Hey King Donald J. Trump, Here’s How To Solve The Border Issue In Mexico Through A ‘Oneness’ Based Strategy.

I just wanted to send a message to King Donald about how to solve the border issue through a negotiation strategy of oneness, and understanding both parties. I am happy to help with the negotiation after I get my Scientific Proof that I am Biologically Immortal. (Otherwise people will generally think I’m nuts, which I am not… mostly, anyways.)

First of all, let’s get into why this needs to be solved NOW:

  • a GREAT WAR is coming, and then there shall be peace. In the GREAT WAR, Nation shall lift up sword against nation. There shall be wars, and rumors of wars. Not securing the border is bad business, bad politics, etc. However, we have to do it right.
  • People need to be paid, and their families are hurting. I imagine many government employees (from our over-fat government I might ad) are on Food Stamps and getting new jobs. Which in one way or another, is not such a bad idea.
  • Mexico needs it, as it will protect them from us.
  • The UNITED STATES needs it, as it will protect us from them.

Ok, now for the principles that are going to form the basis of the instructions for creating the wall, which is the SOLUTION for protecting the United States people against illegal immigration from Mexico, which I think WE’D ALL AGREE is the problem.

Donald J. Trump Is Inferior To King David In Every Single Way That Matters...
Hey King Donald, Here’s The Principles To Solve The Border Issue With All Those HOT WOMEN AROUND YOU!!!

Here are the Principles to solve the Border issue Boss-King-Donald J Trump!!!:

Principle #1: Oneness is the way.

Let me explain ‘oneness’. “Oneness” really comes from whole brain unity, and principle unity. I learned on my mission in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about oneness and agreement. In the LDS church, for example, the Missionaries are not taught to argue. They are taught to agree. Oneness forms agreement. Watch someone try to debate with Rabbi Gabriel Cousins, and you’ll learn a LOT, I promise.

Principle #2: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is about building bridges, not walls. The wall must be formed in a way that creates BRIDGES to Mexico, that forms NEW CITIES, that forms NEW TRADE AGREEMENTS, that forms NEW PRODUCTS, that forms NEW PROSPERITY for both the United States of America, and ALSO Mexico. Obviously the United States of America was founded by CHRISTIANS, and this is a CHRISTIAN NATION BOSS!!! ALWAYS WILL BE!!!  So the wall should therefore be constructed in a way that there is city planning along all of the Key Points. Talk to hotels and form 2 sided hotels with only one path through, one side in Mexico, and one side in the United States. Make the path underneath the Hotel or something like that in a secure location away from people’s lives and businesses. Build LOTS OF ROADS between Mexico and the United States and EASY IMMIGRATION POLICIES THAT ARE BASED IN MEXICANS MAKING THE UNITED STATES MONEY!!! However, hot, young in shape single women can come in with no problems whatsoever (the men have to work).

Principle #3: The Gospel of Messiah Ben David is about building proper walls, and separation, and balance, and strategies, and war strategy that’s so good, we NEVER have to use it, and then there shall be peace. Obviously… WE HOPE WE NEVER HAVE TO USE IT BUT IF WE DO IT IS RUTHLESS, COMPLETE, AND ERADICATES OUR ENEMIES COMPLETELY IF THEY DO NOT REPENT!!!

Principle #4: We must PROTECT WILDLIFE, and natural habitats. LOOK, talk to Tibetans about how to build the wall. They built their cities in a way that DIDN’T KILL ANYTHING AT ALL!!! HIRE THE TIBETANS TO HELP & FLY THEM ALL TO AMERICA!!! THEY’LL TAKE CARE OF THE ANIMALS, AND THE PLANTS, AND THE TREES THAT THE DEMOCRATS ARE SO WORRIED ABOUT FOR A REASON!!!

Principle #5: Listen to what people want, and build a strategy that gets all of the United States involved. Hire Rabbi Gabriel Cousins to do the negotiation in Congress based on this strategy, and myself when I have my proof.

Principle #6: Everything about the wall must MAKE MONEY for BOTH NATIONS!!! Proper excise taxes on trades between our allies of 10%, nothing more. Renegotiate the trade agreements to lower the tariffs, and everyone will love you (to be fair, I actually do not know what the tariffs are). If you don’t lower them, I am fine lowering them to 10% later on. 15% is also fine.

Principle #7: Keep families together for past immigrants who have come in illegally. Form the entire strategy for future immigrants. What’s happened has happened. People need their families and we can’t be irresponsible and hurt the children. I have a VERY GOOD FRIEND who came into the United States illegally when he was 10 years old, and is now a Legal USA citizen. I actually think it is fine if Mexican Orphans, for example can come into the USA for free and get a USA family, as they are VERY INTELLIGENT, HARD WORKING PEOPLE!!! GIVE THEM OPPORTUNITY AND LOVE!!!

That’s it!!!

So what’s my PERSONAL STRATEGY here? Have Big Hotels compete for border spots. The Trump Organization. Hilton. Marriott. New York Organizations. Billionaires. Etc.

Look, those will be the MOST POPULAR HOTELS EVER!!!


Several reasons:

#1) People in the United States of America LOVE going to Mexico FOR VACATIONS AND ALSO BUSINESS!!!

#2) People in MEXICO love coming to the United States of America for travel, immigration, and ALSO BUSINESS!!!


#4) We will recondition the land at the access points to grow rain-forests, so the ENVIRONMENTALISTS WILL LOVE IT!!! TALK TO RABBI GABRIEL ABOUT HOW TO DO THAT MR. BOSS OF AMERICA!!!




Look, Mexicans just want OPPORTUNITY… this is going to give them JUST THAT by allowing them to MASSIVELY IMPORT MORE GOODS INTO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!


David Wood
“According to many others, I am Messiah Ben David, the rightful heir to the throne of Israel…”

Read My Blog. Tell Others. Restore JERUSALEM!!!
Jerusalem has been described as “THE IMMORTAL CITY” by observant non-Jews. It is INCREDIBLE AND I CAN’T WAIT TO GO THERE AND MEET EVERYONE TODAY!!!

P.S. Get Google to help!!!

P.P.S. Get Facebook to help!!!!!!

P.P.P.S. Get Twitter to help!!!!!!!!!

Oh, one more thing. Use war strategy (listen to the Art of War every day for a while) to offset your enemies and turn them against each other, defeating only THEMSELVES.

Also, turn the people on them. Speak in different cities riling people up in righteous anger, making them constantly harass their politician until they are virtually going crazy from the constant, never ending hassley requests and hate mail. I’m done. That should work.

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