IMPACT NOLA – David Wood Presentation

Let’s give it up, let’s blow the roof off the hotel in the Big Easy for Mr David Wood!

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I appreciate it man. Hello. Good to see you guys, appreciate you, appreciate you guys. Glad you’re here, good job. Appreciate you man.

Alright everybody, good to see you all. I’m going to take my shoes off, it’s the traditional thing. Good to see you. That necklace is so gaudy Michelangelo. You know what I mean, how many of you were thinking as he was taking, ‘God that things just gaudy!’ You know what I mean? It’s real, I’m sure.

We were talking about Michelangelo the other day actually and I was talking with Jonathan and I think if I went in his house he would have stuff everywhere. Like a marble table, like a golden statue, and then just these random things that he got excited and bought when he made a lot of money one day.

I love those preacher videos. My favourite preacher video he made, he made this video one day and it was… The guy was praying for Paul Gardner, I think. Was that the one? Was that the one? You guys were there in a weekly competition and he paid that guy on Fiverr for this video and he was like, ‘Oh Lord, please bless Paul Gardner, he’s trying really hard.’ And it’s just funny.

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This is a transcription from an Empower Network IMPACT Event (our REGIONAL EVENTS are ‘IMPACT’) way back in like 2015 or whatever. If you’re interested in learning more about Empower Network and how you can get more LEADS, SALES, AND COMMISSIONS… Selling YOUR ONLINE PRODUCTS, please click on the banner on the right of this page, as we are getting ready to relaunch SOON ====>


But you’ve got to have fun with this stuff. Some of you guys the problem you have is that you really just don’t have enough fun and you take it way too seriously. You just need to stop, this is actually a lot of fun. And it can be fun. Like sometimes when you’re new to selling stuff you get really nervous with everything. You know what I mean. You don’t want to ask people to buy and you’re scared to ask them to buy. You’re scared of it, like they’re going to punch you in the face. Like they’re going to say ‘Aaaaarrrrrgggggg!’ Not going to happen!

I don’t know, has anybody ever punched you in the face Michelangelo and you’ve asked them to buy something? Nobody has even ever screamed bloody murder at me like I just did. Never.

I remember actually when I was 18 years old I was selling vacuum cleaners, and this is how I got the job, true story. So I was working at this job, like a server or something, for a week. And I got my first pay cheque, and I think I was making 8 bucks an hour. I didn’t ever pull out a calculator and calculate what 8 times 40 was, and still I don’t even remember because I think that’s about how much I make doing nothing in 10 minutes now.

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This is a transcription from an Empower Network IMPACT Event (our REGIONAL EVENTS are ‘IMPACT’) way back in like 2015 or whatever. If you’re interested in learning more about Empower Network and how you can get more LEADS, SALES, AND COMMISSIONS… Selling YOUR ONLINE PRODUCTS, please click on the banner on the right of this page, as we are getting ready to relaunch SOON ====>


But I got this cheque and I said, ‘what the hell is this?’ And I’m 18 years old and I’m looking at it and I’m like… You know? What’s this? My boss is like, ‘that’s your week.’

And I said, ‘oh how now? I’ve been slaving away. There’s two numbers here and then there’s a minus. What’s this minus?’

And he’s like, ‘well that’s the money the government takes.’

And I’m like, ‘the government aint working here, I am.’

So then when I realised that was actually my cheque I took the cheque home, and then I was angry. Then I pulled out the newspaper and started flipping through the job ads section. I see this ad, and it says: ‘Make $815 a week setting up in home appliance equipment for demos.’ And I saw that ad and I said, ‘you’re kidding me.’ It said guaranteed. Guaranteed? I’m in.

****************URGENT NOTICE:

This is a transcription from an Empower Network IMPACT Event (our REGIONAL EVENTS are ‘IMPACT’) way back in like 2015 or whatever. If you’re interested in learning more about Empower Network and how you can get more LEADS, SALES, AND COMMISSIONS… Selling YOUR ONLINE PRODUCTS, please click on the banner on the right of this page, as we are getting ready to relaunch SOON ====>


So I called this guy and I say, ‘what is this thing?’

And he says, ‘well I’ll show you, come on down to the office.’

So I was like, ‘ok. Is this an interview?’

He’s like, ‘I’m not telling you nothing, just come on down.’

So I was like, ‘ok.’ I was like, ‘mum, I’m going to earn $800 a week, guaranteed.’

So I show up at this little dungeon looking thing up in Fairbanks, Alaska. And I walk downstairs to the dirtiest carpet you’ve ever seen in your life because they didn’t want to get dirt on the vacuums they were selling, so they never used them. But in any case I walk down there and I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was. So I walked in and I sit down with this guy and he’s going one of these used car salesman mustaches. You know what I mean? It’s like this perfectly plucked thing that goes all the way down his face. But you could tell he just sits there in the morning with tweezers and just plucks out every part of his mustache that goes outside a perfectly greased line down the side of his face.

But anyway, he’s like, ‘hi, my name’s John. Welcome.’ He sits down and he pulls out this piece of paper.

And I say, ‘what is this?’

And he says, ‘let me show you. When you do an in home appliance demonstration…’

And I was like, ‘what’s that?’

And he was like, ‘just let me show you.’ And he starts drawing circles on this napkin about how much money I’m going to make. Demonstrating something or other. I was like, ‘what the hell are you talking about? What is it?’

And he says, ‘well come back tomorrow morning.’

So I show up tomorrow morning and this 28 year old guy, I’m 18 years old, he tries to sell me a vacuum cleaner. And I was sitting there and I thought he was joking, I thought he was just doing a presentation so I could see what he’s doing. But he actually tried to close me. I was like, ‘dude! I don’t have a job! That’s why I’m here to learn, I was responding to a job. I’m 18 years old, I don’t have carpets, I live in my mums house. I’m not going to buy the vacuum.’

And then he realized I didn’t actually have credit cards or anything because I was only 18. And he said, ‘alright, that’s fine if you don’t buy it.’ Then he tried to get me to make a list of all my family and friends and all that stuff. And I said, ‘Dude, I’m 18 years old. My friends are 18. They live in their parent’s houses.’

And he was like, ‘well who are their parent’s?’

So anyways, I get the job which of course, I have to go do vacuum demos. I do 8 demos or something like that over the next 2 weeks and I don’t make any sales. So I’m discouraged. And I go back to the office one day because I’ve been driving around town to these appointments demoing these $3000 vacuums. Of course I was wearing tie-dye shirts and hole-y jeans so probably didn’t help me at all. And I said, ‘man, I just… Nobody is buying these things!’

And he was like, ‘Nobody is buying? They always buy when I show them.’
And I said, ‘dude, nobody is buying this stuff.’

And he said, ‘Have I taught you the magic close?’

And I was like… I looked around like this… And I was like, ‘the magic close?’

And he’s like, ‘I can’t believe it! Jonny! We didn’t teach him the magic close when he joined!’

And so I said, ‘what’s this magic close?’

And he said, ‘here, I’ll show you. We do this price breakdown where you make the vacuum look like it’s saving people $10000. Imagine all the brooms you’re going to buy over the next 20 years you know, and how much vacuum bags cost and if you bought them for the next 15 years, how much it would cost you. Then how many times you have to replace your carpet because your vacuum cleaner doesn’t work.’

You go on and on and on and on and then it’s like $30000 of stuff, that’s not inflated at all! Then you ask people, you say, ‘so if this costs you $30000, I know you can’t afford that. It’s not that big a deal, but if it was $30000 and then Kevin, your wife could have a clean carpet because I know she’s working so hard. If it was $30000 it’d be worth it, right?’

And she’s going like this because before you go, the wife, they vacuum and vacuum and vacuum and then you try to pull out as much dirt as possible and then the whole time you’re pulling it out and you look at the husband and say, ‘I’m sorry I know you didn’t mean to buy your wife a vacuum like this because she’s working so hard on the house. I’m sorry man. I just want to show you this because you don’t want your children breathing this dirt.’

So that’s the whole thing. And then they say, ‘Yes, it’d be worth $30000.’
And he says, ‘here’s the key. You’ve got to wait when you ask that question and just kind of stare at them and wait. And when they say, ‘yes it’d be worth $30000’ here’s the magic close. You stand up, you stick your hand out and you say, ‘welcome to Rainbow.’’

And he says, ‘you don’t move and you don’t blink until they shake your hand, or tell you to get the hell out of the house.’

He says, ‘I promise you if they shake your hand they’re buying, because then the next page you show them it’s not $30000 it’s only $3000 if you act now.’

So anyway, I go to my next appointment and I was like, ‘that can’t work, but I’ve got to try it.’ So I go there, and I’m doing this vacuum demo. This is like 1999 or whatever, before I was more of a missionary. So I’m doing this vacuum demo, I’m doing this weird thing and then I do this price break down to this guy who was sitting there like this… For an hour straight while I’m doing this demo. I mean, doesn’t move, does not laugh at the jokes, is glaring at me and it looks like he’s not breathing. One of those guys.

And so I get to this spot and I said, ‘So this would be worth $30000 right?’

And I wait and he goes, ‘Sure.’ Like that.

So then I said, ‘Welcome to Rainbow.’ And I sat there, heart pounding for I think 5 minutes. My eyes were getting dry and almost bleeding, but this is what happened. He sat there and he didn’t move, staring.

And I was like this… He was like this and then he goes, ‘sign me up already.’ I about shat my pants. I was like, I just made $300, that was 3 weeks of carrying bricks around.

So anyways, I go to the next house and it’s like this couple, and they’re laughing at the jokes and stuff like that. I’m a little bit more confident and I do this thing, I do this price break down and I’m like, ‘So it’d be worth $30000.’

And he’s like, ‘you know yes, it’d probably be worth $30000.’
And I said, ‘Welcome to Rainbow.’

And this guy just looked at me… ‘Pfft I’m not getting this’. I looked over and I just stood there. The guy told me I wasn’t allowed to blink or anything, so they’re sitting there and I’m holding my hand like this. Like two minutes go by, two minutes go by and the guy goes, ‘pfft, whatever, just sign my up.’

So it started working and I started making $800 a week when I was 18. From just asking people to buy, from just asking them to buy. It’s amazing what happens when you just ask people to buy stuff. A lot of you guys, the problem you’ve got is you won’t ask people to buy stuff. You just won’t do it. You’re like, ‘well I can’t ask them to buy.’ Why not? Everybody asks people to buy stuff, nobody compunction, TV doesn’t have any compunction about it. I don’t have any compunction about it. Ask people to buy stuff, some of you that’s all you need to do.

So anyways, I get an M way. I mean a Ramway [spelling] when I’m like 21 and I can’t recruit. I can’t recruit. Well I got one guy in. I’ll tell you that story another day, it’s because he was praying to God that God would send him somebody to sponsor him on M way and I just happened to show up. The Lord led me there. He’s still in today.

So I get one guy in and then I can’t recruit. And then I’m frustrated because nobody is joining, see in those meetings they would just talk on the white wood for hours and hours and hours and tell stories about nothing. You’d be so excited you’d be pooping your pants but you couldn’t figure out what you were supposed to do. Do a call to action or anything.

You’d go there and you’d be excited out of your mind, drool would be coming out of the side of your face and you’d be like ‘I’m am so excited I’m going to be rich.’

And they’d be like, ‘ok take this $80 packet of information and think for the next 5 days.’

That was the strategy which amazingly doesn’t work very well. So in any case I’m like, ‘man, these people just won’t join.’ So then I sneak my way into this training with Eric Worre one day. Any of you know Eric?

So Eric is doing this training, and this is way back in the days in this legal services deal and I just snuck in, I was one of those people who snuck in the back of the training to hear this bald guy speak. I didn’t even know who he was, one of my friends told me that this rich guy was in town.

So I go there and listen to him speak and he’s talking about how easy recruiting is. And I’m like, ‘pfft, recruiting is not easy.’ How many of you think that? Recruiting is not easy. Right? You think, honestly recruiting is hard. You’re afraid to raise your hands. You’re like, ‘I’m not saying anything that could make me look like a wussy.’

Recruiting is not easy, I’ve been wandering around in Walmart’s and Safeway’s all night, hitting people up and they don’t join nothing. I was like, ‘no it’s not easy.’

And he goes, ‘how many people in here don’t think recruiting is easy?’
I was like, ‘recruiting aint easy, I’m working my butt off.’

And he goes, ‘maybe the problem is you aint learned the magic close.’

Now I may have bad short term memory and can’t remember where I put my keys but I remembered the close, right? And I was like, ‘the magic close? You’re kidding me.’ So I started paying attention. And he goes, ‘this is how easy recruiting is. First, just get them to the meeting, get the butts in the chairs.’ Pretty much what we do on the internet when people are sitting down watching videos, it’s no different than been in a hotel. People still buy stuff. But he goes, ‘after the meeting, the trick is. You don’t get up out of the chair. You sit down, you grab it and you turn it towards the person you invited to the meeting.’

How many of you know that you’re not supposed to stand up at the meeting, because if you stand up your guests stand up and if they stand up they can’t be signing an application.

So the trick is, you turn your chair. Some of you guys are like, ‘these people are such schemers it’s unbelievable.’ So that’s the literal strategy. You sit next to your guest and then after your meeting you turn your chair like this, and then you don’t get out of the chair.

So I was like, ‘they don’t teach you to do that. This is interesting. They can’t get out of the chair if I don’t stand up because it’s rude.’

So you turn your chair and then you say, ‘what did you like best about what you saw.’ And they say something, and whatever they say you say, ‘I like that too.’

‘What did you like best about what you saw?’

‘The Com Plan [spelling]’

‘Oh, I liked the Com Plan too.’

‘What did you like best about what you saw?’

‘Well that guy was really interesting.’

‘I think he’s really interesting too.’

‘What did you like best about what you saw?’

‘Well that guy was weird but he made a lot of money.’

‘He did make a lot of money, didn’t he?’

So that’s the first thing, just agree with whatever they say. And he said, ‘here thought, is the magic close. When you say ‘I like that too.’ You look at them and you say, ‘sounds like you’re ready to get started.’ And you just start to nod. ‘Sounds like you’re ready to get started, sounds like you’re ready to get started.’’

And they have to say, ‘yes.’ It’s hard to resist, ‘it sounds like you’re ready to get started.’ They try to say no that but you’re a KungFu master. ‘I remember you were in Costa Rica it sounds like you’re ready to get started.’ You can’t resist it, it sounds like you’re ready to get started. You ready to get rich yet? And that’s the key. You want to make some money right? The magic close, welcome to M way.

And I was like, ‘stop it, it can’t work like that. It can’t.’ So I go to my next meeting. I didn’t tell my up line I was doing this because they would have slaughtered me, not following the system. You’ve got to buy the $80 info pack, not that they make any money off of selling that to you. But in any case, I’m sitting there with my guest who’s this girl that I met randomly walking around in a Walmart I think. And I said, ‘so what did you like best about what you saw?’

And she was like, ‘ummm.’ She had to think for a minute because she couldn’t think what the meeting was about. And then she was like, ‘you know, it sounds really interesting.’

That’s like the worst answer ever. It’s like if a guy goes on a date with a girl and somebody says, ‘what do you think?’

And you’re like, ‘she was really nice.’

Or like if a guy goes on a date with a girl and she’s talking to her friends, ‘what did you think?’

And she goes, ‘hmm. Hmm. Tell you later.’
They’re a little more direct.

‘So what did you like best?’

‘She was really interesting.’

I said, ‘Yes, it is interesting isn’t it.’

She was like, ‘yes.’

I said, ‘it sounds like you want to make some money.’

She was like, ‘yes.’

And I said, ‘well come to Amway.’

I couldn’t believe it when she got in. And that’s the thing, over the years I’ve figured out that people just care less and less about you being direct with them and people will just join stuff if you ask people to take action, if you ask people to make a decision. And they won’t act if you don’t ask them to make a decision. They just won’t, right Peter. You sell on stage and stuff, you’ve been doing this for years. If you stood up there and you do the best sales presentation ever and you’re like, ‘alright everybody, what did you think about it?’

They’re like, ‘well… Yes… I think it was great and I’ll see you later.’

But if you sit there and just ask them to make a decision, they make a decision all the time.

So some of you guys just don’t have nearly enough fun doing this stuff, right Michelangelo? I mean half the reason he does what he’s doing is because it’s so God damn funny. Really! What’s the purpose of that video making fun of Paul Gardner? Nothing. There’s no purpose in that, he did it because it’s the funniest thing he’s thought of all day. You know what I mean?

He wasn’t sitting there thinking, ‘how can I sign people up by secretly making fun of Paul with my agenda.’ He thought about hiring that preacher to make fun of him like he’s a little baby and just started bursting into laughter hysterically is what happened. And then he sent $5 of to the preacher, that’s what happened.

I used to do that stuff too, I used to just think, what can I do that’s hilarious to people? So one day I remember being in a live stream and I was in my house in Costa Rica in the mountains. Some of you guys remember that, I had the pool in the background. I looked out over the mountains and I was sitting there in the middle of a live stream. People used to always think that it was a green screen. I could never figure out how I could get people to not believe that anymore because they’d look at it and they’d be like, ‘yes. This guy and his green screen Costa Rica.

So in the middle of the presentation I just started screaming like crazy and I got up and I jumped in the pool. I gave four people a heart attack but then I got out and I started screaming and yelling about getting in and they just all joined. People always get surprised when I jump in that pool

True story about Travis, any of you met Travis, he works for the office? Well before he started working for us he was about to join Empowers as an affiliate actually. He thought it was like this fake thing. We used to have this video where I was talking in front of that pool and he saw it. And he was like, ‘this dumb green screen stupid scheme-y stuff.’

So what he did was he zoomed in the video and looked in the background and saw the plants moving around and he said, ‘oh shit. This is real.’ Because there’s a lot of fakers online but you guys just need to stop taking this so serious because it’ll become easier if you’re relaxed. If you’re relaxed. If you relax it’ll be easier. Does that make sense to you?

It’s like when I grew up I took martial arts. Who in here took martial arts? Does it hurt more if your relaxed or if your tense? Tense. Now why is that? Why does it hurt more? You can’t absorb it. Your body can’t adapt. If you get hit in the face and your like this… It’s a great way to rattle your neck around. Isn’t it? But if you get hit in the face and your really relaxed it might hurt but it’s not going to hurt so bad. It’s not going to hurt so bad.

When your tense and you get hit it ricochets through your whole body so it hurts more. Some of you guys, your tense and you’re so uptight about how you do anything and so because of that you never come up with any good ideas. You need to just relax and be ok with yourself and be ok with being you.

Here’s a thing that I learned a long time ago about people. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, nothing is the real answer to that. I never am right [inaudible].

Hah I caught you not paying attention.

Seriously, I learned that it’s just cool to be yourself. People really like you when you’re being you, people just really like who you are when you just be yourself and you just act how you want. What people don’t like is they don’t like people who aren’t real, they don’t like it. They don’t like it, they don’t enjoy it, they don’t enjoy being around it. They don’t enjoy being around fakeness. They don’t enjoy being around people who act in a certain way to try to get people to do something. That’s what we call phoniness. But who people really like, and people enjoy is you. And I’m telling you they’ll like you if you just relax and be yourself. If you’ll just relax and be yourself and just tell them to buy and laugh hysterically. You can even tell them that you’re nervous if you want to and they’ll think it’s funny and they’ll buy.

I’m serious. People will think you’re awesome when you just be yourself. Some of us the biggest mistake we make is we try to duplicate somebody else who we’re not like at all. That make sense? You want to be you. You’re gifted and your powerful and you’re unique and you’re different and you can do things that other people can’t do.

See I can’t act like Peter Sørensen. I can’t like act like Gavin Conant [spelling]. I can’t act like Melissa. I can’t act like Michelangelo. I can be a weirdo but a totally different kind of weirdo. I’m not like Justin Verrengia and I’m not like Tony Rush either. We’re all different cats. And the thing you’ve got to realise about yourself is that when you realise that you’re the one that people are going to fall in love with on your list. Your dreams are the ones people are going to follow, maybe you can relax and you can start acting differently.

I remember I took karate all grown up and it was like 6 years before I kind of really got it. I started taking karate when I was 12 years old. When I was 19 something just opened up in side and I started to relax when I was fighting. All of a sudden I was comfortable when I was being flipped over someone’s back or when I was being kicked in the face, when I was being kicked in the stomach and it just didn’t matter anymore.

What happened is I got a lot better at fighting real fast. See in this business what happens when a lot of you get objections thrown at you, or get obstacles. What do you do? You freeze up, you tense up. Like what you say matters at all. And I learned that it doesn’t. I learned it’s not how you respond it’s the energy with which you respond that matters. I learned that people are getting in because of your vision.

Now they might get in because the company is cool too, that’s the unique thing about Empower because we’ve got a dream that picks people up. But that’s going to build the company, that’s going to build the company great, that’s going to build the people around me great. What’s going to make you become great? It’s who you are on the inside. You’ve got to grow big on the inside if you want your life to grow big on the outside.

Anybody here know what we really do? What our real task is in this kind of business? Anybody here know? If you were going to name one thing what’s the one thing that we do that’s the most important thing. Empower, ok what are some other important things. Girl leaders. Freedom. What else? Ok, personal development plan. What else? Connecting. What else, what else, what do we do. Share stories, ok that’s something we do. What else do we do? Ok, find our golden thread with in. I don’t know what that means but it’s probably something cool. Transformational. What do we do? Visionary. What else do we do? Be in service to others. What else do we do?

Transparency. What else do we do? Yes we do that too, what else do we do? What? Welcome to yourself, ok. What else do we do? Entertain, we entertain people a lot. That’s actually just that we are entertaining, and then we tell people to buy things at the end of your hilarious presentation and hope it works. Something about sex! It’s funny as I didn’t hear a word he said but sex. Anybody else like that. You’re like sex. And your mind just stops.

So here’s what I believe. Here’s what I believe are real [inaudible]. I believe that we are here to get people dreaming and to build their dreams. I believe that that’s the core task of what we do, is to get people dreaming. Here’s why. When you get someone dreaming they paint a new world on the inside. When somebody paints a new world on the inside, they create a new world on the outside.

When people paint a new world on the inside, they create a new world on the outside. We grow up in the society that doesn’t dream and we’re around people that stopped dreaming and we’re around people that say, ‘I used to dream when I was a kid.’ And we’re around teachers who make $30000 a year, and that’s their life. And there’s nothing wrong with being a teacher, there’s also no real glory in it. Our kids need good teachers.

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This is a transcription from an Empower Network IMPACT Event (our REGIONAL EVENTS are ‘IMPACT’) way back in like 2015 or whatever. If you’re interested in learning more about Empower Network and how you can get more LEADS, SALES, AND COMMISSIONS… Selling YOUR ONLINE PRODUCTS, please click on the banner on the right of this page, as we are getting ready to relaunch SOON ====>


But we grow up in this world and society that’s built on a system that does not get people dreaming. And when you go into somebody’s life and when you get them dreaming, their world changes all the time. And maybe it takes a while and maybe it won’t even change your organisation. Maybe hey’ll go off and do something else. But they’ll start dreaming because of a couple of things.

Number one: because you have a dream. And just like people that don’t dream rub off. People that do dream, rub off on other people. Don’t they Chris, isn’t that the truth. Lawrence. You get around people that have big dreams it starts rubbing off on you. It’s contagious. It sort of spreads. When you start dreaming big, and what is a dream really. A dream is a vision on the inside of something in your future that you’re going to have.

It’s your image that’s inside your consciousness about the future of how your life is going to be, that you create. When you start dreaming, your life will change. And there’s phases in that. But one of the biggest things with the dreaming is learning to believe in your dreams again. Because sometimes we dream when we’re kids or we dream when we’re teenagers and then what happens? Society beats into you. Or maybe you failed once. Or maybe you prospected somebody and they just told you no. And nobody told you to laugh hysterically when they do that. Or maybe you got in a business and the company went out of business. Or maybe you tried to start a business out of high school and you failed. Or maybe you dreamed something really big and somebody just made fun of you relentlessly. And they said, ‘oh yes, come back to reality. Wait five years and we’ll see if you’re still doing that.’ Maybe that’s what happened. So step one is dreaming.

Step two is believing in your dream. And believing in your power to create the dream. And taking action to create your dream. And being relentless with creating your dream. Because there is going to be things that try to stop you. There’s going to be obstacles that stand in your way and you’ll be real tempted to go back to how you used to be. You’ll be really tempted to say, ‘oh well I’ll just throw in the towel and quit.’

Well I could have quit when I was in Am way in 2002 and it didn’t work for the very first time. Or I could have quit when it didn’t work the 100th. You’ve got to be relentless in your desire to do something great if you want to create something great. You see there’s a magic that happens inside of you when you start to believe that what you’re going to do is going to create your dream and that you have the ability to do it. And that the magic that happens inside of you is you become a dreamer. You become a dreamer. You become somebody who’s seeing a future that isn’t there yet. You become somebody who’s creating a new world on the outside regardless of what’s out there right now.

You become somebody like Martin Luther King Jr who sees children who are black and who are white playing together, years before it ever comes into the world. You become somebody like Michael Jordan who would see a basketball hoop and would imagine himself being pro. You become somebody like Jim Carrey, he used to stare at a cheque for 10 million dollars that he would get one day for a movie. For 10 years as he practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced and practice. And got rejected and rejected and rejected and rejected.

You become somebody like Sylvester Stallone. Who wrote the script for Rocky and then went to person after person after person after person, some of whom wanted to do the movie but none of them wanted to do it with him and he sold his dog to live for a little bit so he could go. And he finally found somebody after getting rejected and rejected and rejected and rejected who said, ‘ok, fine. We’ll let you be in the movie. Nobody is going to watch it.’

You become somebody like that when you start to believe in your dreams again. And sometimes that’s all that needs to happen for you. And that’s been a dreamer. But there’s something greater than that and the greater thing than that is what we do.

Then there’s the dream builder. And the dream builder is somebody who’s got a dream so great, and who believes so much that just by being around them they get people to dream. Just by being around them people start to believe in themselves again. Just by being around them people shift on the inside because they see someone who says, ‘I believe you can do this regardless of what’s going on in the outside world.’

When you become a dream builder you don’t just paint a new world on the inside for you, you start to create painters of visions around you by reorganising people on the inside. Because what we really do here, what we really do here. The best way I can liken it, is like an evangelist. And what does an evangelist do in the Christian church, they try to get people to believe on the inside to create a change on the outside. That’s what we do. We’re dream builders here. That’s what we really are.

So on a task like that, in a world like that. Why are people joining you? And why are people going to stay? Because by being around you they start to dream again and they do because of your vision. They do because of what you believe. They do because of what you believe is going to happen. That’s why they’re in your team.

If you’ve ever had a big team and you wondered how you got it. I bet you if you went around yourself and you watched how you were acting and behaving, you had this vision of what was going to happen in the future and where you were going that was attractive to people. That people wanted to be a part of. That people wanted to hang out in the middle of.

That’s what we do. We’re dream builders. See everything else is secondary, everything else comes later. Most of the people in Empower who are making a lot of money don’t even know how they’re doing it. You know that? I know because I know most of them. Most of the people in Empower are making 10, 20 000 a month or whatever, they don’t even know what they’re doing. They’re usually making 10, 15, 20000 a month before they even realise what’s going on. Chris Rush is that true? [Inaudible] is that true? Jess is that true?

What happened when Justin came out of the waterfall. He started going ape shit and made $27000 the next month. As far as I can tell. And it takes people a little bit to even figure out what’s going on. It takes them a little bit, right AK? Right, he gets Empower, what 3 months ago? Made $94000. I just pounced on him, I had to bring him back because nobody knew he was coming here and I was like, ‘hey dude, you’re speaking tomorrow.’

He’s like, ‘what?’

And I said, ‘what you doing?’

So you’re going to hear from him tomorrow. That’s what we do guys, we get people to believe in their dreams and to start dreaming and to paint new worlds. Because that’s what’s really going to motivate you. You know sometimes people have a hard time getting motivated to do things, and I actually don’t understand that too well because I’m motivated all the time to do things.

It’s like you’re going to sit there and you need to watch Tony Robins in the morning to get out of bed or something. This is just the most hilarious thing ever actually, watching people trying to get motivated about stuff. Because they’re just not motivated for anything. A lot of the time, why aren’t people succeeding? Normally it’s because they’re just sitting around on Facebook refreshing things. That’s why.

I made fun of people for a good three hours at the last event because you look at what they’re doing all day and if you did this at any job in North America, not only would you get fired you would fire yourself. It’s like what did you actually do this last week in you’re business. I want you guys to ask yourself that for a second, what did you actually do in your business that was work last week? What did you actually do? I want you to think about that.

Now most of you, the truth, honest to God, even if you’re making a little bit of money. The answer is nothing! Right? Nothing. You didn’t do anything. That’s what most people do in this industry and they think they’re working but if they’re honest about what they’re doing they can’t figure out what they’re doing. And you can tell if you go to somebody and you’re like, ‘man I’m so frustrated.’

And you’re like, ‘well what are you doing?’

And they’re like, ‘I’m doing so much work?’

‘Well what specifically are you doing for so much work?’

‘Well I’m in front of my computer for five hours a day.’

‘Well what specifically are you doing in front of your computer when you’re sitting there for five hours a day?’


‘Well when you define everything what does that specifically mean?’

‘Well when I’m doing everything I mean I’m writing a blog post. I’m doing emails.’

‘Ok, so how many blog posts did you write last week?’


‘How many hours do you work?’


‘Ok, so what else did you do last week?’

‘Well, I was writing emails.’

‘How many emails did you write last week?’

‘Well I don’t have any leads yet so I was working on getting leads.’

‘Ok, so what did you do to get leads last week?’

‘Well I was writing a blog post.’

‘Ok, you wrote a blog post. What else did you do?’

‘I was doing Facebook marketing.’

‘By Facebook Marketing what specifically were you doing on Facebook?’

‘I was liking a lot of stuff… I logged into the site a lot… I watched a couple of videos… I got mad five times… Shit…’

That’s what most people in this business do. Nothing. Nothing. And it’s really hilarious. And if we make fun about it and we laugh about it and we say, ‘why aren’t you doing anything?’ We can go to some honesties. Because you don’t believe it will work. You just don’t believe it. You think you’re looking for something that’s secret.

How many in here has at least been through one phase in your life where you were just sitting around looking for the secret and in the process of doing so did nothing for a long ass period of time. Some of you are like, ‘I’m doing that now.’ Well you can keep your hands down. So those of you who didn’t raise your hands we know that’s you. Because everybody else was honest because it was the past.

And so in the process of looking for some kind of mysterious thing, if you do this mysterious secret thing you’re going to make money. You sit around, doing literally nothing. For weeks and months at a time because you think, ‘if I only find this secret thing.’

Are you going to find a secret strategy where you can actually produce any kind of result in life by literally doing nothing. I mean that’s called the sore butt secret. Get a sore butt from sitting around so much. There’s a solution for that and it’s called walking. Getting off your ass. That’s what people in this industry do.

Now the question is, ‘why do they do it?’ Here’s why. People do it because they don’t believe this will work when they work. They don’t believe it. And here’s what I mean when I say they don’t believe it. They don’t believe it like they believe if they go to work at their job, they’ll make $10 an hour. Here is the difference. When you have a normal job, that pays you an hourly wage. If you show up to work and the company is financially solvent. If you show up to work, they pay you. Therefore you go to work and you do what the boss says.

How many here, when you go to work or if you have a job, you do what your boss says? Or at least pretend you do. You’re like, ‘I’m not raising my hand for nothing Wood.’ And don’t worry I’m not selling anything, so you can raise it all you want and I won’t even do a call to action and tell your employer or credit card. Maybe… Keep your hands in your pockets. I may surprise you. It’s only $8 million by the way. I’ve got a funny story about that one.

You don’t believe it’ll work. You don’t believe it. If you did you’d be working. So the key behind this really. Number 1: is believing the work that you do is going to produce a result and is producing a result while you’re doing it. And I’m telling you, it is. And sometimes it’s creating results before you see them. I’m telling you it’s creating a result. That’s the first step is you’ve got to get there.

Now we’re going to help you get there this weekend by teaching you some things and showing you somethings and helping you walk through a process to get there. We’ll show you how to transform your beliefs, we’ll walk you through how to become a different person on the inside. We’ll show you how to do it. But a lot of you, the reason why you’re not doing it isn’t because you don’t know what to do, it’s because you’re looking for some secret thing because you don’t believe what we’re telling you to do or what you do know how to do will work.

So you’re looking for some secret way, like if I learned the NLP language pattern that Dave Wood knows then I’m going to be able to sell stuff. You guys want to know a secret? People that don’t want to buy stuff, can’t be sold nothing no matter what you do. That’s the secret. Somebody doesn’t want to buy something, you can’t do nothing. The magic close doesn’t work. The hypnotic language doesn’t work. Telling stories doesn’t work. If you’re like Moses and you command them to join they’ll punch you in the nose.

If somebody does not want to do something there is nothing that you can do to get them to do it. Unless you can convince them to want to do it. Which if they don’t want you to convince them, you’re screwed. You can’t.

Now how many of you have thought that there’s some sort of mysterious power where you can hypnotise people and then they’ll finally abide by your will. Come on folks. Seriously. I mean you know what I’m saying. I used to sit there, let me give you an example of this to make you a little bit more comfortable. I used to call leads and stuff. And I’d call leads and call leads and call leads and I was good. I had people, I’d call on the phone. What was that lady, that massage therapist, you remember her name? She came over to my house and she was like, ‘I need prospects.’

‘I was like just call people out of the Yellow Pages.’

You remember that lady, Joanna. She was this Jehovah’s Witness Massage Therapist who did energy work. It was really weird. But in any case, who’s also an MLM. She sat in the back row in church.

But in any case, she’s like, ‘I want to call people that are professionals.’

I was like, ‘Just call people out of the Yellow Pages it’s not a big deal there’s thousands of people in there.’

She was like, ‘You can’t do that.’

And I said, ‘Watch.’ And I just started dialling people and I could talk to anybody. And she was like, ‘How do you get this person to say that they’re open all the time?’

Well it’s because I used to call these stupid leads all the time.

But here’s the key, these leads didn’t want to join. How many of you have called literally thousands of leads before that didn’t want to join and tried to convince them. It doesn’t do nothing does it? It’s like the most useless behavior known to a human being. You’re calling people who are living in dumpsters and stuff and trying to convince them to get rich on the internet, or whatever.

And I finally had it one day when I called this lady and she almost got in. She was this close. And before I stopped the phone calls, this is when I thought she was actually going to join. She said, ‘you know. This is the most interesting thing I’ve run into and I’ve been called by like 100 people.’

And I said, ‘can I ask you something.’

She said, ‘yes.’

Now this is a lead I bought for $5. It was a $5 lead.

‘How did I come across your info?’ Because I just bought a lead. ‘How did I request this?’

And she goes, ‘it’s the damnedest thing. The damnedest thing. I don’t even really know if you want to know the story.’

I said, ‘no, no I really want to know the story.’ I want to know where these dumb leads are coming from. These people are just living in dumpsters and 800 home business people call them a day.

So she says, ‘well, I’ve got these birds.’ And she says, ‘I needed a new bird cage. So I was on the internet and I looked up new bird cage and I saw an ad on Google that said Claim your free bird cage. So I clicked on this ad and it said, ‘Claim your free bird cage. Just fill out three surveys and choose five offers.’ And then I spent the next 8 hours on this site trying to get my bird cage and I got so frustrated I punched my computer, and I have been called by 20 home business people ever since then.’

This is where you’re buying those leads, that and somebody who runs across an ad in a dumpster that says ‘Do you live in a dumpster? Call this number and leave your information.’

Of course they’re not joining. I used to make lists of my family and friends every time I got into something and it’s amazing how none of them wanted to join anything. I’d always get the same people in, Chris Rushall [spelling]. He’s been with me for a long time. When people don’t want to join stuff, you can’t convince them. So just relax, relax about it. What are we really doing? We’re looking for the people that are going to get in. We’re looking for the people that are going to work. We’re looking for the people that are going to join. We’re looking for the people that are looking for something. That’s who we’re looking for, that’s who we’re targeting.

So when I got on the internet there was this massive breakthrough for me. Because I had failed for 7 years. And here was the breakthrough, as dumb as this is going to sound because you guys all have this advantage of being here. Maybe you guys have been through the same background I’ve had. It was learning this one thing and that is: some people are just hungry to have what you have. And they will pull out their credit card, right now and get in and get all in, and they’re ready to join, and they’re just looking for somebody to join with. They’re just looking for someone, they’re looking for a team to join. And here’s what they’re looking for. Let me teach you something. They’re looking for someone with a dream that’s going somewhere, that’s not going to quit, someone that can lead them. Not somebody who’s rich yet, not somebody who’s a guru, not somebody who knows the secrets because they all know the gurus don’t pick up the phone anyway, they’re not going to return the call anyways, they’re not going to respond to nothing. Because they’re past that phase.

They’re looking for somebody who’s a dream builder, that’s who they’re looking for. They’re looking for someone who they can lock their arms with and they can run with and they can learn to trust over a period of time. They’re looking for someone to build something with, they’re looking for somebody to build a team relationship with, somebody they can trust their people with. Somebody who’s not going to jump in 8 things every Sunday because there’s something new and hot.

They’re looking for someone that’s going somewhere and they don’t care if you’ve just started on the path. They care where you’re going. They care what you’re marching towards. They care what you see in your mind and what you’re speaking. They care what your vision is, that’s what they care about. And if your vision is too small or you don’t believe in it or you don’t believe other people can do it. They’re not going to join with you, they’re going to join something with somebody else. They’re going to join something with a dreamer, they’re going to join something with a dream builder. That’s what they’re going to join.

Sometimes people get around me and don’t make any sense, how I do what I do? Those of you who’ve got really close like Justin, did it make much sense when you came out to my house and you saw what I was doing all day? Didn’t make any fucking sense at all did it, truthfully.

Like he got up and was prospecting in the guest room while I was watching movies, sitting on the couch talking to Dee [spelling] and I was like, ‘does he always fucking do this? What’s wrong with your husband.’ And he joined us and he was like, ‘I almost got one.’ And it made no sense at all did it. It made no sense.

But here’s why people around me, and here’s why people stay around for a long time. A few reasons, ok. I got a huge dream. I believe in people. I love people. I love people. I believe they can do it. I believe people are just as important as I am. I believe that I’m no better or worse than another human being. Those go together. Because you can’t think you’re better than someone without thinking you’re worse than someone else. You can’t put somebody lower than yourself without putting yourself lower than somebody else.

I believe that people are equal to me. No matter how much money they make, no matter what they know, no matter what they do, no matter their history. I believe in people legitimately. I believe in them so much I’m not going to handhold them. Because I believe they can do it on their own. I believe in people so much I’m not going to tell them everything because I believe they’re smart enough to figure it out on their own.

I believe in people so much I’ll let them fail. Because I’m also going to let them succeed. I believe in people so much that if they want to do something, and I know it’s not going to work, and they’re just going to do it anyway. I just bless them in it and let them go do it.

I believe in people enough to trust them when other people don’t trust them, even if they’ll probably do it again. I believe in people enough that when they leave I’m not going to get mad at them. Because I know they’ll be back. I believe in people. And I love people, and I believe they can do it, I believe that they matter, I believe that their dreams matter and I believe that it doesn’t matter what the world says about them I believe they can do it no matter how much failure they’ve experienced in the past. No matter what their life situation is. No matter if they’ve just got divorced, heck I’ve been through that.

It doesn’t matter what they’ve been through, I believe in people, I believe that they matter. I believe you matter. Landon [spelling] first time I met you I remember buying you pizza. I remember buying you pizza and looking in your eyes and you looked like you were 12 but I think you were 13 at the time. He’s 14 now! But I believed in him. I believed in him.

You never know the impact of the things you say and do that impacts the people you meet when you legitimately love people. You’ve got to let them grow. I’m ok with that. Sometimes I’ll tell people, ‘that’s really stupid but go for it.’ Or I’ll laugh at them, or tell jokes about them and stare at them while I’m telling the joke about them so everyone knows it’s them while I’m on stage in front of people. Like when Toby and Layla were doing three way calls and I was making jokes about three way calls while I was looking at them at the lanner [spelling] meeting, you remember that?

I was like, ‘yes, it’s the most horrible thing.’ They were sitting right there. I was like, ‘it is the most horrible thing ever to sit there on the phone all day making three way calls to where you can’t ever stop prospecting.’ And I was staring at them, making fun of them as they were taking breaks walking out into the hallway to answer three way calls from their downline.

I’m just going to let them do it. I don’t care. Because here’s what I know. I know that when you’re free you want more of it. And I also know you can do it. I also know you might not, but I know that you can, but it’s up to you. Because I believe in freedom. That’s why people are around me because I get them dreaming and I get them dreaming and I get them dreaming and I lead by example. If they do it I’m fine and if they don’t do it I’m fine because I have no compunction telling somebody to get all in. Because I believe it’s right for them.

If they don’t want to do it, they don’t have to do it. If they don’t want to be part of the inner circle they don’t have to be part of the inner circle. If they’re not going to be here in 10 years it aint because I left them, it’s because they left me. I learned that line from Jesus I think. Jesus and I were hanging out the other day in my pool. He turned it to wine and we were swimming around in it… No I’m joking. The things I will say.

I just actually stare at him in the corner of my eye and see if I can get him to go, ‘oh yes.’ No seriously guys, that’s why people are around. That’s why people are joining me. That’s why people stick around me for a long time. I’ve got people around me who’ve been around me since I got on the internet and they stay around through everything. And I’ve got people who come and go and I’ve got people who come back.

But there’s this consistency about it. Because there’s a consistency in where I’m going. There’s a consistency in the vision. There’s a consistency in direction and it never stops and it just keeps going. My dream is bigger today than it was in 2009 when I got on the internet. My dream is bigger today than when I moved out of Costa Rica for the first time and sunk my toes into the hot sand and realized there’s got to be more to life than just making it on your own. My dream is bigger today than when I started in power network.

That big growth we had in our first 30 days just blew our minds and then we had all these problems and banks were shutting us down and stuff and everybody said, ‘you’re not going to make it.’

And it’s bigger than when we rebooted the company and when we’ve done big events and we’ve done bigger events and we’ve done bigger events and we’ve done some small events too. My dream is bigger and bigger and bigger all the time and I tell you I will just keep adapting and altering my behavior until I create the result, not just for myself but for thousands.

And there will be people who stick around during that and are wealthier than they’ve ever been in their life and there will be people who will leave in the process of that and I’m cool with that and they can go.

Because I’m going towards my outcome, I’m not attached to every modality to get there. I’m ok with that. And I’m ok with raising up people and then they go do something else because you know what? If I raise up more people than anybody else ever, more people just keep coming. See some of you don’t look at it like that have you have problems and stuff. Some of you have built organisations. Who in here has built an organisation before and you’ve had a leader quit and they’ve done something else. Who in here has had that happen?

If you haven’t had that happen it’s because you’ve never had any organisation with more than 30 people in it. If you have an organisation with 1000 or 5000 or 10000 people in it that can’t not happen. That will happen. It will happen from people you don’t expect it to happen from. But you know if you just get really good at lifting people up and really good at blessing people and really good at creating leadership and really good at speaking life into people and speaking belief and empowerment into people. People will always go back to the source. Always.

Those people that leave, they always come back and it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. I believe that we’re going to do amazing things here that nobody has ever even heard of. We already have. And it already doesn’t make sense to most people. Most people look at it and they can’t figure out how it works. They look at Empower and they say, ‘I don’t really get how this thing is getting so much sales.’ They look at our events and they say, ‘I don’t get how they keep getting people to their events and then keep getting more people to their events.’ They don’t get how we create so many six figure earners. They don’t get it.

And you know what, it doesn’t matter if they get it or not. Because we get it. Because here at Empower we love people, here at Empower, you’re first. Here at Empower we will create hundreds and hundreds of millionaires at Empower. At Empower we will give out hundreds of millions of dollars and bring thousands. And we’ll learn a lot as we go.

Let me talk to you guys, tonight is really just about, tonight’s really about dreaming is really what it’s about. We have some really cool announcements coming tomorrow. Some things that are going to make you guys a bunch of money over the next month. Some really cool training this week and tonight is really about dreaming and it’s really about who you are on the inside and really about believing and who we are and what we’re going to do together. That’s really what Friday is all about if you look at our events it’s always been like that.

Here’s what I believe. Empower has been around for two and a half years. Two and a half years. People thought we’d get shut down that first month, they were certain that we’d get shut down at three. They were certain and sure that when [inaudible] shut us down we’d be out. And then every time we’ve had a little lull they’re certain of it. They’re so sure. They say, ‘see I wasn’t right two years ago but now I am.’

And they’ll think it when we’ve got a half million people. They’ll think it when we’ve got a million and they’ll think it when we’ve got ten million. They’ll say, ‘finally it’s saturated!’ As they’re walking around on their cane, from being negative their whole life. It’s spread life a virus through their body and started eating away at their bones.

There’s this one guy that’s like this, I swear if I post something remotely controversial on my blog somehow this guy has a whole ten page blog post about how asinine it is within four and a half seconds. It’s like he’s pre-written blog posts predicting stuff I’ll say. And when I look at stuff like this, I was like, ‘what kind of moron just hangs out on somebody they hate Facebook wall all day just looking for something to say?’

Because I say some controversial stuff, but not every single day. Sometimes I take a week or two off and I just go back and put something controversial down just to see how fast they get something up. It’s amazing, like four seconds. This is freaking amazing, but people will think what they’re going to think and it’s irrelevant to what we’re going to achieve together, I want you guys to remember that. I want you guys to remember that.

Paul Gardner’s family, they threw him in a crazy house. Now that’s a negative family. I wish he’s here, I mean he’s going to be at the next event. They threw him in a nut house when he joined. A nut house! I want to tell you how asinine this is for a second because I want you to think about this. Here’s a guy, who is an MMA fighter who is making his living by getting punched in the head. And they throw him in a crazy house not when he does that, they throw him in a crazy house when he joins an internet business. Where he can actually have a functioning brain at 50 years old. I mean think about how retarded that is for a second.

It’s like, ‘son, I was so proud of you when you were getting punched in the face for a living. But now that you’re making $20000 a month online I hate you and I’m angry.’ They love him don’t they? It’s like sometimes, they’ve got families and they’re like, ‘why can’t you just be normal?’ Why can’t you just be normal? They’ve said that to you haven’t they? It’s like ‘normal like what? Normal like you?’

‘Yes, normal like me.’

And then they kind of feel stupid for a second because they realize how lame normal is. It’s like, ‘normal like YOU?’ So let me get this straight for a second. I’m going to go to a job I hate every day and wine and bitch about everybody and everything and make no money and fight with my spouse every day because my life sucks. Let’s be normal together.

I mean, they don’t, society doesn’t do a good enough job pre-framing. They don’t do a good enough job pre-framing life. And what do I mean by that. Well, sometimes we do a bad job too because people join Empower and they think it’s this easy thing. We should just say, people coming in. This will be the hardest thing you ever do in your life. Your family will throw you in a crazy house. Your spouse will yell at you. You’re going to spend all your money on some dumb ad pack because you think you’re going to get rich and you’re going to waste it and then you’re going to have to figure it out and it’s going to be the hardest thing you ever do.

But you know what? If you figure this out, it’s the coolest thing you’re ever going to do in your life. Maybe if we told people that they’d stop being such wussies. But life doesn’t do a very good job either. I mean I still don’t remember the conversation with my teacher when I was a kid when they say, ‘by the way if you listen to me, if you listen to me! Fifty years from now you will have 40% less than the money that you couldn’t life on your whole adult life and you’ll have 10 times more debt than you’re ever going to be able to pay and you’ll be stressed about it every single day. Fighting with all the people around you always wanting every day, if you listen to me is there anything more to life than this?’

I mean why don’t they just pre-frame you at kindergarten and call it good. ‘By the way if you listen to me, not only will I teach you to read and write but I might as well just have you set some goals. Goal number 1: I’m going to go to school for the next 10 or 12 years if I don’t drop out of high school and complete it. Goal number 2: I’m going to go to school for four more years and I’m going to work 15 hours a day in school studying things that aren’t going to make me any money. Goal number 5, 4: I can’t count because I’m only one. If you complete this goal then you’re going to go, if you really want to make four cents more than the person who complete the previous goal. Then you’re going to go four more years of school and after that maybe you even want a PhD and you go to four more years of school. Then after that you can make about 1.5 times my salary and I can’t ever afford to go to a nice restaurants. This is going to be so much fun. You ready to start? By the way it’s only going to cost you $150000 and you might have it paid off by the time you’re 65.’

Because you’ve got to do that by then because by the time you’re 65 you’re going to have 40% of the income you retired with if the stock market doesn’t go down in the process. Oh and by the way. It sucks.

You know what I’m saying? Maybe society doesn’t pre-frame people enough for this. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the system. Welcome to Earth. We weren’t started by smart people.

Seriously, maybe we don’t just pre-frame people enough. Sometimes people think this is hard. I was like, ‘well you know I actually think it was hard sitting through droning of years and years and years of school as a teenager, always wondering, why the hell am I sitting here? I always thought that was more difficult than this ever was.’

I remember, I was like 7 years old and my teacher sat down with me and they said ‘what do you want to do for a living?’

And I said, ‘not what you do. I want to be a millionaire.’

I remember I wanted to be like in Law when I was a kid until one day my dad took me to work and I sat through 8 hours of the most boring drudgery I’ve ever heard in my life. I was thinking people were smashing hammers, screaming and yelling at each other. There’s like some person of Jerry Springer who’s screaming and yelling at her husband. My dad was screaming and yelling and the police were holding him back and he said, ‘off to jail with you!’

I mean there was nothing like that. It was the most boring awful stuff ever. So when people think this is hard, compared to what? Compared to what is this difficult? Compared to what? When people think, ‘oh yes, you making money yet?’

And you’re like… ‘Are you making money yet idiot?’

‘No but I’m not trying to get rich on the internet.’

‘Yes, you’re not trying to do anything because you a loser.’

For heavens sake. I remember, now I love my family. My family is actually cool. My family believes in each other and stuff. So when I make fun of them take this lightly. But I started making all this money on the internet, finally after years of failing in this industry and they couldn’t believe it. My mum was like, ‘really!?’

I’m like, ‘Yes, I just made $12000 because I did a webinar in her house up in a little room and I made $12000 one night. I was wearing this tie-dye shirt and these torn up jeans I hadn’t changed much since I’d been 18.’ And I was like, ‘yes, I just made $12000’

And she was like, ‘really?!’

But then the cheque actually came in the mail. And she’s like, ‘they actually sent you that cheque but it was like $20000 by then.’

I was like, ‘yes, there’s a cheque.’

And she’s like, ‘are you still making money?’

I was like, ‘yes, I made another $5000 last week.’

And she was like… And she’s been like that ever since.

My sister was the fun one. The funnest. And here’s why. Because when I made all that money originally she was in finals. Now who in here has had finals and was a good student. I wasn’t a good student ever so it doesn’t count. I just go to the finals and if I failed I didn’t even care. If if you were a good student, you studied a lot. How many of you were good students.

How hard do you work in finals? How many hours a day? All day. All night. All morning you’re working. If I went up to him and he’s in finals, he was in finals. I’m like, ‘are you still studying?! Are you making any money yet? That’s the most ridiculous thing ever.’

I would look so retarded. I looked like the stupid one there. So my sister is in finals and I make all this money. And she goes, ‘oh, but I would never work that hard.’ And I had just been watching her with stacks of books, with red eyes, all night, for months, studying to pass a test that if she continues to do for another two years, and then looks for a job, she’ll make $14.50 an hour.

‘I would never work like that.’

What the hell are you talking about? We all work like that all the time. Don’t we go through life like that? I mean, heck I didn’t know what hard work was anymore and then I had a son. We can’t even sleep then. They want something, they just scream and they won’t stop until you give it to them.

It’s like, ‘why are you screaming?’


Really, you’re screaming because I don’t have any boobs. I understand. It’s like you work hard all the time, this is what we do as human beings. You’re a martial artist. You work hard when you do martial arts. Who in here, any pastors of a church in here? People who are like, ‘I left a while ago.’ We’ve got Pastor Dave Don’t-Be-A-Wussy-Duncan. How funny is that guy. His name isn’t Dave, it’s Pastor Dave Don’t-Be-A-Wussy. That’s what he calls himself. He used to say, he still does this stuff.

He’d say, ‘I’m preaching about Don’t Be A Wussy this Sunday.’ I don’t know what planet you’re from dude but you’re the only reason I think I’d ever go to church. But you know, people work hard all the time and they say the funniest stuff ever. I like to use the rule, apply that to yourself and look how funny it is. And just think about this as people are challenging you, that if you took that same thing and just applied it back on them how hilarious it is and how stupid people look sometimes when they’re making fun of you for doing something that is not nearly as awful as any part of their life.

I mean people used to make fun of me. I remember people used to make fun of me so bad. I mean so bad. When I’d be prospecting them again for something, I know what the conversation looks like. You talk to them and they’re a little bit serious but you can tell the voice is breaking up because they’re laughing at you and then they hang up their phone and their whole family bursts into laughter at that retarded Dave Wood who’s still in network marketing. Look who’s laughing now.

But really, really, think about it. What do people have to do in everything else you’ve ever been around to actually have a life at anything, and by a life I mean $14 an hour. Wait, there’s been inflation in the last couple of years, $14.50 an hour excuse me. What do they have to do? Horrible, horrible things. It’s awful. So if you’ve got to work a little harder, you’ve got to work late in the weekends, you’re going to learn some weird skills. To make a life for yourself, you’ve got to take some rejection or criticism. It’s ok, because you know what. You can do whatever you want to do here. You can create whatever you want to create, I promise you, we aren’t going anywhere. You learn this, it’s a skill you take with you for the rest of your life into everything. Into everything.

People who get around us learn to do things that nobody else teaches. We’ve created I think 12 millionaires so far already. Lawrence you ever thing you’d make a million dollars when you started Empower? Not in 100 years. But he started to believe and as time went by he started to believe.

Guys you can do amazing things if you stick around. So let’s talk about the last six months. So we’re cranking. We’re still cranking, we’re still bigger than everybody. It’s actually kind of funny when you look at us. We’re still bigger than everyone but we had some struggles for a few months. But we’re still bigger than everyone with people still making way more money than everywhere. And it’s ok. But what really happened over the last few months and what are we going to do about it. We’ll be talking about it and be talking about it this weekend.

What really happened? What really happened is we went off of our core message. We went off of our core message at Empower. I’m not really excited that we did that and the reason is I’m the one that created that message. It popped into my head, whether it was inspired or whether I thought of it, I don’t know. But that message is what carried us and created who we are and what we are. And we went off of it. Late time last year, it kind of went away when I was off in the nuthouse. That’s not a true story.

We went off of our core message. When we did that our company stopped being who we are. We stopped being who we are. And what was that core message, and who are we and what are we going to do about it? Is the question. This company was started with a handful of dreams, a handful of goals, a handful of principles and concepts. Some of which I’ll be talking about this weekend and some of which I’ll be going over on Sunday. Some of which you guys will learn over the years. But who are we really and what do we really do?

First, we’re a people’s company. We are here to serve you. And that is the way I’ve always seen myself. That is the way I’ve seen myself when we’ve been doing great. That’s what I see myself when we’ve struggled. I see myself as a role where I’m here to serve. And maybe I get that from my religious upbringing. Jesus said, the greatest people are the ones that are the servants. And that’s the kind of philosophy my house grew up in.

****************URGENT NOTICE:

This is a transcription from an Empower Network IMPACT Event (our REGIONAL EVENTS are ‘IMPACT’) way back in like 2015 or whatever. If you’re interested in learning more about Empower Network and how you can get more LEADS, SALES, AND COMMISSIONS… Selling YOUR ONLINE PRODUCTS, please click on the banner on the right of this page, as we are getting ready to relaunch SOON ====>


Maybe it’s the fact that for me, I believe that I’m not who I am without you. So to me, you’re important. Sometimes it may not sound like it if we’re ranting and raving and we’re saying ‘don’t be a wussy.’ Some people don’t take that for what it really is. But sometimes we’ve got to speak strong in order to help you to be who you can really be. And that’s all that is, when we’re like that.

Because I really believe that everybody in this room can be greater than you’ve been, I believe that you can be greater than your past, I believe that you can be greater than what you’ve done at Empower, all the way from the lowest person in here to the highest. There’s no distinction here. You never know who’s going to be the next Paul Gardener, who’s going to be the next Lawrence Tam. Who’s going to be the next Tracy Walker, Nicole Cooper. Who’s going to be the next Tony Rush. You just never know. It is completely unpredictable who’s going to be the next Justin Verrengia. Who’s going to be the next guy that’s not making it one day then the next day he is. Who’s going to be the next AK? Who’s going to be the next guy that just comes in and three months after he started he’s made $1000 a day in is first 90 days? Who’s going to be the guy, who’s going to be the next guy that makes that little shift inside? And the next 90 days are going to be different.

Who’s going to be the one? You just never know and you could never predict it. I saw a Facebook post the other day and somebody said, the were quoting an old schooler, and he said, ‘if I had to do network marketing all over again I would only sponsor leaders.’ And I was like… I think this guy entirely forgot the whole contents of this first book. Because here’s the way you actually find leaders. You guys want to know how they come up most of the time? From nobodies. That’s how you get them.

Most of the leaders who come into an organisation don’t come with a big team. They’re nobodies. They’re people with tiny lists. I asked the AK, ‘how big is your list?’ 1100 people. How many other people have you ever met who’ve made $1000 a day for 90 days with 1100 people on their list. AK. Right?

I don’t even know if you guys have a list, you guys just make weird videos on Facebook about about EM Maths. How much have you made here? With 1300 people, that’s it? How much have you made here Peter? How big is your list? Like Facebook, just excited posting a link or something. How big is his list? Chris? How big is your list? 4000? How much you made here? Made $240000. With 4000 people on their list. Guys, these are not big numbers here. These aren’t undoable things. AK you said your list is 1100? How big was it when you started? How big was it when you started Empower? And how many months ago did you start Empower? 3 months ago, and how much have you made with that little list of 800 people that’s not 1100. So he’s got 300 leads, 100 leads a months which translates into what? 3 leads a day? 3 leads a day, is that what you’re getting. So how much did you make the last three months? So we’re talking about little numbers. Hey, somebody just hand the microphone to Landon, just behind you. Just pass it back. The midget, he’s only 12.

Landon, I don’t even know actually. Your list is probably a little bigger but how big is your list? Ok, but how much have you made here, I don’t even know? About $105000. Give him a hand, he actually quit and came back. He’s back. We can just go to person after person after person after person in the room. It’s kind of got weird results here. Who are we? We’re a people’s company first is who we are, because of how the company started. We’re here to serve you, we’re here to lift you up. We’re here to help you become great because the company is going to become great, not on the backs of the people. The company is going to become great by leading the charge with the people. That’s the difference. That’s the difference.

That’s the difference between a leader and a ruler. A leader and a ruler. A leader is the person that leads the battle, a ruler is someone who stands on the backs of the people and says, ‘go out there for me and win the battle.’ There’s a difference. People want to follow the leader, they only follow the ruler because they’re forcing them to.

I’m never going to force you guys to do anything here at Empower. I’m never going to force you to do anything. What are some of the things that made us great though? Simplicity of our message. Simplicity of our culture. Get in. Get all in. Follow the eight core steps, get to the next event. The simplicity of our model, the simplicity of our message. The path that we had to walk on that was easy to understand. The consistency of it. The fact that we’re always not launching a new strategy every single week and changing it all the time and that we’re not constantly doing product launches all the time and launching new stuff because we don’t need to because we’ve got a better way. Because we’ve got a better way.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go back to who we are. We’re going to go back to who we are, and we’ve been doing it over the past couple of months. But we’re going to make a hard shift to going back to who we are this weekend, over the course of the next couple of days. And here’s how I want you guys to act and behave with me over the next months and then over the next 90 days.

I want you to act and behave with me like we’re relaunching Empower network and you’re here for the first day. Because we are, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to hit restart. In our attitudes about things. We’re going to hit restart on what’s possible. And some of you guys, you’ll believe it, and some of you won’t believe it. And that’s ok.

I learned something a long time ago, I had the pleasure of being mentored by some really wealthy people in this industry who’d built really, really, really, really, really big teams. Really big teams. Teams that make our whole company look small. Look like it’s nothing. And one of the things that I learned is that when you’ve got an army of people that are unified and aiming somewhere together. That it will happen. Because how did we create this movement in the first place? Well it started by a couple of off the wall guys. I’m still off the wall. We’ve still got a tonne of off the wall people here, Michael Angelo! Don’t tell him I said that, he’s over there. I’m joking.

We’ve got some off the wall people here, we’re off the wall. But we wanted something different. We wanted something different. We got where we are by blending different worlds together in a way that doesn’t really make sense to a lot of people and not really a lot of people understand but I understand it. And how we’re going to become greater than we’ve ever been is by making a decision to be unified towards a vision.

A vision that’s there to lift people up around us, a vision that’s there to serve the marketplace. A vision that’s there for the team and for the leaders in the team. A vision that’s there and believes that the people that are coming into Empower aren’t just numbers. Because remember, every time you see a number in a genealogy, that number is a human being. And they’ve got families, they’ve got kids, they’ve got dreams, they’ve got hopes. And every new number represents somebody who’s thinking, ‘Can I really do this this time?’ And yes they can here. Yes they can. Remember that.

That every number that pops into your organisation is somebody like Justin Verrengia. Who just wants to make it. And just needs somebody to believe in him. That every number that pops into your organisation is somebody like Dave Wood. Maybe they’ve failed for seven years. Maybe they’re in the big A, I can’t say the name it’s holy. Every number that pops up in your organisation is somebody like Tony Rush. Somebody like Lawrence Tam. Somebody like Toby Black. Somebody like you.

The person sitting to the left of you and to the right of you, they’ve both got dreams. The person behind you. Is no better or worse than you, the person in front of you, they might be the next person walking across the stage. There’ll be somebody in this room this weekend that comes back at the next event and makes $1000 a day for the next 30 days, and you might be sitting next to them. And you’ll see them do it. And you’ll say, ‘I was there, having a conversation with them in the hallway and they had this fire in their eyes and I was sitting there when they had nothing.’

And there’s somebody in this room, maybe they’re sitting next to you and they’re going to have a million dollar ring. There might even be one that’s sitting next to you that has nothing, that’s homeless. Or there might even be somebody in here who’s completely in debt and almost bankrupt and this is their turning point. And every number. Every lead. Every new member. Every sale. Every commission represents a human being with dreams and ambitions and hopes and desires. And even if they don’t do it, it doesn’t mean you can’t be the one to believe in them.

It doesn’t mean you can’t be the one to build the dream in them. It doesn’t mean you can’t be the one to inspire them. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one to lead the way, to lead the charge, to lead the vision. And maybe you can be the one in the room making a new decision that you’re going to do this. Making a new decision to act with faith Empower, making a new decision to have a bigger vision. Making a new decision to let go of the past, because the past is irrelevant to where you are right now. Its only things that you’ve learned, things that you’ve experienced. Tools that you can utilise along the way. Sometimes we look at the wrong things in the past.

I remember a time when I had this time in my life when I was in pain. And I thought it was just the worst time in my life. But then I decided to do an exercise. I pulled out a pen and a piece of paper and I closed my eyes. And I asked myself, what happened during this time that was beautiful? And I remember standing on a beach looking out over the ocean seeing turtles swimming, the perfect emerald ocean before me. The waves rolling in. The heat of the sand. I remember skies so clear, I could see ever star. I remember the moon so bright they would rise over the ocean. I remembered the sound of the ocean when I would wake up in the morning. I remembered staring out and the peace that I felt.

The more I thought about it and the more I asked the question, what great happened to me? The more powerful my memory became. And the more I worked around the pain until all of a sudden I couldn’t even remember it and I started to forget, and only remember what was useful. Every time in your life is like that, and remember that.

It doesn’t matter what happened to you, because here’s what I know about pain. It’s temporary. What do I know about pain? It passes. What do I know about it? That even on a day when all you can remember is you got angry that day, the anger was only there for 10 seconds. What else happened? I’m telling you guys something, you can do this bigger than you think you can. There’s a guy in here who can recruit better than me. There’s a girl in here who can build teams better than Tracy Walker.

My question is, what are you going to do? What are you going to do? Are you going to decide that you are going to be all in? Are you going to decide that you’re going to lead the charge? Are you going to decide that you’re going to believe in your vision? Are you going to decide that you’re going to believe in the person to the left of you? That you’re going to believe in the person to the right of you? Are you going to decide that you’re going to charge forward no matter what happens? Are you going to decide to break through obstacles that stand in your way? That’s the decision that you need to make. You need to make the decision if you’re going to be here.

Because I’m telling you, you’re going to see people walk across the stage and the only difference will be. Are you going to be watching from the audience or are you going to be watching from the stage with them. Are you going to be the person who’s watching the people get the million dollar ring in the audience or are you going to be the person who’s inducting them into the million dollar ring club. Are you going to be the person who’s watching somebody who you knew this year, who’s having a team member, who had a team member, who had a team member walk on the stage. Or are you going to be the one who starts the team. That’s the question. What do you want to do.

Because what Empower Network really is, we’re dream builders. And we’re people who stick together. We’re people who fight through everything, we’re people that are here to lift people up. And I’m here for one purpose this weekend, and that’s to help you make more money than you’ve ever made in your life. I’m here to help you guys dream again, and as you’re sleeping tonight you’ll have a dream. Maybe tomorrow you’ll start to have a dream. Maybe it’s as you’re sitting here and you start to day dream and an idea is going to pop into your imagination while you’re here this weekend.

Maybe you’re going to be in the hallway and somebody is going to meet you and look at you in the eyes and tell you, ‘I believe in you.’ And that’ll be when you have a shift, that you know it’s possible. Like [inaudible] he was sitting in the audience and he heard me on the stage. And when I said, ‘when you have a dream, and you believe in your dream, and you act on your dream, nothing can stop you.’ And something shifted inside because all of a sudden he decided that day to dream, all of a sudden that day he decided to step up into a new power. And maybe this weekend you’re going to decided to step up into your new power. That you’re going to decide to stand up and to do something great. That you’re going to decide that you’re going to go out this next month and you’re going to make more money than you ever have in your life. Right Ak? You went back there, you said I’m going to hit $100000 a month. By July, and what did I tell you. You’re going to do it next month. Are you going to do it? Are you going to do it?

How much did you make last month? Then I think that you can do it. Stand up. Tell everybody, tell everybody what you’re going to do. When are you going to do it?

I’m going to make $100000 in June!

Give him a hand everybody. Give him a hand. What are you going to do? Are you going to be the one. You’re going to do it? You’re going to be the one? Then rock it brother, I believe in you. Give him a hand. I love you man. What are you going to do? Are you going to rock it out? Who in here is going to rock it out? Who in here is going to take charge? Who in here is going to make a decision? Who in here thinks it’s your time? Is it your time to win? It’s your time to win. You’re going to do it. You’re going to break through, you’re going to stop making excuses. You’re going to stop blaming other people. You’re going to make it happen. What are you going to do? What are you going to do, tell me about it?

She’s like, ‘I’m just standing up clapping, leave me alone.’ And you’ll do it. Give her a hand. Who in here knowns when you’re going to get a million dollar ring. Stand up if you know the date already, if you’ve already written it down. Stand up. Give them a microphone. When are you going to have the ring?

July, 2015.

Give him a hand! When are you going to have it.

August 12th, 2015.

August 12th 2015, they both knew. That’s somebody who writes their goals down. That’s somebody who’s got a dream. Who else in here knows the date you’re going to get the ring. Give it to somebody else.

On my birthday, June 3rd, 2015

On her birthday, June 3rd, 2015. Give her a hand. [Inaudible] when are you going to get the ring.

December 8th, 2014. [Inaudible] he’s standing up. Give this man a microphone. You will have it [inaudible]. GIve him a hand, give this man a microphone.

March 7th, 2015

March 7th, 2015. Who else? Give her a microphone. When are you going to have the ring. I don’t know? What did you say?


Give her a hand. Give her a hand. You’ve got to claim it, you’ve got to stuff up. You’ve got to tell people that you’re going to do it. You’ve got to believe in yourself folks. Sometimes you’ve got to go stand up and say, ‘I’m going to live on the beaches of the world.’ I stood up when I got online, it was 2009 and I said, ’90 days from today I’m going to be making $30000 a month. I’m going to move down to Costa Rica and I’m going to live on the beach. I’m going to sink my toes into the hot sand because sometimes you’ve got to stand up, you’ve got to start dreaming again, you’ve got to believe in yourself. Look, I don’t care what your teacher has told you, I don’t care what your parents told you. It doesn’t matter. You know why? Because you can do things that you can’t imagine you can do. Because you’re a human being. You’re a human being and I don’t know how we got here but I grew up in a family where it said that man is created in the image of God. And what I know is when people speak things and when people believe things and when they act on those things they can create great things, it doesn’t matter what happens. When are you going to get the ring?

June 22nd, 2015.

June 22nd, 2015. Give this man a hand. Give this man a hand. Give this man a hand for stepping up, for believing in themselves. When are you going to do it my friend. When are you going to have the ring?

January 9th, 2015.

I love this guy, I’ve seen this guy for years, give this man a hand brother. What’s your goals guys, what’s your goals, what are you going to do? Some of you don’t even know, you don’t even know why you’re here. You run into somebody and they say, ‘hey this internet thing is cool and you just join and you think it’s about a blog.’ Or you get into this business and you say, ‘I’m going to get rich’ and you don’t know how or what that means, but you’ve got to dream again and believe in yourself. Right Landon?

He met me and I bought him pizza and he said, ‘I’m going to be in this business for the rest of my life.’ You never know what you’re going to do is going to impact people but when I bought him pizza I was living in Costa Rica. I was making $30000 a month, I was under 30. I was selling somebody else’s products, not even 100% commissions. And you know how I was doing it? I was doing it because I believed in myself. I was doing it because I believe in you. I was doing it because I believe in you, when are you going to get the ring?

April 12th, 2015.

April 12th, 2015. Give this guy a hand. What are you going to do this weekend? When are you going to get the ring?

September 21st, 2015.

September 21st, 2015. When are you going to get it.

May 23rd, 2015.

May 23rd, 2015. Give yourselves a hand. And guys I want you to realise something. I want you to realise something that we’ve just started. That we’ve just started, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve gone through a period of discouragement. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got in and you thought you were going to make money quick and you didn’t. It doesn’t matter, it’s irrelevant. You want to know why it doesn’t matter, because your past isn’t your future. Your past isn’t your future. I don’t care if your sponsor quit. I don’t care if your whole upline quits. I don’t care if you build a big team and they quit. If you’re getting a bunch of passups and they stop sending pass ups because they get out of the business. It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what happens, it doesn’t matter if we go through another hard time five years from now. It’s irrelevant. You want to know what’s relevant? Are you going to do it? You’re going to do it? When are you going to do it?

April 17th, 2015.

April 17th, 2015, you’ve got to get to work! You guys got to get to work. When are you going to do it.

August 5th.

Of when? She’s like a month from now I will be a millionaire. When?

I set crazy ambitions.

Well then tell me what it is, what’s your goal.

August 5th, 2014.

Alright. You’ve got to get to work guys. Stretch yourselves. Here’s what I want you to realise. When I believed in that dream and I said I’m going to do it, you want to know how old I was. I can’t quite remember, 28 or 27 or something. 2009, I got to calculate backwards. I was 28. Want to know how long I’d been failing? 7 years. But something changed, and you want to know what changed? What changed is that I stood up and all of a sudden I made a decision that I wasn’t a part of the vision, that it was my vision. I made a decision that it didn’t matter what happened in the past Alex, it mattered what I was going to do. It didn’t matter who my upline was, it didn’t matter what tool they had. It didn’t matter what system they had. It didn’t matter if they all quit. It didn’t matter if they all dropped dead of heart attacks because there’s poison in the vitamins we’re selling. It was irrelevant if a company went out of business. It was irrelevant to me if the person who was teaching me didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.

My failure was irrelevant, I stopped blaming people. I stopped blaming the com plans. I set a goal and I set a vision and I said, ‘this is when it’s going to happen. And it will happen within this time period. And it doesn’t matter what obstacles happen between now and then because I am doing it, not my company. I am doing it not my complan. I am making it happen and the people aren’t joining the company. The people are joining Dave Wood.’

Because I believe in the people. It doesn’t matter if my whole company goes down, it doesn’t matter. You want to know why? Because when a company goes out of business, you don’t go out of business. Because the company ate your team. Remember, you are the leaders of the team here. And maybe you shouldn’t say that if you own a company but it’s the truth, because if people are joining you. Do you know who their joining, they’re joining you. If people are joining you, you know why they’re here? They’re here because of you, they’re here because you believe in them. Because you made a decision to step it up. Because you made a decision to paint a new world on the inside and go create it on the outside. Because you made a decision.

Because you said, ‘that guy up there can’t even speak with proper English I’m going to tear this up.’ Or maybe you see Lawrence Tam walk across the stage and you look at him and you say, ‘I’m an engineer too I’m going to tear this up.’ Or maybe you see Tony Rush up there and maybe you say, ‘that guy up there looks like the most normal guy in the world, I’m going to tear this up.’ Or you look at Justin Verrengia and I don’t know what to think about that, I’m going to tear this up.

Maybe that’s what it is what you’re doing. But you know what it is the most important thing is? It’s that you’re doing it. That you make the decision for yourself, that it’s not Dave Wood’s decision. That it’s not Tony Rush’s decision. That it’s not your upline’s decision. That it doesn’t matter what team you’re in, because your team leader might disappoint you. Well, what happens then if they’re your dream and they’re your vision. Nothing, if it’s your vision. That’s what happens. It doesn’t matter, some will, some won’t. It won’t matter if it’s my upline, I’m moving on. That’s what you say.

When somebody lets you down what happens. If it’s your vision, if it’s your vision here’s what happens. You tear it up is what happens. If there’s a little sales slump and everybody around you is like, ‘oh there’s a sales slump.’ Then what happens? If it’s your vision, it doesn’t matter because you’re AK and you don’t know that you just got in and you’re going to make $90000 in the next 90 days because it aint about what’s going on around you except for what you’re creating.

Alex, when you got in. He’d been trying stuff like this forever. Working at Time Magazine and you got in and just started up. How much have you made now Alex? He doesn’t even remember, he doesn’t even know. Do you know how much he’s made at Empower. I mean how much have you made in total so far? $750000. What were you doing at Time? He was a systems engineer at time and today he may look like he’s in the Russian Mafia. We always teased him about that. He’s made $750000.

What did you do before this Paulo? What the hell’s that? He’s made $575000. He was a printer. A printer. He was a printer. He’s not making that up. ‘I was rich last year but I’ll make up a story I was a printer.’ He was a printer, guys. $575000 in his first year. He’s only been in a little more than a year and a half. You ever think you’d make half a million dollars in your first year and a half? Never in your life, never in your life.

What did you do before this? Well you were a little internet schemer weren’t you? He was a Euro Chef. And you’re never what? What’s your best month here? Climbing up close to $40000. How much have you made in your total? And he’s only 12 years old. Just joking. Give him a hand. Give him a hand. Give these guys a hand. He’s actually 13 years old, I correct myself.

Guys, when you have a dream, when you create something on the inside you can go create it on the outside. People are joining you, not joining the company. People are joining your vision they’re not joining my vision unless of course they’re actually joining me. They might join because of my vision and they might get involved because of that. But if you want to be a leader, you have to have the vision of a leader. And what’s the vision of the leader? The vision of the leader is something that’s big enough to contain the people around them. The vision of the leader is something that’s there that in the process of being there it serves the people who it contains. Because if it doesn’t serve the people who it contains they won’t stay around you. They won’t stick around your sphere of influence, they’re going to leave.

But if your vision is big enough for them, people will stick around you for a long time, through thick and thin. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life. It won’t matter what problems you run into. They will stick with you. And guess what the key to doing this is, guess what the key to making leaders grow up is. The key is getting them to stick around, the key is keeping people in the business. The key is keeping them around. Why? Because let’s look around. Let’s look at who the leaders are.

Kevin and Melissa weren’t leaders when they came here. They were bankrupt. Lawrence Tam, he wasn’t a leader when he came here. Justin Verrengia wasn’t a leader when he came here. I don’t know about Michael Angelo because I don’t know too much of his back story except for he’s hilarious.

[Inaudible] he wasn’t a leader on the outside. But guess who he was, he was a leader on the inside. That’s who he was when he came here. Remember that when you’re looking around, you never know the back story but I know the back story. Because all the leaders that are in the room right now, all of them. Guess where they were created. Here. That’s how you get leaders in your business.

That’s how you get leaders in your business. You keep them around, you grow them. You grow them. That’s how you do it. And how do you grow them? You’ve got to water them. And what do you water them with? Love. Faith. Vision. Hope for the future. Consistency. Forgiveness. Forgiveness, letting go of things they do. Being ok if they get mad at you. Giving them time to heal when they get hurt. Keeping them around. That’s the key.

All of you can become great with enough time. All of you, if you’re willing to work. Some of you, you know when that time is? Right now. Some of you, the time isn’t now. Stick around. Some of you though it’s been your time for a while. But you be standing up and claiming it. You be standing up and having the vision. You need to stand up and lead the charge, you need to get raw again. You need to get back to the first time you succeeded in your life again and the first time when you were all in. You need to get all in. You need to make a decision that you’re going to do it. You need to make a decisions that you’re going to be at the next event with your team. Right Landon?

You make a decision to do this. Hey dude, you are way greater than you’ve been so far. You can do this way bigger than you think that you can. You can bring in way more people than you think that you can. You’re gifted, you’re talented, you’re powerful. I know you’ve made more money than you’ve ever made in your life here but I’m telling you something. And you aint seen shit compared to what you can do. And I believe in you brother. You going to do it Landon? You claiming the ring? You’re going to do it. Stick around, and you’ll do it. Stick around, but more importantly run with us over the next month.

I’m going to release some promotions and stuff and they’re going to become a part of our culture tomorrow and run with us. Run with us. And take advantage of it. That’s what I told AK he can make money faster than he thinks because of what we’re talking about tomorrow.

So I want to tell you guys something, that you’ve got to realise something. That here’s when your business starts. Your business starts when you make the decision to start it. Your business starts when you make the decision to launch it. You vision starts when you make a decision to dream. Every business I ever got in, wasn’t when it was new. And it didn’t matter. You want to know why it didn’t matter? Because my vision was new. Because my vision was big enough. Because I was going to dream it, and I was going to speak it and it was going to happen. That’s it, period. It didn’t matter what obstacles stand in the way, and guess what it still doesn’t matter what obstacles stand in the way today. Why? Because I am a visionary.

What does that mean? It means I have a dream of something that’s not here yet that I’m marching towards no matter what. It means I speak that dream, it means I work towards that dream, it means I make adjustments of things that don’t work and I keep fighting. That’s what it means. It’s like Rocky when he gets knocked down. But what does he do? He gets back up and he fights and guess what he does. He wins, and why does he win? He wins because he’s Rocky. That’s why.

And why are you going to win? Because you’re here. And that’s the special thing, by the time you leave this weekend you’ll have everything that you need to have. And I would contest that you already do and we’re just going to give you some tools. We’re going to give you some tools to help to speed it up. But you’re the one that has to stand up and say, ‘it’s my time to win.’ It’s your time to win. It is his time. Give him a hand for having boldness, courage. Sometimes you’ve got to stand up and you’ve got to scream it. And it’s ok to be a little ridiculous. You want to know why? Because society aint ridiculous, that’s the problem with it. It’s fucking boring. Somebody laughs at you and just laugh at how hysterical their boring life is. This is interesting, it’s fun, it’s adventurous.

What would you do by removing the obstacles of time and money in your life. By removing all barriers and borders. What would you step into then. If you could do anything. If you knew that this month by just working all in with all your energy you could bring in 30 all ins, what would you do? What would you do?

I’m telling you you could do that. You could do what AK is doing. So who in here is going to claim it is my question for you? Who’s going to claim it? Who’s going to claim it? I said who’s going to claim it? I said who’s going to claim it? Who’s going to claim it? That’s what this is about, it’s about claiming, it’s about making it happen. So are we going to do it? Let’s do it!

Everybody, scream out! Alright guys, see you tomorrow. I’m done. What time is it. That’s my favourite way to end it. I’m done. Good to see you. See you guys.

David Wood
“The Most Badass Speaker Alive!!!” (even better than Tony Robbins).

Oh wait. Nope.

I’m kidding. Yes I am. Watch and see. I am open to speaking at your event for $25,000.

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