Small Business Loan Proposal For Empower Network To Secure Funding For An Initial Return On Your Investment Of 35% On A $100,000 Capital Injection.

The intention of this letter is to secure a small business loan for $100,000 for the purpose of restarting my business in the proper way, making sure that my brand is cleaned up, and make sure that this time, I can do things right. This will help provide me with the resources I need to really make a lot of money online. If you are reading this on my blog, then I would encourage you to consider being a part of the funding for a potential return on your investment of 35% - a higher rate making up for the risk, and obviously, you know me and what I can do, I will pay it back. Empower Network had VERY GOOD CORPORATE CREDIT for the MAJORITY of it's existence. This loan in particular will help me start a new division of the company, Empower Network International. If you are not looking to help with funding, perhaps you know somebody and you could cut a deal, and get in on the action.

The 50 Laws Of Supernatural Abundance!!!

First, a little bit of background. A while ago, I was in Amway in the World Wide Dream Builders Organization... and I used to drive around listening to audios about how to Get Rich At Home doing Home Meetings, Prospecting Strangers, and all sorts of 'Weird' "Amway-Only" strategies. Well, one day I heard on this communication system called "Kate" that there's this new audio that is called "Supernatural Abundance" that was supposed to give me the SECRET STRATEGY to get more Leads, Sales, and Commissions in my Amway Business.

A Message To Bernie Sanders: Modern Socialism Is NOT The Peaceful Revolution We’re Looking For, This Is:

I just watched a video online about a fantastic modern thought leader, Bernie Sanders, which would give a brief outline to his modern views that are popular among the Democratic Party: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaNkgtEnrW0 The basic idea of his thinking comes from a deep compassion to humanity and the working class population, and the desire, of course,... Continue Reading →

Hey King Donald J. Trump, Here’s How To Solve The Border Issue In Mexico Through A ‘Oneness’ Based Strategy.

I just wanted to send a message to King Donald about how to solve the border issue through a negotiation strategy of oneness, and understanding both parties. I am happy to help with the negotiation after I get my Scientific Proof that I am Biologically Immortal. (Otherwise people will generally think I'm nuts, which I am not... mostly, anyways.)

IMPACT NOLA – David Wood Presentation

So then when I realised that was actually my cheque I took the cheque home, and then I was angry. Then I pulled out the newspaper and started flipping through the job ads section. I see this ad, and it says: ‘Make $815 a week setting up in home appliance equipment for demos.’ And I saw that ad and I said, ‘you’re kidding me.’ It said guaranteed. Guaranteed? I’m in.

“…Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics With Applications to Schrödinger Operators…” BUY NOW REVIEW…

Lemma 0.5.LetX,Ybe metric spaces andf:X→Y. The following areequivalent:(i)fis continuous atx(i.e,(0.9)holds).(ii)f(xn)→f(x)wheneverxn→x.(iii)For every neighborhoodVoff(x),f−1(V)is a neighborhood ofx.Proof.(i)⇒(ii) is obvious. (ii)⇒(iii): If (iii) does not hold, there isa neighborhoodVoff(x) such thatBδ(x)6⊆f−1(V) for everyδ. Hencewe can choose a sequencexn∈B1/n(x) such thatf(xn)6∈f−1(V). Thusxn→xbutf(xn)6→f(x). (iii)⇒(i): ChooseV=Bε(f(x)) and observethat by (iii),Bδ(x)⊆f−1(V) for someδ.The last item implies thatfis continuous if and only if the inverse imageof every open (closed) set is again open (closed).Note: In a topological space, (iii) is used as the definition for continuity.However, in general (ii) and (iii) will no longer be equivalent unless one usesgeneralized sequences, so-called nets, where the index setNis replaced byarbitrary directed sets.Thesupportof a functionf:X→Cnis the closure of all pointsxforwhichf(x) does not vanish; that is,supp(f) ={x∈X|f(x)6= 0}.(0.10)IfXandYare metric spaces, thenX×Ytogether withd((x1,y1),(x2,y2)) =dX(x1,x2) +dY(y1,y2)(0.11)is a metric space. A sequence (xn,yn) converges to (x,y) if and only ifxn→xandyn→y. In particular, the projections onto the first (x,y)7→x,respectively, onto the second (x,y)7→y, coordinate are continuous.In particular, by the inverse triangle inequality (0.1),|d(xn,yn)−d(x,y)|≤d(xn,x) +d(yn,y),

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