EMPOWER NETWORK REview? We’re Doing It Not To Run Around, We’re Doing It To Make Money And Get Commissions Online, Helping David Wood Win The 2020 Presidential Elections!!!

HERE ARE SOME NOTES FROM ‘DAVID WOOD LIVE’ that you can watch now, and Get Rich Online, That I Took While Watching This Old Video For 4 Hours Straight.  I’d Encourage You To Do The Same.  They Are A Little Half Hazard:

So why are we doing it?

Well BECAUSE if you do it together with me, joining now, what happens is you don’t baby people in your downline.

“I Have A Marketing Question…”

Well, maybe you want 20-30 leads a day, and you want to know how to do that.

Maybe what it is that you want, is to make money from the 20-30 free leads a day you already got from your blog.

Maybe it is what you want, is to just decide to join David Wood and Get Rich Online (Whether You Work Or Not) And Watch Me Make $1,000,000 By Christmas… DON’T YOU?

You can either focus on:

“Getting 8 Times More Leads…”


“You Can Focus On Getting 8 Times The Commissions…”

Your choice, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about PERSONALITY:

Some people, it takes them 100 times as long to get $10 in commissions.  Other people, it takes them 1000 less times as long to get $1,000,0000,000’s in Commissions (referring, of course, to the Central Bankers.)

It’s all what you focus on.

So here’s the deal.

If you want to make a lot of money, how do you do that?

You alternate between slam cycles, and value cycles.

A “Slam Cycle” is when you slam your list for leads, sales, and commissions.

A “Value Cycle” is where you ‘Not Slam Your List’ With Value, Value, And More Value.

Do you want FREE TRAFFIC???? OR:

“paid traffic”

Obviously, the answer is BOTH.

Keep refreshing for details, as I am writing this LIVE as I am talking.

So people either give value, or they write “Spammy Pieces Of Shit” online.

Which would you prefer?

If you’re going to write stuff, you gotta ask yourself:

“Who is my Target Market?”  [the people who want to see it]

Your target market may be opportunity buyers, people who like to buy other stuff, or people who like to buy “even more buying stuff”

If I had a problem in the past, I soved that.

And then I solved my own problems that I currently have, and then I solved the problems that I have.

And then I write about what I learn, and then I learn how to overcome my own problem.

I wrote about how I overcame it, and how someone else overcame it.

Does that make sense to you.

So then I do a video interview.

And what I found, is that everyone has the same problems.

What happens when you have those problems, that are common, and then I say:

“I hate old boring meetings, with assholes in suits.”

I’m joking, as obviously, I like suits, especially Donald J. Trump’s suits.  If that makes sense.

So I was a missionary for 2 years, and I hate suits.

I went to church, and everyone is wearing suits, and everyone was boring.

Then, I started making more sales BEING MYSELF.

Then I learned when you “buy now, today” that basically, you have a “Secret Way” of “Getting Rich Online…”

So when you blog about how you solve your problems, then you’re going to get “even better results than you can get”

I talk about my vision.

I talk about my dream.

I talk about going to the beaches of the world.

I’m going to talk about making an army of successful people.

There’s a magic that happens when you are getting rich online, and then you even get more commissions than that, than anyone around you, than your neighbors, than your friends, then your roommates, then your local billionaire, than “Even Jeff Besos”.

There’s no competition for anyone’s vision or dream

You speak your own dream into existence!!!



You don’t want to talk to someone who’s keeping you down.

Why would you want to hire someone who’s an idiot and too expensive?  Instead of that, go to outsourcing places, and the best quality people at the lowest possible prices, which is honestly… the ONLY WAY TO DO BUSINESSS.

So there’s this “executive badass” we got, and his name is “Mr. David Wood” also known as (of course) “Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

Hey Valerie, you’re awesome!!!

So I’m scrolling through the questions, and yes, you are welcome to join from London.

Somebody said “let’s talk about videos for a sex”

There’s a guy named Eric Worre who had at the time of this video, $8 million video views, and I PROMISE, he has more than that now and if you keep paying attention to this article CAREFULLY you’re going to absolutely “Get Rich Online With David Wood Again”

So from the income that I create, there is 2 things that can I can do with it:

#1:  I can get more of it.

#2:  I can “Get Even More Commissions” than that by promoting other people’s products and services, and MAYBE EVEN MY OWN!!!

I’ve got fany camera equipment now.

Here’s the best thing to do, get a camera like a “Flip Cam” their like $250.  Talk for 3-5 minutes, and upload it to the internet.

If you’re like most people, the first 20-50 videos are going to be AWEFUL!

I would encourage you to leave the videos there.

Maybe on video 20.

Maybe it’s on video 30.

You’re going to relax, like you’re speaking to a friend.

And when that happens, you reach the point where it becomes magical, and you need to get to that moment.

People need to make them over, and over, and over.

You’re going to get good.

You’re going to get real good.

You’re going to get “even gooder than that”.

The same video that makes great sales, is the same flow that you use when you speak, which is the same flow that you use when you do videos online. 

So when you get rich online, you’re ‘obviously’ going to make lots of money and get so rich online that you cannot even imagine it, and then you’re going to get so much richer than that.

So put em up on the blog.

I’m telling you something 20-30-50 videos you’re going to get good.

If you look at someone like Mia Davies, her videos are GOOD.  Why?  Because she’s been making videos every day for YEARS!!!


You’re unconscious now, as your making a buying decision.

I solved a problem, captivated attention, and I convinced 15% of the people to join now.

I would say “I trust my unconscious mind with this task, and this will be the best video I have ever made, and then I go.”

So that’s how to make a great video.

#1:  Make a lot.

#2:  Be Yourself.

#3:  Set an intention.

#4:  Release Your Intention.

#5:  Make Another Video!!!!

So when you repeat this cycle, you’re obviously going to “Get Rich Easily And Quickly Online Selling REAL PRODUCTS THAT PEOPLE CARE ABOUT!!!”


TODAY we had 28 peple make $1,000.

People are earning it literally daily.

Chuck Marshall he made a lot.

Shaqir Hussyin.

Toby Black.

Alex Zubarev.

So my point is, I see people that are making money, and I see people that are not making money.

Here’s the deal, it is the unconscious mind, and a mind that is like “whatever, let me teach you the technique on how to get rich online, and join now today as commissions are depositing in your bank account daily.”

IF you’re not getting the SAME RESULTS FROM THE SAME ACTIVITY, you are not doing (for example) what Justin Verrengia is doing.

For example, someone who sucks at closing might be talking at the same speed, the same questions, or two percent, or to be uniniciated, one guy is closing 10, and another guy is closing 4.  Then what happens is here is tension, and and the person over there feels their struggle.

There’s a million differences in the blogging patterns in someone who generates a million dollars through blogging.

Than someone who genreates $1 per month blogging, like many of us have done for agest of time on new blogs that are just getting going.

You’re thinking about something.

You have 3 simultaneous emotions.

You don’t think about it, you just speed.

You are way outside your conscious awareness you just speak.

So someone speaks who creates failure.

So you just script it.

So I was just talking.

I read my sales video.

And I was like “holy shit” I talk like a SALES VIDEO.

I can speak for people are in Empower Network, I cannot speak for everything.

By the way, Empower Network is relaunching.  And will be much beetter than it was before, when it was at it’s peak, and wie will generate millions, upon untold millions of dollars in sales, commissions, and other stuff you can use to ‘Get Rich Online With King David”.

Your conscious mind is paying attention to 5-7 things at once.  Your onconscious mind pays attention to 2,000 things to 2,000,000 things (and more, I promise) at once.

It’s completely retarded how many people are making money.

We created 15 people making over $1,000,000 in commissions.

His unconscouissions.

Ignore that.

Mistake (obvioiusly) or did I do that on purpose?  Or maybe I was just writing and made an error, and utlized it.

Hey so here’s the deal:

Get rich online now by deciding to join now, today.

Get even richer online by deciding to join now today.

Get “even richer than that” online, getting leads and sales for your own business.

Also, if you buy, I have a course that I sell that is the foundation for doing what I do.

I think I sell 1-2 of these per day.  I’m going to give away that course, which also costs a bunch.

So I’m helping Eric out, and he said “why don’t you come in and make some sales.  So I did it, to help eEric.  That 22,000 person list has out competed magnetic sponsoring, mMy Lead System Pro, and everything.





David Wood
“The Richest Man In The Universe That Can Ever r WILL EVER EXIST…”


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