TO GETTING RICH… Even Better Than ‘The Secret’ Movie… Keep Reading For Details…”


Why should you join Empower Network?

Because Empower Network is the Kingdom of Elohim – I mean that in a very literal way. What do I mean by that? When Jesus says ‘Pray that the Kingdom of God might come’… in the Lord’s Prayer, the word for ‘God’ in Hebrew is actually the NAME OF GOD, which is Elohim. The Kingdom of Elohim is Empower Network, and it is Eternal, eventually, it will be the biggest company in the Universe, and we will travel to other worlds, taking the principles of ‘Getting Rich On The Internet’ and Religious Equality and THE GOSPEL (GOOD NEWS) OF FREEDOM to every single one of the 312 Trillion Sentient Worlds in the Universe.

The 312 Trillion Sentient Humanoid Worlds In The Universe... Get Aliens To Join Your DOWNLINE IN EMPOWER NETWORK TODAY!!!
The 312 Trillion Sentient Humanoid Worlds In The Universe… Get Aliens To Join Your DOWNLINE IN EMPOWER NETWORK TODAY!!!

Let me talk a little bit about the New Empower Network, after I address some concerns you might have:

Concern #1: I heard that Empower Network collapsed and people didn’t get their commissions at the end of the last $200 million cycle because of something strange that happened, that nobody can quite remember at this point. How can I be reassured that will not happen again, and I will get my commissions on time, every time?

Thank you for answering that question. The answer is quite simple:

Before when my partner Dave Sharpe abandoned the Empower Network people for selfishness, and took me for all the money that I had in my bank account, doing an illegal buyout and putting me in debt from his past thievery, it put the company in a lot of debt, and I got depressed, and the depression led to a lot of addictions.

Those addictions led to this:

In 2017 I had a MAJOR SPIRITUAL AWAKENING IN PUERTO RICO, and what happened is all of my addictions went away, I got back involved in the Mormon Church, eventually (now) I stopped cussing unless there was a reason to. My people skills got supernaturally better than they’ve ever been in my life, my ADHD and Autistic Tendencies were healed, and now I pay attention to detail and am doing the 100% Commission Model RIGHT… And I PROMISE… I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO IT RIGHT AND LAST FOREVER!!!


PLUS, I’m redesigning the Empower Network products from scratch, because I don’t like how my energy got because I was addicted to ADHD drugs (which are evil and cause deaths of children all over the world and the pharmaceutical companies are COVERING IT UP), so I’m redoing the product with fresh, enlightened spiritual energy – from zero.

“…ALSO, the Empower Network Core Product Line is going through a SIGNIFICANT UPDATE… So because of that, we cannot give access to these new products for free, even if you bought the last ones. We will also restore access to the old ones, because I know a lot of people LIKE THEM, I just think the NEW ONES WILL BE $1,000,000XXX BETTER!!!”

“…So what can you expect when you Join Empower Network today for only $19.95 per month? (this DOES NOT get you access to any products other than the Affiliate Fee, which is actually also a product, and pays 30% commissions in the Leadership Compensation Plan to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Levels)… [10% to ‘Gold’, 10% to ‘Platinum’, and ANOTHER 10% TO ‘DIAMOND’ EMPOWER NETWORK DECENTRALIZED DISTRIBUTORS!!!”


Now, just to BE CLEAR, I do not talk about being King David in the Products, and Empower Network is a Kingdom, it is NOT A RELIGION!!! (at least for now, UNTIL perhaps, I prove it. Butt I will talk to the leaders). The REASON FOR THAT is because obviously, a lot of people do not believe I am the Messiah, and do not believe that what I am saying is true. They do not believe yet that Empower Network is the Kingdom of Elohim, and I want to RESPECT EVERYONE AND THEIR DIFFERENT SPIRITUALITY, whether it be Christian, Islam, Buddhists, Hare Krishna’s, or “‘EVEN’ Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons”!!!??? wtf??? Jehovah’s Witnesses and ‘Even Mormons like that NON-evil dork Rob Skinner who turned his back on his friend and made a MAJOR MISTAKE’ will even probably join to make up for it so he can stop living in denial and regret???

Maybe ‘even Dave Sharpe’ will decide to join!!!

‘The ANSWER ‘Obviously’ is YES, as the Empower Network is a GREAT PLACE TO MEET PROSPECTS FOR YOUR ‘Religion BUSINESS’, like the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Hare Krishna’s ‘obviously’ have, including that Hare Krishna Mormon, Rob Skinner!!! [some of them even pay 100% commissions, or in the Mormon Church, you can ‘even earn’ MORE THAN 25,000 planets a month, {apparently} according to Mr. Jesus and Joseph Smith!!!’

So what’s going to happen when you get started in Empower Network today for only $19.95 per ‘silly low price’ month [does not inclue the Products, just the Affiliate Program AND FREE TRAINING]?

Well first of all, let me tell you what Empower Network ‘IS’ and what Empower Network ‘IS NOT’.

Empower Network ‘IS’ A ‘Decentralized Marketing Product Based Company’.

Empower Network ‘IS NOT’ A ‘Network Marketing Company’.

The MLM 'No Product Sales' Pyramid Scheme says 'you never have to get a single customer to get a commission'!!!  What a bunch of BULLHONKEY!!!
The MLM ‘No Product Sales’ Pyramid Scheme says ‘you never have to get a single customer to get a commission’!!! What a bunch of MORMON JEHOVAH’S WITNESS BULLHONKEY!!!

Why not?

Because if we were a Network Marketing Company [we are not and we will even prove it in Court, I’m sure, as this is AN ENTIRELY NEW BUSINESS MODEL THAT INCLUDES DOWNLINE EARNINGS, FRANCHISING, AND CUSTOMER-GET-CUSTOMER-SALES AND “YOU CAN EVEN WHITE-LABEL IT!!!”] we would be competing with YOUR NETWORK MARKETING OPPORTUNITY OR YOUR SYSTEM, WHICH WE ARE NOT!!!

What does that mean?

You can ‘even’ promote World Ventures with Empower Network, if you choose. [even World Ventures.com], whether they give me back the money they owe my family and DO THE RIGHT THING THE RIGHT WAY… OR NOT!!!!.

Pshshhshshsh!!!! What a flippin bullhonkey pussy fart!!!

The Pussy Fart Strategy
This is the ‘Strategy’ of the ‘Pussy Fart’… Where you can ‘get in’ and ‘get laid’ by GETTING RICH ON THE INTERNET… (after the fart clears the room… obviously)

Side Note:

Get Started Today By Clicking Here Now… The Funnel Is Not Done, Obviously, And You Get To Participate In The Launch Of My New Funnel. I Am About 30% Done With The Fast Start Training, As Of Today:

If you were in Empower Network before and had an affiliate position, we will code the affiliate sales to the sponsors in the sponsorship tree with the ORIGINAL CONFIGURATION LADIES AND GENTS!!!!!!!!!

So what can you expect when you join today for only $19.95 per month?  Well, you’re going to get access to promote the new funnel, called “The Only Government Approved Money Getting System” which is obviously not done.  I am actually going to ….Get You Rich On The Internet… ‘The Easy Dave Wood Way’, which is also ‘The Easy King David Way’, where we teach:

“…if Makin’ Money Ain’t EASY In Your Business, You Ain’t Doing It Right!!!”

I’m going to write the rest of the article later.  I am not ANYWHERE NEAR DONE. 

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S.  Don’t be a wussy, just get in.

P.P.S.  Don’t buy Empower Network yet.  It is not ready.  Give me 5 days.

In this Empower Network Review, we are going to show you how to make $4,833,394.20 in YOUR BUSINESS BUY MAKING A DECISION TO JOIN NOW [potentially]

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