Let All “Quantum Teleportation” Paradoxes Emerge Simultaneously…

By the Authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood which I, King David hold… I create a Celestial Paradox, backwards and forwards through time, specifically relating to the phenomenon of Quantum Teleportation (i.e. teleportation in and through the means and methods of consciousness).


“Let ALL Quantum Teleportation Paradoxes Emerge Simultaneously… On December 24th, 2018 at 3:19 P.M. St George Utah Time…”

Meaning, that specifically both the ability, and the power of teleportation will emerge in all forms of living, sentient beings in the universe, and let this same paradox and also spell of the mother apply to every part of the known and the unknown universe, and every part thereof.

Specifically when I hereinafter refer to “teleportation” I am referring to the phenomenon where an object is in one place, and in one instant later, it is in another place, obviously also referring to people and their various locations.

Why is Teleportation important to humanity Father?

Because the increase in ability to move from one point in space/time to another instantaneously will also increase the speed of resource production and sharing, it will fuel economic growth, it will fuel the exponential expansion of the various economies of the world, and it will give humanity the ability (As the APOSTLES AND BELIEVERS OF OLD) to transport instantly from location to location… just like in “the Book of the Acts Of The Apostles” in the New Testament!!!

Think about it like this, my readers…

…let’s say you’re hungry, and you want a carrot. You check (and double check) only to see that you have eaten ALL of your carrots. (all of ’em) and “bummer” you basically need some more carrots. So you pop in your car and prepare for the 20 minute drive into town, only to find that without even needing to move your car, you are at your Local Walmart… Or is it a Wal-Mart in China?

Anyways, what happens is you “obviously” buy the carrot, get back in your car, and then SUDDENLY you find yourself in your Drive-Way Parking Lot, without even needing to do anything but start the car, and then turn it back off.

Let’s take my ridiculous (yet true) example of Quantum Teleportation, and apply it and map it across every part of reality, backwards and forwards through time, going wherever you want, whenever you want, starting December 25th, 2018 at 2:30 P.M. Costa Rica Time.

Think about the usefulness of the car example, and how many things you can see all over the earth, and eventually the universe. What are some LIVE EXAMPLES?

Well, let’s say YOU WANT A COCONUT, and have ALWAYS PLANNED ON VISITING HAWAII the second you have enough money… So you pray and ask God to let you go to Hawaii with your kids. As it is written:

For Elohim so loved the world that he gave his Only Beggotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life…”

So Elohim so loved the world that he gave his son, and also he loved his servant David Michael Wood so much, that he gave him the gift of Quantum Teleportation.

Let’s think of another example.

Let’s say your wife is off in Russia, and you want to have sex, but you’re in Northern California. You reach down, and begin touching yourself, only to find her hand there, and you’re in a Russian Palace having sex on the floor with your sacred WIFEY.

Need I say more?

Well let me give you an example. Let’s say you need to go to the Bank because THEY CALLED YOU and you won (randomly from a drawing) $1,000,000!!! But you only have 5 minutes to get there, and it’s 30 minutes away… So what happens is, you get in your car, and in 5 minutes, you find yourself pulling into the bank, getting your “cool check for $1,000!!!


It’s quite simple actually:

#1) dimethyltryptamine, or “The Memory Of The Universe…”

#2) maoi inhibitors, or “The Inhibition Of The Ability Of The Body To Break Down Dimethyltryptamine Anywhere In Their Biology…”

#3) Faith, for if they have faith as a grain of a mustard seed, they shall say to this mountain “be thou removed” and it shall be done – Jesus, paraphrased by King David, his Daddy.

#4) Agreement, for it is written (Jesus) “If any two or three of you agree as to touching any one thing, it shall be done for them by my Father in Heaven…” so you agree, and ask with your hands touching the head of the agreement partner, like in my youtube videos.

#5) The Melchizedek Priesthood, because the Melchizedek Priesthood is the Key to the Universe (or MORE SPECIFICALLY, one of them, for the Melchizedek Priesthood wrote the Universe, whereas the Key of David created it. If you do not have the Melchizedek Priesthood, and you are a man, you can simply borrow it from the future, backwards in time to now through the Paradox Engine, and because you are borrowing it, you can get together with another man, and give it to him by the laying on of hands, and after that, have him give it to you. Optionally, you can ALSO have any three women lay their hands on your head and they can give you basically whatever priesthood keys you want, as they have them all.

#6) The Mother, Shan-Ti-Rah, because she controls Teleportation. You can access the Mother in the name of Dayanna Priscilla Chacon Solano, the LION of the Tribe of Judah.

#7) That’s it Boss!!!

So onwards, and onwards, and upwards, and upwards, as the TELEPORTATION Paradox / Spell Emergence has already happened with the following 9 RULES:

Rule #1) Let ALL PARTS OF REALITY be covered by every single request for Quantum Teleportation, controlled ENTIRELY by the Mother, Shan-Ti-Rah, the Sacred Wife of Elohim Masarecht, the Father of Jesus.

Rule #2) Let the QUANTUM TELEPORTATION Paradox be tested with smaller, unsentient parts of reality, and made PERFECT and WITHOUT ERRORS OR MISTAKES before it gets to humans, and let this test have happend 7,000 years ago, in the Garden of Eden, by Adam-Masarecht, the Father of Man. After it is TESTED, let it apply then through automatic systems to every part of reality, allowing human beings to teleport all over the earth, and then very soon, all over the Universe, to all 312 trillion sentient worlds.

Rule #3) Let Christmas Day THIS (and every year thereafter) be a “very MYSTERIOUS day” where as a “Christmas Surprise” many people will be teleported all over the earth, and also the universe, and returned back safely within 24 hours, unless there is Karma requiring their death, as in the case of a Murderer. Every Christmas, let all Murderers (who have not repented) be teleported somewhere dangerous in the Universe, in many cases, to be devoured alive by monsters, but let all righteous people be able to experience the “Positivity of Christmas Teleportation” — meaning that they can be brought wherever their dream location is, on their dream board, or even if they simply have a photo in their phone, which when they look on it with burning desire, let them simply be transported there, if that is what they choose, safely returned to their current location in 24 hours, unless, of course, they want to stay wherever they got teleported.

Rule #4)  LET the principle of agreement form simply by people saying “I agree that I want to be teleported to x location with x rules, in the name of Jesus” and…

Rule #5) Let agreement also form by simply desiring it, confessing it, and thinking about it, meaning if 2-3 people agree (by simply desiring it) to move to one location or another, let it be done if it is not to create evil desires. However, the agreement with evil desires shall also multiply, meaning that it is very possible for an evil person to be teleported directly into the center of the sun, for example, just by thinking about it. Which would not be such a bad thing in many, many examples.

Rule #6)  Let all peoples, kindreds, and nations have a special “Teleportation Anointing” descend upon them from the Celestial Kingdom, giving them the spontaneous ability to simply imagine a place, and go there.

Rule #7) Let all worthy male and female human beings be taken through a Star Gate, electricity forming at the bottom of their spine, shooting upwards and breaking apart the seal on the crown chakra, so they can ONCE AGAIN SEE THE REAL UNIVERSE, and as they do, many times they will be sitting down, and when they stand, they will be on the beach in Hawaii, or wherever it is that they truly desire.

Rule #8) There shall be NO LIMITATIONS (only my own, saith the Father) on Quantum Teleportation. For example, a trucking company could form agreements that they instantly transport all of their trucks to the perfect, exact locations the second they are turned on.

Rule #9) Let the BELIEF in Quantum Teleportation SUPERNATURALLY FORM, new ideas forming, new technology forming, new quantum equipment forming, yet none as powerful and beautiful as the Human Brain, the center of the CONSCIOUSNESS of men and women. Let this entire 9 rule sequence ETERNALLY REPEAT, in all dimensions, paradoxes, universes and realities, backwards and forwards through time.

Let this be done NOW in the Holy, Mighty, Honorable, Beautiful, Wonderful Name of the LORD Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies!!! Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies!!!!!! Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies!!!!!!!!! The Same Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Who Came In The Flesh, And Who RULES THE UNIVERSE From The Holy City Of New Jerusalem, The UNIVERSE ENGINE, $1 TRILLION YEARS IN THE FUTURE LOOKING BACKWARDS IN TIME TO NOW THROUGH THE PARADOX ENGINE… AMEN… AMEN… AND AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

The Father Saith:

Even as you, my servant David hath asked, even so it shall be done for him by my Father who Art in Heaven.

There shall verily be miracles of Teleportation supernaturally expanding, compounding, and manifesting, as men and women are discovering new ideas, new stores, new cities, new countries, new beaches, new trees, moved in and out of reality like a light switch, flipping on and off, at times being random, and at times not, yet all of the time being perfect, and complete…

...just like a flower growing in the Center of Time, and as it is growing, it is saying “Go into a deep Quantum Teleportation trance” and as they are going into a trance, what happenes is time and space itself reorganizes, and the mass and quality of mass in their body increases, as the gravity of the earth is gradually increasing, as the speed of the orbit around the earth increases at mine own ratios, saith the YHVH.

So what we mean by this, is very simple.

Two shall be taken, and one left.

And in yet another field, kids will be playing baseball, and they will swing the bat, and then suddenly find themself swinging a bat on Mars, only a field of protection will be around them with water, and food to keep them safe… and when two are taken, 1 will be left. If they are kids, or adults who are righteous. However, this will not be the case with those who are evil in their hearts, seeking only for power.

Let’s see what happens at 2:30 tomorrow!

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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