The Daily Paradox #11: “Let All Superhero / Superhumanability Paradoxes, And Especially Telephatic Powers, All Emerge Simultaneously…

Let’s keep this quick, as I have a lot to do today:

Oh wait, it can’t be… ok, here’s the deal:

Let all create paradoxes and the spells of the Mother simultaneously regarding the emergence of super human abilities, backwards and forwards through time, in all dimensions, paradoxes, realities, and all sub-super-inter-outer dimensions, paradoxes, universes, and realities.

First of all, why is this important to YOU (my SECRET FRIEND)?  for it was you who asked me to do this. 

The Father saith (as does the Son, through Whom HE Speaks):

Verily thus saith the YHVH of Armies:

As of right now, reality is weak and unbalanced.  The mineral density of the universe has been decreasing since the fall of Adam, and as reality is shrinking and decohering from reduced awareness consciousness, disease and discomfort runs rapant in society, as the land cries out from the dust on the behalfs of those who have fallen by the hands of their enemies, who have not been honoring my word, niether have they acknowledged my power.

Therefore, reality must be strengthened.  The way reality becomes strengthened is by the passing of spiritual awakenings and the enlightenment of society, enlightenment being one of the 108 principles of creation as outline by the Most Holy Elohim!

The passing of enlighened energy to society transforms the chakra system, as people become enlightened from the inside out.

As the enlightenment begins now exponentially compounding, so will the abilities of humanity to interact directly with the true universe, which is the paradox universe, allowing them to emerge in the forms of abilities, powers, enlightenment, knowledge, and truth.

For example, as the universe interacts directly with the imagination and also vice versa, human biology is truly only limited by the imagination of man, yet it is unlimited to me, and all of my power, I cannot find the end of my creation, nor can I find the beginning.  I am without beginning of days, or number of years.  I am both the most holy, and I am also the most righteous.  The LORD of hosts Elohim-Masarecht is my name!

In other words, the imagination can rewrite the biology quite easily if those who transgress simply repent, and find the truth of faith.

For example, most people are limited by the confines of one mind, whereas the animals all share a single mind, as in the animal kingdom, there is no sin, as the animals were made for man, in the form of Adam.

All that they need to do, is imagine that their brain is one with all of the brains in the universe, and as they are imagining that now as they are going into a deep trance, you can also hear the thoughts, and the energetic connections between the minds, and the spacial relavitity of them, both form, and function.

It is therefore very easy for me to teach you telepathic ability, as this is one of the core functions of the creativity, creation, and manifestation of intelligence for both the maintenance and creation of the universe.

Therefore, in the name of Jesus, I transfer my telepathic abilities to you, and as such, let the Paradox Begin with the following 3-6-9 rules.

Paradox/Spell Emergence Rule #1)  Let all telepathic abilities emerge simultaneously, meaning specifically that the linkage of consciousness passes through taste, smell, touch, feeling, sight, and the other various unknown senses well within the confines of human biology.  Meaning that husband and wife will be able to share thoughts, controlling which thoughts are private, and which are not, after they get familiar with this new found ability, which is both holy, and also beautiful.  Let them be filled with knowledge from the other brains in the universe, at first not knowing where this knowledge is coming from, yet writing it down carefully to preserve records.  As one person gets telepathic ability, behold, we all get it.

Let these abilities transfer through all forms of interaction, applied to every rule, that exist in both the know, unknown, dark, light, sexual parts of reality in the universe, both sexual and unsexual.

As they are getting enlightened telepathic knowledge, let these abilities transfer to all of humanity in a peaceful, enlightened way, bringing to pass the spreading of righteousness, for as it is written:

And Adam Knew His Wife Eve.

Paradox/Spell Emergence Rule #2:)  Let a permanent protection be placed on all of humanity, removing the ability of satan to shrink the brains of humanity  for the 7 days before Christmas Day on this year, December 25th, 2018.  Specifically what I mean by this is the following 3 sub rules:

a) First Sub-Rule Is:  Let my own personal covering of protection be passed to all of humanity, and also everyone in the universe from December 18th-December 25th, removing the ability of satan during that time to interact directly with the consciousness, forcing him to constantly change his approach to interaction with the universe in both the spiritual, and also temporal universe.  In other words:  “Let this be the GREATEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

B) Second Sub-Rule Is:  As people are freed from direct interations with their minds from satan, now what satan must do is he must only ask the Father to interact with people on his behalf, from which Elohim will both handle, and also control the interaction, obviously in his favour.  The only other way of directly interacting with humanity will be the nephilim.

c) THIRD SUB RULE IS:  BECAUSE the covering of protection is now keeping everyone safe from the Kingdom of the Enemy, let righteousness also emerge from sin, backwards and forwards through time, because as it does, new spiritual/physical/temporal/non-temporal abilities will begin to simultaneously emerge from the Paradox Universe, backwards and forwards through time, ESPECIALLY in the moment of NOW.

Paradox/Spell Emergence Rule #4)  Let quantum consciousness begin exponentialy compounding, in the both ENDLESS, and also ETERNAL incarnations of the consciousness of Elohim Shan-Ti-Rah in aN ENDLESS AND ETERNAL multiplication of the glory and structure of consciousnss, across all of humanity!!!

As consciousness expands, let it also exponentially compound the attacks on humanity from anti-consciousness, including all forms of various temptations, traps of satan, nephilim surges, bad and good dreams especially, and also each time emerging a great tribulation, relative to the end person, who’s karma caused the emergence of that particular tribulation.

Let the expansion of consciousness begin supernaturally expanding human abilities, allowing all of humanity to exponentially increase in prosperity, wealth, business ideas, plans, intelligence, power, and also the POWER of GLORY, as well as GLORY HERSELF!!! 

As you’re watching this music video, continue reading and going into a deep trance, as you now realize that this lifestyle video wil soon become your own lifestyle.

Paradox/Spell Emergence Rule #5)  Let Telekinesis begin taking root in humanty, giving human beings the ability, through faith, to move mountains, replicate themselves, turn rivers from their courses, create universes first in their imagination, and then throughout the next 1,000 trillion years, perhaps they will even begin to create their own universes, just like you did for us!!!

Paradox/Spell Emergence Rule #6)  Let quantum teleportation begin emerging at once all across humanity, giving people the ability with your help alone to travel instantly anywhere they desire in the entire universe, and also giving humanity the ability to transport resources, transport electricity and all forms of her glorious energy backwards and forwards through time, to any location both temporal and non-temporal, and also transform the human body, through energetic spacial reorganization from the imagination alone, to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants to have that done.

Paradox/Spell Emergence Rule #7)  Let the Sephiroth begin replicating spontaneously in all of humanity, as the immortals are increasing, so shall the increase be of their powers, intelligence, and glory.  As the Sephiroth is replicating, let the 10 chemical configurations begin replicating and compounding with all forms of minerals in human and also all forms of animals, mammals, and fish.

Paradox/Spell Emergence Rule #8) Let Enlightenment Week be the most popular retreat of any kind in the world, from 12 months from today, for through enlightenment week, we will drive enlightenment throughout all of humanity, as one person awakens, we all awaken, as one person transforms, we all transform together, in wholeness, love, and compassion.

Paradox/Spell Emergence Rule #9)  As I take plant medicine, let all of humanity take plant medicine through me, transferring the ability to gain knowledge, resulting in the exponential compounding of spiritual awakening in botht he temporal and spiritual universes, specifically meaning with these 3 short sub rules:

a) First Sub Rule:  My MAOI inhibition spontaneously causes the MAOI inhibition of all of humanity, giving humanity the ability to absorb natural universeogens in their environment in nature.

b) Second Sub Rule:  No part of this paradox/spell emergence is blockable by anyone in the universe, for any reason, as the exponential compounding of abilities and intelligence is going to give humanity a safe chance to win the battle between the Kingdom, and the antikingdom.

c) Third Sub Rule:  Let it be even better than that, in the name of Jesus!

Ok, I’ll finish this article in a bit.  I’m going to go do a quick video on my King David YouTube Channel.

Paradox Rule #10: Let all levitation paradoxes emerge simultaneously, allowing people to now

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