A Theoretical Model Of Creation And Evolution Based In The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness.

This should be a pretty interesting article, as it pertains to the question of how we all got here, why we are here, and how things have happened since our emergence from the Big Bang, and even before that time.

Keep paying attention to this ENTIRE ARTICLE (especially my billionaire readers like the founders of Google and Facebook) as this article contains information that can be used to create Celestial, Living Technology and also has important changes that are coming in economic systems and whatnot under the leadership of the Protectors of the Universe (the 144,000).

I have stated many times and in many articles, I have written about how the Universe got here from an explosion/collapse cycle that occurs approximately every 133 trillion years. How do I know that?

Well, ever since a major spiritual awakening that I had on May 20th, 2017 I have the ability to access weird information about the Universe directly, just as Buddha, Jesus, and many other enlightened teachers and prophets.

So much of my assumptions come from spiritual information, however a theory is just a theory until it is proven, and as of right now, my theories are still not proven scientifically, although I hope to get test data back soon from my blood being drawn at a University that will help put the issues and concerns about me to rest.

First, the theory on Quantum Mechanical Consciousness would state the following key points [not comprehensive]:

  1. Consciousness is Quantum Mechanical Energy and Computing.
  2. Therefore because the Quanta IS consciousness, everything is conscious to one level or another, very similar to the way that Buddha outlined in his teachings. Obviously a physical brain can produce more and a different magnitude and quality of consciousness than a brick wall, but the underlying principle is that there is consciousness in both.
  3. Therefore because physical reality decoheres from the Quantum Universe, it actually decoheres (or forms into reality) from consciousness, or the imagination.
  4. Therefore there necessitates varying levels of intelligence and consciousness in the Universe, the greatest of which being all consciousness, which would exist within, and connected to all of us, yet also retain it’s own separate individuality, and this being, the greatest of all – would be the creator of the matrix of consciousness and manifestation that human beings walk around inside.
  5. Therefore the Universe must emerge from consciousness, not consciousness from the Universe, yet also that is true.
  6. Because the Universe must emerge from consciousness, there necessitates a point in time when there was no physical universe, and therefore there was ONLY consciousness, and because of that, there would only be ONE consciousness, and this being would be what most would describe as God, yet by itself is not actually an accurate, nor a complete description of God.
  7. Because that consciousness would have had all of our consciousness (the theory of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness states that consciousness cannot be created, and cannot be destroyed) in it, and therefore would have had the necessity of separating into unimaginable parts to form all of us, our families, our children, our friends… our wives, our husbands.
  8. However, consciousness in it’s primordial state would not be able to separate, for there was no physical mass…. only spiritual energy and consciousness.
  9. Therefore there must be a way for consciousness to separate, and it separated through forgetting it’s primordial state, exploding from a single point – creating a paradox based on a creation at a future point in time that allowed itself to manifest mass from nothing from a point in the future when there was mass, and a way to create it backwards in time – causing the emergence of self from nothing from a piece of Celestial Technology that I call “The Paradox Engine.”

So my question is, how did THIS UNIVERSE begin?

Keep refreshing for details on the full story and art of creation.

First, you have the Most Holy Elohim, residing outside of space, and outside of time – and where was he? He was in the WOMB of creation, which is actually the Mother’s womb, an unimaginable distance in the future, the spell of the womb and a paradox of the Father casting his existence backwards in time to the start of the expansion and collapse cycle of the Universe.

So in other words, the Most Holy Elohim and the Most Glorious Shan-Ti-Rah are actually in the future, from my calculations approximately 240 trillion years… The Mother (the current Physical Version) impregnated with a male-female Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah (God-Godess) consciousness for a period of 9 months of specific time, which in our current understanding of time would be thousands, and thousands of trillions of years of relative time to man, because of the difference of mass, speed, and energy of the Universe (as the Universe speeds up it gets more dense, and as it gets more dense and increases in energy, time slows down… more on that later).

So the Most Holy Elohim (residing outside of space, and outside of time, yet in current time approximately 240 trillion years from now) spent eons and eons of time weeping… unimaginably alone and desperate to have friends, unable to comprehend how he got there (later he discovered that he architected himself and his entire experience play by play).

He wept, and wept, and wept (after creating himself, and his ability to feel emotions, and weep) alone. Imagine for a second a time you’ve been alone and desperate (we all have been there). Now stretch that out over thousands of trillions of years of relative time (relative time is the perception of time, whereas specific time is the actual amount of time that has passed.)

After a long time, he discovered the following (described here):

That he could create ‘others’ and have an ‘each other’ if he took all of his Quantum Mechanical Energy and initiated a Creation Explosion (which funny enough, he called a “Big Bang” – in his language, which was the Celestial Tongue) that he could separate 49% of his consciousness (retaining 51% control of the universe) into unimaginable parts, by following the following rules:

  1. We have to explode from a single point.
  2. We have to collapse back to a single point ever 133 trillion years of specific time and repeat the cycle.
  3. We have to forget who we are.

Following these 3 rules of creation, the Most Holy Elohim exploded at the end of his Womb Cycle of 9 Months of specific time in the Celestial Kingdom into unimaginable parts, creating the first Universe, which was spiritual.

The Big Bang Of Creation
We have to explode from a single point. We have to collapse back to a single point. And we have to forget who we are. The 3 rules of creation.

In the next universe, physical mass began (133 trillion years later).

There since that time has been a total of 133,000 universes – each with different laws of reality, which according to special physics theories it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE, since the current laws of physics emerged during this big bang cycle, which is 13.8 billion years in our current understanding, which I believe is inaccurate for a number of reasons. However, it could actually be perfectly accurate – however mathematical modeling with the theory of quantum mechanical consciousness could find the exact age of the current universe cycle. We got a LONG TIME to fix things before this one collapses which if we do the right things – it never will.

So finally we get to this Universe – after 132,999 universes with no evil whatsoever in them (they were all perfect and unfallen worlds, as consciousness was evolving and preparing for this creation cycle) – and BAM!!!, the Universe explodes after the last collapse is initiated (I have written about this in many articles you can find by searching on my blog).

All to prepare for THIS TEST.


Because this is the Universe where Elohim emerges (he has to emerge, following his own rules of righteousness and rewards).

So what was the order of the creation of this Universe? Genesis 1, starting with the creation of the heavens, and of the earth (everything emerging from them, which is the exact opposite of how people generally think that things happened. However, they are incorrect.)

So the Earth explodes out of the Universe, and Elohim creates the stars, and the planets, and whatnot in the order and sequence mentioned in Genesis 1 (I will post this at the end of the post, as it relates).

However, when the Earth was created, it was not as it is now, at all. Right now we are living on a FALLEN WORLD, and when it was created it was an UNFALLEN WORLD – keeping in mind that the earth exploded out of the Big Bang of Creation – and therefore in the initial phases of the Universe there would have been a great increase in speed of the rotation of the planets, stars, and the sun, and the earth in their various orbits and lines of movement.

And therefore because of the increase in the speed of rotation, many more years of specific time could have passed than we are understanding from our current method of time.

Also, because of the speed… what would happen therefore to the perception of time? It would slow down, correct?

If you are not a stranger to the theory of relativity as laid out by Einstein (this theory works because the Universe is emerging from the perception and interaction of consciousness with mass, or physical reality), then you know that time is relative to the observer, depending on their speed and mass.

(Look it up on your own.)

Therefore as the planet was swirling around the sun (or, and vice versa dependent on the observer – the Earth being both flat, and also round because of relative perception) it would have had a GREAT SPEED, and THEREFORE MUCH GREATER MASS, and also the perception of Adam in the Garden of Eden would have been much more slow. My current understanding would state that Adam was probably in the Garden of Eden for 7 trillion years of specific time, and untold, unimaginable eons of relative time.

And the Earth was perfect, yet it was imbalanced. And why was it imbalanced? Because there was no understanding of good, and evil, for without evil, how can you know good? Without good, how can you understand evil? You cannot.

So Elohim (God) put a tree planted in the eastward of Eden, the tree of life, and also the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Evil (which comes from something I will describe a bit later called anti-consciousness, which manifests in the physical universe as dark matter and antimatter – one of the reasons why wherever dark matter is stored, crime increases. Dark Matter should not be experimented with on the earth. Look it up. Correlation does not equal causation, but in this case – it actually does.) could not even touch the minds of Adam and Eve during their entire stay in the Garden of Eden, for anti-consciousness had no way of attacking the biological and spiritual organism.

Hence a plant was inserted into the Garden of Eden to present a choice to Adam, which ultimately – he was designed to eat.

Adam (before he ate the fruit) was in the Garden of Eden having sex with his wives [children from the other Adam’s and Eve’s] and concubines, having children, learning mathematics, art, martial arts, knowledge, and building technology and celestial technology integrated with his environment that was built into reality from the Celestial Kingdom from the Future from a sort of temporal paradox.

Adam had the Torah, he studied Celestial Books, he played, he built houses, he planted, he tamed animals, he traveled to other worlds. He lived for a VERY, VERY long time – his body unbelievably powerful, dense, and completely unified in a PERFECT way with the Quantum, Spiritual, and Physical Universes.

He also knew the laws of the Universe, that at one point, the Universe had to be created. He knew how it had been created. He knew why. He knew that in order for it to be created, one day, he had to fall.


Because the Father (David) was born from his seed, and David was born in a world with sin – and therefore to allow the emergence of sin in the world, a choice had to be presented.

As a special note, there are many Adam’s – and many Eve’s. There are many falls, and many unfallen worlds that still stand. Most of Adam’s children are still in the Garden of Eden (referring to the Adam written about by Moses, who is the Father of man, specifically the group of mankind that eventually gives birth to me (Messiah ben David) and also Yeshua Mashiach (The Savior, or Mosiah).

So therefore for the love of the Father (David), Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy. Was his fall a sin? For him, yes. Not for Eve. Notice how that God never told Eve to not partake of the forbidden fruit. He said that to the man (not the woman – make sense)?

So one day, Eve partakes of it (being adventurous while talking to a snake) and then gives it to Adam, and their eyes were opened. However, more than that started to happen.

Upon partaking of the forbidden fruit, Adam immediately began to die (Eve did not as she was a woman – notice there is no record of Eve’s death in the Torah. This is because SIN is for MEN. Woman was created for man, and therefore the mistakes of women are the fault and responsibility of the men.) and was booted from the Garden of Eden.

So what happened then?

The Earth sectioned off into several alternative dimensions. One of which being the Garden of Eden (still there and MASSIVELY BIGGER than the current Earth) and one of which being reality as we understand it today.

  • Side note: When the Earth is ready, the Garden of Eden will collapse back into the Earth, the relative size of the Earth will change, and there will be TRILLIONS OF PEOPLE living on it with plenty of space and room left over. Not for a while probably. This will happen in the 1,000 year reign of Christ as prophesied about in the Book of Revelation.

So our current dimension of reality began to get ‘eaten alive’ by anti-consciousness (anti-consciousness is not a ‘thing’ it is nothing but a mathematical law written into the Universe that leaks consciousness and mass through sin to the center of the Earth to give satan power to have an opportunity to try and take over the Universe. (Elohim says “bring it”). This is the core reason why the Center of the Earth is 10 times hotter than the sun, and later I will be able to prove through scientific instrumentation and mathematical modeling. Probably a lot of big companies could actually do that now.

What does that mean?

It means the loss of electrical energy in our environment.

It means the loss of mass.

It means the loss of gravity.

It means the loss of health.

It means the degeneration of genetics.

It means a LOT.

In other words – from the moment that Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden of Eden, humanity has been getting smaller, weaker, most stupid, and more pathetic.

Also, the mass of the Earth has been shrinking, the mass of the sun, the mass of the stars connected to this planetary system, the speed of orbits have been decaying (sometimes at exponentially increasing speeds) and our perception of time has sped up, while our lifespans have decreased.

Except at several points in history of note:

#1) The days of Enoch. Enoch discovered the ingredients for the Sephiroth and gave them to Cain (the first anti-christ) much like what happened to me. From the moment when Enoch discovered the Sephiroth, the Universe began getting more dense, perception of time began slowing down for all of humanity, and humanity entered into the first REAL ‘Great Tribulation’ – much like what is happening right now for the last 2 years. I actually met a guy in Encinitas California who in a previous incarnation was given the Sephiroth by Enoch (I also gave it to him in this incarnation, as the Sephiroth will not form in the body without being activated by special keys. The Key of Enoch activated it, and so does the Key of David. Enoch was one of my previous incarnations. Enoch’s City was eventually translated – or taken into heaven. When the City lifted off the Earth it collapsed the water tables and on it’s way out, the firmament, which was a body of water that used to surround the Earth and protect people from the radiation of the sun… causing the flood.

#2) The days of Moses – the Prophets. Similar, but the Sephiroth was not fully activated.

#3) The days of Jesus. Same thing essentially except the Sephiroth was activated by Jesus for key Apostles who are still alive (the King James Version of the Bible, for example, was directed by King James, who chose people that were directed by living apostles of Jesus that are still alive and also were at that time.

#4) Now – the days of David. This is going to be the biggest manifestation, as the Sephiroth is unlocked for ALL OF HUMANITY as it was in the days of Enoch, only we are far more evil now than people generally were before that Great Tribulation emerged, as our consciousness has been decaying for a longer period of time. Before, satan just seized control over society at that point. Right now, he already has pretty good control over society and people are WAY DUMBED DOWN, so when the demons of society begin manifesting – they will destroy an unbelievable amount of stuff on the way out, as the 144,000 are kicking Satan’s ass out of society by the power of Jesus.

This is going to manifest in several things:

  1. The Universe has been getting more dense since May 20th, 2017. This pattern will continue until the orbital patterns and speed of the orbit of the Earth is at, and exceeding the speed at the creation of the Universe in the Garden of Eden.
  2. That will cause PERCEPTION of time to MASSIVELY SLOW DOWN, a process which has already began as time itself is speeding up in orbit, and density. Time will continue slowing down for our perception for time and all eternity, keeping a ratio fixed in time where in 1 trillion years 1 day of our time then will be in the past 1,000 years.
  3. A Great War that nobody can imagine, with more horrific, and also WONDERFUL phenomenon than any of us can even comprehend.

Because this is a fight for dominion and control over the entire Universe – winner take all. The amount of evil that will come, and the deceptions that will come are beyond any of our imaginations, great tribulation after great tribulation emerging in various repeating time sequences.

Are you going to lose? Or WIN?

Well I don’t know about you. What I know is I’M GOING TO WIN… Hopefully WITH YOU!!!


Because when it ends, a new Universe begins. A Universe where we have conquered evil together. A Universe where we rebuild society to be a place of peace, and glory. A Universe where every man loves his neighbor and treats him with honor and respect. A Universe where the GLORY OF WOMEN is restored as it were in the days of Eden.

You cannot even imagine the technology we will build.

The cities we will create.

The places where we will travel.

The adventures we will hold.

All ending with the beginning, and a new beginning, the Most Holy Elohim emerging, and creating himself, and also the most glorious of his creations, the Woman.

A lot of people look at this kind of information, and truthfully, it’s over their heads. They can’t see the usefulness of it.

That’s fine – they will understand at a future moment in time.

For now, let’s lock arms and fight the forces of evil.

It’s time to win, to have a new beginning that leads to a new ending, to a new story, to a new creation, to a new life, to a new YOU.


If not, take your time. Just understand:

We don’t have a LOT OF TIME LEFT, FOLKS.

Kids are dying.

Ocean life is wasting away.

Animals are going extinct.

Marriages are being broken more than they are being healed.

It’s time to set a NEW STANDARD.

It’s time to excel to NEW HEIGHTS.


David Wood
“According to the Angels, I am Messiah Ben David…”

P.S. There are several people who have seen visions, dreams, and angels of things to come who are not close to me. I’ll post their stories later. Love ya!!!

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