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REMEMBER AS YOU’RE READING THIS, GOING INTO A DEEP AND HOLY PARK, where you were  kid, playing around and running in circles with your MOMMY AND DADDY!!! I HOPE THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER!!!’

Hey folks, it’s King David here, and what I wanted to do is briefly outline exactly how to build your business step by simple step, and get as rich as you want in your new, free business online, getting 50-100 leads per day for FREE buy utilizing these strategies. Oh wait… it’s NOT FREE.  It’s actually just $19.95 Per Month to Join Now, Today.

So what EXACTLY is thisThe Only Government Approved Money Getting SystemReview About?

Well, it’s about making so much money, that with your fist fulls of cash, you walk around and pick up all the chicks that you want!!! It’s ESPECIALLY ABOUT ‘getting laid at home with your wife, and with your husbands’, after of course, making copious amounts of ‘free cash‘ for the night… ‘obviously’ you’re both getting laid tonight!
My wifey Priscilla and I before we got married February 23rd, 2013
I love you so much baby… I’m looking forward to seeing you at enlightenment week!!!!
It’s also about my Presidential Campaign, plus (obviously) The Products and Services that we offer here at our two ‘in bed with each other now‘ strategies to build your business an get ‘richer on the internet’ than you’ve ever IMAGINED IN YOUR LIFE.

As you’re reading this, please watch this Dave Severn Amway Audio, called ‘Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink…’

Oh wait, that’s my FAVORITE PIANO VIDEO… I’ll post the “Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink” audio a little bit later today.  Let me show you the featured image again:
The Only Government Approved Money Geting System
The Only Government Approved Money Getting System…. Is The Empower Network, also known as ‘The Kingdom of Elohim…’ and basically this is the key to the universe.
Ok, let’s get on by reading with the FREE, RISK FREE, and ‘EVEN FREER THAN THAT‘ lead getting strategies.  I’ll cover those first, and then what we’ll do is we will work together to create the best business opportunity you have ever been a part of in your life!!! So how do you get 50-100 free leads per day so you can get sales, get commissions, get laid, and make some babies with your new wifey you met at Empower Network??? *** Guys, if you have been with a girl for like 10 years and you are not married to her, you do not even exist to me you wussies!!!  Women need to feel SAFE WITH A MAN, and there is NOTHING THAT GIVES MORE SAFETY BETTER THAN MARRIAGE!!! I just shared the first lead strategy (you have to find it, and tell me your thoughts in the comments) and basically what that means is you want to get ‘extra rich’ on the internet with me, buy deciding to ‘buy now, instantly, today…” Now, let me get on with the article review, with my ‘VERY BRIEF‘ introuction, and I will share two or three, or even 50 lead strategies.  Everything we cover in our ‘Top Secret Training’ is going to be Risk Free, and Guaranteed!!!

So what are the steps in ‘The Only Government Approved Money Getting System Review?

The MLM 'No Product Sales' Pyramid Scheme says 'you never have to get a single customer to get a commission'!!! What a bunch of BULLHONKEY!!!
Not This The MLM ‘No Product SalesPyramid Scheme says ‘you never have to get a single customer to get a commission’!!! What a bunch of BULLHONKEY!!!
So ‘The Actual REAL PYRAMID SCHEME’ instructions are as follows. Lol.  1  First, Opt In To ‘The Only Government Approved Money Getting System buy clicking here:

Or click on the following PHOTO:
The Only Government Approved Money Geting System
The Only Government Approved Money Getting System.
What does a capture page (where you put in your name and email adress to buy now) have to do with making money on the internet and getting rich in your business? Everything. See if you look at a SALES FUNNEL CHART, what you’re going to find when you take a look carefully is that the place where your sales funnel starts is a lead capture page that collects the name, email, and phone number for your business, products, service, and/or opportunity. Untrained people do not like the word ‘opportunistic’.  Being ‘opportunistic’ is actually what ‘The Only Government Approved Money Getting System is all about... which is spotting, and identifying key information that can HELP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY to buy the car of your dream (debt-free) the HOME of Your Dreams (debt free), and EVENTUALLY HAVE THE FAMILY OF YOUR DREAMS WITH LITTLE KIDS THAT LOOK JUST LIKE MOMMY AND DADDY!!! So again, the first step is to collect their name, email, and phone number for details. So what do I mean buy this? It’s actually very simple.  After you collect their name, email, and phone number so you can follow up with us with our ‘We Help You With The Follow Up’ Empower Network (the affiliate company) system, then you want to call them and read through the script with them that we provide to you in the fast start training (zero pitch… this literally works nearly 100% of the time to recruit into the Affiliate Fee, as it is a TRIP WIRE for opportunity seekers, which once again, is EVERYTHING!!!) So what’s the next step in the Funnel?  The Empower Network Affliate Fee, for only $19.95 per month you can Get Instant Access to now, as you’re going into a deep trance and just ‘instantly making a decision to buy when you see the ‘buy now’ button.
The Empower Network $19.95 Affiliate Fee.png
This is the independent affiliate badge for Empower Network, L.L.C. [the opportunity company] and also i AM TRANSFORMATION INTERNATIONAL,S.L.R. [the product company]…
i AM Transformation International, S.L.R.
So how to you MAKE MONEY? Well, it’s simple, and I actually go over the technical training in the sales video, and after you watch it and pay attention to the detail and idea of the thing I am talking about, maybe one time you can remember what it is like to walk in a park. And what is the park like?  There are kids running around, and as you’re watching the SMALLEST, CUTEST ONE, you smile, and then remember that it’s time to get started in your new online business and get rich on the internet. What do I mean by this?  well, it’s actually quite simple. WHEN you think about being a kid, you think about learning to do new things, whether it be adventures, parks, or maybe hiking up a long mountain tonight with your hot new girlfriend you met on ‘Plenty of Fish’.com… maybe after ‘once again’ learning something a little bit new and exciting... And then after you learn something new and potentially exciting, you go to work doing calculations about the car of your dreams as you’re going into a deeper and deeper trance, deciding now to get in, buying everything (potentially today, and even better..):


And then a few years later, you’re getting a MATH DEGREE in College (math is the most practically useful subject matter in the universe.  Stop this Network Marketing nonsense about not studying math.  If you don’t know good math, you will lose all of your money and be tricked everywhere.  Math trains your consciousness to pay attention to data like nobody else can.  With the right mathematicians, I could build interstellar space travel machines an travel to other universes that have never even heard of this one. So the point is, you passed and got an A+ grade in paying attention to the detail of your new business opportunity by getting started today!
GettyImages-511947890-1 - 'The Mathematics Strategy
GettyImages-511947890-1 – ‘The Mathematics Strategy
If you think I’m crazy, just laugh about it now and realize that I’M REALLY JUST CRAZY ABOUT THE PRICE to Join Now, Today!!! [it’s only $19.95 per month, that’s all…] So what happens after you buy the Affiliate Fee?  Well first, you’re going to go to a Purchase Confirmation that you can take a photo of, and then post your photo on along with a new message saying ‘You Just Decided Already To Buy Empower Network again… this time, doing it right!!! After that, you’re going to go to a One-Time Upsell to help you GET STARTED IN YOUR NEW BUSINESS RIGHT, which I call “The Game Plan Interview”!!!
Your Game Plan Interview
Your Game Plan Interview, where we will walk you through the process of getting you started, in person, live on the phone.
What’s the core purpose in the Game Plan Interview? To help identify your outcomes, connect with the consciousness of them, identify your wants, for example getting a new car, a new home, a new girlfriend, a new baby, and a new family (for example). Obviously there’s some company overhead there and this is an additional coaching offering to help you succeed faster in your business, so there is a cost for the Game Plan Interview, available for purchase the second you have the affiliate fee. We are going to then walk you through eliciting a full list of resources that you can use to launch your new business with the Game Plan Interview.  A resource list would include lists of contacts, email lists, facebook page properties, blog properties, and much, much more. Then we are going to help you approach potential long term clients for your product-first opportunity (no recruiting untill you have 10 customers.  It makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL and it is completely immature behavior and irresponsible to build a business in any other way than focusing on your customers first. The Next Blog Post will be ‘Part #2… So What Are The Product Reviews of ‘The Only Government Approved Money Getting System?  You’ll Find Out In The Next Post!!! Love, David Wood “Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…” P.S.  If you’re ready to get started now, click here to join today ONLY for the special low price of $19.95 per month, risk free!!!
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