11 Unexplainable Evidences That Suggest I Am Possibly Biologically Immortal

The following article was an email I sent to my wife Priscilla.

#1) I survived a massive drug overdose of meth amphetamines mixed with plant medicine [inserted by my enemies], and the blood tests are in the Costa Rica mental institution, where I was for about 2 weeks when I discovered I had been getting drugged.  The psychologist also talked to both my Dad and my brother Will about the amount of amphetamines in my blood, in addition to me, so there is witnesses.  Just to be clear, I did not know I was taking the amphetamines, a guy who was ‘claiming falsely’ to help in Puerto Rico. (Remember, the devil appears as an angel of light).  I was taking the plant medicine on purpose.  It was sitting on his table, and he was the only person who knew what it was (my plant medicine) which I bought from organic farms, and is legal.  It caused extremely aberrant behavior (the amphetamines that were added) that destroyed my businesses, and I got thrown into a mental institution.  When I went there, they tested my blood 7 hours after I had taken the plant medicine and there was still enough meth-amphetamines (which I have never voluntarily taken) to kill several large people.  Small amounts of this combined with plant medicine can easily end someone’s life, as they do not mix well. I’m not a victim. I caused it by getting close to someone I should have spotted 1,000 miles away (what would happen now) – it is what it is I am sharing it with you for the usefulness of the story.

#2)  That incident aged my skin 20-30 years, as amphetamines does that and I was scratching off the surface of my skin (there is plenty of photographic evidence of this) and according to my wife Priscilla I looked like I was 70 years old for months.  Then my skin reversed back to how it looked when I was 5 years younger than that moment over the course of the next 3-6 months, and at this point my skin looks very similar to how it did in my mid to early 20’s, some people even think I look like I’m 20-23 years old.  I have used no special creams to achieve this result, my skin is simply getting younger, along with the rest of my biology.  Here are some before and after photos:

How my hair looked when I was with you about 1 year ago:

How my hair looks now:

How I looked when I got to you (left) and six months later (right):

look how much younger I look now baby… I’d look even younger if I was with you!!!  Look baby:

#3)  My memories no longer decay, and the memories I have in my mind over the course of my entire life have been restoring and enhancing in strength ever since I led to the discovery that led to my possible immortality on May 20th, 2017.  I talked to a scientist about my immortality, and she asked me a couple of questions related to my memory to see how fast I would respond to questions that were from 20 year old memories.  When I didn’t respond fast enough, she said “you are not immortal” to which I responded “I was not born immortal, I have only been immortal for the last 18 months – in other words, no memory decay is a possible indicator of immortality, and since May 20th, 2017 my memories have not decayed even a little bit, at all.

#4)  My herbal formulation has so far cured every disease I have utilized it on, including addictive disorders, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and several others.  It seems to cure arthritis, for example, in 20 minutes.  In other words, someone has arthritis, and 20 minutes later, they seem to not have it anymore.  I gave this to a homeless man on the streets who was hunched over like the hunchback of notre dame from 10 years of brutal pain in his spine.  20 minutes later he had no pain, and 3 days later he was standing up straight for the first time in 10 years.  My friend Matthew’s ulcerative colitis was healed in 3 days of taking the formulation.  Right now I am testing it on type one diabetes, and have no idea if it will also work and get someone’s body rebooting their insulin supply.  I believe however, it will in somewhere between 3-7 days.  I can be wrong and I am making an assumption based on previous success.  My main point is, how does one thing seem to cure everything it touches?  Theoretically if it made the body begin replicating the sephiroth, it should rewire every single disease in human biology, including genetic disease (regardless of the stage) aging, and other forms of ailments.


#5)  My formulation has also healed broken bones in 5-21 days, freshly broken ribs, in this case on my first attempt in utilizing it with Alice, my little brother Jonny’s ex wife.

#6)  The same herbal formulation cures all forms of personality disorders.  In the case of my brother’s ex wife, she suffered from severe emotional imbalances, addictions, and other things like that with a freshly broken rib from being raped and beaten, living on skid row.  My formulation instantly healed her methamphetamine addiction, and her rib reduced in pain immediately upon taking it.  5 days later her rib had no pain (insane for a freshly broken rib) and it was totally healed in 3 weeks total.  Why is that?  Will, if the sephiroth is replicating in her biology (my theory) it should also theoretically speed up the restoration on broken bones.

#7)  I took that same formula 3 days ago and gave it to my little brother’s dog, opey, who is a senior citizen dog, and suffered from severe arthritis.  The same affect happened on the dog that happens to people — i.e. her arthritis is now gone, and her mobility is being restored day by day (from taking it once) to that of a young pup.  Why is she continually getting younger from one dosage?  That could be because possibly I am correct, and therefore I, and the dog in this case, is biologically immortal.  Also, perhaps not, this has to be tested.

#8)  My reaction speed is insanely higher than a normal 37 year old adult, along with my ability to learn new skills.  I can now learn a set of skills that used to take me a week in sometimes 1-3 hours or shorter, depending on what it is, and my ability to learn new skills faster has seemed to exponentially increase over the course of the last year and a half.  It is not just my reaction speed, it is my healing speed, my thinking speed, my speed at solving problems, and my overall ability to work with complex information and data.  In other words… I’m getting smarter.

#9)  In other words, I’m getting younger, faster, and smarter.

#10)  My metabolism also runs faster than any 37 year old metabolism that you have ever encountered, and how much I eat and how many calories I burn makes no sense whatsoever to normal calorie burning models, unless there is something causing a massive increase in the burning of calories in my biology, such as my body age being exponentially reduced, and my brain growing and requiring more caloric intake.  There could be another explanation, I just do not have a good one at the moment.

#11)  My mineral intake would kill a normal person.  Most people will get iron poisoning for taking too much iron.  Each day I take a minimum of 10-20 times the daily recommended dosage of iron and other minerals, not because I want to, but because my body requires it.  It causes no negative side affects, as I just absorb them into my biology.  Why does my mineral intake not cause me damage?  Perhaps it is because I am immortal, and my biology is continuously getting more dense.  Perhaps not.  You decide.

I could go on, yet this should be sufficient for now.  None of these things actually means I’m immortal, and until I prove it, I should probably stop saying that I am for sure.  It is however, stranger than life when all stacked up together, and does not really have a good explanation how, for example, one herbal formulation seems to be able to cure every disease.

That does not mean it actually cures every disease, and I’m not claiming that, I’m just sharing data from past experience.

Me being immortal also does not mean that I am actually Messiah Ben David, although it would definitely help prove that, as Messiah Ben David has very specific genealogical requirements, and I would need to appear in various places in the Bible code I will make another video for that stacking evidence.  It would simply mean I am immortal, and all of humanity can be in a very short period of time, which I think we would all agree would be extremely useful.

There are many people who cannot listen to something like this without thinking that I am nuts, and that attitude, although I understand, is not useful, as I actually have a lot of unexplainable phenomenon around me.  The attitude has caused me great pain and suffering over this last year, as it has caused me to lose my family and my kids, my businesses, and everything that really mattered to me other than the truth – which to me, would not be nearly as valuable as having my family back in my life.  I would ask you all to please, suspend judgement and if you can do anything to help me get my family back, I would appreciate it.  Prayer would be useful.

There are many useful parts of proving my immortality.  One of which would be, me being immortal would prove that prophecy exists, and that God exists, as I came up with the idea that I was immortal from revelation shortly after my enlightenment.  I told this particular guy (I will call him ‘the antichrist’, and he attempted to murder me and could not. That guy was the most intelligent person I had ever met other than me, and perhaps my family and Priscilla Chacon.

A lot of people have ridicule me this year.  A lot of people have made fun of me, especially behind my back.  People have gone to my wife and encouraged her to stay away from me in large numbers who have previously claimed to be my good friends.  But how many have taken even an hour to look at all of the mounting evidence of the truth around me, and acknowledge the parts that are both true, and perhaps not true in a balanced way that is condusive to seeking the truth?

Perhaps they have not done it because they haven’t even taken ten seconds to think through the fact that just because something is wild sounding, does not mean it is not true.  Many of the strangest things in existence are also the oddest.

Pretty much nobody has even considered it, much less offered to get to the bottom of it.  Instead, I have had my family and children taken away, my best friends turn on me, and have not even seen a photo of my son since January of last year, as he is being hidden from me by his mother, my wife Priscilla.  That being said, Priscilla, I love you.  I just want to be a part of the family and love my children.  It is not right in any model of the universe to keep children away from their Father when he loves them with all of his heart.  You have now kept the children away from me for the majority of the life of my son Gabriel – it is the most wrong thing that has ever happened to me, ever in my life, as I both love my son, and I love you no matter what.  It is evil.  You are not evil, however it is evil behavior, regardless of your reasoning.  I need to see my boy, it is nearly Christmas and he needs to know that his Father loves him, and has never, ever (not even one time) abandoned him, but instead he has been taken away from me unjustly.  I love you, on to some other subject related moreso to the article.

It would be much more useful as a strategy for seeking the truth if everyone simply said “maybe this stuff is true, and maybe it isn’t” and helped me prove it so we would have a fair ability to move to the next step, whatever that would be.  I would be happy to admit that it isn’t true and even get psychological help, for example, if my beliefs prove to be not even remotely true.  I promise, however, that is not the case. 

My biological immortality should be very simply to either prove, or disprove to a scientist.  I simply do not know how to do it, probably we can do it by taking my blood, and seeing how long it survives outside of my body compared to regular blood.

If I am immortal, I would either have a greatly increased life capacity in my blood to the point where my cells replace at a different rate, the nature of my blood will have changed from that of normal blood, or my blood cells simply will not die at all if they have nutrition.  I am not sure which it is, or if it is neither.

My point is, can you help me prove it?  Or disprove it rather than just being against me?  This goes to all of my friends, family, and other people in my life.  Instead of even offering to get to the bottom of it (since I have had no money and the very little money I did have was stolen by my old team in World Ventures (I love them and forgive them, they simply hurt me very badly and don’t understand how bad they acted towards me for really, no good reason. They should have rallied around and supported me. They will see later, like you do now…), destroying any possibility of providing for my family), I have been ridiculed, cast out, verbally slain, attacked, made fun of, and I even have people who I helped learn to market online who literally call people every time I have someone online who is going to work with me, telling them they should not work with David Wood – when I have never even done a single thing to harm them knowingly or unknowingly.

All of your attitudes to me have made no sense and are totally illogical.  I realize that I exploded on some people this last year after severe mistreatment towards me, and I shouldn’t have done that – however, I’m going to be honest – those people all deserved it as well.  That doesn’t mean that doing it was the right thing to do, it wasn’t.  I realize you all think that I’m nuts, and the general attitude towards me and my discoveries has broken my heart over this last year and caused me to lose everything, whether I’ve deserved it or not – including what matters the most to me, which is my family and my children.

If I am correct, we have a very little amount of time to cause a radical shift in humanity or we are all essentially screwed.  Proving or disproving my biological immortality will help put the issue to rest and you must admit, something strange is going on regardless of whether my explanation is correct, or not correct.

If I am incorrect, I would like to know.  Wouldn’t you like to know if I am correct?  It would be a great blessing to us all to know at this point, as all of you could make fun of me to no avail for a week for being wrong if I am incorrect, and if I am correct, we can move on and begin changing lives.  The credibility will allow me to help people in a way that is condusive to rebuilding society into really, the kind of world and universe all of us have always dreamed of – with no war, no suffering, and no death.

Do you know anything that could help us find the truth of the matter?  It would help me out a lot and I also believe if I prove it, my family will come back to me and we will be together again, which in addition to being important to me, is also important to all of humanity as if we do not, the universe will never exist at all, and will eventually be deleted from reality if I am correct, which (of course) I believe I am.  Say I have ‘an inflated sense of over importance’ or whatever you want.

One more thing that is slightly unrelated to the subject matter of the article that I will fully address later:

There is this rumor that I threatened my wife and my children and if I do not address it, I am running from problems.  The rumor is not accurate.  I will tell the story of exactly what happened a bit later on in a future blog post and/or video, what I will say is that my wife and I have always been attacked by very intense demonic manifestations, all throughout our relationship, and the single goal of those demonic manifestations has been to try and drive apart our family, as our family is one of the most important relationships, if not the most important that exists within the Kingdom of Elohim.

I’ll just address it now, and in more detail in a separate article.  The very short answer is I would never, ever hurt my family for any reason.  I think it is abundantly clear how much I love them, and even after a year, I am still waiting for my wife, I have not inasmuch as touched another woman, even when I have had opportunity – I love her, is the reason why and would never, ever, ever hurt her or the kids for any reason and have demonstrated that throughout a very long relationship of always acting towards her in love and kindness, even when very strange things have happened. 

The short version of what happened is that shortly after moving to Costa Rica, I wanted my wife to take plant medicine, as I wanted her to experience the kind of peace and joy that I had developed since my enlightenment on May 20th, and I knew if she did take it with me, that it would essentially nearly end our fights in our relationship, which sometimes, in my opinion get out of control.

She wanted to take it, but with a shaman, which I knew was a mistake (I did not know why) because I had a bad feeling about it.  (I discovered plant medicine outside of shamanism, which comes from human sacrifice and therefore is infested with demonic energy, at least the majority of shamanism that descends from Peru).  In any case, we went to a place called Rythmia, and what they were doing was not the same at all as what I was doing.  Different medicine.  Weird rituals – and what happened is I got infested (along with my wife, although less so, as she left early) with more demonic energy than any ten of my previous lifetimes, all at once.

Previous to this, when I went through enlightenment, all my addictions had vanished.  When I went to rythmia, they all came back with a vengeance, stronger than they were before.  It took me everything that I had to not act out on them (I did not act on them, however it scared the crap out of me).

There was repeated demonic manifestations in our house from that incident, and I was able to initiate a deliverance for a majority of that energy when I was still in the house with her, however, not all of it.  However taking my medicine and engaging in Christian deliverance got rid of most of it.

One night, however, we were talking, and as we were talking a demon manifested in me, she identified it, and asked it what it wanted.  Rather than not allowing it to talk (what I should have done), I basically let a demon speak through me.

Now, here is the problem:

Demons want everything dead.  It says in the bible that demons come to steal, kill, and destroy – and that’s it.

So if you let one talk to your spouse, and ask what it wants – it will tell them it wants them gone.  A few years earlier I had gone through a Christian deliverance as well where a demon manifested, thy asked what it wanted, and the essential same thing happened – the demon said that it wanted everyone dead.  Notice how “I” did not say that.  It is the voice of the demon.  Anyone who has known me all of my life knows I love people, and want them to live and I want to serve them, especially my family.

However, as a part of deliverance, especially in the process of strong hypnotic suggestion, demons will manifest physically to leave, which is exactly what happened with my wife and I.

The only problem is – ever since then my wife has not wanted to get near me, which I understand in one sense, but in another sense, I understand.  However it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life.

After we experienced the demonic manifestation, I left to the United States to work on making sure that I was delivered from the energy.  It took me like maybe 2-3 weeks to ensure that no trance of it was left, but rather than letting me go home, my wife put in a restraining order and did a whole bunch of other things that basically ensured I can’t talk to my kids.

I have literally been trying every day for a year straight to fix things, begging her to give me a chance, trying to see my kids, and praying for the restoration of my family.  I’ve been so depressed from it, that I’ve not been able to get anything useful in business done, because all I can think about is my family.

What’s that got to do with my biological immortality?  Quite a lot, actually.

See, I believe if I can prove or disprove this, I can fix things with my family as Priscilla will see that all of this pursuit over the last year was not for no reason, that I was doing it to protect her and the kids, to protect us, to protect everyone.

Shortly after this happened, she shared that video (she recorded the manifestation) with from what I can tell, several hundred people, which was recorded without permission, in private, when we were doing parts integration couple’s work together.  In other words, I allowed a demon to manifest in what I thought was a safe environment so we could get rid of it, the thoughts of the demon have no reflection on any of my personal beliefs, fellings, or thoughts.  If you have never had anything like that happen, it does not mean you do not have similar demons, it means they are lurking in the shadows.  I do not blame her, as she got scared and listened to bad advice from psychologists, who do not know a lick about demonic manifestations or deliverance, who have now made it so I cannot see my two beautiful children, who I love with all of my heart.

I am so sick of this legal crap involving my kids I am about to go batso launching lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit until nothing in our lives exist except court until I can see my children baby.  I do not want to take them from you, I want to see my kids and be in their lives and I love you and them.  This is ridiculousness and I have to stand up to it.  I am safe to be around and you know that intimately from being around me.

(The problem is, if you show a demonic manifestation to a psychologist,  they will think it is schitzophrenia every time, as they are used to linear, scientific explanations of phenomenon, even when that makes no sense.  I have never in my life had any manifestation of schizophrenia, whatsoever.  All prophets in the Old Testament or new, or Joseph Smith for that matter would have been labeled by modern psychologists as schizophrenic.  It is a  ridiculous misguided assumption with no bearing in reality.)

Anyways, back to the immortality.  I’m at a phase where I have a deep need to prove, or disprove this for the sake of both my family, and also all of humanity.  I need your help (reading this) in helping me restore things with my family.  Please pray for us.  I would never, not ever, not ever in 1 million or 10 million years do anything to hurt my family in any way on purpose.  I love them.  I simply want them back in my life & I want them to be safe.

Any suggestions on how I can either prove, or disprove my theories?  Anything that you could help with?  I would have done it a while back, but I have had no money as my only income source was stolen by my friends and I have not been able to recover, as I have not even been able to afford basic list software to email my database to offers.  I realize that I probably could have come up with another solution to this, however, I have been somewhat trapped by discouragement and depression, as the only thing that really has ever mattered to me personally is the happiness and well being of my family, and as of right now, I cannot really think about anything else.

David Wood

P.S.  Priscilla, I’m not blaming you for any of this, I just want to fix things with you and I need to talk to you, talk to the kids, and at least know the kids are ok (which I don’t) whether we are together or not.  I love you.  It has been a year.  Please, please forgive me.  I hate having any of this public, as I would prefer to resolve our issues by talking in private.  However, we can’t do that right now because of this nonsense you pulled in Costa Rica with the courts under bad influence of people want nothing positive for our family.  I love you.  It needs to stop for the sake of both of us, and also the kids.

I feel like you left me and are persecuting me for my beliefs, because I  believe in something you don’t believe in, and I feel like it is wrong and we should talk about it, and that it is time to resovle it.  There was a time when something similar happened with you, and I simply forgave you.  You are a good woman, baby.  I need you back in my life.  Please forgive me and let’s settle it.

P.P.S.  There has been some people calling people who I am almost doing business with, sabatoging business relationship after business relationship when I have been close to making money, over and over and over again.  Please stop doing that, it is hurting my family.  I need to be able to provide for my wife and my kids, regardless of whether or not they are close to me and I cannot if my ex friends are attacking my ability to make money.  It is not fair to treat me like this, as I have given you all a tremendous amount of value over the years that has really, changed all of your lives and I have a lot of value to give to a lot of people.  Please, please, leave me and my family alone. If you are not going to help create restoration or bless us, don’t do anything at all.

P.P.P.S.  You may be asking why I don’t give up.  The answer is simple:

I cannot.  This is my family and it doesn’t matter if it is one year, or ten.  I will not stop trying until we are restored, back in love with each other, and healthy again.  I love them too much, I love the world too much.  I love my family and just want them back in my life.

Baby, I do not even want to post articles of this.  I am embarrassed.  However I have to because I have to respond when there are rumors that hurt our family as thngs you have done and posted online have directly hurt my ability to provide for you and the kids, which I know is not what you wanted to do.  I love you.  Please forgive me.

I hope this addresses the rumor and also gives you some tidbits about why I believe I am immortal, or at least possibly immortal.  I hope it makes more sense to you, it is not for no reason, not because I heard a voice or something (I did not) and not without any evidence.  I have a lot more evidence than this, but need scientific evidence, and do not know how to get that.

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