A Message To Bernie Sanders: Modern Socialism Is NOT The Peaceful Revolution We’re Looking For, This Is:

I just watched a video online about a fantastic modern thought leader, Bernie Sanders, which would give a brief outline to his modern views that are popular among the Democratic Party:

The basic idea of his thinking comes from a deep compassion to humanity and the working class population, and the desire, of course, is to create a system where “everyone wins”.

The problem with the way we are going about this is not the idealism, it is the practicality of the idealism.  I.E.  I think we all would love a world where the income of the average worker both increases, and job and business opportunities increase — if we asked both Republicans and Democrats if they would want that, they would say “yes” and we would have agreement from both parties.

The problem in the philosophy is not the desire, it is that the functionality of the desire and the process to accomplish it is against human nature, and, therefore, we need a different strategy to work together in order to get the results that we want.

There is a massive difference, for example, in theories that create jobs and actually creating jobs, a phenomenon that has been demonstrated by Donald J. Trump and his brilliant use of negotiation and economics to create a tidal wave of growth, literally directly and indirectly causing TRILLIONS of dollars in economic development in his first 2 years in the White House.

So how would we solve this problem between the philosophies of Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump?


LISTENING to each other.

My philosophies on the Law of Consecration would solve all economic problems on the earth in like 2 years.  Why?  Because Zion would manage people’s assets – YET IT HAS TO BE A VOLUNTEER SYSTEM OR IT WON’T WORK!!!

The Law of Consecration is “Holy Socialism” because it keeps people’s FREE CHOICE intact and also makes it so they can focus on their live, their assets, their families, their work, and their businesses.

That’s it.

David Wood
“According to MANY OTHERS, I am Messiah Ben David…”

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